Do you prefer strength training at home to intense exercise in the gym? At the same time, do you fear that you are not doing this effectively enough? Actually, the opposite is true for many: two of the most important secrets of effective exercises are rest and concentration. So if you don’t have other people around you who distract you and with whom you are constantly comparing yourself, you can usually reach them better. Now we’ve already revealed some of the secrets to effective strength training at home. But we have 5 more special tips ready for you! Stay tuned!

If you have a lot of people around you in everyday life, you often prefer to be alone at home during training!

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5 secrets of effective strength training at home

Find effective exercises for your current level!

Our 5 secrets for effective strength training at home also point to the main advantages of this.



The first tip is customization. Most people enjoy going to the gym for group workouts. There, an average level is determined and everyone has to adapt to it. If you’re a beginner or intermediate, you’re not really comfortable with it. Don’t over-exercise or under-train yourself. One of the secrets to successful strength training at home is trying different exercises and finally finding one that suits your level. How do you determine what suits your level? Such exercises are on the borderline between comfort and pleasurable exertion. So your muscles must be exercised, but at the same time you must not injure yourself.

You can easily adapt plank and other exercises to your level

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Make a change regularly.

Every 4 – 6 weeks you should reassess your level and adjust the strength training exercises accordingly. Your muscles get used to any activity over time that you exercise regularly. Therefore, their efficiency is also greatly reduced in the long run. Plus, after a while, you’ll get bored of doing the same strength training at home. So switching to something new is a must. Every 4-6 weeks you should try at least a few new exercises and re-evaluate what is right for your current level.

If you train alone, you should start with light exercises. Without a trainer, the risk of overloading is much greater than usual.

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Find the right motivation for strength training

There are several possible motivations for strength training:

  • fast weight loss,
  • Achieving beautiful shape, especially on the legs, stomach and arms,
  • Strengthening your own body.

Impatience to achieve these goals often leads to overload. When it comes to strength training, this can end up being pretty bad because you could injure yourself badly. After that, you won’t be able to exercise for a long time. That takes you away from the desired goal and you certainly don’t want that, do you?

So rephrase your motivation something like this:

  • improving the work of your own muscles,
  • Strengthening of the most important muscle groups in terms of health,
  • Better mood in everyday life.

Trust us – with this motivation in mind, you will do your strength training with more enthusiasm and therefore better. As a result, you’re more likely to stick with it consistently. In this way, you will ultimately achieve the desired results from the first motivation group more reliably and keep them for a longer period of time.

Calmness, concentration and a good mood are crucial for successful training. That’s why it’s often better to do strength training at home

Strength training at home - tips and tricks



You should alternate between strength training and stretching exercises. A relaxed body retains the results of exertion longer.

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Find a suitable trainer and follow them on social networks!

Strength training involves many aspects and is not a simple matter.

It’s better to start with your own weight and then move on to various additional weights, such as kettlebells. The order of the exercises, as well as the warm-up and stretching, are of great importance. We are fortunate now that there is a plethora of free or cheap weight training programs available on the internet. You should look at several. Select those trainers who you like and who offer training at your level. You’ll find that you’ll make quick progress with this strategy. Often the trainers will give advice on how to make an exercise easier or more difficult according to your level.

Most importantly, strength training at home with a video won’t make you feel lonely. You stay in a good mood and feel more motivated.

Tip: You should also take responsibility for making some exercises easier if necessary. For example, if a type of weighted squat is performed, you could do all or part of that exercise without the extra load. You can do the push-ups with your knees on the floor. It’s generally better if you start with a simpler variation and then make it more complicated.

Find a workout on the internet that you genuinely enjoy

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Each month you should adapt your training to your current form

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Alternation between strength training at home and stretching, or yoga and Pilates!

Losing weight and getting in good shape is not only a matter of training, but also a problem of hormonal balance. This is particularly important for women. We are far too tense in everyday life and training must not reinforce this tendency. For modern people, combining exercises for relaxation is the very best. There are many effective ways you can achieve this. We give you 3 examples and on the basis of these you can develop your own approach.

