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stiletto nails

impress with their long, pointed and exciting nail shape alone.

Fingernails that require a gun license. Because they are not only long, but also very pointed. In combination with an exciting Nails Art nail design, they look seductive and extravagant. This nail shape is guaranteed to draw everyone’s attention.

Stiletto Marble Nails

Here a long time and pointed, running Pink over the nail with just a few sequins, marble pattern and silver leaf works this design glamorous, transparent and light.

Stiletto nails

In this video I demonstrate in a step by step process how to create a cool marble effect on nails.

Have fun watching!

The perfect trend for anyone who wants to create an exciting nail design for their nails. Because such a nail length leaves a lot of space for an exciting nail decorationnbut already looks alone as full cover stunning in black, white or red.

Stiletto nails

The nail length of the stilettos extends about three centimeters beyond the fingertip. With their long and pointed nail shape, they become the epitome of femininity.

Stiletto nails

Nail design trends are constantly changing, just like all other beauty trends. Not only the nail polish is subject to certain tendencies, but even the shape of the nail. Square nails were very popular a few years ago, but today they are again gaining popularity. Today they are even more popular than the round nails. That’s why square nails are the focus of today’s article. We give you useful tips and fresh ideas for a great manicure!

Square nails – the new “old” trend

square nails swirls look creative nail design

Nail trends 2022 – Which nail shapes are up to date in autumn 2022?

Casual, elegant, extravagant… A beautiful manicure combines a trendy nail polish color and a trendy nail shape. Do you tend to fall into a nail polish routine?



Then change your favorite color with a very trendy nail polish color! And would you like some variety in manicures in general? Then go for the square nail shape, which is very trendy at the moment! The nail shape can vary and you could experiment with it!

The square nail trend is back for Fall 2022!

square nails trends colors pattern


Nail shapes like almond or ballerina were the most popular until recently, but they’re not considered that trendy anymore. Square filed nails are the biggest nail shape trend in fall 2022! It is also called the nail trend Square nails, as the term is in English. Another variant of the square nails are the Squoval Nails. With this manicure, the corners of the nails are slightly rounded, as the very name of the trend suggests. The trendsetters, who don’t particularly like an angular nail shape like the classic square nails, could opt for the softer nail shape. But this works best with short nails. The square nails also come into their own in another variation, namely the diamond-shaped nails. These are also as Coffin Nails known and are characterized by the fact that they become somewhat narrower towards the top.

Both short and long square nails look very modern. The trend is especially beneficial for women who have small, narrow nails. If you file them square, they will look larger.

Opt for square nail shape if you want to keep up with the latest trends

square nails nail trend fall 2022 popular modern

Square Nails – How To Wear Them?

The popular nail shape in autumn 2022 can be worn in many different ways.

What colors look best on square nails?

Not only different nail polish colors make this nail shape look beautiful. Square nails also look great just like that, without being varnished. So they look completely natural and also a bit atypical. It doesn’t matter whether you paint the nails in white, soft pink or in strong orange or green, the square nails give your autumn look a modern touch. Also the so-called Glazed donut nails are currently very popular. These have a shimmering effect and therefore look very modern. Square nails painted in black are another big trend for fall 2022. Brown is another trendy nail polish color this fall.

White nail polish is a classic among all nail polish colors

square nails white nail polish elegant manicure



How to spice up the square nails?

Certain patterns look best on the square nails:

  • Do you have, for example, from the Swirl Nails already heard? These were very popular in summer, but in autumn you wear the attractive pattern on square nails. It’s not just about fine lines, but the design can also be flat with curved outlines.
  • The trendy nail shape is then presented very nicely when flowers are used as accents. floral pattern are therefore also very modern in autumn 2022.
  • Also the popular one French manicure can be wonderfully combined with Square Nails! Then the nail tip is colored in a different color than the base color of the manicure and this is how a fancy nail design is created! Colored combinations are extremely successful!
  • Also different accents like shimmering pearls are a trendy idea for designing square nails. Glitter and pearl appliques like this look amazing on longer square nails.

