Women often tend to keep their old clothes that they no longer wear, rather than throwing them away or simply discarding them. This can sometimes get on our nerves because these clothes take up space in the closet. This makes our closet impractical and unusable especially when we are buying new clothes and couldn’t find space for them. How and when is the perfect time to clean out our closet and sort through. On the one hand it can be the end of the season. On the other hand, other signs can show us that the time for sorting has come. Today we reveal when you should make this change and how you should clean out your closet.

In our article we would like to show you how you should clean out your closet

like dividing the old clothes and sorting out the closet

No doubt you will feel calmer and more content by making a breakdown of your old clothes. The sense of order and harmony in your home comes from the inside out. This means that the small details and seemingly insignificant changes will bring balance and calm. Keep that in mind and try applying this rule to more areas of your life. Now let’s start with the main topic of our article!

Follow our tips and give your wardrobe a refresh and update

Sort and divide wardrobe by color

#You think you have nothing to wear

If you think so, then today is the perfect opportunity to do a little tidying up and get your closet in order. If you never know what to wear, you should definitely clean out your closet. If a blouse doesn’t look good on you anymore or your pants are small, don’t be surprised anymore. It’s high time to let go of your clothes. The good news is that you will have more room for new clothes in the future. This will give you the chance to fill the closet with your new favorite clothes and it will be fun.

If you think so, then you should divide your clothes and discard the unnecessary clothes

like cleaning out the closet and throwing away the old clothes

#They don’t love these clothes anymore and won’t miss them at all

The clothes you won’t miss should be left out immediately. We realize that you haven’t had the courage to throw away everything you don’t need. But don’t worry. The little clothes that hide on shelves will never be brought out in the future either. Therefore, you should make the decision to forego the old clothes. The most important thing would be not to suffer from it because this process will do you a favor in the future. Don’t forget that the good will come to us only when we stop keeping the old. This means that your new clothes are waiting for an empty closet in which to find their place.

Sort out your clothes and don’t worry about the rest

what to do if the clothes are no longer worn

#Your clothes no longer match your current style

Everyone knows that the clothes express our personality and our self-confidence. The way we dress affects how other people perceive us and accept us in society. Over the course of life, our own style changes, which is quite normal. That’s why it’s really important that we feel good and beautiful in our clothes. We say that because we want to encourage you to sort out your clothes and declutter your closet. Only keep clothes that you really feel like yourself in. Only then will you get rid of the old clothes and be willing to try something new.

Follow your style and stop wearing old clothes

clearing out the closet and tips for sorting it out

#You have broken or torn clothes

Some clothes may still smell bad and musty even after washing. That means these dresses are older and need an update. There are also clothes that are already defective. By defective clothes, we mean clothes that are faded or have unsightly cuffs under the armpits. The holes and the destroyed colors are also included. In this situation, you should not put those broken clothes back in the closet again.

You should definitely leave out the defective clothing and replace it with new clothing

Sort out clothes and clean out the closet

In a nutshell, we dealt with the most important aspects of this topic. In summary we say that you should feel comfortable. First and foremost, you should clean out your closet and only then look for new fashionable clothes.


Working from home was unthinkable in the past. Today it is a reality. Just imagine. Your own home becomes your current workplace. what a crazy world We are closed in 4 walls and wonder how to change our boredom at home. Because the pandemic has completely destroyed our old habits and our everyday work, we want to change the situation today. That’s why we’re happy to show you how you can redesign your workplace in a creative and unusual way. With our helpful tips you will set up your office at home and bring a change in your study. Let’s not wait any longer and start now with our perfect tips.

In our article you will learn how to set up your work office in style

work from home and change the atmosphere

By following these tips your office will not only look stylish but really comfortable for work!

Set up #home office: Decide on good lighting

Many people don’t realize that the right lighting plays a significant role in worker productivity. When the lighting is too bright or too dark, our eyes don’t work well. As a result, we get tired much faster and in a moment we have no energy at all to finish our work. This is an unnecessary use of energy that we could in fact prevent. Especially if we choose the right lighting, we will look forward to a smooth work process. In addition, our room will be stylishly furnished.

The right sunlight becomes more and more important when we talk about good working conditions

choose the right lighting for the work space

#Home-Office Design: create an ergonomic atmosphere

You should definitely consider the choice of office chair. Don’t forget that the chair should look not only stylish, but also comfortable. Convenience is very often underestimated because we don’t pay much attention to the small details. For the good of your back, we recommend you choose a comfortable office chair. Height adjustable panels and mobility can improve your focus and posture by supporting and balancing levels of happiness.

By following our tips, you will create an ergonomic living space

create an ergonomic atmosphere at home and furnish it stylishly

Set up your desk: Create harmony and order in the workplace

If storage space reigns supreme in your office, then you will feel comfortable and energetic. The perfect room has no superfluous items. It is furnished in a minimalist style and has nothing to distract your attention. We recommend that you choose shelves, cabinets and chests of drawers that provide storage space. Minimalist decor is the key to balance in the workplace.

By putting your workplace in order, you will have harmony

study with decorative elements and good design

Find #office inspiration: consider the color combination

Most often we choose those colors that would match the rest of the interior of the room. We advise you to choose colors that appear neutral and do not disturb your eyes. The beige and pastel colors are particularly suitable because they will add warmth to the atmosphere. According to the feng shui establishment, colors like blue and green are really suitable for an optimal working atmosphere. They have been found to have a calming effect and encourage creativity.

