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The best Nail design ideas aren’t always easy to find, so we bring you the best of the best. This guide is designed to help you find your own style of nail art – one that expresses your personality in a tasteful way. Whether you like it delicate or bold, subtle or bold, we hope this guide inspires you to come up with new looks to try on your own nails.

nail designs are used to complement your outfit and mood, to express your individuality and to emphasize the beauty of your fingers. You can add a little or a lot depending on how simple or complex you want the design to be. The best way to create a trendy nail design is to combine colors with different types of varnish. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors and textures. Nail art is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to transform your look.

2022 nail design ideas

Discover Nail design ideas from the best nail artists. Find out which trends are hot right now and how to implement them! Every year, every month, even every day, fashion changes and so do we. Every year we get bored with the hair that grows on us, even with the way we dress. If there’s one thing that doesn’t change, it’s space, the colors we love and we love seeing those colors and designs on our nails. We are here with this year’s 2022 nail design ideas.


If you want to freshen up your manicure or adapt it to the season, here you will find a wide range of Nail design pictures. Have fun with your nail designs! Nail ideas and nail art are perfect for summer parties, elegant occasions or just hanging out with friends. You can also paint your nails for an upcoming event that emphasizes colors and patterns.

Make your nails the envy of your friends with these awesome ones nail design images. You will find hundreds of new and unique designs to try!

2022 Nail Designs Pictures

Are you looking for the perfect nail design? Browse our collection of 2022 nail design picturesto get inspiration for your next manicure! Find the perfect nail art designs, whether you’re looking for something unique or something classic. All our nail designs are inspired by the latest fashion trends and celebrity styles.

nail designs are the top trends in 2022. You can apply the most popular nail art designs on your nails and make them look photogenic. Artistic nail designs can be challenging for beginners, but we provide you with images to use as inspiration.



Summer is all about fun in the sun and we’ve got a range of chic ones Nail design summer simplethat match. From brightly colored flowers to playful animal motifs to playful polka dots, our new summer nail designs offer you many ways to soak up the sun.

Spend this summer wonderful and interesting with simple summer nail design. It’s a pleasure to shine your fingers on the beach in summer, add romance to the atmosphere at dinner, or catch the attention of your partners. If you want to boost your self-confidence, making your fingers look beautiful to begin with is a very effective method.

Best of 2022 nail design summer simple

It’s time to shine. With its wonderfully shimmering and sun-soaked colors, the 2022 Nail Design Summer Simple From day to night in style. Having hands that look perfect for every situation brings them to the fore and helps you look decent and attractive wherever you go and travel.

Free your hands and fingernails and carry your feminine soul to your fingertips. Save time and stay ahead with this year’s trending colors and simple nail designs. Whether they work in the office or work as a waitress, your hands are always the first place they appear. Wear these great colors and Nail design summer simple into your hands.

Which color goes with which color?

Perfect for any occasion, this nail design is an easy way to show off your style and personality. We have compiled nail polish colors that ensure the integrity of her skin color and do not endanger her! What color to choose based on skin tone? Which color goes best with which color? Here we have compiled the answers to all these questions! Depending on which color goes best with the nail polishes, let’s take a look at all of them together!

What nail polish color do fair-skinned people use?

If your skin color is in light tones, then you can give preference to nail polish colors that you can prefer for your nails, especially dark shades of blue, purple, peach tones.

What nail polish color do people with brunette skin use?

Burgundy, purple, pink, and deep red colors suit those who belong to the medium-toned skin group, which we refer to as auburn skin tone. You can match these colored nail polishes with the clothes you want in your daily life.

What nail polish color do people with wheaty skin use?

All colors match those with dark yellow undertones, except for browns and yellows. However, these two risky colors should be avoided by wheat-skinned women.

What color do dark skinned people use?

The colors that correspond to dark skin tone are orange, red and fuchsia. Especially in summer you can prefer neon colors.


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Spring is here and it’s time to give your nails some attention! With the nail design spring decent we brought it to your fingers. Say goodbye to winter boredom with this season’s hottest nail trends.

Spring is here, so it’s time to celebrate. But what’s better than showing off your style with new nails? With these kits, which contain a variety of nail art accessories, you can transform your look in seconds and create colorful designs. Just pick your favorite design, grab the right tool and start designing!

2022 Nail Design Spring Subtle

Spring, like everywhere else in the world, is not just about blooming flowers and lively insects. As the seasons change, so does our nail art. From soft pastels to bright ceramic tones, the new season brings a range of new colors to refresh your manicure.

