If we want to welcome autumn in a positive mood, we should always think of a nice autumnal decoration. No wonder that an elegant and creatively thought-out autumn decoration can completely transform our living area and give it a happy autumn mood. The pumpkins are among the latest and newest tendencies in autumn motifs and unusual furnishing ideas in the 2022 autumn. The gourds are characterized by a sense of well-being, inner balance and growth. Because of this, they are a symbol of harmony and balance at home. Let’s linger no more. In today’s article, we will be happy to teach you how to make white pumpkin decorations yourself.

Discover our craft ideas for your autumn mood

how to decorate the apartment with white pumpkins

Do you want a perfect decoration for your table? Today is the ideal time to make your own. Our pumpkin will serve as a vase. The only thing to keep in mind is to choose a squash that has long stems. The longer stem is a sign of younger and carefree life. This vase is really easy to design. For this goal you need a waterproof floral tape, a drinking glass, knives and flowers depending on your preference.

By following these tips, you will create the most beautiful pumpkin vase

beautiful vase made of pumpkin with autumn flowers

#Pumpkin decoration for the table: hints

First you should cut an opening in the top. The opening should be larger because the drinking glass will be placed in it. Loop out all of the pumpkin innards. Glue a grid along the edge of the glass. This will make them easier to place the flowers. The next step is to fill the glass with water. Only then can you insert the glass into the pumpkin. Start inserting the stems as you like. Don’t place these too perfectly to make them look casual. When you have placed all the flowers, you could put the branches in the gap between the jar and the gourd. Consider that the branches do not need water. Therefore, they should not be placed in the water. At this moment you could be looking forward to your elegant vase with the autumn flowers because you are completely done.

This vase will bring harmony and desired comfort to your apartment

white pumpkins decoration and autumn decoration 2022 for your apartment

White pumpkin decoration: discolor the pumpkin and decorate it with porcelain

What a great idea? For this goal you need your autumn positive mood and a few materials – white pumpkin, pencil, some colors of your choice, acrylic paint – blue in various tones is recommended and acrylic paint markers. You certainly have these materials at home.

The blue nuances have such a calming effect

decorate and color porcelain gourds with blue nuances

#Porcelain decoration for an autumn high: instructions

To make this creative idea come true, you need a white craft pumpkin. Before you start designing, you should imagine how your decoration will look. This means that you should have a main concept in mind for the appearance of the pumpkin. Start by spray-painting the squash with a white primer. Before continuing, the squash should be completely dry. After that, you could draw a pattern with the pencil by painting the pumpkin. If you like the painted idea, you can draw and emphasize it again with acrylic paint markers. You can fill the rest with acrylic paints, combining the different shades of blue paint.

Place your pumpkins in a place that can best express the beauty of the decoration

decorating and adorning porcelain gourds instructions

Make pumpkin decoration yourself: create the most impressive autumn decoration

If you don’t have time for more difficult decorating ideas, you could just take a white pumpkin and decorate them however you like. Just imagine that the white pumpkin is a blank wall. You have the opportunity to paint flowers and other autumnal motifs freehand. We recommend you take two or even three pumpkins. In this way you will paint them differently and bring variety to your home. All guests will be delighted with the result.

If you feel like it, you can freehand paint your white pumpkins

decorate white pumpkins and paint flowers and autumn motifs

#More craft ideas to beautify your home

A suitable alternative for the additional beauty of your home in autumn is a pretty flower stencil. We recommend picking out a few leaf and flower stencils. That way you won’t be freehand painting your pumpkin and wasting extra time, you’ll just be gluing the pumpkin. You should glue the flower stencils on the pumpkin and add bright craft colors to it. The orange color is particularly effective in October. On your white pumpkin, this color will look really stunning.

The list of our craft ideas is numerous and variedcraft ideas for decorating your white pumpkins deco for the fall

We will show you more and more ideas for the best autumn declarations in our next articles. Follow our creative choices for a home decorated for fall and amaze all your loved ones and loved ones. Good luck and see you soon!


Garden flowers please the eye not only in summer, but also in autumn. They are a whole series and you can choose from a rich color palette. Colored in bright yellow, elegant purple or delicate white, the beautiful autumn bloomers are sure to provide great splashes of color in the autumn garden. Many of the autumn flowers are also suitable as potted plants for balconies and terraces. But today we are all about pink autumn flowers. We introduce you to some autumn bloomers whose flowers appear in shades of pink. Maybe you will draw some inspiration for your own garden or balcony!

Pink autumn flowers – in autumn you can also enjoy a beautiful bloom

pink autumn flowers dahlia pink fresh splash of color

Fall flowers liven up the garden in September and October

Colorful blossoms create a friendly and inviting atmosphere. They are great eye-catchers in the house as well as in the garden and on the balcony. Especially in autumn, flowers banish the gloomy autumn mood.



A colorful autumn planting with the right flowers is like a freshness kick for the garden. You can also find what you are looking for in a wide variety of colors and design the autumn flower bed according to your own preferences. The autumn bloomers also offer a rich variety in terms of flower shape and you can thus provide great variety in the outdoor area.

It is therefore crucial how you combine the plants that bloom in autumn. The color combinations in particular must be carefully considered to keep the garden looking fresh and lively. Pink blooming autumn flowers are great for different color combinations. But even alone they are beautiful eye-catchers in autumn. Therefore, be sure to plant such flowers in your beautiful autumn garden bed!

Incidentally, it is advisable to place the autumn perennials in the foreground of a mixed perennial bed so that they do not hide the summer bloomers in summer and proudly display their own blooms in autumn.

Provide fresh color in the garden in autumn

pink fall flowers heather garden ideas fall


An overview of pink autumn flowers – These are our favorites!

Here is a small selection of magnificently blooming autumn flowers!


The “Autumn Blossom” is a plant suitable for the flower bed in autumn. The hybrid flowers not only between April and May, but also in autumn for the second time. The ornamental plant flowers in early autumn and presents itself in beautiful shades of pink. The autumn perennial is also pleasing to the eye in winter. Its individual flowers are bell-shaped and stand in cymes.

Bergenia also convince with a great leaf decoration

pink autumn flowers bergenia fresh garden ideas autumn

autumn anemone

The autumn anemone flowers mainly in shades of pink. The anemones are buttercup plants. It is best to plant these in spring so that they bloom in autumn. The different varieties show their flowers from August to November. It is important that you choose a wind-protected location for the flowers so that they can stay there for years. Autumn anemones do not like direct sun. The soil must have good moisture. As a rule, the plant can also overwinter in the garden.

