Summer may be coming to an end, but there are still warm days to celebrate with a colorful nail polish. And why not dare to have a colored manicure in the fall? Moneypiece nails are a beauty trend that really comes into its own in summer. But it also seems to remain a big trend in autumn. That’s why we want to give you a great idea today on how to paint your nails – just rely on Moneypiece Nails! We’ll explain in a moment what this trend is all about.

Painting nails – enjoy the summer with colorful nails

painting nails Moneypiece Nails colorful nails ideas

Nageldesign Moneypiece Nails – What distinguishes the trend?

The beautiful nail design proves that details have a huge effect on the look. People like to paint their nails in accordance with the season. In spring and summer one usually chooses fresh color combinations, while in autumn and winter the nails are a bit more subtle.



Nails also reveal a lot about our mood.

Maybe you’re tired of the usual nail designs and want something eye-catching? A colorful nail polish always catches the eye and could be a good solution in this case! Colorful nails are very trendy in summer 2022. If you use different nail polish colors at the same time, you can achieve a fascinating nail look. This will certainly create a good atmosphere. Of course you can not only play with the colors in summer, but also in autumn. But then you should rather do without bright colors and rely on those that are typical for autumn.

Moneypiece nails are a hot beauty trend for 2022. They are colorful and modern and have a special charisma. The trend actually has a strange name, but it has nothing to do with “saving money”. To some extent, the nail look is reminiscent of various coins. With Moneypiece nails, you only paint the tips. So by painting a third of the nail, the rest is left free. You don’t have to constantly worry about repainting the outgrown nails. A “grown-out look” is desired! So it’s about a very casual nail design that saves a lot of time and effort.

Keep up with the trends because a colorful nail design is all the rage

painting nails Moneypiece Nails colorful nail design


Painting Nails – How to create Moneypiece Nails yourself?

The trend is thoroughly different from the other nail design ideas. The nail trend 2022 looks wonderful with very colorful nail polishes as well as with subtle colors like pink and nude. If you want to treat yourself to a flawless nail design, then of course you rely on professionals. But you could also make Moneypiece Nails yourself at home. It might be a little tedious for some to copy these themselves. You have to be patient and try painting your nails in this way a few times until it finally works perfectly.

  • In the first place, you need to prepare the nails so that the nail polish lasts longer. That means you have to polish them.
  • After that, you need to choose the colors in which your manicure will be. You could choose colors that make up a rich color palette or those that belong to a color family.
  • Next, think about what design you want. Here you have all the freedom to be creative! Each nail can have a different design, making the manicure appear more playful. Actually, you usually draw a semicircle on the tip of the nail. A second semicircle is worn over it, but it is smaller. It looks really cool when you combine several bright colors on one nail.
  • After applying the nail polish, you could apply a layer of top coat. This way the color lasts much longer.

Maybe you want to try this nail trend too? Then get creative and create nail polish designs to admire!

Moneypiece Nails – a popular nail trend 2022 that combines many colors

paint nails different colors summer

Painting nails – only color the nail tips

painting nails moneyoiece nails trend colored nail polishes



You might want to try colors you don’t usually wear

painting nails Moneypiece Nails advantages