The wavy shapes go very well with the square nails!

square nails swirls light pink nail polish

Even worn short, the square nails really come into their own

square nails autumn pattern trends autumn

We hope you’ve been inspired to try a new nail trend! Just choose a trendy nail polish color or pattern and wear your new manicure with pride!

Square nails replace a popular nail trend

square nails beige cream nail polish combination

Angular nails get a special charm when they are decorated with floral patterns

square nails flower pattern nail polish trends

You can easily pull off the trendy look yourself

square nails fresh color fall 2022

Medium length square nails in soft pink

square nails light pink soft color nail polish

French nails work fantastic with square nails!

square nails short manicure bright color accents

square nails nail design trends

square nails bridal manicure ideas

square nails nude look small accents

square nails pink nail polish fresh pattern

square nails red small accents

square nails beautiful manicure

square nails one color fresh nail polish

square nails which color which pattern trends

square nails which pattern trends 2022






What are the fashionable nail polish trends for fall 2022? In order to look stunning this fall, you need not only to keep up with the latest clothing trends, but also to know which manicure will be in fashion in fall 2022. We all know that your outfit needs to be perfect down to the smallest detail, and the same goes for your manicure. That is why nail design is an equally important part of your look, which must be in line with the latest fashion trends.

Nail polish trends for fall 2022

nail polish trends 2022 fall learn more here

Unfortunately summer is over and autumn is here with its cloudy and rainy days. But that’s no reason for sadness, quite the opposite! It’s the perfect time for a new, beautiful fall manicure. Autumn delights us with bright colors, colorful bouquets of flowers made from fallen leaves and golden decorations on the trees. This time of year is a good time to start thinking about clothes, makeup and nail design. That is why we have compiled the best fall 2022 nail polish manicure tips that are guaranteed to inspire you.

The fact is that there are no clear rules for nail design in different seasons. Autumn is no exception. When the hot days of summer are over and the cooler weather sets in, the priority of colors changes and the ladies resort to darker and deeper tones. Learn in the following lines how you can upgrade any outfit with a particularly spectacular and stylish nail design.

These colors are in for Fall 2022

You can find out the most important nail polish trend in autumn 2022 here

Which nail polish design is trending now?

We know you don’t have the patience to find out which manicures will be trending for the next few months. Luckily we can give you the answers to your questions. In the coming months, stylists and artisans recommend every beautiful woman to pay attention to the following nail polish trends for fall 2022:

#Trending 1

This type of nail polish is suitable for all dress styles and occasions. This design is very popular with many women (especially older ladies). To keep up with the fashion trends for fall 2022, you should choose pleasant nude tones and the most ordinary, laconic arranged drawings on the nails. This can be clean lines, microdots, small stems and even small branches.

Natural manicure

are you ready for a refreshing nail polish trend for fall 2022

The most beautiful nail designs are here

nail trends fall 2022 designs very popular in fall

We can’t do without these looks in autumn

this color is the must have in autumn 2022

Beauty trend autumn 2022

the most beautiful nail polish trend in autumn 2022 are here

#Trending 2

Oh yes, animal prints are back in fashion! Animal prints are one of the nail trends for fall 2022. The most popular designs are leopard print, turtle, zebra, snake, giraffe and more. Use such motifs on all nails or only on some, and complement the rest with various elements or a single-color varnish. Everyone will be impressed with the design of your nails!

Cool nail tricks

these nail polish trends are in for fall 2022

Delicate, extravagant and eye-catching

here are the trendy colors that we really see everywhere in autumn

Nail polish trend 2022

here is the most beautiful nail polish trend in autumn 2022

#Trending 3

If you’ve decided to experiment with a new manicure, you’ve come to the right place! To do this, you should use your favorite shade as a base and put an interesting pattern on it. Very beautiful and original prints in the form of metal figures or embossing with very thin lines are an absolute trend in the new season.