Autumn anemones show their beautiful flowers from July to October

pink autumn flowers anemone autumn garden ideas



spider flower

This extraordinary autumn flower is only cultivated once a year in this country. The reason: it does not tolerate cold. The flowers of the plant have numerous, long stamens that protrude outwards. Thus, they are reminiscent of spider legs and have therefore given the interesting name of the flower. A spot in full sun with rich, well-drained soil is ideal for this fall bloom.

The spider flower blooms from June to October

pink autumn flowers pink spider flower


The dahlia is a typical autumn flower. It has a permanent flower that actually appears in the summer and is also very easy to care for. The dahlias can even survive the first frosty days. These bloom in a wide variety of colors and shapes, so you can’t just count on pink flowers. Choose a sunny and warm place for them with nutrient-rich and well-drained soil. Among all dahlia varieties there are also those that are wonderfully suitable as pot plants.

The dahlia – a classic among autumn flowers

pink autumn flowers pink dahlia garden ideas autumn

autumn asters

Among the autumn asters, the smooth-leaf aster is very well suited for autumn planting. The “Zirkon” variety fascinates with a great pink color. When the temperatures drop, these unusual beauties bloom. In addition, they have no special requirements for their care. They can spend the winter in a pot in a shady and dry place. However, it is advisable to place the pot in a wooden box with autumn leaves.

Enjoy the delicate blooms of the autumn asters in the cold season

pink autumn flowers autumn aster garden plants autumn


If you want to enjoy beautiful blooms in the autumn garden for months, then go for the heather. Depending on the variety, the herbaceous plants fascinate with their delicate flowers from September to December. The bell heather is very suitable for autumn. It needs a lot of sun and a moist and acidic soil. The plant can thrive both in beds and in pots.

The heather is also called heather for short

pink autumn flowers fresh garden ideas heather

High sedum

The robust plant has large umbel-shaped flowers. The perennial flower grows bushy and is a hardy fall flower. The “Herbstfreude” variety is particularly suitable for the autumn garden because it flowers late in the year. A sunny and warm place is best suited for the perennial. It also needs well-drained soil and little water. The high sedum plant is therefore perfect for the rock garden.

The tall sedum plant is one of the succulents

pink autumn flowers tall sedum garden ideas autumn

We hope that you liked some of the listed pink autumn flowers and that you plant them in the flower bed. Create a beautiful autumn garden!

Create a magnificently blooming garden just before winter thanks to the autumn asters!

pink autumn flowers autumn aster fresh garden flowers

A combination of delicate colors makes the garden look fresh in autumn!

pink autumn flowers different colors spider flower

For centuries, the kitchen has proven to be a particularly important room in every home. That’s where the family comes together, we cook, bake, chat and laugh together. Everyone should feel comfortable in their kitchen. That is why it is important to come up with a right design concept that meets the needs of everyone in the house. If you are currently faced with the challenge of redesigning your kitchen, then this article is just right for you. In the following, we will show you charming picture examples for modern kitchens in black and white. The classic color scheme is based on visual contrasts, on the effects between dark and light, and can be combined with any interior style. The color duo black and white looks timeless and very elegant and can completely change the look of your kitchen. Stay tuned to see for yourself!

Black and white kitchens are a successful color combination.

Kitchens in black and white, black kitchen cabinets, white kitchen island, hanging lights, stools



A play of light between dark and light

Kitchen in black and white Upper cabinets white Back wall made of gray marble Kitchen island white plate below black stool Hanging lamps made of glass


Black and white kitchens have a strong visual impact

One thing in advance: kitchens in black and white can be executed in literally any style, from country style to modern to minimalist and Scandinavian. Here, however, it is not the style that is decisive, but the enormous visual effect of the entire ambience in the two non-colours. This mainly depends on which color dominates. For example, white kitchens, in principle, look very elegant, even luxurious, visually expanding the space. There you can treat yourself to some accents in black that do not disturb the visual effect of white. Both colors always and everywhere form a successful color combination and even have an overwhelming effect.

In a white kitchen one likes to add a few black accents.

Kitchen in black and white, everything white, a few black accents such as black stools, hanging lamps, view of the courtyard

Both non-colors always and everywhere form a successful color combination.

Kitchen in black and white both non-colors form a striking color combination



However, it takes a lot of courage to design a black kitchen. A very dark kitchen design is not for everyone! To break up the black color scheme, one can introduce many white accents. For example, a white marble kitchen island looks attractive and draws everyone’s attention. Especially when placed against a black background. So opt for black kitchen cabinets and combine them with a white kitchen island. Or the other way around! A black kitchen island brings a lot of dynamism to the black and white kitchen interior and looks unique. As you can see from the pictures, black and white kitchens look dramatic, a bit mysterious and even eccentric! Before you decide on such a strictly two-tone kitchen design, you must be aware of the strong visual effect of your kitchen in black and white!

This kitchen in black and white exudes perfect harmony!

Kitchen in black and white perfect harmony in design geometric shapes

The white kitchen island looks great against the black kitchen cabinets in the background.

Kitchen in black and white white kitchen island black cupboards as a background hanging flower pots made of metal

Wood can be combined very well with the color duo black and white in the kitchen.

Kitchen in black and white wood worktops good combination visual variety

How to enhance the visual effect of the black and white color duo?

Small tricks allow us more freedom in interior design in black and white and make your kitchen even more eye-catching. We list some for you now:

– Tiles with mirror effect

Mirror effect tiles are a great way to introduce more light into a black and white kitchen. These reflect the light and create the illusion of more width in the room. Matte tiles are passe here, opt for those with a mirror effect and bring even more luxury into your kitchen space. In addition to tiles, you can also introduce other interesting surfaces with a mirror glass effect. For example, glossy kitchen worktops that also have a mirror effect. They make every kitchen even more attractive in black and white and bring elegance and liveliness to the kitchen design.

Metro tiles with a mirror effect are also making a comeback.

Kitchens in black and white white metro tiles with mirror effect refresh the design

Shiny surfaces are more than in demand in the modern black and white kitchen!

Kitchens in black and white glossy surfaces kitchen island worktop visually expand the space

Black adds a certain sophistication to an otherwise white kitchen.