Combine the colors correctly by following our recommendations

Set up a home office and set up an office at home

#Office set up at home: stick to decorative elements

The office should be both practical and stylish. Trendy elements will help refresh the atmosphere and provide better comfort. The decorative shelves together with chic vases, decorative figures, pictures and lamps are an ideal way to add creativity to the room.

The decorative elements will add a sense of fashion and trend to the room

Set up an office at home and how to improve comfort

#Study ideas: create a cozy atmosphere

Armchairs with soft cushions are sure to create a feel-good atmosphere. Photos that remind you of happy moments in life will lift your spirits by motivating you for successful achievements.

Create a cozy working atmosphere and work with fun

creating comfort and balance in the study.jfif

#Take the technical equipment into consideration

You probably won’t believe it, but the technical part of a setup is what really matters. If you have printers or cell phones on your desk, you should refrain from these habits. The shelves above the table and small cabinets are ideal for positioning your technical equipment.

The technical part of a facility should not be underestimated

Set up technical equipment in the study and office


Do you have the feeling that your wardrobe smells musty and really unpleasant? If so, make no mistake. Although we wash and clean our clothes regularly, they can develop a bad smell. In this case you shouldn’t worry. Today we will support you to solve this problem. From today, your clothes will always smell fresh and cleaned. Because your closet smells musty, you should definitely take some measures. By following our tips and tricks, you will effectively and permanently remove bad smells from your clothes and wardrobe.

Today we will help you to remove the musty smell

remove musty smell from clothes and how

Consider that you would not be able to remove the musty smell from the closet if you do not know the source. But do not forget that the dust can also cause an unpleasant smell. To achieve this goal, you should first clean the room well.

If your wardrobe smells bad, you should adopt these measures

remove musty odor and keep clothes fresh

#Remove the mold and dust

Either mold or mildew could be a cause. Mold is formed when too much moisture is trapped in your closet and between clothes. The main reason for this is the lack of ventilation that has nowhere to flow. To help you find the trigger, we recommend checking for water leaks in the walls or ceiling. It is best not to position your closet near the toilet. As a result, it will not attract moisture. If you successfully remove the mold, the musty smell will disappear. A good idea would be to fill a two-cap bottle full of hot water and bleach. Then spray the mold and let it act enough. At the end of the process, you will look forward to fresh smells.

This will effectively remove the mold

remove musty smell from clothes without washing.jfif

#Clean the wardrobe regularly

In order to achieve a wardrobe that always smells fresh and nice, you should clean it regularly. You should use soap to remove the dust and dirty areas from the floors. Wash all surfaces of your cabinet with water or all-purpose cleaner. If you have carpet, you should steam clean the carpet. This will give you the satisfactory results. Make sure all areas of your closet are completely dry before returning your clothes. We recommend that you air your wardrobe every day and use perfume. In this way you give it an even more refreshing scent.

Don’t forget that you should clean your closet regularly

remove musty smell from clothes

#Dry the clothes before tidying up

Cleaning up is really important! If your clothes aren’t dried well, that will be a source of musty smells. You should also regularly perfume your clothes before you put them back in the closet. Especially if you have even worn a piece of clothing once, you should wash it with perfumed detergent. This will remove any sweat smell.

Your clothes should be completely dried

closet enough musty and uncomfortable and how to fight that

#Don’t sort clothes too close together

If you pack your clothes too tightly together, the air in the closet will not circulate well. For this reason, unpleasant smells arise. To avoid this problem, we recommend that you organize your clothes in a way that allows air to circulate better and more effectively. In addition, you should not store anything on the floor.

Your clothes should be sorted well

laundry smells musty after a while in the closet

#Hang all clothes on wooden hangers

You should choose wood because wood protects your clothes and prevents the musty smells. The wood will absorb the excess moisture in the air. In addition, the wood has a naturally pleasant scent. As a result, it will give your clothes a fresh smell.

Consider that wood would be a good idea

remove musty smell from clothes and keep them fresh

#Perfume your closet regularly

In order to remove the musty smell from the closet, you should spray your wardrobe regularly. To this end, we recommend that you use your favorite perfume. A good idea would be to spray essential oil onto tissue paper and then allow it to dry completely. Scented with plants and nature, the soaps will help your storage spaces smell wonderful and fresh.

Perfuming your clothes everyday will keep them smelling nice

remove musty laundry odor and give refreshment

Closet smells musty: these home remedies work wonders

By using these home remedies, you will win the eternal battle against the musty stench!

#Freshly washed laundry stinks in the closet: use baking soda

Baking soda is known to absorb the smells of moisture. A perfect idea would be to fill a bowl with baking soda. Leave it in your closet for a day. Then consider the effect. You will love it.

We recommend you to use baking powder

laundry smells musty after a while in the closet and remove the smell.jfif

#Remove musty smell from clothes without washing: Use coffee grounds

Coffee grounds are really good at absorbing the bad smells. Fill a container with coffee grounds and poke several holes in the lid. Keep the container in your closet and replace the coffee grounds monthly.

By following our tips, you will never suffer

cupboard enough musty and how to remove the smell

#Laundry smells musty: Use vinegar

Vinegar acts as a real deodorant. Therefore, you can spray Frosty to give the clothes a desired refreshment. You should take white vinegar and water and put them in a spray bottle. Then apply the mixture to your clothes.

Vinegar will be a perfect tool

how to refresh your wardrobe

#Laundry smells: Use chalk

Chalk will effectively remove the moisture scents. By trying chalk, you’ll fight the bad stench forever. Put chalk in a bag by tying it up. Then poke a few holes in the fabric. Place them in the mustiest spots in your wardrobe.

