The rapid aging process will not bother a woman to feel beautiful and young at all. The right hairstyle will play an important role in the appearance. In order to find the ideal hairstyle, however, we should first simply experiment with different styles. It is in our nature to seek change. Also, same hairstyle might be boring to us especially if we wear it for long time. In this regard, we should emphasize that long hair is not always the best option. Most women are of the opinion that long hair guarantees a younger look. In this case you are making a big mistake. Today we have good news for you because we are going to be happy to show you how short hairstyles for women over 50 can transform your appearance completely.

In today’s article about short women’s hairstyles over 50, you will learn the most beautiful and current hairstyles that will rejuvenate your look by 10 years

short women's hairstyles for women over 50 that make you younger

In the next few lines, we share with you the most stylish hairstyles that are shorter but look gorgeous. Best of all, they will rejuvenate you by 10 years or even more.

Don’t miss our today’s article at all, because age is just a number and it doesn’t mean old woman, but cleverness and wisdom

short hairstyles for women over 50 that look younger

#Stylish cut with blunt bangs

If you want a stylish cut that is easy to style, then this modern hairstyle is the one for you grab bold bangs. The hairstyle looks especially attractive and sharp. The beautiful bangs will add a modern touch to your face. Actually, it is more important that you should consider your face shape. This will help you choose the right length of bangs correctly. It should be cut according to your forehead. If your face is round, we recommend that you don’t cut the bangs so short. If your hair looks finer, go for blunt bangs. This will make your hair appear thicker. Follow our tips to accentuate your shape in the best way.

We encourage you to try a hairstyle with bangs because they look so stylish and youthful

short bob haircut for women over 50

#Layered Bob

A short bob with side bangs will no doubt suit you perfectly. Especially if you are looking for short haircuts, this hairstyle is especially good for you. The haircuts should start from the front and get longer at the back. The rounded shape of this hairstyle looks super chic and extraordinary. You can also combine the look with a casual outfit in a particularly beautiful way.

By opting for layered bob, you will add an elegant touch to your face

layered bob hairstyles for short hair over 50

#Classic and mature cut

This classic look is particularly suitable for women with gray hair. The short hairstyles for women are an ideal way to perfectly accentuate your facial features. Now we present you the best option because the short cut is among the most famous short hairstyles.

With our tips you will emphasize your facial features in the most beautiful way

a classic short bob for women over 50


With pompadour hairstyle, you have a chance to prove that age can only be a number. Because you’re over 50, you shouldn’t start getting your hair cut a certain way. By that we mean in a boring way. A pompadour is a very fashionable, mature and quirky choice. If you are hesitant about which hairstyle to wear, go for this hairstyle.

What a stylish and chic hairstyle

pompadour hairstyle for women over 50 that make you look younger

#Pixie cut with volume

Pixie cut will suit the gray color of your hair really well. Do not be ashamed of this color and do not forget that this color is considered a sign of maturity and wisdom. Anytime you’re concerned about your aging, remember that age is just a number. And nothing more. Gray is an ideal shade. If you want to achieve a dramatic effect, we recommend backcombing the feathered strands.

Don’t hesitate and grab pixie cut with volume and make your hair thicker than ever

pixie cut hairstyle with volume for women over 50

#Asymmetrical cut with shaved lines

If you are looking for something quirky and interesting, we advise that you should try a shaved design. This will bring a change in your look. Consider that you should find a competent and experienced barber. The best hairstyle is up to the barber you choose. The good barber will always make sure to create a wow effect.

The asymmetric cuts are becoming more and more popular over time and will help make your look look younger

asymmetrical cut with shaved lines and short hairstyles from 50

We briefly discussed the most important things on the subject. We hope that you will choose the right hairstyle for you. Follow our tips that guarantee you won’t make a fashion mistake. Good luck and see you soon!