Summer is soon coming to an end. Is it getting colder and more uncomfortable outside? No reason to get in a bad mood! Because gardens and courtyards have a lot to offer in autumn, including beautiful autumn bloomers that will continue to bloom until the first hard frost. Autumn landscapes can include a variety of shrubs, annuals and perennials that return annually. Mix all three types of plants together to add structure and depth to your autumn garden and balcony. Autumn bloomers also provide shelter and food for pollinators, making your garden or balcony a welcoming place.

And believe it or not, fall is a great time to plant perennials and evergreen shrubs, when temperatures are less extreme and rain is plentiful. Just make sure you give the plants enough time to take root before winter. That’s about six weeks before the ground freezes, or usually no later than mid-October for most of the country.

Autumn bloomers can be perfectly combined with each other as well as with ornamental grasses

beautiful autumn flowers in the pot



Today we are happy to present our TOP 10 favorite autumn flowers. Let yourself be inspired and choose the ones that appeal to you the most!

#1 Cosmea

autumn blooming garden cosmea


The delicate cosmea, also called cosmos, have something simple and irresistible at the same time. It is not for nothing that they are used so often in bouquets and floral arrangements. These delightful autumn bloomers also look great as cut flowers. You can place them in vases around your home and add fresh color accents.

#2 Hardy fuchsia

autumn blue common fuchsia

These fuchsias are incredibly eye-catching. They captivate with their sweet violet color and are relatively robust and easy to care for. When it comes to the potting soil, they are a bit picky. Don’t let the soil get too dry and avoid waterlogging.

#3 Goldenrod

plant autumn-flowering goldenrod



Its deep yellow color makes the aptly named goldenrod flower a great choice for any fall garden. But be careful: because of its propensity to reproduce, it is sometimes considered a weed.

#4 Ornamental Cabbage

ornamental cabbage as an autumn blueher

Who says cabbage can’t be beautiful? The unique ornamental cabbage has ruffled edges and swirls of green and pink leaves in the center rosettes. As a strange autumn bloomer, it looks beautiful in the garden or on the balcony. A great idea: you can combine it with other cool-weather lovers, such as pansies, and admire its robust beauty for a long time.

#5 Chrysanthemum

caring for chrysanthemums autumn flowers

Probably the most iconic flower of fall. They come in all shades of the rainbow. Chrysanthemums are hardy and cold-tolerant, so if you stick them in the ground early enough in the planting season, they’ll come back next year. Chrysanthemums planted in the fall, on the other hand, are generally considered annuals because their roots don’t have time to establish before winter. Enjoy them now and then plant new ones next year.

#6 Aster

asters autumn blueher

Asters are another must-have for your fall garden or balcony. They bloom around the same time as chrysanthemums in pretty shades of blue, lavender, pink or purple. They are easy to care for and relatively long-lived, making them the perfect perennial for late-season color.

#7 Marigold

marigolds autumn blueher

Marigolds are old favorites that your grandmother probably planted by now. They provide reliable, consistent fall colors and are rarely plagued by pests. These hardy annuals bloom well into fall. They even survive a light frost.

#8 Sweet Alyssum

sweet alyssum autumn flowers

Smelling faintly of honey, these charming, low-growing annuals look best hanging down from window boxes and baskets. They also tolerate light frost, so you can enjoy their color and gentle scent for a very long time.

#9 Sedum

sedum plant

When many other plants have withered, sedum (also called stonecrop or stonecrop) offers beautiful muted tones that contrast well with the bright colors of fall. By the way, the cut flowers last for weeks in a vase.

#10 Dahlia

dahlias autumn bloomers in the garden

These beautiful flowers look almost fake. They are available in countless colors and are also ideal as cut flowers. In northern gardens you will need to dig up and pick up the bulbs after the first frost sets in and then replant in spring.

Well, do you now have your absolute TOP favorites when it comes to autumn bloomers? We are absolutely sure!

Put together in a large planter, autumn flowers become an atmospheric eye-catcher

planter raised bed autumn flowers

Chrysanthemums should not be missing in gardens and on balconies in autumn

planting chrysanthemums in the garden as autumn flowers

Celebrate the golden autumn with a symphony of colors from magnificent autumn flowers!

beautiful autumn flowers garden balcony

Designing a kitchen requires not only aesthetics, but above all careful planning and thought. Because it’s pretty easy to make setup mistakes that can be costly in the long run. In this post, we highlight the top 10 kitchen design no-gos that are best avoided when renovating or furnishing your kitchen.

When setting up the kitchen, consider all the important aspects!

furnishing errors in the kitchen tips

#1 More style, less function

Focusing on style over substance and sacrificing function for aesthetics is a common interior design mistake that should be avoided at all costs. When designing a kitchen, functionality should come first.



There’s no point in making your kitchen look beautiful if it doesn’t function practically. When planning your kitchen, consider how you want to use it and design the space according to your needs.

The perfect combination of style and function can be seen immediately

kitchen set up modern tips


#2 Inappropriate workflow

An efficient kitchen workflow is essential. If your kitchen doesn’t have a good workflow, it doesn’t work as well and makes cooking and prep difficult. To ensure your kitchen layout is in order, remember the working triangle. This ensures that the sink, stove and refrigerator are in close proximity for easy access and movement around the room.

Avoid long walks in the kitchen

furnishing error in the kitchen, storage space, work surface

#3 Wrong door-closet layout

A lack of planning can lead to problems installing cabinets and doors. You need to carefully consider the location and dimensions of cabinets and equipment, and make sure there is enough space when the doors are open. Otherwise, the lack of space can make it difficult to open doors and devices.

Depending on your lifestyle, less can often be more

furnishing error in the kitchen minimalist



#4 Underestimating the storage space you need

Storage space is essential in the kitchen so you can make the most of your space. So you should make sure you have enough space to store everything from cutlery and appliances to plates and utensils. Use every inch of possible storage space with intelligent solutions such as shelves, drawers, hooks, corner cabinets and pantries.

More storage space in the kitchen means more order and a clean look

furnishing error in the kitchen storage space

#5 Limited countertop space

Not planning enough storage space in your kitchen is a serious furnishing mistake in kitchen design that should be avoided. So when planning your kitchen, make sure you have enough countertop space to prepare and cook meals.

Maybe all you need is the coffee pot and no expensive kitchen appliances

furnishing error in the kitchen disorder

#6 Inferior soil

Opt for a high-quality floor covering in your kitchen. Kitchens are high-traffic areas, so your flooring needs to be durable and hard-wearing. When choosing flooring, you should consider safety, durability and ease of cleaning. Some quality flooring ideas include herringbone wood, concrete, natural stone, and laminate.

