A regular trip to the nail salon can be quite expensive. Fortunately, there are now some competent nail design online shops that offer nail modeling starter sets for at home.

But be careful: If you don’t want to permanently damage your natural nails, you should definitely observe the following tips.

The first question to be asked is what options are there to design your nails just as beautifully as in the nail salon?

natural nail reinforcement

For those who only want to strengthen their natural nails and prefer to wear their nails short, only gel or gel varnish such as UV nail varnish or Shellac is an option.

The following blog posts could help you with the decision and provide detailed tips for the right nail kit:

  1. Everything about natural nail reinforcement
  2. Manicure with UV nail polish
  3. Make Shellac nails yourself
Beautiful woman’s nails with beautiful french manicure

Many are probably wondering what is the difference between Shellac and UV nail polish?

Both UV nail polish and Shellac are UV varnishes. A UV varnish is much more flexible than the classic UV gel, which is why UV varnish or gel varnish can move with the movements of the natural nail. Gel polish was originally used for pedicures, i.e. for toenails. Today, the miracle varnish is also very often used for manicures.

Both gel polishes are applied like normal nail polish, but only harden under a UV or LED nail lamp. The difference is in the viscosity. UV nail polish is rather highly viscous and the consistency is a little more like a gel when applied. There are also differences in distance. Shellac is easier and gentler to remove. Here is a great post on how easy Shellac can be removed.

If you should decide on Shellac nails, you will find many great different Shellac starter sets and suitable step-by-step instructions in our nail design online shop. You can easily do your own nails with Shellac.

nail extension

Anyone who prefers to lengthen their nails should use the following modeling materials: Acrylic powder

But not only the modeling material is decisive. It is important to clarify whether you want to lengthen your nails with tips or templates.

If you have no experience in nail design, it will be easier for you to extend it with tips.

We have recorded for you in another blog post how exactly the tips are best attached to the natural nail. Click here for the blog post Tips for artificial fingernails Tips.

The stencil technique is more suitable if you already have experience with gel nails or acrylic nails, since the correct application of the stencil must also be practiced.

DIY acrylic nails

With acrylic you have to know that there are two different modeling materials. The acrylic powder is used in combination with a liquid. Here the right mixing ratio is crucial for the durability of the modeling and requires a lot of practice. Acrylic powder is air-hardening and more suitable for professionals.

Poly Acryl Gel combines the best properties of acrylic and gel. It is viscous and can be processed very well. It is cured in 90 seconds under UV light and in 60 seconds under LED light. The nails can be modeled with a brush moistened with poly-acrylic modeling liquid. For everyone who wants to make acrylic nails themselves, we have a great guide for you.

Fiberglass Gel Nails

A fiberglass gel is a construction or modeling gel for fingernails, to which the smallest glass fibers are added during production. This additionally strengthens the gel structure of the artificial fingernails. After hardening, a nail modeled with fiberglass gel achieves a hardness that is otherwise only known from acrylic nails. Everything about fiberglass gel nails is here.

Classic UV gel & 1-phase gel

If you want to make your own gel nails, there are still differences between the various building gels, such as the classic gel or the 1-phase gel.

The 1-phase gels are the absolute all-rounders of nail design. They can be used for every layer of nail modeling and are easy to work with. With just one jar of 1-phase gel, you get 3 high-quality gels – primer gel, builder gel and sealing gel in one. Please note whether the 1-phase gel hardens under UV or LED light. Most 1-phase gels only cure under UV nail lamps.

If you want to make gel nails yourself, then the classic UV gel is just the right thing. It is particularly suitable for beginners. We offer the right make-your-own gel nails set in our nail design online shop. The set includes everything a beginner needs to get started. Of course, we also have simple step-by-step instructions and a video in our nail design blog.

Make fake nails yourself – what do you need?

If you want to do your nails yourself for the first time, you need a set that should contain at least the following utensils:

In our Nagedesign shop we offer different starter sets: