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Many women struggle with their self-confidence. It’s not always easy for me to love myself the way I am. With clothing size 42+ and upwards, the whole thing doesn’t get particularly easy either. In the media, we keep seeing perfect women’s bodies that look so different from our own bodies. Of course, Photoshop does the rest. And that’s why it’s not surprising why we often find nothing to wear in the closet. Because the problem at the moment is not the clothes, but our self-perception.

Nothing to wear in the closet

When we look in the mirror, we suddenly see many things that we don’t like at all. It doesn’t really matter whether it’s hip gold or the flab on the back. Because, as already mentioned, it is usually not our reflection in the mirror that bothers us so much, but our own perception. And that’s normal and that’s okay too. On days like this I try to be kind to myself, rub my stomach and remind myself that there really are worse things than having a bad body day. After all, it’s nothing more than a bad hair day. And for exactly such days there are hats, braided hairstyles and dry shampoo.


Shapewear isn’t just for weddings

That’s why I like to wear shapewear for a little boost of self-confidence. Well wrapped, I often feel a little better straight away and my silhouette looks much more harmonious in the mirror. Then the mood rises again and the day can finally start. In the pictures I am wearing shapewear from the Ulla lingerie féminine label, which I ordered from shape me. There are really many beautiful feminine cuts here that are particularly suitable for women with large cups (BN) and large underbust circumferences (65 -130cm). Ulla lingerie féminine is not a large, anonymous chain from abroad, but a medium-sized family business based near Würzburg. In addition to unrestricted comfort, the family business also offers the best fabric quality, with all parts being “Made in Europe”. So when you buy Ulla lingerie féminine you are not only doing something good for yourself, you are also making a statement for fairness and sustainability.

Unfortunately, I made a big mistake when it came to shapewear for far too long. Instead of treating myself to good shapewear in the right size, I opted for no-name products, which were often a size or two too small. They quickly pinched and pricked and liked to roll up and down. Super annoying! Instead, I can only recommend you not to make the same mistake and to heed the following tips when it comes to shapewear:

  1. Buy shapewear in the correct or normal size – For a greater shaping effect, opt for clothing with a higher shape level.
  2. Do not wear any underwear under shapewear – because this is not only unnecessarily complicated when going to the toilet, but can also quickly become apparent under tight underwear.
  3. Shapewear is for all sizes – Many believe that you can only wear shapewear if you are overweight. But that’s not true. There is the right shapewear for all sizes, so just give it a try 🙂
  4. The right advice! – Especially with shapewear, you can quickly reach for the wrong size, so I recommend you to choose a supplier who will help you choose the right size. I can particularly recommend shape me to you. Here there is not only free shipping within Germany and free exchange, but also individual advice on the phone, which helps you to find the right size and the right shaping garment for your own needs.
  5. Shapewear can be beautiful – there are now many great labels that also offer shapewear that looks really beautiful. With lace and co, the shaping underwear looks more like chic lingerie.

Speaking of the right advice!

I’ve already recommended shape me to you, but I wouldn’t want to miss saying a few words about the online shop itself. In addition to the advantages just mentioned, such as individual advice and free shipping, shape me is the first online shop that specializes only in shapewear. The start-up has a large selection of different shapewear products and also provides a shapewear guide with which everyone can find the right product for them. shape me wants to get rid of the sometimes conservative image of shapewear and put the focus back on women’s self-confidence. After all, shapewear isn’t about bending or disfiguring yourself, it’s about feeling a little better about yourself and radiating that self-confidence. For the same reason, we women also like to use make-up or other aids. 🙂

The right shapewear as a wedding guest

Shapewear should not only be used in everyday life to boost self-confidence, but can also give the finishing touch on special occasions. For example, at weddings or evening events, when you want to wear particularly beautiful dresses that suddenly “reveal problem areas”. I fell in love with this dress for my best friend’s wedding. Unfortunately, this particularly emphasized my flab lines on the waist, which almost stopped me from buying the dress. Instead, I tried a shaping dress from shape me and the matching bra from Ulla lingerie féminine. And lo and behold: I didn’t notice the creases much more immediately and I was lucky enough to be able to buy my dream dress.

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