Gold and color have always been one more attractive summer combination. That’s why we create from shiny gold and gaudy gradients now stunning beautiful designs.

neon nails

Ombre Nails

Pink and Orange, Yellow and Green, Blue and purple unfold an almost magical effect and immediately spread a holiday mood.

Here it is very long and pointed with an animal pattern.

neon nails

Naon Nails

Why settle for just one color when you can have them all. Here neon and gold. It always works on tanned hands special Nice.

summer nails

The whole secret of this nail art creation:

Shiny gold contours form a great contrast here with a matt, velvety cat eye full cover.

Cat eye gels

Light as a designer

This nail art creation reflects the light in a special way.

Fire and Ice Nails

This French modelling exudes summery lightness. Golden ornaments make the nail art shine.

French modelling

Of course, I made and photographed all the designs shown here myself, here:Nail studio Nails & Co