Did you know that a study by scientists from the University of Sheffield shows that natural light in the home increases happiness? That sounds unique! Does this mean that the more natural light we have in our home, the more comfortable we feel? In the following lines we will reveal the mysteries of light and how it makes us happier. You’ll also get bonus tips on how to bring more natural light into your home to put you in a better mood and enjoy life.

Natural light in your home increases happiness

natural light in your home

Today we want to shed light on a topic that can easily be overlooked – natural daylight! It is best to think about how you can provide your beautiful new dream home with lots of natural light in the planning phase. That’s why we’ve put together our best tips on how to bring more light into your home and increase your well-being.

How does natural light work?

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Why is natural light preferred in the home?

People’s attitude towards natural light in the house has changed several times throughout history – there were times when light in the house depended solely on natural phenomena – the sun and fire. In the last century, the situation was reversed: the house and its interior were protected from sunlight and prying eyes behind thick curtains and several layers of tulle. Today, however, people are returning to being close to nature, to ecological materials and living conditions, and trying to make the best use of natural light. How is that possible?

Learn how to bring light into your home

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Why should natural light be a priority in your home?

Here are just some of the great benefits your family can enjoy by designing a home with lots of natural light:

  • Health benefits of natural light
  • Promotes a better and longer night’s sleep and a healthy circadian rhythm
  • Promotes healthy vision
  • Reduces eye strain
  • May improve immune system function
  • Provides vitamin D and may reduce risk of heart disease and weight gain
  • Helps strengthen bones

Does natural light have an effect on hormone control?

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How can natural light in your home make you happier?

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One of the reasons for the interest in natural lighting in the home is understandable: rising energy prices. Therefore, the ergonomic design of houses aims to reduce energy consumption. A very effective way to save money is to use sunlight to light your home. Solar energy not only brings comfort and health into the house, but also saves a lot of money on electricity – 40-75% of monthly consumption. And who wouldn’t want to save in this situation? This option is unique because you can save and feel happy at the same time!

These seven tips can save you money

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Modern science also talks about the health effects of sunlight indoors – the human body needs natural sunlight every day to exist. The healing effects of sunlight in the house were also known to ancient architects who built buildings with a certain orientation to the cardinal points. So if you are planning to build a new house or are looking for a new home, you should choose a well-lit house that you will feel comfortable in.

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what does natural light do in your home

How can you ensure more natural light in your home?

There are countless ways to let more daylight into your home, e.g. B. by building a house with more windows, strategically orienting the house to the sun, using glass doors instead of solid doors, installing skylights, using solar tubes, or building in an area surrounded by other tall buildings or trees is removed.

Tips for more light in your home: Natural light in your home increases happiness

natural light increases happiness

You can also increase the amount of natural light entering your home by using blinds, which can be drawn back or rolled up to let in more light. You can also move dressers and bookshelves away from the windows to make the most of the outside light coming in through the windows.

How can you get more natural light into your home?

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You already know that natural sunlight makes you happy. That is why we recommend that you spend more time outdoors in nature. This will have a positive effect on your health and your mood.

How important is natural light in the home?

the influence of light on human well-being

More light in the apartment or house: Natural light in your home increases happiness

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how does natural light work

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