Without a doubt, your clothes will always smell fresh

clothes smell fresh and pleasant


In the summer we travel a lot and travel a lot. We go on vacation and laze on the beach or go to the mountains with friends and do our best. But autumn and winter are usually a period of stagnation. We move less and less, go back to work and spend most of the day sitting. As a result, we have no energy and begin to feel unfit. So today we have prepared 4 simple exercises that you can do at home with a ball. Here’s what they are and how to do them effectively!

Exercise Ball Exercises for a New I-Image!

gymnastic ball exercises stomach legs po

A lack of exercise for several months can have adverse effects on the back and lower back. This carries the risk of obesity and arteriosclerosis. Our back will suffer the most, but we can save it.

With an exercise ball! How do these balls work? They promote so-called active sitting and strengthen the muscles in the abdomen, back and legs.

They also have a positive effect on your overall balance and posture. According to experts, however, an exercise ball does not replace a desk chair. Sitting on the ball for too long, on the other hand, can overload the muscles, which then react with tension and pain. The 4 versatile and easy-to-perform exercises with the stability ball will enrich your training program at home or in the gym. You also train your coordination. If you are wondering what time of the day you should exercise, you will find interesting information about it in our article: Should you exercise in the morning or in the evening?

Exercises with gymnastic ball in the gym

Gym ball exercises for seniors

Fit with the exercise ball

exercise ball exercises for a flat stomach

strengthening of the muscles

If you’re looking for easy home workouts that will tone your whole body, you’ve come to the right place!

This is important:

  • If you need it, also clean up to keep the floor from spilling.
  • If you feel comfortable and confident on a mat, use it.
  • Best with sneakers for more stability when stepping on the ground.

The exercise ball exercises are suitable for both seniors and young people

seated pezziball exercises

#Exercise 1: Squats on the wall

Tip: Your back should hold the ball well against the wall to keep it from falling.

  1. Take the exercise ball and place it between the wall and your lower back.
  2. Place your feet hip-width apart.
  3. Bend your knees and crouch, moving the ball along the wall with your torso.
  4. Hold for 5 seconds when the ball is at its lowest point.
  5. Stand up straight again.

Do 8 reps, two sets at a time.

Top exercise ball Exercise for back, buttocks and legs: squats

exercise ball exercises back squats on the wall

#Exercise 2: push-ups

  1. Lie prone on the ball and move your body forward with your hands on the floor.
  2. Now only your feet are on the device.
  3. Place your hands at shoulder level. Your body should form a straight line.
  4. Now bend your elbows and lower your torso down.
  5. Hold this position at the lowest point – with your face almost on the ground – for 5 seconds.
  6. Raise your body again.

Do 8 reps of 2 sets.

Push-ups with a difference – the effect is amazing

exercise ball doing push-ups

#Exercise 3: folding knife

Tip: The best way to do this exercise is to use your physical strength and perform the movements with as little pressure as possible.

  1. Lie on your back and stretch out on the mat.
  2. The arms should be stretched overhead.
  3. Grab the ball with your hands while simultaneously lifting your torso and legs.
  4. Your hands are at ankle height. When your hands and feet touch, squeeze the exercise ball between your legs and return to the starting position.
  5. Do the same exercise with the ball between your feet.

Do 8 reps x 2 sets.

Experiment more with this awesome fitness accessory!

exercises with gymnastic ball toning

#Exercise 4: Diagonal Crunch

This is one of the most enjoyable exercises you can do with this multifunctional exercise ball.

  1. Lie sideways on the ball. It should be mid-body, below the waist.
  2. Cross your arms behind your head.
  3. Raise your torso at a 30 degree angle. This is an ideal exercise for the abdominal muscles.
  4. Stay in this position for 5 seconds.
  5. Relax the body.

Do a total of 8 reps for 2 sets, switching sides.

Where do you prefer to train?

exercises with a gymnastic ball in the gym or at home


Summer recedes, but late summer brings with it a rich color palette. Autumn bouquets of flowers look out of the windows of the flower shops and the weekly markets also offer a colorful selection. Even if you ride your bike through the field yourself, you will be mesmerized by the splendor of the autumn flowers. The garden colonies also bloom in Indian summer and the mood is different from the gloomy one usually associates with autumn. Why is that and what important role the floral decorations and bouquets play, we would like to discuss below.

For this purpose we help ourselves with inspirational image material, which may also gently prepare you, our readers, for the transition to autumn.

Autumn bouquets – an encounter with nature that is full of insights

autumn bouquets of flowers thorn

Autumn bouquets and why are they so important for our decoration ideas?

Flowers surround us so naturally that we often perceive them as an ordinary occurrence. As a result, we humans are gradually forgetting to enjoy the beauty that nature offers us completely freely and free of charge. We admit that the distractions of media and brightly colored images are powerful and aggressive.



That’s why we thought – the late summer is so wonderful and magnificent that we can write a whole article about it. So we would like to draw your attention to autumn bouquets, delicate and natural, like the flowers themselves.

Spending more time in nature always brings benefits. If you don’t have time, you can simply enjoy a delicious coffee at the weekly market and be sure to buy a fresh bunch of seasonal flowers or have them put together. Unbelievable, but true – the dried flowers can also represent a magnificent and quite natural bouquet.