These are the trendy fall colors

fall 2022 nail trends are here see more here

Coolest nail polish ideas for fall

these are the most popular nail polish nuances for fall

Another wonderful idea

this fall we love these ideas find out here

#Trending 4

Here’s a unique idea you can make this fall. This beautiful nail polish is very easy to apply and stays on the nails well. With the help of wax, you can create abstract nail ideas and festive designs that add the perfect touch to both your evening look and your everyday look.

More great ideas from us

the most beautiful colors of autumn are here for 2022

So you can discover the most beautiful colors and techniques

the most beautiful nail polish trends in autumn 2022

#Trending 5

The French manicure is still a classic and it is a fact that it is becoming more and more popular among the ladies. Interest is generated by the absolute transparency of the free edge of the nail, which is very convenient and you don’t have to change your nail polish every 3 weeks. The crystal French decoration can be complemented with various decorations such as autumn leaves or left as is. In any case, the decoration will please the eye and make the nails look like a real work of art.

Which nail polishes are trendy in autumn 2022?

hip colors for autumn are here, you can find out here


Baby blue nails are a great option for anyone who likes bright colors but doesn’t want to settle for a full manicure. Baby blue is a very flattering color for everyone from beginners to professionals. If you’re looking for a touch of elegance for your fingertips, look no further than our baby blue nails.

Baby blue nails are one of the few colors you can wear all year round and they look great on all skin tones! If you are looking for beautiful blue nails ideas, you are in the right place. From simple and understated designs to more complex and intricate styles, there is something for everyone here. These ideas for baby blue nails will surely inspire you for your next visit to the nail salon.

The color baby blue is known for being calming and inducing a lovely sense of calm and peace. Although it’s known as a “boy color”, thanks to the post-WWII baby boom, it’s such a pretty color that can be paired with a variety of other accent colors and designs and really looks great on all skin tones, light or dark.

Impressive baby blue nails with glitter

Baby blue nails with glitter is the best way to bring your inner transparency and shine to your fingers. Blue can help you relieve pressure and stress. It also balances a strong nail polish. If you want your nails to look outstanding and attractive, then Blue Sky Nails is your best choice. It is a safe choice for girls and can be worn with almost any outfit and occasion.

Combining blue Nail designs with glitter gives you the luxury and flexibility of blue nails with the fabulousness of a little glitter. A flexible style for any outfit or event and a great opportunity to show your own personality. There’s something about blue nail polish with a glitter design that just works. The depth of the blue makes the glitter stand out in a way that isn’t too noticeable.

This look can go well beyond just adding a little glitter to your blue polish (although that can work too). We’ve gone through thousands of different styles to bring you our favorites. From the simple class to complex designs, we have a little bit of everything. Whether you’re at a party or just out and about, people will definitely notice. It’s an easy way to stand out from the crowd.


we ask baby blue nails before. The rich, vibrant color of the sky, with a smooth and glossy finish that we’re sure to like.

Cute and simple, baby blue nails are all you need to freshen up your look.


Beautiful nails make your hands appear much more well-groomed and expressive. Even without varnish, a well-done manicure looks great. When color and shape are added, it becomes really magical. Every year and every season has its highlights when it comes to nail design. You can also choose between different manicure techniques – acrylic, shellac, gel nails, etc. Depending on your budget and personal preferences, you are bound to find the best one for you. Incidentally, gel nails seem to be on the rise again. We would therefore like to introduce you to our 7 TOP favorites when it comes to gel nail trends.

Instead of rectangular and very pointed nails, almond-shaped nails are now worn much more often

fall gel nail trends 2022 pointed nails

What is the difference between gel nails and acrylic nails?

Acrylic nails have been around since the 1970’s and they still remain the most popular artificial nails as they are very sturdy. The difference is that acrylic paints are made with an acrylic liquid and a powder.



This mixture hardens quickly and forms the strongest and most durable artificial nail. Gel nails are also made with a combination of liquid and powder, but when cured they look more natural and are more flexible than a natural nail. Ultimately, it is your personal preference as to which technology suits you better. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Acrylic nails tend to be cheaper, but are still stronger and more durable. Gel nails are probably safer and gentler on the natural nail. Though gel nails still need UV lamp to cure.