High-quality hardwoods are also used as kitchen floor coverings

furnishing error in the kitchen modern design

#7 Using wrong colors

When painting your kitchen, be sure to use the right color. Conventional emulsion paints can quickly look worn and tired on walls and cupboards. Opt for a specialty kitchen paint that’s durable, greaseproof, and designed to resist splashes and spills. This ensures that your kitchen will look good for many years to come.

#8 Forget the kitchen splashback

If you forget to install a splash guard, your walls will be left unprotected from grease splashes when cooking and frying. The walls behind the stove and sink, in particular, need a protective coating against water, splashes and spills so you don’t ruin the paintwork and damage the walls. Some of the best backsplash ideas include tile, marble, and glass.

With artistic tile patterns, you can provide that certain something in the kitchen

furnishing error in the kitchen light work surface

#9 Inadequate ventilation

Adequate ventilation in your kitchen is crucial, especially when cooking. Poor ventilation can leave odors that can be felt throughout the home. Make sure you include a quality ventilation system that will capture debris, circulate air, and keep your kitchen clean.

#10 Bad lighting

Lighting has a major impact on the appearance of your kitchen and should therefore not be considered after the fact, but rather at the beginning of your project. Your lighting plan should include task, ambient and functional lighting such as spotlights, pendant lights, pedestal lighting, sconces and dimmers to provide you with the perfect working conditions. Balanced lighting also ensures a pleasant, homely atmosphere in the kitchen.

The other way around: when there is little light, the kitchen looks unattractive and cannot be used optimally

furnishing error in the kitchen unfavorable lighting

Of course, these are not all possible furnishing mistakes that can be made when designing the kitchen. However, these are the most common and the easiest to avoid. To be on the safe side, let experienced professionals advise you and think it all over carefully.

Create your dream kitchen according to your needs and ideas

furnishing errors in the kitchen kitchen island

Incidentally, free-standing refrigerators with a retro look are back in fashion

furnishing error in the kitchen triangle

Even small kitchens can be furnished in a very stylish and comfortable way

furnishing error in the kitchen

furnishing error in the kitchen not enough space

modern kitchen equipment

Regardless of whether you live in a single-family home or an apartment building, there should always be a doormat in front of the front door. It prevents dirty shoes from carrying dirt, dust and mud from outside to inside while still providing a welcoming and friendly aesthetic. Just as a doormat should not be missing from any front door, a doormat should not be missing in a bathroom either. It serves a similar purpose – preventing wet feet from making small but slippery puddles throughout the house. At the same time, it completes the facility. However, one of the best things about this type of mat is that you can easily DIY it yourself. Today we want to show you some wonderful bathroom rug ideas that you can draw inspiration from.

Making a bath rug yourself is fun for young and old

Make your own bath rug – 2 no-sew ideas to imitate blue black bath mat

Make your own bath rug with fluffy pompoms

If you enjoy scrolling through social media like Instagram or Pinterest then you have surely come across photos of these amazingly colorful DIY pom pom rugs.

Creating them has now become a real trend, no wonder!



You don’t need any knitting or crocheting experience to make this, just a few items from the nearest craft store, lots of creativity and a bit of patience.

Even the little ones can take part in this DIY project and make their very own bathroom rug themselves. Making colorful pom-poms trains fine motor skills and is also just a lot of fun!

This pom pom craft technique allows you to create many different shapes and designs. Of course, the most popular are Heart, Sunflower and Diamond. As for the color scheme, we recommend that you consider your bathroom decor and the colors used in it.

Pretty DIY bath mat with a nautical aesthetic

Make your own bathroom rug – 2 no-sew ideas to imitate pompon badmatte diy


Individual bright yellow pompoms provide eye-catching accent points

Make your own bathroom rug – 2 no-sew ideas to imitate pompon craft idea colorful

Here are all the materials needed:

  • A few colorful balls of yarn of your choice
  • Canvas for knitting or an anti-slip mat
  • felt pen
  • knit hook
  • scissors
  • Optional: Bommelmacher or cardboard rings

Step by step craft instructions:

First, use a felt-tip pen to draw the outline of the motif you want to design on the canvas or anti-slip mat. Then set aside.

Now start creating the bobbles. You can do this easily and traditionally by hand. Alternatively, you can also use tools such as a cardboard ring or a special bobble maker. This way all your bobbles will be the same size.

Danger: Don’t cut the two long strands of yarn hanging down from the pompom! You will need these to attach it to the mat.

You can use many different types of yarn

Make your own bathroom rug – 2 no-sew ideas for imitating bommel do it yourself craft instructions



When you have enough bobbles to completely cover your design, retrieve the canvas or anti-slip mat. Thread one of the two long threads through one hole in the mat, then thread the other through the next. Tie a double knot to secure the first bobble.

Do the same with all of your remaining bobbles until your design is completely filled in with no gaps. Turn the bath mat over and trim off the excess fabric or mat. Finished!

Easy-to-follow instructions on how to make a uniquely beautiful bathroom rug yourself

Make your own bathroom rug – 2 no-sew ideas to imitate diy instructions ideas

Make your own bathroom rug – 2 no-sew ideas for imitating pink heart instructions

Make your own upcycling bathroom rug with old T-shirts

Sustainable crafting with recycled and upcycled materials instead of new goods from the craft store is becoming an increasingly popular topic. On our website you will discover numerous environmentally friendly articles, including articles on making DIY yarn from old T-shirts or even waste paper. Many pretty things can then be made from it, including a bathroom rug.

In the following instructions, we will show you again, using detailed and easy-to-understand steps, how you can make a bath rug yourself within a few minutes. Old T-shirts and other colorful leftovers of all kinds play the leading role. The only other thing you need is a hula hoop, which is used as an alternative to a traditional loom.

Bringing new life to old jeans and t-shirts

Make your own bathroom rug – 2 no-sew ideas for imitating upcycling old jeans

Craft colorful and environmentally friendly

Make your own bathroom rug – 2 no-sew ideas to imitate elegantly beautiful colorful t-shirts

You will need the following materials for this:

  • Old t-shirts, shirts, sheets and other fabric of your choice
  • Hula hoop
  • Tailor’s scissors

Step by step craft instructions:

Begin by creating the improvised loom frame. Lay a t-shirt on your work area and cut off the bottom hem first, then the entire top portion. To do this, place the scissors just below one of the sleeves and cut in a straight line to the other.

Now cut the bottom part of the t-shirt into 14 loops about 2-3 cm thick. Combine them into 7 pairs and stretch them evenly over the hula hoop. It should then look like an old spoked wheel. Put him aside.

Time to make the yarn. Lay out your chosen used clothing and other fabrics on your work surface and cut them into continuous 2-3cm wide strips. Roll them up into balls.