  • Prolonged strength training at home with short stretches and a meditation,
  • Strength training with a focus on a specific muscle group and longer stretches,
  • Daily alternation between strength training and stretching exercises, or yoga or Pilates.

danger: When we say yoga and Pilates, we don’t mean the fitness variants, which are actually also a kind of strength training. These types of exercises should really lead to relaxation and not extra effort.

Strength training at home without other people around is like a kind of meditation

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Who is strength training at home good for?

The bottom line is that home strength training is clearly a good idea for many people. This is the best formula for people who have little time and anyway have a lot of communication in everyday life. They feel the need to give themselves a little more time at least once a day. If you’re personally looking for opportunities for more communication, you might want to consider going to the gym instead. By the way, many of the rules we just shared with you also apply there!

Stay healthy and fit!

In order to be able to carry out a healthy and efficient training at home, you have to develop a good body feeling

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Stay in good shape thanks to efficient strength training at home!

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One round children’s room wallpaper with a cute motif is a visual highlight and creates a cozy atmosphere in the children’s room. You don’t always have to wallpaper an entire wall, a wallpaper circle can work just as well. How and where you wallpaper circles and Design and attach round wallpaper yourself I’ll tell you today on my mom blog.

Advertisement. We beautified our boys' room with a round children's room wallpaper. Everything about wallpaper circles (plus tips for mounting them on rough walls) is now available on Mamablog

Design a round children’s room wallpaper yourself

I was looking for a slightly larger picture or something similar for my son’s nursery – for the bare white wall next to his bed. I came across round children’s room wallpaper and was immediately hooked on it. For me such are Wallpaper circles are a great alternative to posters and pictures.

After a few considerations it was clear that I would like to attach a suitable motif next to his bed canopy. You don’t have to get your hands dirty either, because most of the wallpaper circles are super easy to attach and self-adhesive.

Even before we start furnishing the children’s room, we parents ask ourselves how the walls are designed and whether it would be better to use paint or wallpaper. In addition, the selection of the murals is in some cases more difficult than expected, since it is often difficult to decide on the size. After all, you don’t want to overload the walls, but simply create a bit of nice decoration for the little ones.

So we chose a combination of everything decided. A little bit Wall paint there, a few small pictures here and one great wallpaper circle. Found it, designed it yourself and ordered it from Pretty Orange.

Wallpaper circles, round wallpaper and other pretty stationery

Pretty Orange is a delightful shop where you can find, among other things personalized cards for wedding invitations, thank you cards, birthdays or other special occasions can have it made. The special thing about it is that there is already a beautiful selection of ready-made templates, all of which were made by professional designers with a lot of love and creativity. You can either accept these directly and just add your own text, or you can decide to adapt the existing design, make a few color changes and change the arrangement. Pretty Orange even gives you the option of creating your own design. There are hardly any limits to your own creativity.

Should you use it handy, but still individually If you prefer, you can choose from the existing repertoire of templates and use them with personalized messages or designs prettify. Before your cards are finally printed, you will be sent a sample print. This way you can check in advance whether you like the design and whether the remaining cards can be printed like this. If you still have any change requests after that, customer service is always available to help and advise you.

the layout the cards or the wallpaper circles It’s entirely up to you and your taste. Whether you rely on colored highlights in the font, prefer extravagant symbols in gold foil, or prefer romantic and playful lettering – you are free to decide here and design and design both the templates and your own creations individually. By the way: you can decorate both the cards and the envelopes with sweet wooden hearts, simple cords, simple bows or classic seals. Of course, you can also specify any type of stationery yourself and create your own individual design.

Invitations, thank you cards, birthday wishes, wallpaper circles and you can find even more at Pretty Orange, because there are many occasions for invitation cards. Whether for weddings, on the occasion of a birth, birthday wishes, a simple invitation to a party or just to say thank you. Please also have a look at my Pinterest account, where I will show you various invitations that I have designed.

