Feeling comfortable in your own four walls is a must. That is why it is so important to find out the right furnishing style for you and to select furniture and accessories accordingly. But there is also a suitable living style for everyone who wants to match things in interior design that may not make the perfect combination, and that is the boho style. Boho chic has been particularly popular lately. A boho interior actually carries a hippie flair with it, but today it is characterized by many new updates. We show you how you can use the versatile furnishing style in your own home.

Boho furnishings – The bohemian style transfers joie de vivre into the interior design

boho furnishings combine textiles to make you feel comfortable

Furnishing in boho style – what characterizes the style of living?

Boho chic is an unconventional style of living. The abbreviation Boho comes from the word bohemian, which characterizes an intellectual movement of artists, poets and philosophers. Originally created as a style of living for only an intellectual fringe group and later described as typical for the hippies, today the style of living stands for everyone who wants to transfer joie de vivre into interior design.



This furnishing style is particularly popular in the living room and bedroom. The combination of different elements that may not belong together at first glance is allowed in boho furnishings. The boho living style is considered a colorfully mixed furnishing style that has something of both shabby chic and vintage and also benefits from your own creative DIY and furnishing ideas.

The boho style is an eclectic style of living

boho furnishing living room furnishing ideas


The bohemian chic is characterized by bright colors and creative designs. For example, you can combine old and new things without any hesitation. So a new sofa goes quite well with a chest of drawers from the flea market. You can even combine different styles! Pieces of furniture made from natural materials and playful decorative accessories are what make up the furnishing style. For the boho style you choose colors like beige, brown, olive green and khaki. But you could also use bright blue and yellow as accents. It’s also important to leave enough free space in the room so it doesn’t feel crowded. Find out below how to create the atmosphere of boho chic.

The casual living style is often characterized by a used look

boho furnishing set up a comfortable living room

The must-haves of boho furnishings

In order to transfer the living trend into your own living room, you do not have to come up with a completely new furnishing concept, but only include certain elements in the interior. So there are no limits for free spirits to put their creative furnishing ideas into practice. These are the must-haves of the boho interior:

natural materials

Anyone who values ​​sustainable living will hit the mark with boho furnishings. Leather, bamboo, rattan, wood, linen, cotton… All of these materials have a place in a bohemian interior. Not only the pieces of furniture are made from it, but also the decorative accessories themselves. So think about rattan furniture and bamboo stools for the living room or bedroom. A basket made of woven bamboo or wooden flower pots are also quite suitable.

Natural materials create a cozy atmosphere

boho furnishing bedroom plants materials



Colorful home accessories

Furnishing items collected here and there can all be displayed together. So put your favorite souvenirs from different countries on display! Decorative items reminiscent of Africa, Asia or the Orient are welcome! Animal depictions often come to the fore. Figures of elephants and birds, for example, are often seen. But you can also make your own beautiful decorations from natural materials.

The popular furnishing style is realized through an appropriate combination of decoration and textiles

boho furnishing indoor plants colorful carpets

Cozy textiles

In the boho style, various textiles are staged. Blankets, cushions and carpets are skilfully coordinated to create a homely ambience. Especially with the decorative cushions you have numerous options to create an individual interior. Diverse patterns and playful elements such as fringes are a very good idea. Patchwork, ethnic and macrame patterns are very popular. In this way you ensure an extra piece of warmth and comfort in your own four walls. Folk patterns are also widely used in boho furnishings.

You can make the living room furniture more comfortable with a few elements

boho furnishing living room ideas simple colors plants

indoor plants

What should not be missing in a boho living room are plants. The more of these, the better! They perfectly complete the cozy atmosphere of the living style. They not only bring an extra portion of cosiness into the room by emphasizing the furniture made of natural materials. They also make him appear fresher. Choose exotic indoor plants that attract attention. Macrame hanging baskets and rattan baskets are very suitable for displaying indoor plants.

A bright and friendly facility is aimed for

boho furnishings many plants fresh mood

We hope that you have drawn enough inspiration from the popular style of living! Be creative, because you have a lot of freedom when setting it up!

People who like to experiment rely on the Boho style in their own four walls

boho decor many indoor plants deco ideas

Anything that pleases the residents is possible with boho furnishings

Set up boho furnishings in an eclectic living room

Muted earth tones are characteristic of the trendy style of living

boho furnishing bedroom furnishing ideas

Set bright color nuances as highlights

boho furnishing colored living room design ideas

Different pattern combinations are typical for boho chic

boho furnishing throw pillow macrame deco ideas

Create a boho feeling in your own living room

boho decor macrame decoration ideas wall decoration

Boho chic allows style mixes

boho furnishing living room fancy table

Colorful home textiles are obligatory for boho chic

boho furnishing living room sofa throw pillow

Persian carpets are wonderfully inscribed in a boho interior!

boho furnishing design eclectic living room

boho furnishing living room leather sofa macrame