Don’t cut the strips too thin or too thick

Make your own bathroom rug – 2 no-sew ideas to imitate jeans upcycling idea diy

Pick up your loom again. Tie one end of your textile yarn in the middle and start weaving in a circle above and below the pairs of loops. When you have finished about 1/3 the diameter of the hula hoop, separate the 7 pairs into 14 equal “spokes”. Then proceed as before.

When you have reached about 2/3 of the diameter, start braiding between each side of the loops. Do this until there is only about 10cm left of the hula hoops. Now cut off each loop individually and knot the two ends with a double knot. Tuck the knots between the yarn. Finished!

Thin waist and beautiful hula hoops craft ideas

Make your own bathroom rug – 2 no-sew ideas to imitate colorfully beautiful simple idea

Almost too beautiful to be used just as a rug

Make your own bathroom rug – 2 no-sew ideas for imitating colorfully beautiful hula hoop tires

The best craft projects are the ones that not only bring joy, but also create something practical and actually useful. If the whole family can participate, even better! We hope that you will try one of our instructions and that it will help you to make a wonderful bath rug yourself.

How will you make your own bathroom rug yourself?

Make your own bathroom rug – 2 no-sew ideas for imitating leftover fabric t-shirt ideas

DIY bathroom mat made of natural wood in Japandi style

Make your own bathroom rug – 2 no-sew ideas to imitate bath mat wood natural wood

Make your own bathroom rug – 2 no-sew ideas for imitating blue shredded carpet upcycling

Comfortable feet like on the beach with a DIY bath mat made of pebbles

Make your own bathroom rug – 2 no-sew ideas for imitating natural stones river stones idea

Make your own bathroom rug – 2 no-sew ideas to imitate pompom fluffy and beautiful

Make your own bathroom rug – 2 no-sew ideas to imitate braid weave idea

Make your own bathroom rug – 2 no-sew ideas to imitate wine cork bathroom mat idea

It often happens that you conjure up autumn garden decorations yourself and don’t even notice it as such. Every time we go to the hardware store, we always take a small flowerpot with us full of beautiful flowers and fall colors. Both in the yard and in the garden we already have a lot of pots with chrysanthemums, you can also grow berries and heather. Autumn is rich and beautiful, but gardening in October should not be neglected. The autumn decoration can be created in parallel while preparing the garden for winter. This is not a difficult task and we would like to explain below why we claim this.

Autumn garden decorations – ideas and moods that make our everyday life meaningful and colorful

autumn garden decoration diy ideas autumn instructions autumn decoration 2022

Autumn garden decorations – ideas that bring you closer to the natural beauty of the season

How can you plan the design of your own garden in such a way that you end up with autumnal decorations as a result? The fact is that not everyone has the talent to think or even act creatively. Decorating with love, everyone can do that.



Especially when it comes to rethinking the yard or garden in autumn, you quickly come up with several good ideas. Decorating the garden involves spending time in the garden itself, and everyone who has a garden likes to do that. Especially now that the weather is beautiful, while trimming the hedge and roses, it’s easy to imagine how the garden can be made even better.

All native and seasonal plants can practically become part of your autumn garden design

autumn garden decoration diy ideas autumn instructions easy


Soon the trees will begin to lose their foliage and it could become gloomy and desolate in the garden. We propose some ideas on how to keep the garden colorful and lively until winter. As always, we want to attach great importance to self-made, sustainable and reusable ideas.

You have the feeling that you have already bought almost all of the plants in the hardware store and planted them in your own garden

autumn garden decoration diy ideas autumn instructions hammock

Why is it important to make autumn garden decorations yourself?

If you are about to choose autumn garden decorations, we would recommend that you design them yourself. For example, the skilled hands of children and friends can help and the result can only be good. In the first place we would like to suggest the autumnal flowers as part of the natural design. Plant colorful shrubs and perennials that will make your garden look inviting and lively in the long term.

The rural has long existed as a distinct style that promises comfort and a natural atmosphere

autumn garden decoration diy ideas autumn instructions in the morning



Don’t always think in terms of yellow, orange and red when it comes to your color scheme, because autumn also involves a lot of magenta

autumn garden decoration diy ideas autumn instructions

Tools and wheelbarrows in the garden give the impression that there is a lot going on there and create a cozy and autumnal atmosphere. Pumpkins, straw figures and even a scarecrow give your garden a rural spirit and correspond perfectly with the last rays of summer and the wonderful autumn colors that are already there.

Old furniture that you want to throw away can become part of the autumn ambience. The garden furniture can have a blanket and pillow as an extra. You can enjoy the cool evenings in the garden in good company with a nice glass of Federweißer. And if you want to sit in the garden in the evening, you need a suitable fireplace and romantic lighting.

The cool evenings in the garden can be spent nicely by lovingly and purposefully putting together your autumn garden decorations

autumn garden decoration diy ideas autumn instructions hammock romance

The decoration rarely has a functional task, but with our ideas for autumn garden decorations we also thought of the utility

autumn garden decoration diy ideas autumn instructions hammock

Many natural colors and shapes are given in autumn anyway and we suggest you make good use of this opportunity

autumn garden decoration diy ideas autumn instructions mix

It’s still too early for jack-o’-lanterns, but how about a hobbit house that you carve out entirely from natural materials?

autumn garden decoration diy ideas autumn instructions pumpkin house

There should be enough birdseed in your garden – think of pretty and sustainable ideas

autumn garden decoration diy ideas autumn instructions bird seed house

How can you create beautiful and autumnal garden decorations without experience?

If you want to design your own garden in autumn, you don’t really need any previous experience. Nature already provides some aesthetic values ​​and we humans should only complement them. A great idea is to make bird feeders out of old kitchen utensils. Birdsong in the garden is a great addition to any outdoor space, whatever the season. You can search in vain for a definition if you want to explain the autumn garden decoration as a term. Homemade lanterns perfectly complement the specific atmosphere on an autumn evening in the garden. Homemade wind chimes and pinwheels in bright colors are also simple but exciting projects to implement.