Kitchens in black and white white dominate black base cabinets certain sophistication

– Introduce metal accents

Metal accents are a must in any modern kitchen, especially in this one designed in black and white. These can be introduced through the stainless steel handles of the kitchen cabinets or through elegant metal chair legs. Hanging lamps in silver or gold shine, which are also made of metal, are also eye-catchers. These small, almost discreet accents bring more glamor to the interior and make your kitchen look even more inviting. Whether black or white dominates in kitchen design, the metal accents will only bring out the interplay of dark and light better!

Have you already thought of small metal accents in your kitchen in black and white?

Kitchen in black and white, small metal accents, door handles, hanging lamps, interesting room design

That’s called an unusual kitchen design!

 Kitchen in black and white unusual interior design black metro tiles with mirror effect

Which textures also fit into a modern kitchen in black and white?

Interesting textures make the room look more interesting, making it more eye-catching and bold. These can be wood, stone, marble, different types of metal, glass, bamboo, terrazzo and many other materials that you like. For example, a solid wood table can introduce a warm touch to the black and white interior and make it look more natural. Stone also scores with very natural radiation and would look good on an accent wall in the kitchen. You can choose marble for the kitchen island or the kitchen worktops, the timeless natural material cuts a fine figure everywhere. Hanging lamps made of metal or glass can complete the look of your kitchen in black and white. In short, you have numerous design options at your disposal!

Black marble with an interesting grain inscribes itself perfectly in this white kitchen.

Kitchens in black and white black marble kitchen back wall worktop eye-catcher

Does your dream kitchen look like this in black and white?

Kitchen in black and white interesting interior design in both non-colors hanging lamp made of metal

Or maybe like this?

Kitchen in black and white first-class interior design unusual decoration eye-catcher optical refreshment

Let your creativity run free and you will actually create an absolutely timeless and effective kitchen design in black and white! The contrast between the two non-colors always looks attractive and modern!

Take some time and scroll through all the picture examples! These can be a good source of inspiration for you!

Kitchen in black and white white dominates a few black accents light brown floor tiles

Kitchen in black and white, floor tiles in the cooking area, wooden floor in the Hocher room made of light brown leather

Kitchens in black and white, black background, base cabinets, successful combination of wooden boards

Kitchen in black and white above white base cabinets black small window view of the yard hanging indoor plants

Kitchen in black and white next to a white kitchen island, dining table made of light wood, interesting interior design

Kitchen in black and white white dominates a few black accents light wood stool eye-catcher

Kitchen in black and white, large room, floor tiles in a checkmate pattern, many metal accents

The hydrangea as a houseplant is a beautiful accessory for your home. And especially now in autumn, this potted plant can noticeably liven up your living space and give it a touch of colour. If you would like to enjoy the beauty of the hydrangea in your home, then you will learn how to properly care for it. In today’s post you will find all the information you need to know about…

The right care for the hydrangea as a houseplant

Hydrangea in a pot care tips indoor plants

Proper hydrangea care includes cool air, bright light and moist soil. Give hydrangeas what they want and you’ll be rewarded with a long flowering season of spectacular beauty.

The hydrangea as a potted plant is perfect as a focal point on the dining table, in the conservatory or anywhere else where you want to immediately create a garden atmosphere.



Enjoy the blooming splendor of the hydrangea in your home

Hydrangea as a houseplant Care tips houseplants


Which hydrangea species are suitable as houseplants?

There are dozens of hydrangea species. One of them, which is excellent for indoor plants, is called Hydrangea macrophylla.

This houseplant really knows how to showcase itself. Large, rounded clusters of small flowers cover this hydrangea species all summer in blue, purplish-blue, white, pink or red.

Hydrangea ‘Endless Summer’ is another species of hydrangea that produces an abundance of pale blue flowers. It is one of the hardiest strains.

Other popular hydrangea species are the violet-blue ‘Nikko Blue’, the deep blue ‘All Summer Beauty’ and the snow-white ‘Dragonfly’.

There are numerous hydrangea species that bloom in different colors

Hydrangea in a pot Tips for caring for flowering indoor plants

Proper care for hydrangea as a houseplant

Keeping the soil moist is important to caring for hydrangea as a houseplant. Dry soil can mean death for this plant. Leaves that turn yellow and fall off are a sign of dry soil. Flowering plants are thirsty, so check the soil daily during flowering.

Pruning hydrangeas

Hydrangeas do not need to be pruned unless you want to control their size. In this case, cut off about 1/3 of the oldest shoots after the flowers have faded. Hydrangea bushes are perennial. The woody trunks are densely covered with large, oval, deep green leaves.

Care tip for the hydrangea pruning: When cutting the hydrangeas, be careful not to snap the stems as this can damage the plant. Using clean, sharp scissors, cut the stem at a 45° angle, 0.5 cm past a leaf axis.

A jewel for your home

Hydrangeas in the garden and as houseplants ideas


Overwintering your hydrangea as a houseplant

Hydrangea bushes are perennial. If you want to keep the plant, you should repot it after flowering and cut back the woody stems by half. In winter you should water your hydrangea sparingly in the pot. Keep the plant cool in winter and move to a warmer spot in late winter to flower.

If you follow the care instructions for hydrangeas, you can rest assured that they will bloom year after year.

Blue hydrangeas need acidic soil (pH 5.5 and lower) or their flowers will turn from blue to pink. Alkaline soils (with a pH above 7) are suitable for pink hydrangea species. To get the blue color, you should add sulfur during the flowering period. At neutral pH (between pH 5.5 and pH 7), the buds can turn purple or a mix of pink and blue.

It is important to know that not all hydrangea species can turn blue

Hydrangea as a houseplant blue flowers

How to dry your hydrangeas

How can you dry hydrangeas? Hydrangeas retain their color best if you let the flower stalks dry on the plant. Cut them off when the flowers are papery to the touch and the stem length is suitable for a vase, centerpiece, or any floral arrangement.

Remove any leaves, then locate a dark, dry room for the flowers to dry. While drying, hang the stems upside down to prevent them from bending. Keep the flower stems separate as they dry so none of the flowers get crushed.

Hydrangeas will thank you for the care

Potted hydrangeas care tips indoor plants ideas

Care tips for hydrangea as a houseplant


The hydrangea as a houseplant needs at least 4 hours of bright, indirect light every day.