The good news: there has been a wide range of nail polishes with a gel look in drugstores for some time, which you can apply to your nails yourself. Yes, it may not look exactly like the pro, but it can get better and better with practice. You can also see it as a sample for different nail polish colors, try the latest gel nail trends first and then have them done in the nail design studio.

For example, how about the new color of the year 2023 – Digital Lavender?

lavender colored gel nails trends 2022


The TOP 7 gel nail trends for autumn 2022

Of course you can have your nails done according to your mood or paint them yourself. But if you like gel nails and want them to be trendy, these 7 current gel nail trends are just right for you. In principle, the following applies in the new season: classic French nails and bright, summery colors are out. Check out what’s hot right now!

Red is back!

gel nail trends wine red nail polish fall 2022

Just in time for the beginning of autumn, the queen of all nail polish colors is back! You can now proudly wear the passionate color on your gel nails and combine them with all sorts of autumn outfits. Because red immediately conjures up fun color accents and is never overlooked.

Green hope for autumn

Green nails trends 2022



Green nails are sometimes out, sometimes in. They will definitely make a comeback again in autumn 2022 and look elegant and visually cooling. Just the thing after such a long and hot summer.

Swirled, oval gel nails – the absolute newcomers of the season

gel nail trends fall 2022 swirled

The so-called swirled nails are brand new among the gel nail trends 2022. This one wears a little longer and nicely rounded. The swirls can be conjured up in a wide variety of color combinations. In the typical autumn colors, however, they give your hands an unmistakable, seasonal charm.

French nails are only worn colorful now

colorful french nails trend 2022

While classic French manicures aren’t all that trendy right now, there is one variant that’s currently popular on TikTok and other social media – their colorful variant! Try these out by combining bright rainbow colors. It also definitely helps against a bad mood or even with a slight autumn depression.

Grunge nails are reinterpreted

gel nail trends fall 2022 black pink

The iconic grunge style from the 90s is not only experiencing a revival in trendy hairstyles, but also in the latest gel nail trends for autumn 2022. Such an oval manicure in black and pastel pink would be an elegant variant.

Clear Pearl or Barbie Pink

fall 2022 gel nail trends pink transparent

Last but not least, there are these two opposite gel nail trends – shiny and transparent on one side and rich pink on the other. While the first look very classy and feminine, the second radiate more of a girlish playfulness.

We hope that our popular TOP 7 gel nail trends for autumn 2022 have also inspired you. Be inspired by the other great manicures below and find your favorite too!

Combine digital lavender with white and glitter

gel nail trends fall winter 2022

Clear gel nails with floral motifs

colorful gel nail trends fall 2022

Swirled stands stunningly beautiful in all colors

gel nail trends 2022 swirl

Muted nude colors remain among the timeless classics for fall

nude colors gel nails trends fall 2022

Orange remains very popular as THE autumn color

Orange gel nails trends fall 2022

dark red gel nails trends fall 2022 gel nail trends 2022 autumn green nail polish green and blue nail polish colors fall 2022 purple burgundy black gel nails trends fall 2022 pink gel nails trends fall 2022

This is the coolest white nails the season. The greatest feature of these nails is that they always make your fingers attractive with elegant and small touches of different nail polishes. You’ll find those gleaming fingers on beautiful bronze skin are drawn to the environment. White nails used to be not so trendy, but in recent years white gel nails have become so colorful that white nail polishes have come to the fore.

white nails has in recent years become the favorite color of those who want both elegance and attractiveness. The colors in different tones are matt white, bright white, off-white, ivory white… there are many more tones. You can decorate and gain charm by adding shiny stones.

Fascinating white nails

Bring the most attractive colors of recent times to your fingers with the white nails. Awaken them white nails with glitter to life and make them attractive with different color combinations and different tones. You can use two or three colors together. Nails that women love along with red is a very attractive design.