Be inspired by nature and only complement the magnificent beauty with your own thoughts

autumn garden decoration diy ideas autumn instructions upcycling ideas color design

autumn garden decoration diy ideas autumn instructions upcycling ideas

A bowl of apples, pears or grapes could also serve as an atmospheric autumn garden decoration. Last but not least, we should also mention the pumpkins. In addition to the beets and root vegetables, you can also place random small decorative pumpkins in your garden and enjoy the bright colors of late summer for a long time to come.

autumn garden decoration diy ideas autumn instructions fire pit in the evening

autumn garden decoration diy ideas autumn instructions scarecrow

autumn garden decoration diy ideas autumn instructions morning upcycling

autumn garden decoration diy ideas autumn instructions rustic

autumn garden decoration diy ideas autumn instructions sunflowers

autumn garden decoration diy ideas autumn instructions table decoration


Table designs that represent different seasons do not have to belong to a specific season. We could simply use it to spread the respective flair at home. This is exactly what the following lines and our 20 original fishing ideas are about. table design summer all year round we choose as the umbrella term and theme for all the ideas we present below. Because here it is important that you feel this kind of mood even now in the transitional season. Under certain circumstances, it could even be suitable for some days in winter. Maybe on the balcony on a fairly sunny day?

In classic premises could table design summer all year round Arrived well

colorful modern variety - great ideas

Which would be the function of table design summer all year round in all seasons?

Summery table decoration during the warm season

The table design Summer all year round has a different function in each season.



During the warm months, it brings us into harmony with the nature that surrounds us. So we enjoy the very short and coveted summer to the fullest. But what could we do with it on autumnal or even winter days?

The summer decoration should preferably touch all the senses

lavender table design summer autumn summer mood


Table decoration summer in early autumn

In early fall, many of us want to believe that summer is still not quite over. A few happy and really warm days are like little fulfilled dreams for us. The summer decoration should express nostalgia and melancholy at this time.

Vintage accessories can also go well with summery table settings

solemn table - great ideas for table design

Summery table decoration in winter

The table design summer all year round even possible in winter. It goes well with some special occasions or would be ideal on a sunny day on the balcony. The summer table setting in winter is a sign that we know that a happier, more relaxed time will definitely come after the cold.

Let’s just show some exemplary ideas on how to make a suitable table decoration for the different seasons.

Yellow and orange are suitable for the autumn variant of the table design Summer all year round!

bright shades ideas - green, yellow, orange



Magnificent flowers for the summery table decoration that invigorates all the senses

Let’s start with the table design summer all year round, which fits in well with the peak of this season. We are surrounded by magnificent flowers and various fragrant herbs. The table design would be a good reason to bring them closer to us. The crockery, the placeholders and the napkins should either be in neutral colors or in the nuances of the selected plants. In some cases, contrast would also be a good idea. In this situation, however, it is important that the environment appears neutral. Otherwise the whole thing becomes too difficult for the senses to bear. The main thing is that the magnificent natural beauties play a central role in the table design. It would be very important that the whole thing is also accompanied by a nice aroma. If the plants themselves are not so fragrant, then you could come up with something else. Candles or incense sticks could also smell very nice summery. Incidentally, this would eventually lead to insects staying away from your table outdoors.

danger: You should be particularly careful with the candles in strong winds!

Another example of how you can spoil your senses with the table design

green blue and white for the table design

Autumn flowers in summer colors

The autumn flowers or gifts of nature in summery tones are ideal for early autumn and even for winter. There must be a lot of yellow and green and maybe some typical summery patterns. Sunflowers or sun motifs could easily appear on the serviettes. In any case, nature should still imprint your summery table design in early autumn or autumn.

The monochrome table design in just two or three colors is suitable all year round

green white and wood - great ideas for the table design ä

table design summer all year round for the winter – yes, that can be nice!

Some magnificent flowers also cut a fine figure in winter. In many cases, however, this decoration would look a bit whimsical in the middle of winter. Exceptions may be classically furnished rooms, which themselves have many similar motifs in their design. But in an average, contemporary interior, you should proceed differently. Motifs come into consideration here that simultaneously evoke summer associations and go purely stylistically with the wintry atmosphere.

The decoration with limes or lemons is ideal for special occasions in winter

green white ideas summer table decoration

Nautical table design in summer

A typical example of suitable summer decorations in winter includes the nautical theme. A blue and white color palette and corresponding motifs and patterns would be an absolute classic. Also, we would recommend combining blue with gray or beige. Motifs such as anchors and boats are also welcome. A few natural accents in saturated green would also be particularly original and summery.

This stylish summer decoration would actually be suitable in every season

wedding decoration for the summer - great modern ideas

Summery table design with citrus fruits and accents

Citrus fruits such as lemons, oranges or tangerines come from countries where the summer lasts much longer or is not over at all. At the same time, we associate them with the wintry atmosphere. We like to use lemons for our tea or some delicious winter recipes. Other citrus fruits are also recommended in winter, as they refresh us and provide us with a lot of vitamin C. The colors are bright, warm, radiant and therefore typically summery. So, let’s associate these motifs with both winter and summer. The design with such motifs would be ideal for the sunny summer balcony. Imagine this against the backdrop of the snowy landscape outside! Fabulous, isn’t it?

The beautiful table design summer all year round you can treat yourself to every season. This theme in the decoration can also be totally up-to-date in autumn and winter. Just follow our tips and inspiration and then develop your very own ideas!

We wish you to always feel a summer mood in your heart and soul.

Make summery and Mediterranean delicacies a part of your “table design – summer all year round!”

rural mood great ideas for a wedding

The yellow-green color combination is ideal for early autumn

yellow flowers - great mood - summery table design

Celebrate summer with nature’s gifts to match

purple ideas and wedding flair

The nautical elements are ideal for the summer table design on the balcony in every season

nautical table design with green accents

provance flair - great modern ideas table design summer

rustic flair - great ideas for summer

Some summer plants grow in flower pots all year round. So, you can always use this for great table setting

summer in the interior interior design great trends

summery vintage ideas holiday table design

terrace furnishing trends and ideas tendencies 2022

table design for the summer - summery flair

Artificial flowers come for table setting summer all year round also in question

Sunday brunch - great table design - tendencies - ideas

table design summer - great ideas for summery flair

table design summer in the middle of the meadow

Enjoy the summer mood on the table!

vintage lemons great summer ideas


Lycianthes rantonnetii, also known as Solanum rantonnetii, regionally also known as potato flower, potato tree or even better gentian shrub, is one of the most beautiful ornamental shrubs that a hobby gardener can grow in a pot. It immediately catches the eye with its lush and tireless bloom, which starts its breathtaking spectacle in late spring and only finishes in late autumn. The gentian shrub is not as demanding as it first appears, so year after year you will have no problem enjoying its elegant blue-purple or white-colored, star-shaped flowers with bright yellow stamens. In order for this ornamental shrub to feel at home in your own garden, you should still make sure that you meet its care requirements. Today we share them with you!