Keep the soil evenly moist but not too wet while the plant is growing and flowering. The pots are usually densely filled with roots, so water frequently. Use lime-free water as lime makes the soil alkaline. Water sparingly in winter when the hydrangea is dormant.


Average room air (about 40-45% relative humidity) is recommended. If your indoor air is dry, you can increase the humidity for your houseplants.

A blue flowering hydrangea in a pot

Hydrangea as a houseplant care tips and photo examples


Keep your hydrangea plant as cool as possible to prolong flowering. Preferably below 16°C.


Acidic, non-calcareous, peat-based soil is suitable for hydrangea species that bloom in blue, and alkaline soil for species that bloom in pink.


During spring and summer, fertilize hydrangeas every 2 weeks with a balanced fertilizer diluted in half. Or use a slow-release fertilizer once in spring and again in summer. Use it sparingly, as too much fertilizer can burn the hydrangea’s leaves.

Let yourself be won over by the beauty of hydrangeas!

Hydrangea as a houseplant care important tips Hydrangea as a houseplant care tips Hydrangea as a houseplant care tips white flowers Hydrangea in the garden care tips Hydrangea in a pot dining table decoration care tips Potted hydrangea care tips all year round Different types of hydrangeas




Have you ever tried crafting with clothespins? It’s really fun and easy! Crafts with clothespins will surely please both children and adults a lot! Below you will find many cool DIY ideas and step-by-step instructions with pictures.

This DIY Clothespin Mirror is sure to be a hit among interior decorating craft ideas. It’s made from just a few materials and looks great in almost any room in the house! And the best part? There are many different ways to embellish this project with different elements!

What you need:

  • 35 cm wire wreath shape
  • 3 packs of clothespins
  • copper spray paint
  • adhesive
  • Round 30 cm mirror


Make your own clothespin mirror

diy clothespin mirror instructions wire frame

That’s how it works:

  1. Start by painting all the clothespins with spray paint. You only need about 2.5 packs of clothespins.
  2. Once they are completely dry you can turn them over and spray the back side as well if needed.
  3. Then open a clip and attach it to the wire wreath shape. Repeat the process until you have covered the entire wreath.
  4. Once all the clothespins are in place, turn the wreath over and apply glue to every other clothespin.
  5. Next, attach the mirror to the back of the wreath mold with hot glue and leave overnight.

This is what the end result looks like

make your own home decorations clothespin mirror diy

Crafts with clothespins. DIY clothespin magnets

Check out how easy it is to make clothespin magnets! This is a great craft idea for kids and adults that doesn’t require any crafting experience. What you need:

Materials for the next DIY project

make magnets from clothespins yourself materials hot glue glitter

  • clothespins
  • Mod Podge
  • glitter
  • Paint brush
  • Small magnets
  • hot glue gun

Coat the clothespins with Mod Podge

make magnets yourself instructions decorate clothespins with glitter

That’s how it works:

  1. Coat one side of each clothespin with a light coat of Mod Podge.
  2. Sprinkle the mod podge with glitter, then tap off excess glitter. Set aside to dry. Check if there are still any bald spots and repeat the process. Be careful not to apply too much Mod Podge and Glitter.
  3. Once dry, apply another coat of Mod Podge to seal in the glitter.
  4. Use a small amount of hot glue to attach a magnet to the center back of the clothespin and wipe away any remaining glue.

Now you can attach photos and notes

diy magnets for the fridge using clothespins to hang photos

DIY mini clothespin necklace

What you need:

  • Mini wooden clothespins
  • Liquid watercolor paints
  • water
  • Shallow containers/jars
  • paper towels
  • hemp cord or lanyard
  • scissors

Make a colorful necklace yourself step by step

tinkering with clothespins make colorful chain yourself with children

That’s how it works:

  1. Color the clothespins. Mix water and liquid watercolor in a roughly 1:1 ratio in separate containers for each color.
  2. Dip the clothespins in the watercolor paints. If you let the clothespins dye overnight, you will get the brighter colors.
  3. Take the clothespins out of the paint and let them dry on a paper towel. After drying, the colors become slightly softer.
  4. Cut a hemp cord or lanyard and tie a knot.
  5. Attach clothespins to the string one at a time. Stop when you are happy with the number of clothespins on the chain.

A great idea for creative kids

make your own necklace with children from colorful clothespins

DIY clothespin airplanes

What you need:

  • 1 clothespin
  • 2 standard sized, colorful popsicle sticks
  • 2 colored mini popsicle sticks
  • 1 Button Silver Color Pen (Optional)
  • colour
  • Glue

Materials for DIY airplanes

materials for diy airplanes hot glue ice sticks brushes paint clothespin buttons

Craft instructions for children and their parents

step by step make your own airplanes with clothespins

That’s how it works:

  1. Carefully remove the metal elements from the clothespins.
  2. Paint the clothespins and let them dry well. You can use a foil-lined baking sheet because it’s so easy to clean. Put the paint on a disposable plate and when you’re done, you can just throw away the plate and foil. Clean up is so easy!
  3. Once the paint has dried, try to attach the metal elements back onto the clothespins.
  4. Glue two regular popsicle sticks to the top and bottom of the clothespin to form the airplane’s wings. Then glue a mini popsicle stick to the top/back of the clothespin for the tail of the plane. Make sure that the glue does not get directly on the metal elements, otherwise the clothespin cannot be opened. You can use any glue for this. We recommend choosing a glue gun because it’s super quick, but other glues will work just as well.
  5. Then attach another mini-stick at a slight angle to form the propeller.
  6. Finally glue the button in the center of the propeller.
  7. This step is completely optional. If you find the plane looking a bit plain, you can use a silver touch-up pen to paint some simple patterns on the wings.

So great and colourful!

tinkering with clothespins making airplanes yourself with children

Make your own colorful airplanes with clothespins and ice-cream sticks

Make jewelry boxes from clothespins yourself

diy mini box sus clothespin instructions


Autumn has already arrived and we need a bit of sun to boost our good spirits. Have you ever wondered how you can relax by taking a nice trip? Today you are very lucky because we will be happy to show you where to go in autumn and which countries you should definitely visit. Do you wish to travel around the world without borders? Probably yes. That’s not so surprising because traveling is always a good idea. When we want to relieve stress, or when we just want to spend time with our relatives. Best October Travel Destinations that are Stunning in Fall 2022 is the topic of our article today.