Nail design spring subtle, the beginning of spring always inspires us and puts on the clothes that you cannot wear from our winter dreams, combs your hair and shines your fingers. Spring is here and it’s the perfect time for a good manicure! Your nails are too short to grow, so go out and enjoy while I show you the latest nail design trends.


Nail design spring decent pictures

Don’t be afraid to wear beautiful nails! Beautiful nails make every girl more attractive. Stay true to your unique style with our spring nail collection. Designed to complement any outfit, from chic during the day to glamorous at night. Make the perfect impression at work, on the red carpet or in your chicest jeans.


Wedding is a big event and every girl wants to wear an exclusive dress. Nail design wedding bride see this article. When it comes to accessories, nails also play an important role in enhancing the beauty of your hands. Wedding nail design is not just a style statement but an important feature to do on your wedding day.

I have left examples below where you can do that nail design wedding bride find one that suits your special day. Your best day will be on everyone’s lips. It’s time for your magic fingers to shine! Add color to your wedding with a nail design to match your gorgeous wedding dress.

The most beautiful nail design wedding bride of the year 2022

Wedding, bridal fashion and nail polish. Wedding is art and art is the expression of love. Our mission is to create a living art for your wedding ceremony to express your love with the most beautiful designs that capture all the emotions embedded in the wedding. Discover our nail design wedding bride and get inspiration for your big day.

Show your love and devotion to the one you have chosen by getting your nails nailed. Use this wedding bride nail design to grab the attention of your friends and please that special someone in your life. Let your nails speak the words that cannot escape from your mouth. Let your serenity, peace and joy shine through.


Create the perfect nail design for your wedding with these rhinestones. Use these enamel coated rhinestones for nails, wedding decorations and more.

This delicate and feminine wedding nail design is perfect for those who prefer a more understated look.

It’s the wedding day and the bride is seen sitting on a chair. Her nails are painted with gold stars on one hand and white flowers on the other.


From bright orange to bright pink to coral red. Similar color worlds hold the different elements together and give the nail art design a framework.

Summer Marble Nails

Summer Marble Nails

Fire & Ice Glitter Nails as a base, on top a high-contrast combination of shiny chrome and bright color gradients in matt.


Summer Ombre Nails

Neon Ombre Nails Tutorial

Have fun watching!

This French modelling exudes summery lightness.

Apricot and coral here with a hint of glitter and tendrils.

[See image gallery at]

French nails

Of course, I made and photographed all the designs shown here myself, here:Nail studio Nails & Co

Bright neon pink combined with radiant apricot and bright purple create a summer mood. This color combination transports a touch of summer and the start of the warm season.


summer nails

Summer Marble Nails

here in a wonderful summer variant in neon colors. A few brush strokes and even inconspicuous nails become real design highlights. If you don’t believe it, take a look here!

Summer nail art

Summer Marble Nails

This French modelling exudes summery lightness.

Apricot and white here with touches of glitter and tendrils.

[See image gallery at]

Velvety in matte

The new, summer variant of the cat eye effect makes our nails shine.

Cat Eye Gels

Also with silver

Cat Eye Gels

This composition of baby boomers and glitter sequins shines with full brilliance.

baby boomers

Lots of pink, please

A consistent color concept, soft color gradients and glitter effects as well as 3D aurora rhinestone hearts, everything in pink and white – exude pure romance here.

pink nails

Outgrowth after 4 weeks

Nail modeling can still look so great after 4 weeks if it has been done correctly.

Of course, I made and photographed all the designs shown here myself, here:Nail studio Nails & Co

Gold and color have always been one more attractive summer combination. That’s why we create from shiny gold and gaudy gradients now stunning beautiful designs.

neon nails

Ombre Nails

Pink and Orange, Yellow and Green, Blue and purple unfold an almost magical effect and immediately spread a holiday mood.

Here it is very long and pointed with an animal pattern.

neon nails

Naon Nails

Why settle for just one color when you can have them all. Here neon and gold. It always works on tanned hands special Nice.

summer nails

The whole secret of this nail art creation:

Shiny gold contours form a great contrast here with a matt, velvety cat eye full cover.

Cat eye gels

Light as a designer

This nail art creation reflects the light in a special way.

Fire and Ice Nails

This French modelling exudes summery lightness. Golden ornaments make the nail art shine.