The perfect container plant for summer balconies and hobby gardens

Gentian shrub - care tips and interesting facts about the tall stem shrub balcony garden

The gentian shrub – an ornamental shrub to fall in love with

It is not for nothing that the gentian bush has the alternative name potato tree. This ornamental plant is part of the genus Lycianthes, which in turn belongs to the nightshade family (Solanaceae). It is therefore closely related to useful plants such as potatoes, tomatoes and peppers, but also ornamental plants such as petunias, angel’s trumpets and Chinese lanterns.



The flowers of the gentian bush are almost identical to those of the potato plant. If you place two freshly picked flower heads of the two plants next to each other, it is difficult to tell them apart.

Here is the well-known flower of the common potato plant

Gentian shrub - care tips and interesting facts about the standard potato plant yellow beautiful


The biggest difference is the growth habit. Potato plants usually grow bushy to a maximum height of 60 cm. The gentian bush, on the other hand, grows as a shrub and can reach a height of over 2 meters under ideal living conditions. Most of the time, the ornamental plant is formed into a tall stem with precise trimming during its active growing season.

This high standard is pleasing to the eye all summer long

Gentian shrub - care tips and interesting facts about the high stem potato tree field nature South America

However, it is absolutely unsuitable for families with small children or pets

Gentian shrub - care tips and interesting facts about the tall stem dainty beautiful elegant white



The entire plant is extremely poisonous to humans and animals

Gentian shrub - care tips and interesting facts about the high stem beautiful flowers garden balcony

The perfect location

Today, the gentian shrub is widespread as a dainty pot or garden plant practically all over the world. Originally, however, it comes from the tropical and humid regions of South America, more precisely from Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay.

In our domestic hobby gardens, the gentian shrub only thrives in tubs. Only when the temperature rises above 10 degrees can he go outside, either on the balcony, the terrace or in the garden.

Choose the location carefully. These ornamental shrubs need a lot of warmth and do best in full sun. If necessary, you can also stand in the light semi-shade and still show off your wonderful flowers. However, they do not tolerate cold feet, drafts and full shade at all and immediately lose their flowering power.

As soon as the temperature drops below 10 degrees again, the pot should be back inside or in a warm greenhouse.

Most tropical ornamental plants are very sensitive to cold

Gentian shrub - care tips and interesting facts about the tall stem tree ornamental flowers

This South American shrub is no exception

Gentian shrub - care tips and interesting facts about the tall stem blue violet flower shrub

The right substrate

This standard has some special requirements with regard to its location. However, it is significantly less demanding in terms of the substrate.

The gentian shrub thrives best in nutrient-rich, humus-rich, permeable and peat-free potting soil that has been previously enriched with either mature compost or worm castings. A neutral to slightly alkaline pH between 6.6 and 7.8 is good for this ornamental plant.

Before you buy, be sure to pay attention to these values ​​in the product description. If you prefer to mix your own substrate, just do a quick soil test.

Always buy peat-free soil, as this protects the moors

Gentian shrub - care tips and interesting facts about the standard sparrow bird shrub garden

Do you have your own composter or worm box in the garden?

Gentian shrub - care tips and interesting facts about the high stem compost worm box substrate

water demand

The water requirements of this ornamental shrub can vary greatly depending on the weather, location and the size of the plant itself. As a rule of thumb, the substrate should never dry out completely, especially during the active growing season and summer flowering phase. At the same time, you should not flood the roots, otherwise they can quickly rot.

You can easily test the water content with a quick thumb test. It is best to use lukewarm, stale tap water or, even better, rainwater for watering. To reduce evaporation in midsummer, you can cover the topsoil with a good layer of bark mulch. This provides additional nutrients and improves the water balance in the soil.

Rain barrels reduce your monthly water costs and are good for the environment

Gentian shrub - care tips and interesting facts about the high stem rain barrel storing water

Fertilize gentian bush

If you have planted your gentian shrub in a good substrate that you have previously enriched with organic fertilizers, then it will not need any additional feeding in the first year, and usually not in the second year either.

From the third year, however, this high standard can certainly benefit from regular fertilization, from the beginning of March to the end of September.

On the one hand, you can add liquid complete fertilizer for flowering plants to the irrigation water once a week. Alternatively, you can only use a balanced slow-release fertilizer twice a year. Occasional watering with homemade compost tea or worm tea can also boost flowering.

Always use organic fertilizers whenever possible

Gentian shrub - care tips and interesting facts about the high-stem shrub high-stem blossom

Trim tall stems correctly

With proper care and optimal living conditions, this standard grows extremely fast. Therefore, if you don’t trim it regularly and properly, its crown can quickly become out of shape.

The gentian bush tolerates a strong pruning quite well. This should preferably be done in spring during the active growth phase. Shorten the young shoots by about half. If the crown starts to get too big, you can also cut back the old branches.

Even during the flowering phase, this ornamental shrub can benefit from an occasional pruning. Simply pluck off the withered flower heads. This way, your standard stem not only looks well cared for, but is also stimulated to produce more and more flowers.

This tropical tall tree absolutely needs a support

Gentian shrub - care tips and interesting facts about the standard purple flowers violet beautiful

Whether on the balcony, in the garden or next to a sunny living room window – the gentian shrub always cuts a fine figure. Its vibrant blooms will decorate your indoor and outdoor spaces all summer long. We hope that our care tips will be helpful to you.

Gentian shrub - care tips and interesting facts about the tall stem white yellow flowers shrub

Autumn is an awe-inspiring season that arrives with calm, serene beauty. If you like creating blooming compositions of autumn plants for patios and gardens, read on. In this article we give you valuable tips on how you can aesthetically enhance your outdoor area with beautiful autumn plants for the balcony and garden.

Autumn planting for balcony and garden

autumn planting flower box balcony terrace garden

While your options are endless, you probably need a little guidance on the beautiful interplay you can create from gorgeous fall bloomers…

You should definitely create an autumnal ambience

@nerdberriesMom’s balcony in autumn. #plants #plants

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You have numerous options regarding the spectacular combinations of flower boxes and tubs and below you will find some ideas for autumn planting for the balcony and garden.

Decoration with flower baskets

In order to create an impressive autumn planting for the balcony or garden with happily thriving plants, you should follow a few small rules.

  • Make sure your flower boxes and tubs have good drainage. You can instrument some broken tiles you have at home or place some rocks at the bottom of the container.
  • Plants that bloom in autumn and winter should not be watered excessively.
  • Place your plants in a sheltered spot and make sure they get 4 hours of sun a day.

Autumn atmosphere on the balcony

Autumn planting for the balcony: These are the editors’ favourites:


This cold-loving fall bloomer feels great at around 10-15 degrees, making it ideal for the fall balcony. Cyclamen need well-drained, moderately fertilized and sandy soil and look beautiful next to barbed wire or other ornamental grasses.