Best travel destinations in October is the main topic of our article

best travel destinations in october 2022 europe and beautiful nature

In the next few lines we will introduce you to the most beautiful European places that you should definitely visit in October!

These 6 countries and their cities guarantee the best autumn mood

beautiful travel destinations europe 2022 in autumn

#Best travel destinations in October: France – short trip to the Vézère valley

A shining sun and calm atmosphere. What a paradise!

If you choose France, you will sit with a glass of rosé and enjoy the stunning country. Imagine our favorite summer returning. This place in southwest France is known for its warm and balmy climate. In this connection we should say something important. If you are suffering from the current cold weather of your home country, we recommend you to take a short trip in Vezere valley. Without a doubt, there are some really beautiful sights that should be visited.

Make fall your favorite season by visiting these 6 fall spots

france – and a short trip to the vézère valley for the 2022 autumn

#Austria and Vienna

Are you dreaming of a trip to Vienna? You will surely fall in love with the city. If you haven’t been to Vienna yet, then you should definitely visit this city. As a result, they will drive to one of the most beautiful local mountains and hike through the happy vineyards. Sounds just like a dream! Fall 2022 is the ideal time period to make this decision. Autumn mood and tasty food await you there. St. Stephen’s Cathedral and the Danube – get a great view of the city by visiting these places.

The right time to get to know Vienna would always be now

Austria and Vienna and the best travel destinations in Europe 2022

#Italy – a trip to Ponza

Who doesn’t like Italy? If you sailed north from Capri you will land on Ponza. The discolored cube houses on the Hafenrund will inspire you. The Italian nature and architecture look so impressive. Going to Ponza, you will look forward to warm autumnal weather. A boat trip will really surprise you. Small, pretty restaurants with Italian pasta will give you a feeling of summer. Autumn is the most appropriate time for a trip to Italy. Don’t wait any longer. Buy your plane tickets and grab this trip without thinking much.

You will be amazed by the beautiful colors of the island

a trip to ponza in italy and the best travel destinations in autumn

#Portugal – Algarve

Cormorants and flamingos will make you fall in love with the place as soon as you approach the airport. If you love nature, then Portugal is an excellent choice for a short break in autumn 2022. Plants, birds, shells and small animals will amaze you in Portugal. The fresh air coming from nature and the quiet space will help you release your stress and have a proper rest. Green forests and an infinitely blue sky set the greatest accent of the city.

A super beautiful destination, which is warm in autumn and should definitely be visited

portugal and a trip to algarve and october travel destinations

#Switzerland, Bernese Oberland

Beautiful high mountains, clear air, gleaming buildings and more views! This is what characterizes the individuality of Switzerland. The part of the Canton of Bern that lies in the Alps is the ideal standard for a good and relaxing rest. If you are looking for new young places in Europe, then you should choose Switzerland and Bernese Oberland. From personal experience we say that this place is the most beautiful place in the world. You should definitely try the homemade cheese on the snack platters. A blend of quality and infinite beauty – what else could you wish for?

Switzerland makes an excellent first impression, with its stunning ranges and mountains

switzerland and autumn vacation 2022 and travel destinations in europe

#Italy and a short trip to Grado

We will continue to discuss the Italian beauty in our articles. This city is an island that can only be reached via a causeway. You will be amazed by the magical location between the open sea and the lagoon. In autumn the temperatures are up to 24°. What nice news if you are looking for warm countries. All year round and especially in autumn you will find open restaurants and bars. No wonder more and more tourists are choosing this destination. A not so well-known place will evoke your memories forever!

No wonder Italy keeps surprising us

grado in italy and the best holiday spots in europe for the 2022 autumn
In short, we have discussed the 2022 trending European countries that are suitable for a nice holiday season. Give your body an autumnal high because autumn is the most relaxing season. See you soon!

Follow this list when deciding on your next trip to Europe

which places in europe should we visit in autumn 2022


Cabinets are the focal point of almost every kitchen, so when they get dirty, people will notice. Everyday fingerprints, food splatters and water stains are usually the main culprits, but more stubborn stains can develop over time. Luckily, our simple kitchen cabinet cleaning tips can help you solve all kinds of problems, including grease stains and sticky cabinets! Read on to learn how to clean your kitchen cabinets so they smell fresh and look fabulous!

Dark and high-gloss kitchens are particularly prone to highlighting dust and fingerprints

cleaning and caring for kitchen fronts important tips to follow

We recommend a two-part closet cleaning method that includes both weekly and seasonal cleaning to save time and energy.

  • Weekly: Instead of wiping down cabinets frequently, it’s best to clean kitchen fronts with a weekly stain treatment. Simply spray a multipurpose cleaner onto a microfiber cloth and wipe away fingerprints, spills and other stains. Make sure you disinfect everything well.
  • Seasonal: Thoroughly clean your kitchen fronts three to four times a year using a microfiber cloth and a mild detergent.

Kitchen cabinets also have high-frequency touch points that harbor many germs

modern kitchen kitchen fronts clean which means

How do you clean high gloss kitchens?

A good high gloss cleaner should be mild enough not to damage the surface or maintain the shine and strong enough to easily remove grease and streaks of dirt. A simple solution of a gallon of warm water and a tablespoon of mild dish soap should clean and shine a high-gloss kitchen cabinet. For baked-on grease or sauce stains, add a cup of vinegar to the water and soap solution.

Start cleaning high gloss kitchen doors from top to bottom. Work in small areas toward the bottom of the fronts to avoid streaking. With a clean, dry microfiber cloth, buff the cabinet door to a high shine. Excess moisture should be wiped off as soon as possible to avoid damaging the case.

High-gloss fronts are usually easy to clean

cleaning kitchen fronts white kitchen cleaning kitchen cabinets

#What do you have to consider?

A mistake many make is only wiping down the front of the cabinet, which gets the most wear from the high traffic in a busy kitchen. However, the interior should also be cleaned regularly so that odors and other problems do not form or remain uncontrolled.

*Do you know what the latest kitchen trends are?

Thoroughly clean all cabinets at least 2-3 times a year

What to use to clean high-gloss kitchens

#Tips for cleaning high gloss

There are a few cleaning supplies and tools to avoid and practices to avoid in order to keep kitchen cabinets looking shiny. Professionals suggest wiping the high-gloss cabinets regularly with a microfiber cloth or chamois leather.