One of the things we look at when using nails white need to pay attention to is that the mistake is very obvious, so it makes sense to choose a professional hairdresser. bridal manicures, who want to decorate their most beautiful days, take the first place in their preferences. It is the color of white nails that shows you both natural and attractive, ready for any situation. The graphics you will see below are this season’s most popular designs. Be inspired by these images.



What is the new trend in manicure this fall 2022? Should you treat yourself to a manicure when going to a disco? The answer is, of course, yes. This manicure trend is a novelty for 2022 that every fashion-conscious woman should definitely try. The modern technique of applying nail polish transforms the nails, giving them an elegant and sophisticated look. And that’s exactly what every woman wants, isn’t it? Disco Nails style is interesting and festive, while the possibilities of application and intensity of decoration allow you to create casual and elegant designs that will please every real lady. Here you can take a look at what we have prepared for you and what is hot at the moment to be inspired by our ideas!

Here you will find the most beautiful nail polish trends in autumn 2022

disco nails that is particularly modern now find out more here

As you already know, the fashionable look of every lady does not only consist of matching dresses, hairstyles, shoes and accessories. Sometimes even the smallest details count. Styling, perfume, skin and, of course, manicure are an integral part of a lady’s fashion vision. A woman’s hands are something that always draws attention, so taking care of them is important. Thin fingers, soft, well-groomed skin and a beautiful manicure can reveal a lot about a woman. That is why it is especially important to follow fashion trends when doing manicures. Find out what are the manicure fashion trends for fall 2022 in the following lines.

Which nail polish colors are fashionable in autumn 2022?

here you will find everything about the nail polish trend disco nails

What is the nail polish trend for fall 2022?

A soft tone, a few crystals and a few dazzling pops of color on the nails are enough to look irresistible this fall! Disco-style nails are very popular and in demand among the fair sex. This design is made with the help of attractive sequins that create an amazing visual effect. If you follow the rules of disco nail design, you are guaranteed to look perfect this fall. Learn how to make your nails in disco style in the following lines.

Nail polish trend in autumn 2022

glazed french nails what is that? find out more here

What is the new trend disco nails?

Disco style nails have been very popular in recent weeks. Luminous nail designs can be created with shimmering sequins that add radiant beauty to the nails. Thats how it works:

Make glitter nail design yourself

what is modern now you can find out more here with us

#design 1

You should know that there are special manicure sequins of different sizes that you can use to decorate your nails. They are available transparent with holographic effect or in all colors with metallic shimmer, round, diamond, hexagon, teardrop, heart, etc. Designing disco nails requires accurate and precise work, especially when working with the smallest sequins. Place up to 180 pieces on a single nail plate and you are guaranteed a spectacular and brilliant design.

Glitter sequin nail polish

this nail polish trend is particularly modern now

Among the many variants of manicure with sequins, nail design with disco nails on one finger looks especially stylish. When the embellishment is applied all over, it looks like a glittery disco ball. The sequins can be arranged in stripes and in various geometric shapes. For those who like to attract attention, a variant is suitable in which the sequins are arranged on all fingers.

Especially modern now

find out here why nail polish disco nails are so popular

Tip: There is a wide range of sequins for nail decoration on the market. They are available both colorless with a holographic effect and in all colors with a metallic shimmer. The most popular shape is circle, but you can also buy triangular, diamond, polygonal, and other shapes.

#design 2

If you don’t feel like an intricate nail design, then this design is for you. An interesting option is to combine a clear style with glitter. Thanks to the different rhinestones, the nails will be spectacular and attractive.

Disco nails

here you will find the most beautiful ideas for nail polish for 2022

This is really hip now

disco nails put you in a good mood

These are the latest nail polish trends

very modern now in autumn 2022 nail polish disco nails

#Design 3

For a disco look, the combination of saturated colors and neon colors is especially effective. Applying a neon color to a transparent base, you can get a stylish and delicate manicure. Neon colors and bright sequins look great on a black base.

neon nail polish

this trend makes you want to party see why

#Design 4

The disco nail polish is suitable for ladies who are not restricted by a strict dress code. For those who have to adhere to a strict style, the barely visible and slightly shimmering sequins are especially suitable. Softness and restraint can be achieved with a matte manicure applied to the entire nails. Glitter is not so flashy and looks unique, and despite this, this type of manicure looks no less luxurious.

