If we want to welcome autumn in a positive mood, we should always think of a nice autumnal decoration. No wonder that an elegant and creatively thought-out autumn decoration can completely transform our living area and give it a happy autumn mood. The pumpkins are among the latest and newest tendencies in autumn motifs and unusual furnishing ideas in the 2022 autumn. The gourds are characterized by a sense of well-being, inner balance and growth. Because of this, they are a symbol of harmony and balance at home. Let’s linger no more. In today’s article, we will be happy to teach you how to make white pumpkin decorations yourself.

Discover our craft ideas for your autumn mood

how to decorate the apartment with white pumpkins

Do you want a perfect decoration for your table? Today is the ideal time to make your own. Our pumpkin will serve as a vase. The only thing to keep in mind is to choose a squash that has long stems. The longer stem is a sign of younger and carefree life. This vase is really easy to design. For this goal you need a waterproof floral tape, a drinking glass, knives and flowers depending on your preference.

By following these tips, you will create the most beautiful pumpkin vase

beautiful vase made of pumpkin with autumn flowers

#Pumpkin decoration for the table: hints

First you should cut an opening in the top. The opening should be larger because the drinking glass will be placed in it. Loop out all of the pumpkin innards. Glue a grid along the edge of the glass. This will make them easier to place the flowers. The next step is to fill the glass with water. Only then can you insert the glass into the pumpkin. Start inserting the stems as you like. Don’t place these too perfectly to make them look casual. When you have placed all the flowers, you could put the branches in the gap between the jar and the gourd. Consider that the branches do not need water. Therefore, they should not be placed in the water. At this moment you could be looking forward to your elegant vase with the autumn flowers because you are completely done.

This vase will bring harmony and desired comfort to your apartment

white pumpkins decoration and autumn decoration 2022 for your apartment

White pumpkin decoration: discolor the pumpkin and decorate it with porcelain

What a great idea? For this goal you need your autumn positive mood and a few materials – white pumpkin, pencil, some colors of your choice, acrylic paint – blue in various tones is recommended and acrylic paint markers. You certainly have these materials at home.

The blue nuances have such a calming effect

decorate and color porcelain gourds with blue nuances

#Porcelain decoration for an autumn high: instructions

To make this creative idea come true, you need a white craft pumpkin. Before you start designing, you should imagine how your decoration will look. This means that you should have a main concept in mind for the appearance of the pumpkin. Start by spray-painting the squash with a white primer. Before continuing, the squash should be completely dry. After that, you could draw a pattern with the pencil by painting the pumpkin. If you like the painted idea, you can draw and emphasize it again with acrylic paint markers. You can fill the rest with acrylic paints, combining the different shades of blue paint.

Place your pumpkins in a place that can best express the beauty of the decoration

decorating and adorning porcelain gourds instructions

Make pumpkin decoration yourself: create the most impressive autumn decoration

If you don’t have time for more difficult decorating ideas, you could just take a white pumpkin and decorate them however you like. Just imagine that the white pumpkin is a blank wall. You have the opportunity to paint flowers and other autumnal motifs freehand. We recommend you take two or even three pumpkins. In this way you will paint them differently and bring variety to your home. All guests will be delighted with the result.

If you feel like it, you can freehand paint your white pumpkins

decorate white pumpkins and paint flowers and autumn motifs

#More craft ideas to beautify your home

A suitable alternative for the additional beauty of your home in autumn is a pretty flower stencil. We recommend picking out a few leaf and flower stencils. That way you won’t be freehand painting your pumpkin and wasting extra time, you’ll just be gluing the pumpkin. You should glue the flower stencils on the pumpkin and add bright craft colors to it. The orange color is particularly effective in October. On your white pumpkin, this color will look really stunning.

The list of our craft ideas is numerous and variedcraft ideas for decorating your white pumpkins deco for the fall

We will show you more and more ideas for the best autumn declarations in our next articles. Follow our creative choices for a home decorated for fall and amaze all your loved ones and loved ones. Good luck and see you soon!