  • Avoid using steel wool, abrasive cleaners, soap pads or solvent-based cleaners which can damage the finish.
  • When you contact a cleaner such as If you are unsure, such as liquid bleach, contact the cabinet manufacturer to ensure the active ingredients will not damage the exterior of the cabinet.
  • Paper towels, brushes, scrapers and scouring pads should not come into contact with the outside of the high gloss kitchen fronts.
  • Do not use damp or wet towels on the outside of the glossy front panel. Excessive moisture can cause discoloration or damage.

It is often sufficient to go over cupboards with a microfiber cloth and warm water

cleaning a heavily soiled kitchen which means are suitable for which material

Clean matt kitchen fronts without leaving streaks

If you find that your matt lacquered kitchen cabinets have become dull from constant and long-term use, you can get a spray polish. Preferably use a non-abrasive spray polish that will not leave any negative effects on the cabinet.

Don’t just spray the product like that. Find a soft weave and wrap it around the stainless steel handles. With the handles covered, you can now spray paint your cabinet. Let it dry for a few hours and then your closet will be usable again!

Removing greasy fingerprints or smudges is difficult on matte surfaces

what kitchen cupboards clean with modern kitchen in gray and white

#What do you have to consider?

Using abrasive materials such as a scrubbing brush or stiff brush to scrub the finish of your matte cabinet can damage your cabinet as it will cause permanent scratches on the cabinet’s surface. The brush is supposed to remove the dirt, but it doesn’t make sense if the same brush is also peeling the surface of the cabinet! Please avoid using a hard brush or any type of brush.

With our tips you can clean your heavily soiled kitchen

with which to clean and care for kitchen cupboards remove stains

#Tips for cleaning matt kitchen fronts

Rather use a soft cloth or soft foam to wash your closet. Also, avoid using chemicals and abrasives like detergents. Such cleaning agents tend to cause scratches and extensive damage to the surface of frosted cabinets.

Finally, be careful when cleaning your matte finish kitchen cabinets on a daily basis, as sometimes your specific kitchen cabinet may need a weekly clean.

Also, avoid using chemicals and abrasives like detergents

cleaning high gloss kitchens which are the best means and how to do it

#Remove grease stains on matt kitchen fronts

To clean your matt kitchen fronts, you only need a little warm water, soap and a soft, wrung out microfibre cloth. For stubborn stains, you can use dish soap, white vinegar for laminate furniture, and window cleaner for melamine furniture, but preferably alcohol-free.

The matte finishes seem to absorb the stains, so removing them completely can be difficult

matt kitchen fronts clean household remedies

Remove grease stains with vinegar and baking soda

Mix a small amount of vinegar and baking soda into a smooth paste. Saturate a clean cloth with the paste and blot the stained area. Leave the paste on for a moment or two, then rub gently over the surface. Finally, rinse the surface with clean water and a dry cloth.

Vinegar and Nstron can ensure more cleanliness and good hygiene in the kitchen

wooden kitchen fronts clean kitchen with kitchen island

Clean wooden kitchen fronts

It can be difficult to determine the best way to clean wooden kitchen cabinets as they come in many different finishes with different finishes. Some sealers can handle more mistakes than others, but it’s better to use gentle cleaners. Follow these tips to learn how to clean wooden kitchen cabinets:

  • Use oil soap to both clean and make your cabinets shiny. It keeps your cabinets looking new without causing any damage.
  • Always use damp, not soaked, cloths when cleaning wooden cabinets. Too much liquid saturation damages the wood.
  • To polish the wood, use a dry microfiber cloth. Always wipe in the direction of the grain of the wood.
  • Monitor the kitchen cabinets in high humidity areas, e.g. B. directly above the stove. These require the most maintenance as they are regularly exposed to steam and condensation. Consider adding an extra layer of sealant to these cabinets.

Use a mixture of vinegar, water, and a few drops of liquid dish soap to clean extremely dirty cabinets.

cleaning old kitchen fronts cleaning white cupboards


Dust and grease are a bad combination and can present a challenge when cleaning kitchen fronts. Pay attention to the material of the cabinets and follow our tips to always have beautiful and hygienically clean kitchen fronts!

To clean your kitchen towels, always consider the material from which they are made

cleaning and maintaining wooden kitchen fronts white kitchens

*Also read our helpful tips for an easy-care kitchen.

Cleanliness in the kitchen is a must!

tips for cleaning and caring for heavily soiled kitchens

loosening gummy fat in the kitchen tips

If you clean your kitchen fronts regularly, they will never be very dirty!

with what to clean kitchen cupboards tips and tricks for perfect hygiene

What to clean kitchen cabinets with?

clean high gloss kitchen high glass cabinets high glaz kitchen clean how


Hydrangeas enchant all summer long with their huge flower heads in white, green, pink, purple, violet or blue. Depending on the variety, the first buds open for the first time in June. The last ones don’t bloom until the end of September. Her flowering period can easily be extended by what is known as deadheading. All flower heads are simply cut off as soon as they reach their highest flowering stage and gradually begin to wither. After that, of course, they are not disposed of. You can use these cut flowers in all sorts of summery arrangements. You can also dry your hydrangeas and preserve their beauty for many years. Today we share with you the best methods that perfectly preserve both the shape and the colors.

Would you like to dry the hydrangeas that are blooming in your garden?

Drying hydrangeas - 3 simple methods for perfect dried flowers beautiful colors colorful blue red orange

Cut flowers at the right time

If you’ve ever seen a hydrangea left in the wild that isn’t trimmed regularly, you’ve probably noticed that the old flowers simply dry on the bush. However, since they are constantly exposed to external influences, the naturally dried flowers are not particularly aesthetic.



To properly dry hydrangeas, you need to both mimic and enhance this natural process. But first you have to wait for the perfect moment to cut the flowers.

Check the blossoms of your hydrangea bush daily from late summer. As they gradually lose internal moisture, their colors become more saturated and the petals feel like tissue paper between your fingertips. The entire flower head should feel stiff and taut. Now is the perfect time to cut it off. Do this at midday or in the afternoon, when the morning dew has completely evaporated.

Only pick flowers that are in bloom

Drying hydrangeas - 3 simple methods for perfect dried flowers purple flowers beautifully fresh


Hydrangeas dry in water

Soaking flowers in water to dry them may seem counterintuitive. However, this prevents the hydrangeas from drying out like on a bush. With this method, they keep their beautiful intense colors and don’t develop ugly brown spots.