Fall Nails Colors

so you can find the best trends in nail polish here

These designs are especially relevant in the fall of 2022

so you can imitate discko nails at home

Beauty trend 2022

have you heard of this nail polish trend?

The most beautiful nail polish trends

great ideas for nail polish trends for 2022

Disco nails have been a novelty since 2022 and are very trendy today. This style will give you a unique and attractive look. That is why we recommend you to try this trend in the new season.

That is how it goes

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Here are the timeless ones Baby Boomer Nailsthat you will love no matter your age. These nails that really make a woman a woman are in this style. It is a nail art that women can wear that femininity that will always be attractive in their daily life, business life or even in an untimely dating situation.

This elegant color, where a flowing shade of white meets bright pink, makes you look natural and well-groomed. Why are baby boomer nails not out of style for women? Because the naturalness and charm that a man is looking for is in the woman with baby boomer nails. Yes, we are aware that the name is getting a bit old, the new fashion– Baby boomer nails-Trend adapted to our current world is coming.

Currently, the trend is very popular in France and other parts of Europe, but it’s only a matter of time before it spreads. The reason it’s probably called the “Baby Boomer” is because of the timelessness of the design. It’s very simple and requires minimal maintenance. Older women are often known for liking clean, simple designs that go with everything. The versatility of this design is really one of the best parts of it; You can wear it anywhere and with any outfit.


Trend baby boomer nail fashion

The name “Baby boomer nail is confusing because when we think of baby boomers, we think of our moms and grannies. Well, the name comes from the classic look that many older women have long sported, but actually it’s a modified version of what we know as a French manicure.

The French manicure is basically a simple two tone manicure, usually a pale pink/nude color at the nail base with a white tip to mimic the actual nail. At a more traditional french manicure nail base and nail tip are very clearly delineated; The white on top is often very dull and stark compared to the pink nude color of the base. But this new Baby Boomer manicure blurs the lines between the two. It’s more of a natural gradient from the neutral color of the base to the more opaque white of the nail tip.

the Nails baby boomers Manicures (also known as “American” manicures) are also great for moms as they work on any nail shape. Because it mimics the natural nail, you don’t have to shape your nails into a shape you’re not comfortable with in order for it to look beautiful. It’s definitely the easiest manicure if you’re the type of woman who loves getting their nails done!

What Are Baby Boomer Nails?

If you are someone who prefers a more classic nail style, the story goes between campos and pantoja. You can’t think of a French manicure without these pair of well-known ladies in the world of Spanish showbiz and entertainment springing to mind. Instead of the exaggerated nail trendswho have been sweeping the world lately, you will be pleased to know that this latest nail trend offers the perfect blend of nail art, minimalist style and timelessness.

Also known as French Ombré or French Fade, the baby boomer nail trend is basically a new take on the classic French manicure. Translated into celebrity terms, it would be Terelú and Chabelita. While traditional French mani features a light pink base with sharp, contrasting tips, true baby boom nails combine pink and white, creating a seamless gradient effect endless choice of colors and combinations.

How to do baby boomer nails at home: by yourself

Of the Nails baby boomers-Trend is a very simple nail design. All you need is a baby pink, nude, and white nail polish—all are available at your local pharmacy or cosmetics store.

Baby Boomer Nails like the French manicure, do not require any special tools – this makes this nail design even easier!

How can gel nails be removed?

Certain steps need to be followed to remove gel nails. These phases are listed as follows:

  1. Nails are trimmed and filed as short as possible.
  2. The nail file is used to file the top of the nails.
  3. After the top of the nails is filed, the dust is wiped off. This way it is easier to see when you are reaching natural nails.
  4. If the nail protrusions are visible, it is necessary to file the remaining gel again with a thin nail file tool.
  5. You should work gently and slowly so as not to damage the natural nails.
  6. By following these procedures, gel nails can be removed easily.


