The death of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth has saddened Britain and the world. Following the news of her death, thousands flocked to Buckingham Palace and Windsor to lay flowers in memory of the heroine of the British Crown. Flowers and candles were also laid in front of the British Embassy in Berlin. But do you know what Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite flowers were? Here you can find out more about her favorite flowers that each of you can plant in her honor at home in your garden.

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Unfortunately, the queen is no longer among the living, but we can leave her a souvenir with her favorite flowers. We are sure that Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite flower was something very beautiful. This honor belongs to the beautiful lilies of the valley. These beautiful spring flowers are delicate flowers that are more resilient than you think. As well as being the late Queen’s favorite flowers, the flowers were an integral part of the flower display at Buckingham Palace.

Why were these flowers Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite flowers?

You may be wondering why these flowers were the Queen’s favorite flowers and what is so special about them? The Queen’s bouquet at her coronation in 1953 consisted of white flowers, including orchids and lilies of the valley from England, stephanotis from Scotland, orchids from Wales and carnations from Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man. The lilies of the valley were also part of the bouquet at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II and have had a special meaning ever since.

Queen Elizabeth: Lily of the Valley

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At the Chelsea Virtual Flower Show, Princess Elizabeth II and members of the Royal Family took part in the #MyChelseaGarden campaign, showcasing a selection of their favorite plants and flowers. The Queen revealed her favorite flower for this year’s Royal Horticultural Society flower show in Chelsea. The Queen shared that one of her favorite flowers is Lily of the Valley. This emerges from an Instagram post on the royal family’s account.

The Queen and other royals reveal their favorite flowers

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What is the hidden message of the lily of the valley flower?

The spring flower lily of the valley is the birth flower of May and is said to bring luck in love. The girl’s tear is a symbol of spring renewal, freshness of feelings, innocence, tenderness, fidelity, love, virginity, modesty and the most sublime feelings. White buds have also featured in the wedding bouquets of many royals including Queen Victoria, Princess Astrid of Sweden, Grace Kelly and Duchess Kate.

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Why should you plant lilies of the valley at home?

The lily of the valley is not only the favorite flower of Queen Elizabeth II, but also a beautiful poison and medicine at the same timeisn’t it a true wonder of nature? The lily of the valley is undoubtedly one of the most popular spring flowers and a symbol of tenderness, purity and love. Regardless of whether you want to try the healing properties of lily of the valley, you should decorate your terrace with it in the spring. All you need is a pot and equal parts of sand, sandy soil, and peat. Plant out the seeds about a month before flowering, 15cm apart, and you’ll have homegrown lilies of the valley in spring. To do this, at the end of March, the pot needs to be put in a dark, cool place, and when the leaves appear on the surface, it needs to be brought back to the light and heat – about 20 degrees.

Here’s how to plant the queen’s favorite flowers at home

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Queen Elizabeth II’s Favorite Flowers: These are the most beautiful flowers

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Indeed, Queen Elizabeth II will live on and thrive in history and in our memories. We all have great respect for their dedication and determination. Surely her beloved flower will be a reminder of her and her beauty.

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