Nail design trends are constantly changing, just like all other beauty trends. Not only the nail polish is subject to certain tendencies, but even the shape of the nail. Square nails were very popular a few years ago, but today they are again gaining popularity. Today they are even more popular than the round nails. That’s why square nails are the focus of today’s article. We give you useful tips and fresh ideas for a great manicure!

Square nails – the new “old” trend

square nails swirls look creative nail design

Nail trends 2022 – Which nail shapes are up to date in autumn 2022?

Casual, elegant, extravagant… A beautiful manicure combines a trendy nail polish color and a trendy nail shape. Do you tend to fall into a nail polish routine?



Then change your favorite color with a very trendy nail polish color! And would you like some variety in manicures in general? Then go for the square nail shape, which is very trendy at the moment! The nail shape can vary and you could experiment with it!

The square nail trend is back for Fall 2022!

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Nail shapes like almond or ballerina were the most popular until recently, but they’re not considered that trendy anymore. Square filed nails are the biggest nail shape trend in fall 2022! It is also called the nail trend Square nails, as the term is in English. Another variant of the square nails are the Squoval Nails. With this manicure, the corners of the nails are slightly rounded, as the very name of the trend suggests. The trendsetters, who don’t particularly like an angular nail shape like the classic square nails, could opt for the softer nail shape. But this works best with short nails. The square nails also come into their own in another variation, namely the diamond-shaped nails. These are also as Coffin Nails known and are characterized by the fact that they become somewhat narrower towards the top.

Both short and long square nails look very modern. The trend is especially beneficial for women who have small, narrow nails. If you file them square, they will look larger.

Opt for square nail shape if you want to keep up with the latest trends

square nails nail trend fall 2022 popular modern

Square Nails – How To Wear Them?

The popular nail shape in autumn 2022 can be worn in many different ways.

What colors look best on square nails?

Not only different nail polish colors make this nail shape look beautiful. Square nails also look great just like that, without being varnished. So they look completely natural and also a bit atypical. It doesn’t matter whether you paint the nails in white, soft pink or in strong orange or green, the square nails give your autumn look a modern touch. Also the so-called Glazed donut nails are currently very popular. These have a shimmering effect and therefore look very modern. Square nails painted in black are another big trend for fall 2022. Brown is another trendy nail polish color this fall.

White nail polish is a classic among all nail polish colors

square nails white nail polish elegant manicure



How to spice up the square nails?

Certain patterns look best on the square nails:

  • Do you have, for example, from the Swirl Nails already heard? These were very popular in summer, but in autumn you wear the attractive pattern on square nails. It’s not just about fine lines, but the design can also be flat with curved outlines.
  • The trendy nail shape is then presented very nicely when flowers are used as accents. floral pattern are therefore also very modern in autumn 2022.
  • Also the popular one French manicure can be wonderfully combined with Square Nails! Then the nail tip is colored in a different color than the base color of the manicure and this is how a fancy nail design is created! Colored combinations are extremely successful!
  • Also different accents like shimmering pearls are a trendy idea for designing square nails. Glitter and pearl appliques like this look amazing on longer square nails.

The wavy shapes go very well with the square nails!

square nails swirls light pink nail polish

Even worn short, the square nails really come into their own

square nails autumn pattern trends autumn

We hope you’ve been inspired to try a new nail trend! Just choose a trendy nail polish color or pattern and wear your new manicure with pride!

Square nails replace a popular nail trend

square nails beige cream nail polish combination

Angular nails get a special charm when they are decorated with floral patterns

square nails flower pattern nail polish trends

You can easily pull off the trendy look yourself

square nails fresh color fall 2022

Medium length square nails in soft pink

square nails light pink soft color nail polish

French nails work fantastic with square nails!

square nails short manicure bright color accents

square nails nail design trends

square nails bridal manicure ideas

square nails nude look small accents

square nails pink nail polish fresh pattern

square nails red small accents

square nails beautiful manicure

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square nails which color which pattern trends

square nails which pattern trends 2022