Women over 60 love the classic bob cut: it is elegant, versatile and can be worn in any color nuance. You have countless excellent and very different styling options available that completely redefine your haircut. As hair thins with age, the layered bob remains the preferred elegance in the mane and simply never goes out of style. If you’re looking for hair inspiration, read on. In this article, we show wonderful examples of sassy bob hairstyles that go well with both shoulder-length and short hair!

Short hairstyles from the age of 60 that make you younger: the layered bob for older women

short hairstyles from 60 make the younger

The layered cut is a wonderful option when you want to add volume and movement to your hair. The great thing about layers is that they can be cut and styled differently depending on the effect you want. There are beautiful, backwards styled feathers as well as more subtle layers that are only subconsciously noticed at first glance. There are also visually defined layers that can decorate a bob hairstyle perfectly.

Bob hairstyle with defined layers

bob hairstyles for older ladies

Each and every type of layers and layering will give the bob a very distinct look and feel.

Bob for fine hair over 60: Layered bob hairstyles for women over 60

side swept bob hairstyles for older ladies

Another advantage is that you can opt for bangs and you can style these bangs in many different ways. The fringe is not only practical: fringes have a strong anti-aging effect and are able to completely redefine your face and your bob hairstyle. However, you need to know the latest trends in bangs fashion and know exactly which bangs make you look older.

Elegantly layered bob hairstyles from 60 for shoulder-length hair

Let’s focus on the ladies over 60 who like to sport a shoulder-length bob cut. Without being over the top, the following hairstyles are modern, elegant and frivolous. Let’s see what will be the hottest trends for the layered bob hairstyles over 60. These are the best short hairstyles over 60 that make you younger.

Sassy hairstyles for women over 60

soft wave bob at shoulder length easy-care hairstyles from 60

Bob hairstyles from 60: soft wave bob with side parting

The soft wave bob is incredibly stylish and minimalist, which is why it is favored by many prominent ladies over 60. It can be tailored to any length, be it in the form of a long bob, clavi cut or chin-length bob. The subtle waves are feminine and delicate and have a powerful anti-aging effect.

Graduated bob hairstyles from 60: waves, highlights and color accents

softwave bob with side parting bob hairstyle for older women

Lowlights and gray blending are still among the trendiest coloring techniques for 2023 and their play of colors goes perfectly with the hairstyle.

Layered bob for older ladies in apricot blonde with face-framing sections

Adding some face-framing layers to a mid-length bob, especially if you’re a proud bangs wearer, is the short cut to the glam look. The soft effects are not visually intrusive and complement the mane perfectly. Throw in the ultra-modern apricot-blonde hybrid color and you have an impressive anti-aging hairstyle for women over 60.

Layered bob for fine hair over 60

aprkiose blonde bob with face-framing areas easy-care hairstyles from the age of 60

Cheeky bob hairstyles graded from 60 for short hair

There are also some special options for women over 60 with short hair next year. These are the most flattering bob hairstyles, layered and 60+ for 2023:

Frayed bob from 60: Gray feathered bob with micro fringe

The feathered bob is a hairstyle that captured the hearts of women around the world in the 70s. But it has caught on to this day and remains one of the most popular hairstyles for older women.

Bob Hairstyles with Bangs for Older Women: The Feathered Bob

feathered bob short hairstyles for older ladies with glasses

The feathers are complex and elegant, completely redefining thinning hair. It is important that you style the hairstyle with rounded fringes.

Short bob with soft layers and gray blending

Layers can be either defined or subtle. This bob with bangs is very minimal and the subtle layers add dynamic contour and added texture to the thin hair. Ideal if you wear highlights that make them even more interesting.

Gray blending for the hair

gently toiled bob from 60 with bangs

Sharp-cut A-line bob with bangs

A very nuanced and classic bob for women who appreciate the understated elegance of the blunt bob. The A-line cut is a layered cut that exploits the contour in a very fashionable, flattering way.

A-line bob with bangs

a line cut layered bob hairstyles from 60 for shoulder length hair

Modern bob hairstyles graded from 60 for women with glasses

Easy-care hairstyles over 60: shaggy bob with glasses

And because we can’t leave glasses wearers unattended, here’s one of the prettiest anti-aging hairstyles out there! The shaggy bob. The shaggy bob is perfect for wavy hair structures and is a particularly complex layered cut.

Shaggy bob for older ladies with glasses

shaggy bob with glasses short hairstyles that make younger people

Many layers are worked into the mane of the shaggy bob and since the haircut is traditionally associated with rock music, it will quickly help you to magic a few years off your face! The layers of the shag hairstyle make a little impact messy and incoherent!

So rejuvenating!

shaggy bob hairstyle for older women

Have you found the right option in our list of modern bob hairstyles, layered and over 60? Read about the trendiest styles for women over 60 based on face shape.