A woman is beautiful in her own way at any age. A properly done makeup and face has the power to bring out the natural beauty of your facial features. After 60, together, with charm and elegance, we should not underestimate our natural age-related change. We could claim these by not resisting them, but also accepting them and emphasizing them with the right cosmetic products. Of course, one of the main tasks of a woman is to accept and effectively solve the problem of slowing down the aging process of the skin. This requires the use of quality anti-aging skin care products that will help you look your best. The same applies to make-up: decorative cosmetics should be selected according to the changing needs of the skin. In this context, we would like to give you tips for natural make-up for women over 60.

In today’s article, we would like to introduce you to the best tips and tricks on how to apply make-up to your face naturally and beautifully after the age of 60

natural make-up from 60 and which tips to follow

Natural makeup for women over 60: what are the rules to follow?

The topic of today’s article is how you should apply make-up correctly from the age of 60. What are the most important aspects and what you should consider when applying make-up? Now let’s start with the most effective points of the process!

Follow our simple tips for a flawless look

a woman over 60 who looks younger and well-groomed

#How can you get a younger look effect?

Even if you do not undertake expensive cosmetic procedures, you can look forward to a rejuvenating effect on the skin. The only thing you consider is to choose the technique that suits you and put the most beautiful accents. The women who want to look younger should not neglect the make-up. The high quality cosmetics, the right products and the colored eye palettes could work wonderfully. This way you will achieve an elegant, mature and sophisticated look.

Achieve a natural and dreamy look for women over 60

Natural make-up like a woman over 60

#What to avoid?

Our recommendation would be not to apply a mattifying foundation to the face as it would have a less natural effect on the skin. In addition, the puffiness will be underlined and even uglier. The eye palettes, which are so radiant, should also be left out. In addition, you should avoid the darker colors of your lipsticks. The lighter ones look way better. Particular attention should be paid to the shape of the eyebrows, small thin strands, and very thick wide eyebrows should not be. It is recommended to give them a slightly curved look – to “open” the eye and make it appear bigger.

Find out what you should leave out

make-up tips from 60 and an old woman

Which routine should you follow?

Clean the facial skin with milk or other mild cleanser. Wipe your face with toner or micellar water. Apply a moisturizer or BB cream to your face. Even out your complexion with a moisturizing foundation, ideally containing light-reflecting particles to create a natural wow effect on the face. Apply the concealer to the eye area and gently blend over the skin with your fingers. If necessary, dust your face with powder. From the age of 60, wrinkles on the face become more noticeable. Therefore, it is not recommended to apply powder under the eyes, so as not to further accentuate these age-related skin changes.

This routine should be followed every morning for best results

What should you consider when putting on make-up over 60

#What other tips should you follow?

When you smile, accentuate your cheekbones with a calm peachy or beige blush. It is recommended to use blush over a cream base as it spreads evenly over the skin and gives it an extra glow. Draw small strokes on your eyebrows with a dark pencil, comb them with a stiff brush and evenly distribute the color. If desired, you can fill the gap between the hair with shadows. Apply to the entire upper eyelid under the shadows, it is advisable to use a product with a yellow tint. This will help hide the redness of the skin.

In addition, we have prepared something else interesting

lip make-up for women over 60 and how

#What colors do you recommend?

Cover the movable eyelid, the crease and the area above with light beige eyeshadows, emphasize a few tones darker than the main color with satin eyeshadows. If done correctly, this technique will help solve the problem of the coming century. Using a black matte eyeshadow and a short beveled brush, accentuate the upper and lower lids and fill in the space between the lashes. For the upper lashes, this can be done under the lashes without closing your eyes.

Make your eyes look bigger

natural make-up from the age of 60 and how an old woman should do her make-up