French modelling

Of course, I made and photographed all the designs shown here myself, here:Nail studio Nails & Co


Making acrylic nails yourself has never been easier than with the Dual System.

Construction or extension? You decide that anew every time because the dual tips are reusable.

No matter which variant you choose, both are absolutely easy in a fraction of the time of previous nail modeling methods.

Whether gel, acrylic or polygel – it works with all common systems. There are already matching do-it-yourself nail sets that contain everything ready to buy. You can be sure that the products in such a poly nail set will also contribute to the desired result.

The desired material is applied directly into the tip or onto the nail. The excess material is removed. The remaining product is modeled from below to the desired length and shape. After the material has dried (UV/LED or air) the dual tip can be easily removed.

Polygel & Dual Tips – The easiest way to extend nails

With the dual system you can form the perfect fingernail in no time at all. Polyacrylic Gel offers many possibilities: you can model it with templates, but for those who want it super easy, Dual Tips (also known as Dual Forms) are the must-have!

The annoying “in shape” filing becomes unnecessary. The dual tips give you a perfectly formed C-curve in just a few steps.

With a little practice you can model it in such a way that you hardly have to file it after it has hardened.

Dual tips with acrylic gel

Dual System – The revolution in nail modelling

This simple, new system in nail design not only saves money, but also a lot of time.

The 99nails acrylic gel combines the advantages of acrylic powder and gel systems. It is more flexible than conventional acrylic, is easier to file and still remains very resilient after a curing time of 120 seconds under UV or 90 seconds under LED and thus offers more stability than conventional gel systems.

As soon as the sweat layer (dispersion layer) is removed, the acrylic gel offers a matt surface that is perfect for further processing of colors and nail art.

Dual System Tips – make your own fingernails

The stable dual tips are available in 10 different sizes. There is a suitable shape for every finger. The Popits have a straight shape and auxiliary lines to model an even fingernail length. The dual tips can be easily detached with the practical tabs.

With these special tips, acrylic gel is spread on the inside of the tip and then pressed onto the nail and hardened. The tips are shaped in such a way that they still offer space for the modeling material and thus enable a beautiful structure. The shape forms the C curve perfectly.

The dual tips are suitable for poly acrylic gels and thick viscous gels.

Of course, any nail design can be applied to the hardened acrylic gel as usual.

Dual Tips guide

Dual Tips Acrylic Gel Instructions

  1. Find the right tip size for each nail.
  2. The natural nail is prepared as usual. Remove cuticles, roughen nails and remove filing dust.
  3. To strengthen adhesion, primer or adhesive gel is applied thinly to the natural nail. Allow primer to air dry about 2 minutes. Cure adhesive gel under UV or LED nail lamp.
  4. Paint or model the acrylic gel into the curve of the dual tip with a spatula or brush. Important: Be sure to press the material lightly into the tip. Tip: We recommend slightly moistening the acrylic brush with the associated acrylic gel liquid and, if necessary, wiping it off on a cellette afterwards. Very little liquid is needed to model the acrylic gel into the desired shape.
  5. Press the mold with the acrylic gel onto the nail and wait for the acrylic to dry. Let the polyacrylic gel harden under the UV lamp for 120 seconds and under the LED lamp for 60 seconds.
  6. Now the tip can be carefully removed from the modeling using the small tabs provided for this purpose.
  7. Clean the nail with nail cleaner and file the nails into the desired shape. The surface of the nail should also be roughened with a buffer. Because this is how a color gel, color varnish or sealant lasts better.
  8. Now you can process your nail as usual, eg with a color gel, UV nail polish or Shellac.
  9. Seal with a sealing gel to finish.

As In the fog

Act those glitter reflections beneath the white veil shine out.

Noble and simple but not boring.

White Nails

baby boomers

baby boomers

Light reflections come into their own here with their whole luminosity.

glitter nails

Always beautiful – pink and white.

Nail art hearts

baby boomers

marble nails

If the butterflies fly, then spring is here.

summer nails

marble nails

Why should baby boomers always be white? Here in all rainbow colors with a touch of glitter.

Ombre Nails

Here with Glemmer sealing for a radiantly shiny nail design with a delicate shimmer.

Baby Boomer Nails

Ombre Nails

The baby boomer provides a subtle basis here, the pattern exudes girlish flair.

baby boomers

Of course, I made and photographed all the designs shown here myself, here:Nail studio Nails & Co