The smell of colored wooden pencils and brand new glossy textbooks fills your home. It will instantly take you back to childhood and remind you of the first day of school! What could be nicer than that your child can experience this wonderful time of his life in a beautified room? Make the children’s room more convenient and pleasant for the new student or students at home. It has been proven that order and comfort encourage children to learn. A messy room crammed with lots of furniture is not good for concentration. Now is the right time for the current topic – how to set up an inspiring children’s room for young school children?

Setting up an inspiring nursery for young school children

Setting up school children's rooms for small rooms to save space

When your child starts school for the first time next year, you should already be looking for ideas for renovation and furnishing. You can change some things in the room to offer maximum comfort and convenience to the little curiosity.

We suggest you create a base of soft neutrals like grays and taupes mixed with pastels. Try lavender and light green if you want to avoid the classic colors of pink and blue. Also, don’t settle for conflicting concepts: no flashy patterns on the walls, bedding, or rugs, or you risk making your child feel excited instead of relaxed. It is better to form beige, gray and taupe shades of different shades and combinations. Pastel colored wall murals are gorgeous too!

Discover the most appropriate color for the school child’s nursery

children's room color choose colored pencils

Colors that improve focus and productivity

  1. Blue promotes the flow of thought and performance.
  2. Green is one of the most restorative hues as it offers the happy qualities of yellow and the relaxing effect of blue.
  3. Lavender, purple or violet promotes calm and a sense of serenity.
  4. Brown reduces the feeling of tiredness, the child feels safe and close to nature.

What should the children’s room look like for first graders?

Set up children's room, schoolchild, a table with textbooks and an inscription

Children’s room for school beginners: A checklist

For parents, the beginning of the school year involves some organizational activities, e.g. B. with the design of the children’s room with the right furniture for the student at home. Therefore, today we would like to give you some recommendations on what to look out for when choosing furniture and accessories.

According to psychologists and teachers, it is advisable to involve the child in the process of preparing and arranging the room for the new school year! The communication between child and parent is strengthened, the child feels important and recognized. So he can relax and better prepare for the new year, which will be full of interesting challenges and new tasks.

Learn together and do it like a game!

What should I consider when setting up the children's room

Establishment of a school children’s room for small rooms

The key to children’s success and development from an early age is consistency. This is still important when they become students. A well-furnished schoolchild nursery needs the following furniture:

The nice and colorful furniture and interior create the necessary comfort for the child and motivate him to persevere in learning!

When designing and organizing the study and homework space, care must be taken to ensure that there are no nearby distractions such as televisions, toys or tablets. When children are studying, it is important to concentrate because they are easily distracted and quickly lose motivation. Create a comfortable and stylish workspace for her now!

The children’s room must also be designed to be age-appropriate

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The desk

The desk is without a doubt at the top of the children’s room furniture checklist. It should be big enough and have at least a few drawers in which the student can put his learning tools and materials as he likes. A larger number of compartments makes it easier to arrange books and notebooks and allows you to place useful accessories for the child – pencils, scissors, glue, etc.

When these are within reach and convenient to pick up and put away, you save your students valuable time and reduce the risk of them becoming distracted and distracted from their studies. Here you will discover many ideas for desks to make yourself!

Where should the desk be in the children’s room?

Where is the right workplace in the children’s room? The best location for the important desk should be bright. For example, the ideal place is next to or under the window. So the child gets plenty of light taken care of. It’s also great when the child has an inspirational look outside.

Children’s room with sloping ceiling

Furnishing school children children's room wooden furniture for boys


Autumn is coming, the days are getting shorter and it gets dark earlier. This means that for at least a few months in the autumn-winter period, students have to study and do their homework in artificial light at dusk. The more light there is in the children’s room, the better it affects the child’s vision.

Note that the study material for the children becomes more varied and difficult with each school year. This requires the children to do extra work at home after school to prepare various projects, which sometimes takes up a lot of time in the evening.

For these frequent, almost daily meetings, it is advisable to ensure that there is sufficient light in the room and to use a desk lamp in addition to the main lamp. It directs the light in such a way that the child does not have to stare and the eyes are not additionally strained. The good desk lamp is not only practical, but can also be a special colorful accent in the room.

Children’s room for boys

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decor for a girl

Furnishing school child children's room girl

Reading and relaxation corner: Pouf

A student’s room isn’t just for studying, is it? There will also be a gaming and entertainment area, and why not a reading area too? One of the most practical and comfortable options that children love are stools and barbons. These soft chairs, which they love to sink into to read an exciting book or watch their favorite children’s film, are a must for every child’s room. You just need a little space for it. If you don’t have extra space, you can put a stool in the living room.

Furniture for children’s rooms and baby rooms – 2 in 1

Furnishing school child children's room and baby

Furnishings for school children – design children’s rooms for 2 children

Furnishing a school child children's room for 2 children

Furnish children’s room for young school children

children's room for two with bunk beds

Theme and decoration in the classroom

You don’t have to completely furnish your first grader’s room with themed furniture, but you can use accessories to design the little one’s “cave” exactly the way he or she wants it. It is enough to paint the walls in neutral colors or put an original wallpaper.

What is the child’s hobby? What sport does he like to do? Does he have a passion for a specific animal, subject at school, or a superhero? Let the children help you choose the decoration. Pictures, photos, toys and objects – build up the theme you want with themed bedding or maybe a rug with an unusual shape.

Cheerful and clever: yellow and brown have a creative and calming effect

where should the desk be in the children's room

The right chair for studying

We are now asking ourselves: What requirements does a high chair have to meet? The chair is the second most important thing in a classroom! And this is no coincidence – on this chair the child will spend at least two hours a day writing, reading and doing crafts throughout the school year.

If the chair is not designed to be comfortable enough and not easy on the back, there is a risk that your child will end up in a slouched or hunched posture. For a young person in development, any back and posture disorder can have serious and negative health consequences.

The best solution: Proceed with great care when choosing and buying a children’s chair. Consider the child’s height and weight. It is still advisable when purchasing the chair that you are together. Have him sit down, feel the chair, get comfortable, mimic writing and reading to assess his posture.

Set up children’s room for a schoolchild – Large desk under the window

setting up a schoolchild's room a girl is doing handicrafts with paper

Create a cool room for a freshman

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