Different trends prevail in fashionable hairstyles, which influence the selection of a suitable haircut and styling. There are also certain beauty tools and products that are very popular. Styling sprays and hairsprays sometimes help a lot to achieve the desired look. But today it’s all about the salt spray for the hair. We give you a few useful tips and tell you which hairstyles work better with them!

Salt spray for hair – how to benefit from the product?

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What is salt spray used for?

The numerous hairstyle trends give you the freedom to express yourself through a suitable hairstyle. But sometimes that’s not enough to make your hair look the way you want. Then various styling products come to the rescue.

And if you want more volume and a wavy look, you can use salt spray, also known as sea salt spray. This is a styling product that provides more texture and grip to the hair. In fact, no real sea salt is used in the product, but Epsom salts. This is because sea salt removes a lot of moisture from the hair, while Epsom salts are gentler and have the same effect.

However, it is not advisable to use sea salt spray too often, as it dries out the hair. Split ends and hair breakage are other unpleasant consequences of regular use of the product. But you can choose from a lot of different salt sprays. Many of them also contain nourishing ingredients such as oils that dry out the hair significantly less or not at all. For example, there are sea salt sprays with natural UV protection. On the other hand, the sea salt spray frees the hair from excess fat. Some salt sprays, on the other hand, are salt-free and contain a special mineral mixture. A gentle alternative to the salt spray is the sugar spray. It contains sugar instead of salt and therefore does not dry out the hair. It also provides volume, but creates no frizz effect.

Salt sprays are very trendy, especially in summer, because they can be used to conjure up beautiful beach waves hairstyles. But it is also important to use the product correctly.

Use Sea Salt Spray for a holiday feeling in your hair!

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Salt spray for hair – how to apply the popular styling product?

If you use some sea salt spray, you can conjure up a beautiful hairstyle that looks gently wavy or wild and rocky. However, if you choose to use Sea Salt Spray when styling your hairstyle, then make sure your scalp is in good condition. Pay special attention if you have dandruff or dry scalp!

Who Benefits from Sea Salt Spray?

The trendy beach wave hairstyle suits thick and voluminous hair very well. But fine hair gets significantly more volume and texture by using the Sea Salt Spray. Actually, using the styling product works for all hair lengths, but with long hair it can sometimes appear as if the hair is greasy. Then it would be very helpful if you split the hair into individual sections and spray each strand individually with the spray. By the way, using the Sea Salt Spray helps a lot when your hair is greasy. The reason: it removes moisture and fat from the hair.

A beach look is quickly possible with salt spray!

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Which hairstyles can be upgraded with sea salt spray?

Beach Waves – this is the hairstyle that is usually conjured up with Sea Salt Spray. The popular summer hairstyle works very easily with a curling iron. It is also possible to create gentle waves in the hair without heat! To do this, apply some Sea Salt Spray to damp hair and then braid into two braids. If you leave them on overnight then expect beautiful loose curls the next morning! You may be able to skip the braids and just let your hair air dry. If it’s too cold, dry them with a hair dryer.

Some sea salt sprays are also suitable for dry hair. Then you spray on the spray and shape the hairstyle with your fingers.

Distribute the product along the length of the hair

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Many bob hairstyles work better with salt spray. Short and medium length cuts get a very nice look when you put some of the product in your hair. For example, choppy bob and messy bob work really well with waves.

The Sea Salt Spray is perfect for an undone look. Straight hair with a bob cut can be easily transformed into a wavy bob with soft beach waves with the help of a curling iron and a little salt spray. You create a beautifully casual look, as if you just came from the beach.

Create a beautiful everyday look with light waves yourself

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We hope you got some inspiration on how to use salt spray to create a fresh look at home instead of going to the hairdresser! Ensure a summery look even in autumn or winter. Choose a suitable product that does not make your hair sticky or weigh it down.

If you use Sea Salt Spray regularly, it can be harmful to your hair

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Therefore, avoid frequent use so that you do not damage your hair!

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