Once you start observing nature intensively, especially in late summer, you will be able to put together new and magnificent bouquets of autumn flowers every day

autumn bouquets of flowers heather


Just getting on a bike and riding through the fields can be a great and very personal late autumn gift

autumn bouquets of flowers wonderful

Floristic ideas that combine nature and culture result in magically beautiful and quite autumnal bouquets

autumn bouquets of flowers



Regardless of the occasion, autumn bouquets should be bought or made yourself

Which flowers are suitable for which occasion? If you just look around, you will be amazed to find that the flowers are blooming in full splendor for us personally, for no reason or reason. Why do we always need a reason to give away beauty or to be able to experience it? Weddings, birthdays, but also dates can be combined with wonderful bouquets of flowers. If you want to attract attention or stand out, then give autumn bouquets of flowers! Whether you pick them yourself in the garden or in the field or have them elegantly arranged by the florist on the corner, always try to keep the Indian Summer mood. Nature always vibrates in the finest harmony, especially when it comes to colors and shapes.

So make an imaginative arrangement with flowers and leaves that catch your eye and use them to decorate your home! You will be amazed at the change that just a few flowers can bring to the room.

The late summer and fall color palette includes the colors and even the moments to be experienced throughout the year

autumn bouquets wild with raspberry leaf herbs

Even dried, the autumn bouquets are a magnificent bouquet

autumn bouquets wildflowers

We can enjoy and admire magenta, violet, orange, sunny yellow and everything in rich and full color nuances in autumn

autumn bouquets of flowers wedding bridal bouquet autumn decoration selebr make

The wilder and more unusual the autumn bouquets of flowers, the closer you are to the great work of the artist called nature

autumn bouquets rural autumn flowers

All arrangements are conceivable, because autumn offers an inexhaustible supply of great shapes, colors and possibilities

autumnal bouquets of flowers wedding bridal bouquet pumpkin

Deep insights are possible through autumn bouquets of flowers

Autumn bouquets and decorations for weddings or outdoor celebrations in October are particularly romantic. The golden autumn is also particularly popular for photographers who want to capture all the color nuances of autumn and immortalize them in pictures. So ripe and so bountiful is nature in autumn, when there are many lasting flowers and fruits.

Although autumn is associated with bad weather and melancholy, one should keep one’s senses awake, also for the glorious moments in one and the same season. Before winter finally sets in, nature puts on a grandiose spectacle for us. We are to slow down just for a moment and accept the great gift. The quickest and shortest way to grasp the miracle of life is actually through autumn bouquets of flowers. The wilder and more unusual the bouquets of flowers, the closer we are to the work of the greatest artist of all.

Many nature lovers advise that you shouldn’t pick flowers and give them away alive in pots. When we’re so close to Thanksgiving, we’d rather say that one should gratefully embrace the beauty and fill the senses with perfect colors and shapes for the harsh and dreary time of winter.

Enjoy every moment and every season, because these are unique and one-off affairs!

Especially at the wedding you can surprise the bride with autumn bouquets

autumn bouquets of flowers wedding bridal bouquet

autumn bouquets of flowers red orange

autumn bouquets magical

autumn bouquets of flowers field

autumnal bouquets rural autumn flowers october

bouquet of autumn flowers red

autumn bouquets of flowers field september

autumn bouquets of flowers field dry

autumn bouquets rural autumn flowers


Cleaning the toilet bowl is a necessary, if not particularly pleasant, weekly task. But there are some surprising home remedies you can use to perfectly clean the toilet. How can you easily and quickly clean the edge of the toilet and what home remedies are suitable for this? The answers to these and other questions about toilet cleaning can be found here.

A deep clean once a week is ideal, with the frequency depending on how many people are using the toilet. If you share a room with a group of roommates, you should agree to clean the toilet more often. It’s also a good idea to wipe the toilet down at the end of the day with an antibacterial cloth to remove germs from the seat and handle. This is also a good idea if one of the roommates is sick. In such cases, you should always have antibacterial wipes on hand and wipe everything down after each use. This habit also helps keep dirt from building up, making weekly deep cleaning easier and faster.

A deep cleaning once a week is recommended

cleaning the edge of the toilet gloves sponge

Where does the brown deposits come from under the rim of the toilet?

Where does this unsightly and unsanitary debris come from and why is it so difficult to clean up? The answer to both of these questions has to do with the content of your water and more specifically with the reactions between urine and water. The lime contained in the water used to flush the toilet reacts with substances in the urine. This creates a mineral compound called urine scale, which can be an uncomfortable and persistent problem.

Urine scale forms faster in some toilets – this is due to high levels of lime in the local tap water. Lime is formed when rainwater seeps through various layers of calcareous rock. Before the rainwater reaches the groundwater, it absorbs the lime and accumulates with it. Limescale in water is not a problem in itself, but it can cause annoying limescale deposits – even in appliances such as coffee machines and washing machines. The lime content of tap water varies from region to region. However, regular cleaning and descaling can quickly remove superficial limescale stains.

Correctly remove the deposits under the toilet rim

cleaning urine scale removing brown stains from the toilet bowl

How do I get rid of the urine stone?

The first step in getting rid of brown spots is proper preparation. Turn off the main water faucet at the back of the toilet. Remove all water from the bowl using a bucket or sponge. Removing the water is very important because it makes room for the acidic detergent to apply.

Most conventional bathroom cleaners cannot remove the brown stains. You need an acidic detergent to remove the deposit runes and clean the toilet. Of course, we wouldn’t recommend using just any acid for this task. The most effective acid is hydrochloric acid, but it is far too dangerous for domestic use. It can burn your skin and cause serious gastrointestinal problems if inhaled. Therefore, we advise you to leave the use of hydrochloric acid to the professionals. Instead, we recommend treating brown stains in the toilet bowl with vinegar, baking soda, baking soda, or even Coca Cola.