A popular and colorful autumn plant


This autumn bloomer will give you color until the end of November and looks spectacular together with rudbeckia, ornamental kale and some lovely grasses. Purple and white varieties are available according to your preference. Asters love moist, nutrient-rich soil, making them a favorite garden plant. So make sure to fertilize the asters and clean the faded buds.

Magnificent and spectacular


This autumn plant is a real eye-catcher at the end of the season. The Asian beauty has amazing clusters of purple and white flowers on its large stems. Its foliage turns pastel shades in autumn. The late bloomer feels very comfortable in shady locations and thrives on moderately moist, humus-rich soil. Combine bergenia with hostas, ornamental grasses and ferns.

Perfect for flower ensembles


This autumn classic is very popular because of its strong and fiery colors. Chrysanthemums are usually planted next to vegetables in the garden because they repel insects.

Chrysanthemums in tubs outside

chrysantemum ornamental grasses

In containers, pair the beauties with sedum, stone herbs and coleus. The chrysanthemum flowers until the end of November and thrives best in partial shade and in nutrient-rich soil.


Also very popular as a garden plant in autumn, the heather plants appear ephemeral and textured and create the perfect ambience. Place this beautiful autumn plant in the sun or semi-shade, but not in a darker spot on the balcony.

Heather plants are popular for balconies and gardens in autumn

heather autumn plants balcony

The good news is that the hardy plant is also hardy in a pot. Ideally, the soil is acidic, lime-free and poor in nutrients. Combine with pansies or decorative winter berries for optimal arrangements.

#Lantana (Wanderstock)

Lantana create wonderful accents in pots with fountain grass and perennial morning glories. This tropical plant is a late bloomer and will decorate your sunny balcony especially well if the autumns in your region are mild.

A plant with changing colors

winter planting summer planting balcony boxes

Plant tubs and beds with ornamental grasses in autumn

Ornamental grasses make ideal companions to other plants in floral arrangements, and flower lovers celebrate their feathery structures and delicacy.

Pennisetum grass

winter planting autumn planting balcony boxes ornamental grasses lamp cleaning grass

From shades of gray to delicate shades of pink, red or green-yellow, these autumn plants make an ideal addition to borders and are perfect for under-trees and in pot floral arrangements. Here are our highlights:

  • pampas grass
  • Barbed Wire
  • Pennisetum grass
  • New Zealand Windgrass
  • diamond grass

Barbed Wire

barbed wire winter planting autumn planting balcony boxes

Hardy autumn plants for the garden

While you’re gathering your bounty, planting next year’s daffodil bulbs and doing other gardening chores, don’t underestimate the decorative aspects of gardening. Here are our options for autumn planting in the garden.

Flower bed in autumn


This golden autumn plant will decorate your garden with fiery berries. Firethorn flowers gracefully in summer and the spectacular orange berries begin to appear in September and October. The perennial belongs to the rose family and is equipped with thorns. The foliage is dark green. The robust firethorn likes humus-rich soil and tolerates frost.

Hardy autumn planting with Firethorn

#Autumn Crocus

Another classic named after autumn is the beautiful but very poisonous autumn crocus. Autumn crocuses are typically sown in late summer and display their delicate tubular flower forms in the garden bed from August to October. Care should be taken to ensure that the flowers are placed in the sun or semi-shade on humus-rich, well-drained soil that is not too dry or too damp.

A beautiful but very poisonous autumn bloomer

#High fat hen (fat hen)

This hardy succulent is the perfect perennial for borders along the garden path. The crimson clouds of flowers appear from August to October and are magnets for butterflies.

A hardy succulent with beautiful purple flower clusters

If you choose a late variety of the ornamental perennial for your autumn planting for the balcony or garden, it is best to place the plant in partial shade. The sedum likes sunny locations with dry to medium-moist soil. Don’t overwater the plant.

#Holy Herb

This evergreen, hardy and perennial ornamental shrub can fascinate with its golden yellow spherical heads. It is a Mediterranean plant that can reach a total height of up to 60 cm.

Gray and bright yellow

sanctuary autumn planting flower bed autumn garden

The holy herb fascinates with its grey-green foliage. It likes spartan conditions, so place it in nutrient-poor, well-drained and dry soil.

#Skimmia japonica

This impressive evergreen perennial native to Asia can reach a height of up to 7m.

An Asian plant

skimmia japonica autumn planting garden and balcony



When you think of anthurium, you might picture a plant with bright red flowers. So you might be startled when you see the flowers of this beautiful houseplant turn green. Luckily, proper care will help you preserve your flamingo flower’s brilliant scarlet color! Is your anthurium getting green flowers? Do not worry! In this post, you will learn the most common reasons why this happens and find tips on how to properly care for your Anthurium so that it always fascinates with its magnificent bright red flowers.

Is your anthurium getting green flowers? Find out the possible causes

anthurium gets green flowers which are the causes for it

Anthuriums belong to the arum family and comprise a group of plants with 1,000 species. These plants are native to South America and are well distributed in tropical regions like Hawaii. Typical of this are the beautiful flowers in the traditional shades of red, yellow and pink. More colors have recently been introduced into cultivation and nowadays green and white, lavender and deep yellow specimens can also be found.

Anthuriums belong to the arum family and comprise a group of plants with 1,000 species

plant with red flowers flamingo flower gets green leaves

How often does an anthurium bloom?

With proper care, an anthurium can bloom year-round, with each bloom lasting between two and three months. In winter the plant generally has fewer flowers, but as soon as the sun begins to shine more, the Anthurium awakens from its hibernation and flowers more. Just like us actually.

By mimicking the conditions of their natural rainforest habitat, your anthurium can produce up to six flowers per year. As your anthurium plant progresses through its life cycle, there are things you can do to keep it thriving. Follow these steps for optimal Anthurium plant health and the best chances of re-blooming.

Each bloom lasts between two and three months. The plant can bloom several times a year

houseplant red blossom anthurium plant and care

Anthurium gets green flowers: what can be the causes?

#The kind

If you want to find the reasons why your anthurium’s flowers are turning green, the best place to start is by checking the cultivar. Shifting the flowers to green may simply be due to the variety. Anthurium named Midori produce flowers with light green spatulas. As centennial A well-known variety, for example, initially blooms with white flowers that gradually turn to a bright green. Hookeri and Clarinavium are other varieties whose flowers turn green over time. A bicolor variety called Obke has pink flowers mixed with green.

There are Anthurium varieties that naturally flower white

why doesn't my anthurium flower red houseplant with white flowers


Anthuriums grow on trees or in compost-rich soil in tropical jungle regions where there is dense shade. They got into cultivation for the glossy green leaves and long-lasting bud sites. Usually, gardeners use hormones to force plants to flower early. Once the Anthurium is brought home and no longer exposed to the hormones, it will return to its normal growth pattern. Because of this, color change is not uncommon in these plants.