Festive nostalgia

There is no more nostalgic time of the year than winter. In our nail design, we get in the mood for the four weeks of Advent and Christmas with lovingly made nail jewellery. In addition to glitter in silver, ice blue and gold, snow and ice effects and a starry sky, rhinestones and crystals should not be missing.

Winter nail art

Everything in white

With these magical ideas, every design shines in the purest color in no time at all.

Rhinestone nails

Why so humble?

The lavishly decorated and XXL equipped Nail Ar design impresses with its faceted rhinestone crystals.

For a festive Christmas look.

Rhinestone nails

White Nails

baby boomers

glitter nails

Frosty glitter and pink combined here for a wintry look.

Winter nail art

Just full cover and still attracts everyone’s attention.

Full cover white

In Advent and at Christmas time we are only too happy to be enchanted by snowflakes. With a bit of shine and glitter, beautiful nail art is created.

Winter nail art

Christmas Nails

Christmas nails

Everything seems enchanted here when glittering ice crystals settle on your nails on a frosty day and envelop them in a white blanket of snow.

winter nails

Winter nail art

If that doesn’t draw attention to itself.

Lush rhinestones give the look an expressive character.

Rhinestone nails

Rhinestone nail art

Winter nail art

Glitter gradient

This nail modeling is a shining example of successful nail art design.

The different shades of lilac and blue compete in this design. The whole composition presents itself harmoniously and is arranged in different colors. Every nail is an eye-catcher in itself.

glitter nail art

Just in time for the turn of the year, noble black background only occasionally with design fingers.



Black Nails

Nail Art Rhinestone Set Black

Beautiful jewelry nails for the party

It’s snowing on your nails here, full of contrast in black and white.

Christmas Nails


This snowy nail art design enchants us with this traditional Christmas color combination.

Christmas Nails

Airbrush nail stencils

Burgundy, gold, glitter…

here the conditions are right for the start of the new year!

Bordeaux nails

Festive highlights

With this glamorous design, Christmas can only be beautiful.

Christmas nails

Christmas nails

Nails in solemn nostalgia

The subtle white and ice-blue tones go together perfectly and conjure up a festive look with the snowflakes.

Winter nail art, baby boomers

White Christians

Yay – it snowed

winter wonderlandthe wonderfully snowy nail art design.

Winter nail art

Glittering ice colors transform the nails into a winter impression.

winter nails
christmas nails

Classic white French here combined with glitter and snow.

Winter is coming!

Winter nail design

Colored Ice Age

A mix of white, silver and blue conjures up a wintry coolness here.

Winter nail art

Of course, I made and photographed all the designs shown here myself, here: Nail studio Nails & Co 

Bordeaux and gold harmonize wonderfully here.

In order to make the overall picture perfect, I provided the design with a Chevron-French decorative nail, which picks up the colors of the full cover.

Bordeaux Nails

Stiletto Nails

herein deepBordeaux witha docked French line and fiery reflections of light emanating from beneath the ice spikes.

Fire & Ice Nails

Dry flower nail art

Dry flowers are a great nail art trend and fit perfectly as a natural element in the autumn style. One or two jewelry nails are enough as a statement.

Dry flower nail art

Classic full cover here decorated with an autumn pattern.

Autumn nails
Autumn nails

Autumn nails

In autumn you can be very well inspired by fields, forests and meadows.

Autumn nails

Marked by the frost

This cat eye nail art is simply beautiful. Here it is the leaves that turn the nails into an autumn composition.

Cat Eye Nails

Gel shellac manicure

For everyone who wants an even more stable Shellac manicure.

High-gloss color brilliance for your natural nails with a scratch-resistant surface.

In contrast to gel modelling, Shellac can be dissolved when removed, which avoids filing the natural nail.

Shellac manicure
Shellac manicure

Of course, I made and photographed all the designs shown here myself, here: Nail studio Nails & Co