Remove the urine stone with home remedies

clean the edge of the toilet wipe with a cloth use gloves

Now you will need some patience. Regardless of which cleaning agent you use, it must act in the bowl for at least half an hour. The longer you can leave it in there, the better. For this reason, it is a good idea to put the solution in the toilet before going to bed and leave it on overnight. Of course, that’s not particularly realistic if you only have one toilet and want to use it. So you’ll probably have to settle for between half an hour and an hour at most before you start scrubbing.

This will make the toilet completely clean again

toilet clean detergent gloves sponge

After letting the acidic cleaner sit for as long as possible, next scrub off the brown stains. Scrubbing too vigorously can damage your toilet and make the stains even more difficult to remove! Also, avoid using wire-bristled toilet brushes. Plastic or rubber bristles are much gentler and more effective. When you’re done scrubbing, you can flush the toilet.

Get rid of stubborn brown deposits in the toilet

equipment for removing urine scale from toilet

What is the best way to clean the edge of the toilet?

If you can’t get rid of the stains with standard cleaning products, there are many alternative home remedies you can try.
For newer stains, applying white vinegar or lemon juice and scrubbing with a toilet brush will help. You can also try mixing white vinegar with baking soda or baking soda if a stronger scrub is needed. For older stains, you should use professional cleaners. Another, less conventional strategy is to remove stains with Coca-Cola.

Unfortunately, cleaning is not possible without a little scrubbing

cleaning the edge of the toilet with a toilet brush and home remedies

Home remedies for the toilet

Can you clean the toilet with coke?

Is it possible to clean a toilet with Coca-Cola? Yes indeed! While the concentrations of the essential cleaning ingredients are small, given enough time they can still get the job done. This home remedy is an inexpensive, readily available, and safe alternative to commercial products that contain harsh chemicals. The acids in Coca-Cola slowly dissolve stubborn stains and deposits, which are then rinsed away during the cleaning process. If you hate cleaning toilets and prefer not to touch the toilet bowl, then this cleaning product is for you. Make sure you rinse off the cola properly at the end.

Cola helps against deposits in the toilet bowl

clean the rim of the toilet with home remedies coca cola as a cleaning agent

Are you still curious about how coke can be used to clean the toilet? If you have a liter or two of Coke on hand, it might be worth trying using it to clear the sludge from under the toilet rim. And here are the steps:

  1. Reheat the Coca-Cola in the microwave. But it shouldn’t be boiled. Make sure the container is suitable for this. Alternatively, you can put the cola in a saucepan and heat it on the stove.
  2. Pour the cola into the toilet shots and leave for at least 2 hours, preferably overnight. Do not use the toilet during this time.
  3. Use a toilet brush to scrub loosened dirt from under the rim and around the floor. Helpful Tip: Most guides either omit this step or say it’s optional. But we’ve found that lightly scrubbing helps remove the loosened dirt from the toilet bowl.
  4. Flush the toilet until the water runs clear. Repeat the process as needed until the limescale has disappeared.

Clean the toilet rim effectively with a few tricks: step by step to a clean toilet

clean the edge of the toilet quickly with baking soda or baking powder

Clean the rim of the toilet with vinegar

The rim of the toilet can also be easily cleaned with vinegar. First, make sure you’re using white distilled vinegar. Don’t use apple cider vinegar. The brown color could pollute your toilet additionally. Sure, he cleans just as well. But you don’t want to worry about new stains. Next, fill a clean spray bottle with white vinegar. You can also just pour the vinegar out of the bottle, but you’ll need a lot less of it with a spray bottle. It also allows you to spray the entire inside of the bowl. Spray some white vinegar in the toilet bowl and let it sit for at least 10 minutes. You can also leave it on for several hours or even overnight. If you want to scrub your toilet, use a toilet brush. You will be surprised how well the dirt comes off.

Vinegar is also one of the all-rounders in the household

cleaning the toilet with home remedy white vinegar

Clean the toilet rim with baking soda

To enhance the effects of vinegar, add another all-round home remedy โ€“ baking soda.

  1. Pour 2 cups of vinegar directly onto the stains and leave on for about an hour.
  2. Sprinkle 1 cup of baking soda on the stains, then pour another cup of vinegar over them.
  3. Wipe the toilet rim with the toilet brush.
  4. Watch the mixture bubble up and leave on for 15 minutes.
  5. Scrub the toilet rim with a toilet brush and rinse the toilet well.

Clean the toilet rim with baking soda or baking soda

which home remedies for toilet cleaning baking powder or baking soda

Can you clean the toilet rim with baking soda?

Alternatively, you can use baking soda instead of baking powder. Pour 3 cups of vinegar down the toilet. After a short exposure, you can add 1 cup of baking soda. Wipe the rim of the toilet with the toilet brush and leave the mixture on for another 15 minutes. Scrub the toilet rim with the toilet brush and rinse the toilet thoroughly.

Home remedies โ€“ the eco-friendly and inexpensive alternative to conventional cleaning agents

cleaning with toilet brush removing urine scale from toilet

Everything is easier and faster with the right equipment

detergent brush and gloves for toilet cleaning


The autumn anemone, also written autumn anemone, has the Latin name Anemone hupehensis and is one of the most beautiful and popular late summer and autumn flowers in the hobby garden. Depending on the variety, their blooms delight the senses either from July or from September, and then last into October with the right care. Speaking of care – do you know how to properly care for your autumn anemones? Because despite their undemanding nature, winter hardiness and amazing adaptability, the pretty autumn anemones are not without a few special care requirements. You can find out what these are in today’s post.