First prepare the freshly cut flowers. Remove all leaves and cut the stem at a 45 degree angle. The stem should not be longer than 35-40 cm. Fill a vase about 5 cm with lukewarm water and place your cut flowers in it.

Now place the vase in a dry room with good air circulation and do not expose the flowers to direct sunlight. UV rays can fade their colors. White hydrangeas, on the other hand, take on a yellow tint.

If the water evaporates before the buds are completely dry, simply top up. Do this until your hydrangeas dry. This can take anywhere from two to four weeks, so arm yourself with patience.

This method, while slow, is effective and virtually free. You can place several vases in your home and admire the beauty of the flowers as they gradually dry.

If the hydrangeas are in water, they will dry gradually and beautifully

Drying Hydrangeas - 3 easy methods for perfect dried flowers blue hydrangea in water

Don’t forget to dust off your dried flowers from time to time

Drying Hydrangeas - 3 Easy Methods for Perfect Dry Flowers tutorials for dry hydrangea



Drying hydrangeas with glycerin

In many vintage decor styles, dried flowers with a beige or brown hue are preferred to perfectly preserved blooms that look almost freshly cut. They have a beautiful rustic aesthetic that is almost reminiscent of a patina or sepia print. This second method for drying hydrangeas achieves exactly that.

First, prepare your freshly picked buds in the same way as before – cut the stem at an angle and remove the leaves. Dip the stems in a solution of 1 part vegetable glycerin and 2 parts hot water.

Place the vase in a well-ventilated area out of direct sunlight. Leave the buds to dry like this for 2-3 weeks, refilling with the same solution as needed. In the end, the petals of your hydrangea will be dry to the touch, but still slightly pliable and less brittle.

Glycerin gradually replaces the water in the petals

Drying hydrangeas - 3 easy methods for perfect dried flowers dry flowers vintage

At the same time, it gives them a rusty brown patina

Drying hydrangeas - 3 easy methods for perfect dried flowers vintage flower arrangements

Hydrangeas dry with silica gel

One of the most popular, quickest, but also most expensive methods of drying hydrangeas is using silica gel, also known as silica gel. It is highly hygroscopic, meaning it attracts water, and is widely used in industry as an adsorption material and desiccant.

Silica gel is also a favorite of professional florists who often need to dry large quantities of flowers for their arrangements. It is mostly reactivatable several times and therefore reusable, so you can dry many hydrangeas with a single pack.

For this method, you will first need a storage box with a lid that is larger than your hydrangea flower. Now cover the floor evenly with an approx. 3 cm thick layer of silica gel. Place the flower inside and cover it completely with more silica gel. Close the box with the lid and leave in a dry and dark place for about a week.

After 7 days, take out the hydrangea flowers and brush off the remaining silica gel with a brush.

Silica gel is an extremely effective desiccant for all types of flowers

Drying hydrangeas - 3 easy methods for perfect dried flowers silica gel drying ideas diy

Drying hydrangeas - 3 easy methods for perfect dried flowers cut flower hydrangea vintage brown

Hydrangeas don’t dry very quickly due to their size, but they do dry nicely. Their rich colors will remain so you can enjoy them for years to come. We hope that our methods and tips will be helpful to you.

How do you arrange your dried hydrangeas in your home?

Drying hydrangeas - 3 easy methods for perfect dried flower vases with flowers beautiful

Drying hydrangeas - 3 easy methods for perfect dried flowers dry flowers instructions

Drying hydrangeas - 3 easy methods for perfect dried flowers flower wreath dry hydrangea

Drying hydrangeas - 3 easy methods for perfect dried flowers beautiful purple flower dry

Drying hydrangeas - 3 easy methods for perfect dried flowers cut flower blue fresh

Drying hydrangeas - 3 easy methods for perfect dried flowers blue purple flowers in vases

The smell of colored wooden pencils and brand new glossy textbooks fills your home. It will instantly take you back to childhood and remind you of the first day of school! What could be nicer than that your child can experience this wonderful time of his life in a beautified room? Make the children’s room more convenient and pleasant for the new student or students at home. It has been proven that order and comfort encourage children to learn. A messy room crammed with lots of furniture is not good for concentration. Now is the right time for the current topic – how to set up an inspiring children’s room for young school children?

Setting up an inspiring nursery for young school children

Setting up school children's rooms for small rooms to save space

When your child starts school for the first time next year, you should already be looking for ideas for renovation and furnishing. You can change some things in the room to offer maximum comfort and convenience to the little curiosity.

We suggest you create a base of soft neutrals like grays and taupes mixed with pastels. Try lavender and light green if you want to avoid the classic colors of pink and blue. Also, don’t settle for conflicting concepts: no flashy patterns on the walls, bedding, or rugs, or you risk making your child feel excited instead of relaxed. It is better to form beige, gray and taupe shades of different shades and combinations. Pastel colored wall murals are gorgeous too!

Discover the most appropriate color for the school child’s nursery

children's room color choose colored pencils

Colors that improve focus and productivity

  1. Blue promotes the flow of thought and performance.
  2. Green is one of the most restorative hues as it offers the happy qualities of yellow and the relaxing effect of blue.
  3. Lavender, purple or violet promotes calm and a sense of serenity.
  4. Brown reduces the feeling of tiredness, the child feels safe and close to nature.

What should the children’s room look like for first graders?

Set up children's room, schoolchild, a table with textbooks and an inscription

Children’s room for school beginners: A checklist

For parents, the beginning of the school year involves some organizational activities, e.g. B. with the design of the children’s room with the right furniture for the student at home. Therefore, today we would like to give you some recommendations on what to look out for when choosing furniture and accessories.

According to psychologists and teachers, it is advisable to involve the child in the process of preparing and arranging the room for the new school year! The communication between child and parent is strengthened, the child feels important and recognized. So he can relax and better prepare for the new year, which will be full of interesting challenges and new tasks.

Learn together and do it like a game!

What should I consider when setting up the children's room

Establishment of a school children’s room for small rooms

The key to children’s success and development from an early age is consistency. This is still important when they become students. A well-furnished schoolchild nursery needs the following furniture:

The nice and colorful furniture and interior create the necessary comfort for the child and motivate him to persevere in learning!

