Barbour modern heritage

Barbour Modern Heritage – this is our #barbourwayoflife

Our new country life has grabbed us and we enjoy it so much not being able to enjoy spring in the big city, but between fields, pastures and meadows. The forest and an idyllic lake are not far away and sandstone rocky landscapes invite you to climb.

Is there anything nicer than experiencing nature directly outside in spring? Certainly not for us! And of course that also includes the fact that the weather doesn’t always have to be sunny. True to the motto “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing”, we feel perfectly dressed for any outing in our new looks from the Barbour Modern Heritage Collection* for Spring/Summer 2022.

Barbour modern heritage

No matter where you are – there is always something to discover!

Walking across yellow blooming fields early in the morning, enjoying a picnic you’ve brought with you in the forest at noon, watching the sun sparkle on the lake in the afternoon and ending the evening by the river – sounds romantic? Anyone can experience it, you just have to want it, put your feet outside the door and open your eyes to our beautiful planet.

Because the beauty of nature can be found around every corner if you just take the time to discover it.
For sunny, already warm April days, we enjoy our outdoor moments in a relaxed knit sweater or nice cardigan (because it’s still pretty cool in the shade) and casual pants – Max wears dark blue chinos and I flattering Marlene pants with a checked pattern, all of course from the new S/S 22 collection by Barbour*.

Incidentally, these are also looks that we can still wear in the ice cream parlor after our trip and are even really well dressed! Outfits can be so versatile in spring!

Barbour modern heritage

Barbour modern heritage

Our favorite place by the lake – even on cool spring days

And yes, even on cooler, more fickle spring days, we love to take walks outside by the lake. Here we like to wear Barbour looks* in a layered style with coats that are actually far too beautiful for outdoor excursions. Both Max’s beige coat and my trench coat are ideal for changeable spring weather, because they protect us from wind and light rain showers, but are also real eye-catchers in the sun!

It’s really true – with the right outfits you always feel great outside and after a long day out in nature you are simply refreshed, relaxed and super relaxed! Anyway, we love it!

Barbour modern heritage

*Paid Collaboration: This post was created in collaboration with Barbour.