Take care of autumn anemones and fill the garden with magnificent color spectacles every year

Caring for autumn anemones - guides and interesting facts rainbow colors anemones



These exotic ornamental plants feed bees and other pollinators well into late fall

Caring for autumn anemones - guides and interesting facts bee-friendly plants hobby garden


Find the ideal location for the anemones in the garden

Autumn anemones are native to the grasslands and mountainous regions of East and Southeast Asia. Its Latin name Anemone hupehensis literally means “Anemone from Hupeh”. It is believed that the ornamental plant originally came from the Chinese provinces and later became wild.

Due to their worldwide popularity and astonishing adaptability, autumn anemones have actually spread to almost the entire Asian continent and increasingly to Europe and South America. Outside of East and Southeast Asia, however, the plant is considered invasive.

Even in our domestic hobby gardens, this little flower, which at first glance seems delicate and sensitive, can overgrow beds almost as quickly and aggressively as a real weed. When this is fully intentional, all you have to do is properly care for your autumn anemones and provide them with the perfect care and living conditions.

Anemones do not have any special requirements when it comes to the location. They prefer a full sun location, but also tolerate light penumbra. These ornamental plants should not be planted in full shade, as they will then have fewer lush flowers and will not survive the winter frosts as well.

Autumn anemones are extremely easy to care for, but not entirely undemanding

Caring for autumn anemones - advice and useful information meadow with pink flowers beautiful

Anemone japonica is the most popular cultivated variety, originally from Japan

Caring for autumn anemones - advice and things worth knowing pink anemone nice tender



The special soil requirements of the autumn anemone

Autumn anemones have some special soil quality requirements. These decorative ornamental plants form a densely branched, fibrous, subterranean rhizome root system that requires loose, nutrient-rich, humus-rich, and well-drained soil for propagation.

The best time to plant is in spring, when all danger of frost has passed. Before planting, the hole should be patched with either mature compost, worm castings or well-rotted manure. A slightly acidic pH between 5.8 and 6.2 is good for the anemone. Do a soil test to determine this.

During periods of active growth and warm temperatures, the soil around the autumn anemone should always remain slightly moist with regular but moderate watering. It is better not to water from above, but at the foot of the plant and pay attention to the amount of water. Less is more here! Anemones can tolerate neither drought nor waterlogging.

Anemones truly come in all colors of the rainbow

Caring for autumn anemones - advice and interesting facts colorful anemones

The abundance, shape and size of the flowers can vary greatly depending on the variety and hybrid

Caring for autumn anemones - guide and interesting facts filled flowers pink

Autumn anemones care with which fertilizer and when

If you have planted your autumn anemones in fertile soil that has been supplemented with mulch, worm castings or manure, then additional fertilization will not be necessary for the first few years.

Note, however, that young plants in particular draw more nutrients from the soil than fully grown specimens during active growth phases. If you suddenly notice that your autumn anemones aren’t growing as vigorously or carrying as many buds as they used to, give them a little boost of energy.

You can apply ordinary flower fertilizer or perennial slow-release fertilizer from the garden center according to the product packaging. Alternatively, you can mulch around the plants again with mature compost, worm castings or well-rotted manure. Monthly watering with worm tea or compost tea can do wonders for your late summer and fall bloomers.

It is definitely worth doing a thorough soil test every 5-6 years

Caring for autumn anemones - guide and useful information soil test analysis complete

So you don’t have to spend money on fertilizer unnecessarily

Caring for autumn anemones - guide and useful information meadow flowers japan

Properly multiply and plant anemones

If you take good care of your autumn anemones, they will multiply rapidly without any additional help. However, if you want to plant them in another bed as well, or someone has asked you for a cutting, then you will need to do a little extra gardening.

The best propagation method is by root cuttings. To do this, simply poke out a stolon with a flower trowel, separate it from the root ball of the mother plant and transplant it to an already prepared new place as soon as possible.

If all care requirements are met and the weather conditions are also optimal, a young autumn anemone planted in spring can already bear the first flowers in autumn. However, in the first two years of life, their root system is not fully developed. The young plants are therefore more sensitive to cold than the fully grown ones.

Therefore, as soon as the temperatures start to drop, it is advisable to protect the young autumn anemones from snow and ice with a thick layer of autumn leaves and twigs. Even the youngest of your ornamental plants can easily withstand temperatures down to -20 degrees.

Adult autumn anemones are practically indestructible

Caring for autumn anemones - advice and useful information lila violet anemone nice

If you take good care of your autumn anemones, you will reward these Asian ornamental plants with more and more lush blooms year after year. This delights the senses with a true spectacle of colors until late autumn and transforms your entire garden into a feast for the eyes. We hope our tips are helpful to you.

If you take good care of your autumn anemones, your efforts will be amply rewarded

Caring for autumn anemones - guide and interesting facts blue flowers garden beautiful

The perfect cut flowers for all kinds of occasions

Caring for autumn anemones - advice and useful information cut flowers blue bouquet

Caring for autumn anemones - advice and useful information white anemones yellow

Caring for autumn anemones - advice and useful information purple anemone easy

Even if you clean your washing machine thoroughly and regularly, it can still start smelling. This is also a problem that comes up more often than you might think. Over time, dirt, detergent residue, and minerals build up in the washing machine, causing that unpleasant smell. Unfortunately, a smelly washing machine means your laundry smells too. Of course nobody wants that. Luckily, there are things you can do when your washing machine stinks. In this article we will tell you exactly what you can do.

Unfortunately, it can happen that your washing machine stinks

Can I clean the washing machine with vinegar if it stinks?

Fortunately, you don’t have to live with a smelly washing machine. The first thing to think about before you start washing is whether you have a top-loading or front-loading washing machine. Unfortunately, although front loading washing machines can be found in most homes and are generally more popular, they are more prone to smelly and moldy over time if not cleaned properly. The design of front-loading washing machines makes them more likely to develop odors, suds, and mold.

