Finally any restrictions are over and you can party freely and wildly. Now the long-forgotten question comes up: “What are you doing on New Year’s Eve?” And we feel the excitement and look up the latest party hairstyles. Hopefully there is something for everyone again. With the help of 16 picture examples, you can get in the mood for the colorful festival and maybe think of a silhouette or two for New Year’s Eve.

Whether you’re going away or staying in the country, it doesn’t matter that much about the hairstyle, as most can even be done yourself. With the festive spirit already in place and the restrictions gone, all we can do is dress up and dress up and have a Happy New Year.

Party hairstyles 2022- finally go partying again without restrictions and let beauty and creativity run free

party hairstyles sylvester 2022 put together

What are the trending party hairstyles in winter 2022?

When collecting ideas for party hairstyles 2022, one intuitively speaks of styling that is both festive and comfortable and practical. That said, you could effortlessly create many of the hairstyles on your own.



The trendy hairstyles for parties are derived from the current 2022 looks. We’ll tell you more about the tricks you can use to turn everyday hairstyles into festive events. Get ready for a fantastic New Year’s Eve and enjoy the whole Advent season to the full!

Sparkling jewellery, shine and healthy-looking hair – the New Year’s rush will be simply fantastic

party hairstyles new year's eve 2022 colorful


Party hairstyles and hair accessories – beautiful views for New Year’s Eve 2022

This year, after having to wait so long for the right free passage, you can choose your hairstyle relatively freely. Nevertheless, some trends among party hairstyles can be seen: medium-length and layered bob hairstyles with side and long bangs. Although undercuts and braided hairstyles are preferred in summer, both can be defined as a visible party hairstyle trend in winter 2022. The difference to summer are glittering particles, with which you can make every hairstyle appear wintry and quite festive.

A long mane can be pinned up and braided together

party hairstyles new year's eve 2022 braided bun

As always, there is a tendency towards the fashionable on New Year’s Eve. Extravagant headbands, clips, tiaras and all kinds of elegant accessories are capable of making every woman the queen of the night. Understandably, the rest of the festive outfit should be refined and in harmony with the jewelry.

In general, one could say about the party hairstyles this winter that they are simple and elegant, but by no means casual. It’s the first New Year’s Eve after such a long time that you can have fun without restrictions. And how else, if not through the outside, can you express your joy and excitement about it?

The water wave is the hit in winter 2022 and corresponds to the sophisticated mood on New Year’s Eve

party hairstyles sylvester 2022 gelled wavy



Short, long or medium – what’s up with the party hairstyles 2022?

The eternal question is asked again and again: how long should I wear my hair? Many women just don’t want to change anything about their hair and let it grow naturally and wildly. This decision could be perceived as unkempt. That’s why we advise women with long manes to organize an updo. Braiding your hair together first would be even better.

The ladies whose hair is shoulder length can either straighten their hair properly and make it shine. Center or side parting can be combed into place and accessories can be chosen to be a bit simpler.

A middle or side parting with neatly combed hair replaces the hair accessory and is a guaranteed eye-catcher on every festive evening

party hairstyles sylvester 2022 middle parting

Practical and comfortable, but by no means casual – the party hairstyles 2022 are steeped in sophistication and elegance

party hairstyles sylvester 2022 hair accessories

Any shade can be chosen for the holidays as long as it looks fresh, rich and well-groomed

party hairstyles new year's eve 2022 braided glitter

If you choose a royal tiara for your party hairstyle, rather put your hair together.

An absolute highlight among the party hairstyles this winter is undoubtedly the water wave. This hairstyle perfectly complements the look of the 20s, which we have just described as sophisticated.

Set accents with hair clips and make the everyday hairstyle appear festive

party hairstyles sylvester 2022 hair clips

Every outfit and appearance can be meant to be simple, but still make a lasting and remarkable impression

party hairstyles new year's eve 2022 braided

Rather let hair act as jewelry instead of being perceived as unkempt

party hairstyles new year's eve 2022 classic

On New Year’s Eve every woman becomes a diva and a real diva is simply and only very exquisite accessories and hairstyles

party hairstyles new years eve 2022

What hair colors are trending in winter 2022?

There are indeed hair color trends to follow, but the key word in all of them is fed up. You can choose any color nuance from white blonde to copper red to deep brown. However, the hair should look healthy, fresh and well cared for, just like the hair color!

If you need orientation, you should aim for the 20s and let the medium-length bob appear as the jewel of the outfit

party hairstyles new year's eve 2022 gelled

One is used to seeing pigtails and braided strands in summer – this winter everything is different: there is even a World Cup

party hairstyles new year's eve 2022 casual

party hairstyles new year's eve 2022 bangs on the side

party hairstyles sylvester 2022 put together bun

party hairstyles new year's eve 2022 medium length