Pumpkin brownies, just like brownies in general, can currently be baked in a wide variety of ways. Even if they are traditionally considered a hearty unhealthy dessert, you could now bake them very healthy. But do you really want that? Because there are people who like to enjoy the pastry in its traditional form. There is everything! Gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, but also really traditional and hearty, you can also enjoy the delicious brownies. Inspired by the autumn transitional season, we will now focus specifically on the pumpkin brownies. Our article will mainly be about how to prepare brownies in the most healthy way possible. Even if you’re into very traditional recipes, you could still take the time to look at different alternatives. You might get useful inspiration for your very own pumpkin brownies. At the end of the article we have included videos with different pumpkin brownie recipes. Hearty traditional variants are also included.

Welcome to the diverse world of pumpkin brownies!

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What is it about pumpkin brownies?

The main ingredients are, of course, pumpkin and cocoa. Of course, it is best for the taste of these two ingredients to dominate as much as possible. This works particularly well with recipes for pumpkin brownies without flour. We have attached such a video below. But the accompanying ingredients are also selected in the same way for the other recipes, so that the authentic taste of pumpkin and cocoa unfolds as much as possible.

No matter which recipe you choose, the taste of cocoa and pumpkin should dominate

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Pumpkin brownies can be flour-free as well as gluten-free and are then also very healthy

Sweets are generally considered a not-so-healthy temptation. Thanks to modern health trends, however, this has completely changed in recent years. Modern gluten-free and flour-free variants are not only harmless to health, but quite the opposite – they provide us with valuable ingredients. The usual white sugar is very often replaced by alternatives of brown sugar, agave syrup or honey. Coconut flour is an insider tip. This is a healthy alternative not only for the flour itself, but it also makes your pumpkin brownies healthier.

Brownies in autumn colors work particularly well with pumpkin

Make vegan pumpkin brawnies yourself

Vegan and healthier options

For vegan or healthy variants, you can select recipes in which you do without certain ingredients or replace them with others.

The different variants of pumpkin brownies could be baked quite delicious without the following ingredients:

  • eggs,
  • Flour,
  • Sugar,
  • chocolate chips.

One or more of these ingredients can be omitted, depending on taste and current health condition. Especially with eggs and flour, however, it does not work at the same time. You have to decide between them. If you do not tolerate gluten well or at all, you can choose an appropriate alternative. We have already explained how sugar can be replaced. As for the chocolate chips, the pumpkin brownies work well without them, too. However, there are also bittersweet variants that can actually be considered healthy.

Special tip: You can vary the spices, but we strongly recommend that you use cinnamon. It refines the taste and makes the brownies healthier for the stomach.

Thanks to new health trends, brownies could become a healthy meal

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Special tip: try the Cheesecake Pumpkin Brownies variant!

One of the most popular pumpkin brownie recipes online right now is the cheesecake variety. We strongly recommend you try this one out. To do this, you should mix the boiled, chopped and pureed pumpkin with the suitable dairy product you have selected. By the way, there are now special alternatives for this.

One of the tastiest pumpkin brownie ideas comes in the form of cheesecake

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The type of pumpkin definitely matters!

There are now special pumpkin varieties that are easier to process and are also very healthy. One of them is very popular for pumpkin brownies. This means the Hokkaido pumpkin, which has meanwhile become very popular. Among other things, it is also considered to be healthier because it contains many more vitamins and minerals than normal pumpkins.

The main ingredients, namely pumpkin and cocoa, should be of the best quality

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Consider ready-made mixes and look for the healthy options

Some of the trusted health food retail brands offer ready mix gluten free and sugar free brownies. They are sometimes a very good variant. They could be additionally mixed with pumpkin and other ingredients. What you can definitely conclude is that the pumpkin brownies are a good option for healthy and very tasty nutrition. Please pay attention to the selected ingredients so that you make the most of them from a health point of view!

Check out the videos!

There are now so many healthy recipes for pumpkin and other types of brownies!

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The cheesecake brownies are available vegan and with quark, with yoghurt cream or skyr. In any case, they taste delicious.

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The dark chocolate and the pumpkin seeds are a great decoration for the brownies

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Try different variants and maybe you will develop your own wonderful recipe!

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