Unfortunately, Queen Elizabeth II died last night at the age of 96. Both Britain and the world mourn the loss of one of the most beloved rulers in all of history. Only Louis XIV reigned longer than Elizabeth II – 72 years. Aside from her politics and demeanor, the Queen of the United Kingdom was also known for her iconic style and clothes. We will always associate the hats and costumes in strong colors with the Queen’s styling. In the following article you can find out why exactly Queen Elizabeth II wore clothes in such colors and what meaning did her bag actually have.

The Queen was known and loved for her brightly colored costumes

queen elizabeth ii clothes festive elizabeth ii smiling in sky blue coat and hat with pink flowers

Queen Elizabeth II Style: Outstanding and Unique

The Queen’s wardrobe is anything but monotonous or boring. Elizabeth II wore suits and coats in colors such as pink, lilac, violet, sky blue or lemon yellow to every occasion and meeting. And of course that is not without reason. According to royal expert Daisy McAndrew, the Queen once said “One has to be seen to believe”. That’s why she chose clothes and colors that make her stand out. Elizabeth II has never been very tall (around 160cm), so bright colors such as yellow, fuchsia, violet and periwinkle purple make her easier to spot in large crowds.

The brooch and pearl necklace were always there, too

queen elizabeth ii died why does the queen always wear a pearl necklace queen elizabeth wears yellow coat and hat holds umbrella with yellow border

There is a real art to dressing one of the most photographed women in history. During her 70-year reign, the Queen has garnered a legion of staff, but few have been given the task of royal tailor. Norman Hartnell was the fashion designer hired in 1947 to design the princess’s wedding dress. It is beaded with pearls and crystals and has a 4 meter long train. Five years later, in 1953, Hartnell also cut Elizabeth II’s coronation gown.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip at their wedding in 1947

how much is the queen's jewelry worth queen elizabeth ii dresses 1947 black and white photo of queen elizabeth ii and prince philip wedding

An interesting detail: the choice of model and color of the costumes was always adapted to the occasion. The weather forecast has always played an important role. To avoid the “Marilyn Monroe” effect, fine lead strips were sewn into the hems of the dress or skirt.

Elizabeth II at her coronation ceremony on June 2, 1953

what happens to the clothes of the queen queen elizabeth ii dresses the queen elizabeth ii in coronation dress and crown

All clothes, coats and costumes are organized and planned with special attention and care by the dressers. Designer and Queen Elizabeth’s fashion adviser Angela Kelly has also previously revealed that she’s always “taking the demeanor” of the lightweight, soft fabrics. Sometimes she also turned on a fan to see how they behave in a breeze. Each look is usually completed with a three strand pearl necklace and glamorous brooch.

The pearl necklace she often wears was a gift from her father, George VI.

queen elizabeth and prince philip why does the queen always have gloves on queen elizabeth talking to her husband

#The details of the Queen’s wardrobe: the gloves and the hats

When talking about Her Majesty’s fashion and attire, gloves must also be considered. They too were more than an accessory. In her lifetime, the queen has met thousands of people and shaken many slopes. She almost always wore gloves for safety reasons. She hasn’t experimented that much with the colors here. They were mostly black or white and made to order from cotton or nylon. In addition, they should not be shorter than 15 cm long.

She wore the gloves – white or black – more for safety reasons

queen elizabeth ii dresses currently which shoes does queen elizabeth wear light blue costumes with yellow elements

As for the hats, it’s quite a large collection. The Queen has reportedly worn more than 5,000 hats in her lifetime! On unofficial occasions such as horseback riding or in her free time, she preferred a knotted silk headscarf.

Clothing in black is only worn in the castle for mourning

what shoes does the queen wear queen elizabeth ii clothes in black costume with black gloves and hat sad

#Without blisters and foot pain: what little trick did Queen Elizabeth have to deal with it?

Everyone knows the agony of blisters when you put on new shoes for the first time. To avoid the uncomfortable feeling, the new shoe models were first broken in by a “dresser” with the same shoe size. As for the model itself, Her Majesty most often preferred comfortable black pumps with a heel no higher than 5 cm and small silver or gold details. Of course, each pair was also made to order, mostly in the London shoe workshop “Anello & Davide”. This guaranteed shoe comfort throughout the long day.

Queen Elizabeth II preferred simple models with rather low heels

king elizabeth ii dresses women queen elizabeth in fuchsia coat and matching hat bag and shoes in grey

#The handbag: An accessory with an unexpected purpose

As for her handbags, the Queen has not liked to experiment with the model, color or size. She had never worn hobo bags or clutches. Instead, she preferred a small, very simple model with handles that are relatively long but have no special details or design elements. A brand trusted you for this too: Launer London.

Even their umbrellas were matched with the colors of the costumes

queen elizabeth ii dresses what happens to the queen dresses queen elizabeth ii at event in neon green costume with umbrella in the same color

But what is more interesting and exciting here is that the Queen used your bag to “communicate” with her staff. As the Queen casually drapes the bag over her left arm, she declares “Everything is fine”. However, if Elizabeth II dangles her handbag over her right arm or places it on the floor or table, it may be a sign that she is in an awkward situation or conversation from which she needs to be extricated.

Exactly what she was carrying in her purse no one knows for sure

what happens to the clothes of the queen queen elizabeth ii festive in grass green coat white hat and white gloves

What did the queen carry in her bag? To this day, no one knows for sure. Years ago, however, her chef revealed that the Queen liked to carry small biscuits in her pocket as emergency supplies.



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The Queen Elizabeth II and Kate Middleton at an event

queen elizabeth ii clothes colorful queen elizabeth ii and kate middleton sit smiling

queen elizabeth event windsor in gray blue costume with matching hat wears white gloves

which shoes does the queen queen elizabeth ii wear in a red costume carries a bouquet of flowers