When it gets cooler, it’s about time that we sew a neck sock. Have you never done this before? Or is it? In the first case, you probably thought that this was way too complicated. Actually, making a DIY sock is pretty easy. Modern as well! First, sewing a neck sock is trendy because we are dealing with an upcycling idea. Secondly, you could use it to make a minimalist and seamless outfit stand out with a simple current accent. These are just two of the fashion tips for sewing a neck sock that we will discuss in more detail. It is our concern that your neck socks look modern in terms of fabric, size and the way they are worn. After that, it will probably be easier for you to orient yourself as to which of the wonderful instructions for sewing the neck sock is right for you. At the end of the article you will find three DIY videos on the subject that we have selected for you.

Choose modern patterns and colors for a contemporary look

blue neck sock with dots

Choose the right fabric and sew a neck sock

If you sew a neck sock yourself, you will realize a charming upcycling idea. Whether it also looks modern is another question. That largely depends on the fabric you choose. Check out your clothes for fall.



What kind of textiles dominate in it? The neck sock you choose should match.

You can set a retro accent with the neck sock

great blue neck sock do it yourself diy neck sock


A multifunctional neck sock

Multifunctionality is clearly trendy and can easily be achieved even when sewing a neck sock. If you want to sew a neck sock yourself, you have several options in this regard. Here are some of them:

  • A neck sock with two different sides;
  • An elastic neck sock that can also be used as a hair band;
  • A neck sock made of matching natural fabric that can also be used as a bracelet – for jewelry or to prevent sweating during sports.

With monochrome outfits, the neck sock could become a great accent

make an elegant scarf yourself sew a neck sock

Be creative with the width and size of the neck sock!

The modern look of accessories in recent seasons often comes from the original size. You can sew a neck sock that is slightly wider or narrower than usual. This applies to both the edge and the loop. Very tight neck socks are particularly popular with women because they go very well with elegant tight outfits. The broader ones, in turn, can sometimes be developed twice. In some cases you can tie an additional small bow.

Among the old clothes you can find a lot of great fabrics that become the vintage accessory of the art neck sock

glamorous design a neck sock



Choose colors and patterns of the season!

This tip is probably obvious and logical, but we must not omit it. Find out what the trend colors and patterns of the season are. In this way, the neck sock helps you to experiment with them. So not sure if a certain shade or fashion pattern really suits you? Then use this preferably for a neck sock! This way you can see whether the new trends impress you without investing a lot of money in new clothes. If the current colors and patterns look good on you, you can still buy clothes in them until the end of the season. In this case, of course, there is less talk of upcycling. In the interest of the very modern colors and patterns, you will probably have to buy some fabric. But sometimes the new is simply the well-forgotten old. So, maybe you will also find clothes that look very modern among old clothes that are suitable for upcycling.

Autumn is coming soon. These colors here would be in tune with this season

neck sock current trends and ideas

Sew a neck sock and set a retro accent

Let’s get back to the topic of upcycling! The retro accents are an ongoing trend in both fashion and design. You can easily set one by making a neck sock yourself from the fabric of old clothes.

Asymmetrical accent as a neck sock

Among other things, you could use asymmetrical sewing patterns when sewing a neck sock. If you don’t find any, you can change the usual models a bit. Furthermore, you could adjust the finished neck sock a little asymmetrically when you put it on. This is how you achieve the desired effect! Asymmetric accessories are definitely trendy at the moment! This is a wonderful opportunity to experiment with it!

You can get creative with adjusting the size and width of the scarf

Sew autumn colored scarf neck sock

Combine holster socks with a scarf

You could sew a neck sock and use it to complement the scarf. This solution would be practical and very modern for late autumn and winter. In principle, this accessory is used to protect the neck from cold and to remain elegant at the same time. In contrast to the scarf, the neck sock is simply hidden under the jacket. However, with some modern outfits you can also achieve the opposite effect. An elegant winter look with tight-fitting dresses and coats can benefit greatly from combining a neck sock with a wider scarf.

What do you think of our fashion tips for wearing a slip cloth? It can become quite a trendy accessory, right? So would you like to sew a neck sock? Hopefully the following videos will be of help to you!

You can combine a neck sock with a scarf
great trendy neck socks - modern ideas and trends

You can style the neck sock somewhat asymmetrically

neck sock sewing diy tips and tricks

Stay stylish and healthy in autumn and winter!

scarf for winter and autumn