The flowers of some Anthurium varieties eventually turn green, which is a completely different color from their original color

why do flowers become green flowers in green white and red


Obviously, the color of the flowers can also change with the age of the flower. Given the right conditions for the plant to grow, it will produce buds that last at least a month. However, as the flower ages, the buds lose color and gradually fade due to the degradation of color pigments. If the flowers of your anthurium have turned green, it can be due to the variety, the age of the plant or the wrong culture. However, there are a few more reasons why this sometimes happens.

The age of the plant can be a reason for the green flowers that is often overlooked

how often do you have to water an anthurium flower with red blossoms

#Not enough light

Aside from the variety and age, light can also be the cause of the abnormal coloring. Normally, Anthuriums are grown in the shade as they don’t prefer direct sunlight, but if the ambient light intensity is too low, the plants will respond with green flowers.

Anthurium flowers turn too green if the plant doesn’t get enough light

plant with red flowers anthurium green leaves causes

What’s hot

Water indoor plants Spray small plants with water

garden & plants

Lime-free water for your houseplant

#Incorrect fertilization

Excess fertilizer alters the soil by creating too high a salt concentration and this can damage beneficial soil microorganisms. Too much fertilizer around plants can cause fertilizer burn. The high levels of salt associated with overfeeding can also disrupt water uptake by the roots. Plants with fertilizer burn often show symptoms of sunburn.

Caring for anthurium plants does not require too much fertilizer. The plant only needs to be fertilized every three to four months with a quarter strength fertilizer. To get the best buds, use a fertilizer with a higher phosphorus content (medium number).

Why isn’t my Anthurium blooming red and how can I get it to bloom?

flower with red blossom best indoor plants anthurium

#Improper watering

Although it is a tropical plant that thrives in high humidity, the Anthurium requires very little water. Anthuriums have large, fleshy roots that rot easily in moist soil. They require low to medium amounts of water to grow successfully.

How often do you have to water an anthurium?

Allow the soil to dry out between watering. If you live in a hot area, water about every 2 to 3 days. If you live in a rainy area, water as needed. Most importantly, the Anthurium needs proper drainage.

Anthuriums prefer high humidity since they are tropical plants

how to properly care for a flamingo flower anthurium care

How do I get my Anthurium to bloom again?

Anthuriums are relatively easy to care for, but if you don’t pay attention to a few important things, their flowers will turn green and you won’t be able to enjoy the beauty of this exotic flower. Temperature, light, humidity, soil, water, nutrients, transplanting and pruning are essential for a healthy plant with rich red buds. Here are a few important tips for proper Anthurium care:

How do you properly care for a flamingo flower for a beautiful red bloom?

How often does an anthurium bloom with red blossoms

#Sand location, light, temperature

  • Choose the location of your Anthurium carefully. Ideally, your Anthurium will be in a brightly lit, warm room with enough air circulation, but not a lot of drafts.
  • The anthurium plant shouldn’t be in direct sunlight, but keep it near a window so it gets plenty of bright, indirect light.
  • Regulate the temperature of your home. For most modern homes with central air conditioning and heating, this is not a problem. However, it is important to ensure your Anthurium is not placed near an outside door or vent, as drafts could lower the immediate temperature. Anthuriums grow temperatures between 21 and 29 degrees.

High temperatures cause anthurium flowers to fade in color

why do flowers turn green anthurium cultivate flamingo flower

#Pruning and tidying up

  • Prune flowers when they begin to wilt. If you notice that a flower on your Anthurium is past its prime, it’s best to safely remove it. This allows your plant to use more energy to develop new buds instead of keeping faded buds alive longer.
  • Since Anthuriums will not bloom again on the same stem, you can remove faded flowers by cutting off the entire stem at the base of the plant. Just make sure you use clean, sterilized scissors to avoid spreading disease on the plant.
  • Remove all brown and dead leaves. In general, brown leaves are nothing to worry about and can be easily removed by trimming back wilted buds. In most cases, brown leaves can be removed by gently pulling with your hands. However, you may need to use scissors if they don’t come off easily. If you notice that your Anthurium plant has consistently brown leaves that occur outside of your plant’s natural life cycle, you need to change your care routine.

Regularly remove old, dead, and damaged leaves and flowers from the base of the plant

why doesn't my anthurium bloom red caring for flamingo flowers tips


  • Anthuriums need to be repotted every two to three years or when they have outgrown their current pot. When your Anthurium has grown to 12 by 50 cm in a pot, it’s time to repot it.

After you ensure your Anthuriums get the proper care they need to thrive, it’s only a matter of time before the new blooms appear!

When repotting, use a slightly larger pot and fresh potting soil

how to care for a flamingo flower red and white flowers


Anthuriums have a reputation for being fussy plants. The most important factors for brilliant flowering are the right lighting and temperature, but almost any problem with your growing conditions can affect flowering. First, check the variety of the plant, and therefore take care of proper care. If you give the flamingo flower the conditions it craves, it will reward you with its attractive red blooms. The effort is worth it!

The most common varieties grown as houseplants are Anthurium scherzerianum and Anthurium andreanum

how often does an anthurium flamingo flower bloom the best indoor plants


In recent years, SodaStream has become very popular around the world. Devices like SodaStream give you the ability to make your own sparkling water and soda at home. Such a device is very convenient and, in addition, you can do your wallet a big favor. However, this is a kitchen appliance like any other and of course needs to be descaled and cleaned regularly. How to make sure your SodaStream is working properly and producing drinkable beverages. In this article we will tell you how to descale and clean SodaStream.

There is now a SodaStream device in almost every kitchen

kitchen appliances sodastream decalcify easily and quickly

As a general rule, you should clean your SodaStream bottles after each use to keep them clean and free of bacteria and germs. The SodaStream machine itself needs to be cleaned once a week to prevent the accumulation of dust and other debris. The SodaStream descaling and cleaning process is actually not particularly difficult. You can even use certain home remedies. In the next part we will tell you how to clean your SodaStream bottles and the machine itself.

You should clean the bottles regularly

person holds large sodastream bottle in hand

Clean SodaStream bottles

The bottles themselves can be cleaned very easily and quickly.

  1. Rinse the bottle with warm water first to remove debris first.
  2. Then add a few drops of liquid soap to the bottle and some warm water.
  3. Swirl the soapy water around the inside of the bottle, then shake vigorously a few times.
  4. Then leave the soapy water on for 10 to 20 minutes.
  5. Then use a bottle brush to scrub and remove any remaining residue from inside the bottle. Be careful not to scrub too hard as scratches can create places for bacteria to hide.
  6. Then let your bottle dry.