To avoid this, you need a highly efficient cleaning agent that is compatible with this design. Unless you’re using a high-efficiency detergent, there won’t be enough water to wash the detergent away. The washing drum can then fill up with dirt and debris, which can lead to bad smells. Something similar happens with the rubber door seal that prevents water leakage. These seals become traps for dirt, soap scum and other parts, and are also a place where bad odors can collect.

Cleaning the washing machine is particularly important

bad smelling washing machine clean vinegar tips

How to clean a smelly washing machine

For this you need:

  • sponge/washcloth
  • bleach
  • baking soda
  • white vinegar
  • rubber gloves (optional)
  • old toothbrush

It is important to scrub the washing machine before actually cleaning it

how to clean washing machine home remedies for bad smells


  • This is a step that is often overlooked when cleaning a smelly washing machine. It is important that you scrub the washing machine before actually cleaning it. Begin by removing all soap, bleach, and fabric softener dispensers. Use an old toothbrush or the corner of your sponge to give them a good clean. Also, if you can reach the deposits in the tubes of the boxes, clear them out. If you have a top-loading washing machine, you should also clean around the door and hinges, where dirt can become invisible. For front-loading washing machines, wipe the rubber seal and remove any dirt. It is better to scrub these areas before deep cleaning the drum.

Bleach can fight mold in the washing machine

my washing machine stinks how can i clean it with home remedies

#washing machine drum cleaning

  • The most important part of washing machine cleaning is mold control. You can easily fight mold and mildew with bleach. Make sure you wear rubber gloves and ventilate the room well when using such products. NEVER mix bleach with any other cleaner.
    • Pour four cups of bleach into a top-loading machine, or two cups into a front-loading machine.
    • Carry out a wash cycle with the highest temperature and let the washing drum fill up. Discontinue the cycle once the bleach has mixed with the water. Leave it on for about 30 minutes before completing the cycle.
    • Run a rinse to remove all traces of bleach.

A mixture of baking soda and vinegar can work wonders

cleaning soda washing machine if it stinks tips info

Clean the washing machine with vinegar and baking soda

After you sanitize the drum with bleach, the vinegar and baking soda mixture can act as a secondary cleaner and deodorizer for the washing machine. It should remove any remaining dirt, grime, and bad odors.

Thats how it works:

  1. Mix together 1/4 cup baking soda and 1/4 cup water.
  2. Pour the mixture into the dispenser.
  3. Use 4 cups of white vinegar (not apple cider vinegar) for a top-loading machine, or 2 cups for a front-loading machine.
  4. Then pour the vinegar into the drum.
  5. Run a high temperature cycle.
  6. You can interrupt the washing process and leave the mixture on for 30 minutes for a more thorough cleaning.

Baking soda comes to the rescue

washing machine stinks what to do cleaning with home remedies tips

Washing machine stinks – how can this be prevented?

By learning how to clean your smelly washing machine, you can deal with those odors more easily. However, there are things you can do to avoid such situations. Such as:

  • Always keep your washing machine door open between washes to allow excess moisture to evaporate and prevent mold from forming.
  • Make sure you use a highly efficient detergent. If your washing machine is a high-efficiency appliance, especially a front-load washing machine, such detergents will help minimize the build-up of soap scum.
  • Thoroughly clean the seal on your washing machine. The gasket is the most likely suspect for washing machine odors. Therefore, cleaning and disinfecting the seal is crucial if you want to keep your washing machine and clothes fresh.

Unfortunately, over time, a lot of dirt can accumulate in the washing machine

How to clean a smelly washing machine with baking soda and vinegar

Vinegar can quickly remove bad odors in the washing machine

home remedies washing machine clean vinegar and baking soda info

Clean the washing machine with vinegar and baking soda

easy washing machine cleaning home remedies vinegar and baking soda


You may have heard a thousand times that drinking water plays a key role in your health. And by that we mean fresh bottled water and not soda or alcohol. To stay hydrated 24/7, we recommend (especially on those late summer days that are still hot) that you always have a bottle of water on hand. There are countless variants on the market: made of plastic, glass or stainless steel. The choice is yours! Like everything else, the drinking bottle also needs proper care. Here we explain everything about how to clean water bottle to prevent mold and musty smell.

How often do you clean your water bottle?

how to get the glass drinking bottle clean clean the drinking bottle easily clean the glass drinking bottle with a brush and water

Proper care of your drinking bottle is actually more important than you think. A dirty bottle is not only uncomfortable or sometimes dirty, it can also be harmful to your health. The moisture in the bottle is an ideal environment for bacteria, fungi and mold. In some cases, they form a biofilm of microorganisms and mucus that can cause inflammation and stomach problems. To avoid this, specialists recommend washing your drinking bottle every day.

Avoid harsh detergents when rinsing the bottle

clean drinking bottle vinegar seal clean drinking bottle rinse mouthpiece and blue cap under running water

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If you use your water bottle (we’re talking about reusable drinking bottles!) every day, you should also rinse it every day. Fill the bottle with hot water, add a few drops of dish soap and rub the bottle thoroughly with a bottle brush. If you don’t have one, you can use the following trick: put the water in the bottle with the dish soap, close it with the lid and shake well for a few seconds. Then rinse the bottle well and let it dry completely. You should also wash the lid and the screw cap regularly, because bacteria and limescale are also stored there.