Advertisement. We beautified our boys' room with a round children's room wallpaper. Everything about wallpaper circles (plus tips for mounting them on rough walls) is now available on Mamablog

Our round children’s room wallpaper with animals

As mentioned, Pretty Orange also has wallpaper circles that you can completely customize to your personal taste can. You can simply select your favorites and change the existing design according to your own ideas. There are no limits to you: both the colour as well as the design elements you can set it yourself and arrange it the way you like it best. If you click on the link you will see a very good one Before and after comparison of our chosen design. I didn’t change much visually, only the Colours I adapted it to my son’s nursery setting customized.

If you want to make it completely personal, it makes sense to own photo upload it for the design and then have it printed on the round wallpaper for the children’s room. You still have the option of adding other elements to the photo or doing color coordination work and adding lettering – just how you want it.

With just a few clicks you can conjure up an individual round children’s room wallpaper in no time at all and take care of it for a visual highlight in the children’s room. The wallpaper is available in three different formats, with the standard size having a diameter of 100 cm. There are also some with a diameter of 80 cm or 120 cm. We chose the Alu-Dibond wallpaper circle with a diameter of 100 cm decided.

This is how you design your round children’s room wallpaper online

If you also want to buy a beautiful circle wallpaper online, it’s really easy. Before you start designing, choose a wallpaper circle from the existing collections or design one yourself by uploading your own photo/design. If you decide on your own design, you can now choose the color, edit the image, add your own text or get creative in other ways. Whether playful fonts, unusual symbols or eye-catching splashes of color – let your creative imagination run wild.

When you are finished with the design, put your round children’s room wallpaper in the shopping cart and complete the order. Then it won’t be long before the wallpaper circle arrives and you can attach it to whatever it is intended for. The delivery time is usually about 3 to 6 working days after receipt of payment. Our wallpaper circle was also produced and delivered super fast, which really amazed me with the individual production.

Advertisement. On the Mamablog you can read where and how you can design an individual wallpaper circle for the children's room online.

What I like so much about the wallpaper circles

The wallpaper circles are super easy to use. All you have to do is wet the back generously with water using a sponge and you can attach the personalized children’s wallpaper to the wall without bubbles. You should only make sure that the wall surface is smooth and that you can devote two pairs of hands to the attachment. If at some point you long for a change and want to attach a new (personalized) children’s wallpaper, that’s no problem, the wallpaper circles can be easily removed again.

In our case we have that Alu-Dibond wallpaper circle selected because we a rather rough wall to have. The material consists of two aluminum outer layers with a polyethylene core layer in between and is ideal as a wall circle on a non-100% smooth wall. Mounting on the wall was not an issue – in this case it is not glued to the wall, the wall circles come with a hanging system.

A personalized children’s wallpaper for the feel-good oasis in the children’s room

Personally, it is important to me that his children’s room is not too cluttered and that it looks harmonious. Colors and wallpaper are welcome, but I can do without shrill and squeaky bright colors in wall design and decoration. Even with the little ones, it can lead to sensory overload when brightly colored colors and accessories meet in all color combinations.

That’s not the only reason why I think the idea of ​​wallpaper circles as a wall design in the children’s room is really good. And every mom knows that: as soon as the little ones become really mobile, want to discover and climb everything, there is no longer a hanging picture within reach… and wallpaper circles are a pretty safe bet!

I think personalized things are beautiful. Whether gifts, cards or just individually designed wallpaper. Something that you have made yourself has a special status and is viewed with different eyes. Have a look at Pretty Orange and the nice selection.

Advertisement. On the Mamablog you can read where and how you can design an individual wallpaper circle for the children's room online. Advertisement. We beautified our boys' room with a round children's room wallpaper. Everything about wallpaper circles (plus tips for mounting them on rough walls) is now available on Mamablog Advertisement. A boy's room in blue, mint green and yellow with a beautiful, simple wall design. More on this on the Mamablog Advertisement. On the Mamablog you can read where and how you can design an individual wallpaper circle for the children's room online.

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