Garden flowers please the eye not only in summer, but also in autumn. They are a whole series and you can choose from a rich color palette. Colored in bright yellow, elegant purple or delicate white, the beautiful autumn bloomers are sure to provide great splashes of color in the autumn garden. Many of the autumn flowers are also suitable as potted plants for balconies and terraces. But today we are all about pink autumn flowers. We introduce you to some autumn bloomers whose flowers appear in shades of pink. Maybe you will draw some inspiration for your own garden or balcony!

Pink autumn flowers – in autumn you can also enjoy a beautiful bloom

pink autumn flowers dahlia pink fresh splash of color

Fall flowers liven up the garden in September and October

Colorful blossoms create a friendly and inviting atmosphere. They are great eye-catchers in the house as well as in the garden and on the balcony. Especially in autumn, flowers banish the gloomy autumn mood.



A colorful autumn planting with the right flowers is like a freshness kick for the garden. You can also find what you are looking for in a wide variety of colors and design the autumn flower bed according to your own preferences. The autumn bloomers also offer a rich variety in terms of flower shape and you can thus provide great variety in the outdoor area.

It is therefore crucial how you combine the plants that bloom in autumn. The color combinations in particular must be carefully considered to keep the garden looking fresh and lively. Pink blooming autumn flowers are great for different color combinations. But even alone they are beautiful eye-catchers in autumn. Therefore, be sure to plant such flowers in your beautiful autumn garden bed!

Incidentally, it is advisable to place the autumn perennials in the foreground of a mixed perennial bed so that they do not hide the summer bloomers in summer and proudly display their own blooms in autumn.

Provide fresh color in the garden in autumn

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An overview of pink autumn flowers – These are our favorites!

Here is a small selection of magnificently blooming autumn flowers!


The “Autumn Blossom” is a plant suitable for the flower bed in autumn. The hybrid flowers not only between April and May, but also in autumn for the second time. The ornamental plant flowers in early autumn and presents itself in beautiful shades of pink. The autumn perennial is also pleasing to the eye in winter. Its individual flowers are bell-shaped and stand in cymes.

Bergenia also convince with a great leaf decoration

pink autumn flowers bergenia fresh garden ideas autumn

autumn anemone

The autumn anemone flowers mainly in shades of pink. The anemones are buttercup plants. It is best to plant these in spring so that they bloom in autumn. The different varieties show their flowers from August to November. It is important that you choose a wind-protected location for the flowers so that they can stay there for years. Autumn anemones do not like direct sun. The soil must have good moisture. As a rule, the plant can also overwinter in the garden.

Autumn anemones show their beautiful flowers from July to October

pink autumn flowers anemone autumn garden ideas



spider flower

This extraordinary autumn flower is only cultivated once a year in this country. The reason: it does not tolerate cold. The flowers of the plant have numerous, long stamens that protrude outwards. Thus, they are reminiscent of spider legs and have therefore given the interesting name of the flower. A spot in full sun with rich, well-drained soil is ideal for this fall bloom.

The spider flower blooms from June to October

pink autumn flowers pink spider flower


The dahlia is a typical autumn flower. It has a permanent flower that actually appears in the summer and is also very easy to care for. The dahlias can even survive the first frosty days. These bloom in a wide variety of colors and shapes, so you can’t just count on pink flowers. Choose a sunny and warm place for them with nutrient-rich and well-drained soil. Among all dahlia varieties there are also those that are wonderfully suitable as pot plants.

The dahlia – a classic among autumn flowers

pink autumn flowers pink dahlia garden ideas autumn

autumn asters

Among the autumn asters, the smooth-leaf aster is very well suited for autumn planting. The “Zirkon” variety fascinates with a great pink color. When the temperatures drop, these unusual beauties bloom. In addition, they have no special requirements for their care. They can spend the winter in a pot in a shady and dry place. However, it is advisable to place the pot in a wooden box with autumn leaves.

Enjoy the delicate blooms of the autumn asters in the cold season

pink autumn flowers autumn aster garden plants autumn


If you want to enjoy beautiful blooms in the autumn garden for months, then go for the heather. Depending on the variety, the herbaceous plants fascinate with their delicate flowers from September to December. The bell heather is very suitable for autumn. It needs a lot of sun and a moist and acidic soil. The plant can thrive both in beds and in pots.

The heather is also called heather for short

pink autumn flowers fresh garden ideas heather

High sedum

The robust plant has large umbel-shaped flowers. The perennial flower grows bushy and is a hardy fall flower. The “Herbstfreude” variety is particularly suitable for the autumn garden because it flowers late in the year. A sunny and warm place is best suited for the perennial. It also needs well-drained soil and little water. The high sedum plant is therefore perfect for the rock garden.

The tall sedum plant is one of the succulents

pink autumn flowers tall sedum garden ideas autumn

We hope that you liked some of the listed pink autumn flowers and that you plant them in the flower bed. Create a beautiful autumn garden!

Create a magnificently blooming garden just before winter thanks to the autumn asters!

pink autumn flowers autumn aster fresh garden flowers

A combination of delicate colors makes the garden look fresh in autumn!

pink autumn flowers different colors spider flower