stiletto nails

impress with their long, pointed and exciting nail shape alone.

Fingernails that require a gun license. Because they are not only long, but also very pointed. In combination with an exciting Nails Art nail design, they look seductive and extravagant. This nail shape is guaranteed to draw everyone’s attention.

Stiletto Marble Nails

Here a long time and pointed, running Pink over the nail with just a few sequins, marble pattern and silver leaf works this design glamorous, transparent and light.

Stiletto nails

In this video I demonstrate in a step by step process how to create a cool marble effect on nails.

Have fun watching!

The perfect trend for anyone who wants to create an exciting nail design for their nails. Because such a nail length leaves a lot of space for an exciting nail decorationnbut already looks alone as full cover stunning in black, white or red.

Stiletto nails

The nail length of the stilettos extends about three centimeters beyond the fingertip. With their long and pointed nail shape, they become the epitome of femininity.

Stiletto nails