Stylists always say that choosing the right hairstyle will make a 60-year-old woman look 10 or even 15 years younger. At this age, ladies can safely experiment and look for something unusual that is also trendy. Hair often loses its vibrancy over time, so professionals recommend choosing shorter haircuts. Thankfully, in 2023 there are a variety of great styles that the mature ladies could opt for. Read on to discover some fantastic short bob hairstyles for 60+ that camouflage the signs of aging and are super modern!

Short bob hairstyles from 60: These bob variants 2023 have a particularly rejuvenating effect

bob hairstyles 60 plus tier blonde strands short in the back

Which short bob hairstyles over 60 are trendy in 2023?

#Short bob haircut with dark accents

Messy hairstyles are super trendy right now and you’re sure to love the end result if you add some dark highlights. Classic short bobs can be refreshed in a jiffy with stunning hair color. White blonde makes a statement for any hairstyle, but it looks especially cool on short hair! A few hidden layers help create those perfect curves at the ends. Complement this haircut with bangs to accentuate the beauty of your face.

You will enjoy this stylish look as it suits any occasion

short bob hairstyles from 60 that conceal the age

#Volume short bob with side parting

Want to add volume to your fine hair? Then go for this short bob with a side parting that looks ultra rejuvenating! This hairstyle is a great cutting option for those with fine hair that uses layers to make the roots stand out. If you have always kept your thin hair long, be bold to choose this charming cut and discover how beautiful this short bob will make you feel!

With this bob hairstyle you will look at least 10 years younger!

short bob hairstyles from 60 the best rejuvenating haircuts

#Classic bob cut in silver gray

The classic bob is quite different from other bob haircuts. This is a bob in which all sides are the same length and are above the chin. The ends are shaved slightly to create a curvy shape for the edges. As a result, the haircut frames the face on both sides and enhances your cheeks.

If you want to show off your gorgeous, healthy hair, this bob is an excellent choice. The silver gray color brightens the look and gives it a fantastic shine. Gray hair is also super trendy right now.

This hairstyle creates a voluminous round silhouette that frames and rejuvenates the face

short bob haircut bob hairstyles ideas over 60

#Platinum blonde short bob with bangs

This is another version of the popular bob hairstyle that is trending in 2023. This fairly serious style of bob haircut is sported by women from all walks of life, from the modern housewife to the corporate boss. It is best to go for this look if you have straight hair, otherwise you will have to use flat irons to achieve this flawless look. The bangs complement this platinum blonde hairstyle perfectly and will make your face appear much younger.

The best short bob hairstyles over 60

short bob hairstyles for older ladies with bangs

#Tufty short bob with WOW factor

This short bob is super adorable with its side-swept bangs that cascade effortlessly across the forehead. The shorter layers add loads of volume and gently frame the face for a cute and girly look. To achieve the look, all you have to do is wash your hair, add some texturizing cream and add a fun and flirty vibe! And it goes without saying that this idea is actually another fantastic weapon to combat thinning hair problems over 60’s.

Who says gray hair can’t be rejuvenated?

cheeky hairstyles bob short tiered back from 60

#Short blunt bob for gray hair

This medium bob hairstyle looks so charming and attractive with the right parting. Wearing your hair sideways offers a beautiful way to achieve a voluminous and, most importantly, effortless look. For a hairstyle like this, single layered medium length bob haircuts are the perfect base to add tons of volume in an instant. Go for different layers throughout the length to add as much volume as possible and instantly add a flirty vibe to your hairdo.

This is a classic bob hairstyle that we think will never go out of style

short bob hairstyles from 60 rejuvenating haircuts 2023

What’s hot

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Hairstyles for women over 60 with glasses and thin hair: THESE options are hot in winter 2022/23

#Asymmetric bob hairstyle for fine hair

Asymmetrical bob haircuts for fine hair are a great way to add volume to thin locks! They are ideal if you want to trim your hair but at the same time don’t want to lose all of your length. This pretty mix of warm and cool blonde tones is just stunning! The asymmetrical graduated bob is sophisticated, primarily for those who want a more polished look that is also modern and chic.

Start with a dark ash blonde base and blend in platinum blonde tones to give it a shiny, multicolored look

fringy bob hairstyles short layered blonde hair

What are the advantages of short bob hairstyles over 60?

Over the years, hair begins to thin and lose volume. A short haircut can help make it look groomed and thick again. A fresh cut will surely breathe life back into the curls! The best part? Short bob hairstyles are very practical and look ultra rejuvenating for women over 60!

*Get inspiration for more elegant short hairstyles from 60!

Trendy bob hairstyles for fine hair over 60

short hair woman bob from 60 rejuvenating hairstyles

Highlights will add dimension to your hair

bob hairstyles short from 60 years blonde

Modern short bob hairstyles for older ladies with style

bob hairstyles graded from 60 blonde strands

The beginning of the year is the perfect time for some change!

cheeky bob hairstyles graded from 60 years