You can clean the bottles very easily and quickly

how can i clean sodastream instruction info

Clean SodaStream bottles with home remedies to remove odors

Over time you will find that your SodaStream bottle starts to smell. This is normal and can be eliminated with home remedies. Here’s how you can remove unpleasant odors from your SodaStream bottle, with lemon juice:

  1. First, fill your SodaStream bottle with warm water and add the juice of one whole lemon.
  2. Cap the bottle and shake vigorously to mix the water and lemon juice well.
  3. Then leave the mixture on for 10 to 20 minutes.
  4. Finally, rinse and let dry.
  5. If the smell is still there, you can also try vinegar. Vinegar is naturally antibacterial and can kill most foodborne microbes.
  6. Add a cup of vinegar to the mixture and shake vigorously again.
  7. Repeat this 2 to 3 times or until the odor is gone.

You can also use vinegar to get rid of bad smells

black soda stream machine two glasses with drinks

SodaStream descaling with citric acid

First, make sure you follow the directions on the citric acid package so you don’t add more than you need to. How to descale your SodaStream with citric acid:

  1. Put some citric acid in the SodaStream bottle and then fill it with water.
  2. Then put the bottle in the machine and press the button for a few seconds.
  3. Then leave the product in the bottle for about 15 minutes before throwing it away and rinsing the bottle with water.

You can descale SodaStream with citric acid

kitchen appliances sparkling water sodastream decalcify easily and quickly

What to avoid when cleaning your SodaStream bottle

  1. dishwasher – When it comes to cleaning the SodaStream bottles, you’d better not put them in the dishwasher. Dishwashers use high pressure and heat to clean dishes. This could destroy the shape and strength of your bottle. Therefore, it is better to wash your bottle by hand.
  2. chemicals – The use of bleach and other non-kitchen products is very dangerous. Bleach is corrosive and can irritate your skin. Therefore, you should not use chemicals when cleaning your SodaStream bottle as they can endanger your health.
  3. Delay in the cleaning process – Each of us is very busy every day, so cleaning the SodaStream bottle is not the highest priority. However, leaving a bottle dirty for a long period of time can make cleaning more difficult. Small particles, microbes and mold, for example, can accumulate and get stuck inside the bottle, putting your health at risk.

The bottles are not suitable for the dishwasher

Simple instructions for cleaning the soda stream with household remedies

You should also not use chemicals

home remedies cleaning drinking water bubbler step by step instructions

With this device you can prepare delicious sparkling water

easy to clean drinking water bubbler bottles home remedies instructions

Descale and clean the SodaStream

home remedies make drinking water bubblers clean quickly and easily

Your own garden is not really a private place without the right privacy screen. That is why it is usually very important when planning the garden. The garden hedge really enjoys great popularity among garden owners. That’s why today we’re going to talk about how to create a beautiful and reliable hedge that will make you feel good in your own outdoor space. The mixed hedge is the focus today!

Create a colorful mixed hedge

mixed hedge garden hedge ideas creative garden ideas

The garden hedge as a reliable privacy screen

The garden hedge is a great option for any garden for many reasons. It can be designed very differently. In most cases, a green garden hedge is used. As a rule, these are designed by the same hedge plants, because this way the garden looks neat and well-groomed.



Depending on the needs and preferences of the garden owners, the garden hedge is evergreen or deciduous. Sometimes, however, such a hedge is a bit monotonous and therefore makes the outdoor area look somehow boring. So you could easily combine different shrubs and trees with each other to create a very exciting garden hedge! Such a privacy screen is called a mixed hedge.

The right choice of plants makes the whole garden look interesting

Mixed hedge colored garden hedge ideas


What are the advantages of a mixed hedge?

In fact, the mixed hedge is a very advantageous solution for outdoor use. The mixed hedge is a beautiful colorful eye-catcher in the garden. It brings variety and dynamism to the overall picture of the garden. At the same time, it is also a retreat for many insects. Especially if you choose flowering garden shrubs, then you do bees good, for example, because they find a great source of food there. Mixed hedges are not only attractive to insects, but also to hedgehogs and voles, for example.

A big advantage of the mixed garden hedge is that you can be very creative in designing it. You don’t have to limit yourself to just making a hedge from only evergreen or only deciduous shrubs. On the other hand, you can pair evergreen and deciduous plants together to create a privacy screen that looks beautiful all year round. This in turn brings with it another plus: you have a privacy screen that combines both opaque and translucent areas. Some garden owners find it strange that some of the plants in such mixed hedges lose their leaves and others do not. It’s a matter of taste, isn’t it?

A variety of species can be seen in the mixed hedge

Mixed hedges create cool garden ideas

Creating a mixed hedge in the garden – what do you have to remember?

A mixed hedge fulfills the same functions as a uniform garden hedge, but looks much livelier. You have the opportunity to give your garden more individuality with such a privacy screen. But you should remember a few things so that a beautiful garden hedge is created.

Above all, the plant species should be used very thoughtfully so that the whole thing looks harmonious and therefore aesthetic. For this reason, the erection of a mixed hedge is considered to be laborious. Here one logically asks the question: Which plants are suitable for a mixed garden hedge?

  • First of all, it is important not to use more than 5 different types of plants. For example, if the hedge is 4 to 5 meters long, it is advisable not to use more than four species. Then you have to plant them in the same order so that you don’t create disturbances in the garden.
  • Also, choose plants that reach the same height.
  • Make sure that the plants you choose have the same needs in terms of location and soil.

Create a strange natural plant wall yourself

mixed hedge ideas colored garden ideas be creative



You can use plants of the same variety or completely different types of plants. The mixed hedge can be fragrant, with showy flowers or foliage. Gardeners really have no limits and the combinations are indeed endless.

For example, the following plants would go very well together:

  • Summer spar and cinquefoil
  • Cornelian cherry and black elderberry
  • Philadelphus, forsythia and weigela
  • Privet, barberry and viburnum

We hope that our tips and ideas will help you to create a beautiful concept for your garden hedge. Have fun and good luck!

A mixed hedge enriches the garden and the summer spar writes great in it

mixed hedge advantages ideas summer piers

Attract a variety of birds with a well-designed hedge

mixed hedge which combine plants

Choose plants that can serve as a food source for the insects

mixed hedge bee friendly plants garden ideas

Yellow flowering cinquefoil spices up the garden hedge wonderfully!

mixed hedge finger shrub garden design

The mixed garden hedge can be designed very elegantly

mixed hedge forsynthia other plants

You could also pair flowering and evergreen shrubs

mixed hedge cherry laurel garden design ideas