When designing and organizing the study and homework space, care must be taken to ensure that there are no nearby distractions such as televisions, toys or tablets. When children are studying, it is important to concentrate because they are easily distracted and quickly lose motivation. Create a comfortable and stylish workspace for her now!

The children’s room must also be designed to be age-appropriate

setting up a schoolchild children's room appropriate for their age grey

The desk

The desk is without a doubt at the top of the children’s room furniture checklist. It should be big enough and have at least a few drawers in which the student can put his learning tools and materials as he likes. A larger number of compartments makes it easier to arrange books and notebooks and allows you to place useful accessories for the child – pencils, scissors, glue, etc.

When these are within reach and convenient to pick up and put away, you save your students valuable time and reduce the risk of them becoming distracted and distracted from their studies. Here you will discover many ideas for desks to make yourself!

Where should the desk be in the children’s room?

Where is the right workplace in the children’s room? The best location for the important desk should be bright. For example, the ideal place is next to or under the window. So the child gets plenty of light taken care of. It’s also great when the child has an inspirational look outside.

Children’s room with sloping ceiling

Furnishing school children children's room wooden furniture for boys


Autumn is coming, the days are getting shorter and it gets dark earlier. This means that for at least a few months in the autumn-winter period, students have to study and do their homework in artificial light at dusk. The more light there is in the children’s room, the better it affects the child’s vision.

Note that the study material for the children becomes more varied and difficult with each school year. This requires the children to do extra work at home after school to prepare various projects, which sometimes takes up a lot of time in the evening.

For these frequent, almost daily meetings, it is advisable to ensure that there is sufficient light in the room and to use a desk lamp in addition to the main lamp. It directs the light in such a way that the child does not have to stare and the eyes are not additionally strained. The good desk lamp is not only practical, but can also be a special colorful accent in the room.

Children’s room for boys

schoolchild set up children's room school accessories

decor for a girl

Furnishing school child children's room girl

Reading and relaxation corner: Pouf

A student’s room isn’t just for studying, is it? There will also be a gaming and entertainment area, and why not a reading area too? One of the most practical and comfortable options that children love are stools and barbons. These soft chairs, which they love to sink into to read an exciting book or watch their favorite children’s film, are a must for every child’s room. You just need a little space for it. If you don’t have extra space, you can put a stool in the living room.

Furniture for children’s rooms and baby rooms – 2 in 1

Furnishing school child children's room and baby

Furnishings for school children – design children’s rooms for 2 children

Furnishing a school child children's room for 2 children

Furnish children’s room for young school children

children's room for two with bunk beds

Theme and decoration in the classroom

You don’t have to completely furnish your first grader’s room with themed furniture, but you can use accessories to design the little one’s “cave” exactly the way he or she wants it. It is enough to paint the walls in neutral colors or put an original wallpaper.

What is the child’s hobby? What sport does he like to do? Does he have a passion for a specific animal, subject at school, or a superhero? Let the children help you choose the decoration. Pictures, photos, toys and objects – build up the theme you want with themed bedding or maybe a rug with an unusual shape.

Cheerful and clever: yellow and brown have a creative and calming effect

where should the desk be in the children's room

The right chair for studying

We are now asking ourselves: What requirements does a high chair have to meet? The chair is the second most important thing in a classroom! And this is no coincidence – on this chair the child will spend at least two hours a day writing, reading and doing crafts throughout the school year.

If the chair is not designed to be comfortable enough and not easy on the back, there is a risk that your child will end up in a slouched or hunched posture. For a young person in development, any back and posture disorder can have serious and negative health consequences.

The best solution: Proceed with great care when choosing and buying a children’s chair. Consider the child’s height and weight. It is still advisable when purchasing the chair that you are together. Have him sit down, feel the chair, get comfortable, mimic writing and reading to assess his posture.

Set up children’s room for a schoolchild – Large desk under the window

setting up a schoolchild's room a girl is doing handicrafts with paper

Create a cool room for a freshman

school beginners rooms form a globe


cake without sugar stevia springform pan cream

Lilac cream cake without sugar

Snacking without a guilty conscience – low in calories and healthy? Yes, that is definitely possible, at least since the miracle herb stevia was approved on the market. Stevia rebaudiana, also known as honeyweed, is a green, edible plant native to South America. It has been used as a sweetener by the indigenous population for centuries.



The powder and liquid extracted from the plant are just perfect for sweetening food and drinks. Because stevia is heat-resistant, you can safely use it to prepare delicious cakes without sugar. Today we have specially selected for you a very simple but rather unusual cake recipe that is perfect for this time of year. Think – lilacs! Have you already felt the delicate, bewitching scent of lilacs in the air? The first lilac blossoms have already opened and not only enchant us with their wonderful colors, but also with their heavenly aroma. Combine the beauty of these flowers with the natural sweetness of stevia. We’ll show you the best way to do this.

The sweetener of the future

cake without sugar stevia plant sugar


Delicate purple flowers and dreamy aroma

cake without stevia edible flowers plants lilac

Light lilac and cream cake

cake without sugar light lilac flowers



Simple recipe for a healthy cake without sugar: Lilac Cream Cake

For the base:

  • 2 cups of almonds
  • 10 soft dates
  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil
  • 1 tablespoon cocoa powder

Using the food processor, grind the almonds until they turn into a flour. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix everything together well. Pour the mixture into a springform pan and press lightly. Set the shape to the side.

For the cake:

  • 2 cups cashew nuts, soaked
  • 2 cups coconut milk
  • 1 cup lilac blossoms (plus more for garnish)
  • 1/4 cup almond milk
  • 2 tablespoons coconut oil
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla
  • 8-10 drops of liquid stevia
  • Juice from 1/2 lemon

The preparation:

Place all the ingredients in a large bowl or in a food processor and mix well until the mixture is homogeneous. Then pour this over the base in the springform pan and put the cake in the fridge until it hardens. Garnish with cacao nibs and more lilac blossoms. Enjoy!

Low in calories and healthy

cake without stevia plant green fresh

The plant flowers in white

cake without stevia plant white flowers

Stevia in liquid form

cake without stevia sweetener natural

Lilac is one of the most beautiful edible flowers

cake without sugar summer spring lilac

Surprise your family or guests with it!

cake without sugar easy recipe lilac

Light and refined in taste

cake without sugar quick recipe stevia healthy

A perfect gastronomic beginning of summer

cake without sugar stevia healthy

Invite nature into your home!

cake without sugar made easy without baking