If not washed regularly, bottles start to smell

what to do if drinking bottle stinks little girl drinks water from plastic drinking bottle

One tip: Avoid reusing single-use drinking bottles. First of all, these are harmful to the environment. Only a small part of this is fully recycled, while most PET bottles (as well as bags and dishes) are thrown into the water. Second, these bottles are made of plastic that is contaminated with chemicals. When single-use bottles are refilled (especially when containing acidic beverages such as cola or energy drinks) and shaken, microparticles become dislodged. They get into the body and are stored clean. Acetaldehyde, a chemical that can cause cancer, is used in the manufacture of single-use bottles.

Make sure that not every drinking bottle can go in the dishwasher

clean drinking bottles with vinegar clean drinking bottle five drinking bottles made of different materials and colors

How do you clean the inside of a bottle?

In most cases you will not need any special tools. Separate the mouthpiece from the bottle and immerse both in hot water for about 5 minutes. Then wash the bottle with dish soap and bottle brush. Rinse thoroughly and allow parts to air dry. When cleaning, be sure to consider the materials your bottle is made of. If the water is too hot, plastics like polycarbonate can release harmful BPA. To prevent this, either choose bottles that are free of BPA and pollutants or clean them according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Don’t leave your bottle in the sun for a long time as it can be harmful to them

how to clean water bottles clean drinking bottle with chlorine orange plastic drinking bottle on tennis court

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How the bottle reacts to high temperatures is also important if you want to put it in the dishwasher. Unfortunately, thermal bottles (also known as vacuum bottles) are not dishwasher-safe because the salts in the detergent damage the insulating layer. The high temperature can also deform the cap and the bottle will then leak.

So, do a good online check or ask in store if the bottle can go in the dishwasher and at what temperature.

Such straw brushes are very handy for cleaning drinking bottles

how to disinfect plastic bottles bpa free drinking bottle clean stainless steel straw with small brush

How do you clean stainless steel drinking bottles?

Drinking bottles made of stainless steel can keep cold drinks cool for longer, while the warm ones don’t cool too quickly either. To protect your thermal insulation, you should also treat the bottle properly. As noted above, it would be better not to put the bottle in the dishwasher. That way it won’t get scratched. With a little washing-up liquid and a soft bottle brush, you can quickly disinfect them inside without worrying about the coating.

Clean drinking bottle with rice or salt

clean drinking bottle home remedy why stainless steel bottle not in dishwasher stainless steel bottle home remedy for cleaning

But if stubborn stains and coffee or tea residue remain, put a little vinegar or vinegar essence on a kitchen towel and rub the spots on the outside. If they don’t fade, soak the entire bottle and mouthpiece in a solution of warm water and 5 tablespoons apple cider vinegar for 15 minutes. Then rinse everything under running water.

Cleaning drinking bottle home remedies

Different cleaning tablets that are specially designed for drinking bottles are already on the market. But if you don’t want to spend the usual money, you can simply resort to the following home remedies.

All parts of the bottle must be cleaned separately

how often should you clean a drinking bottle drinking bottle clean the mouthpiece and straw


When we talk about cleaning and disinfecting, baking soda and baking soda are of course on the list. Put 3-4 teaspoons of baking soda or 1 packet of baking soda in the bottle and pour hot water over it. Without capping the bottle, leave the baking soda on for about 2 hours. This is how you disinfect the bottle and neutralize the stinky musty odors.

Do not let water stay in the bottle for too long to avoid bacteria

what to do if drinking bottle stinks carry a green drinking bottle in your handbag


Apple cider vinegar is another home remedy that is often used in cleaning and disinfecting. To remove dirt or musty odor from the bottle, add 5-10ml of vinegar (no acetic acid or essence) and hot water to the bottle. Depending on the degree of soiling, the exposure time can also vary. One to two hours should be sufficient. Rinse the bottle well and let it dry.

But be aware that the acetic acid can sometimes damage bottles made of aluminium, plastic and glass. So only use vinegar when cleaning a stainless steel drinking bottle.

There are special brushes on the market for cleaning drinking bottles

cleaning a drinking bottle aluminum how to get a bottle clean from the inside cleaning a drinking bottle lid with a brush


Shrubs complement the overall picture of every outdoor area and make it look perfect. The oleander is a flowering shrub that you like to have on the balcony or in the garden. If you want to enjoy the great blooms of the shrub typical of the Mediterranean region, you should also give it the right care. That’s why today we’re going to talk about how to propagate the oleander. We give you some important tips that you could follow.

Propagating oleanders – there are several ways to do this

oleander multiply abundant bloomed

The oleander at a glance

In order to properly care for the oleander, you should know enough about the shrub and its care needs. That’s why we give you something worth knowing about the charming garden shrub in the following lines.

The popular tub plant is also called rose laurel and comes from Morocco and southern Spain.



The oleander grows fast and tall. It can reach a height of 4 meters and a width of 3 meters. It blooms tirelessly from June to September and pleases the eye with its beautiful appearance.

What is striking about the oleander are its lanceolate leaves. But the flowers at the tips of the shoots undoubtedly also provide the beautiful picture that the shrub makes. They sit in cymes and come in a variety of colors including white, pink, red, and bright yellow.

In the beginning, the oleander was a status symbol for the rich and noble

oleander propagation garden ideas potted plants


What care does the shrub need?

The dainty shrub is a heavy feeder and needs a lot of nutrients, especially during the flowering period, so it needs regular fertilization. He also needs to get enough water. In addition, it is recommended that you use calcareous water for the purpose. The plant needs a warm, sunny and sheltered spot to thrive and flower beautifully.

Proper care of the oleander also means choosing the right pot for the shrub. This should be wide enough, because the oleander is a flat-rooted plant. If you repot it every year, then the shrub will feel very comfortable.

Be very careful with the pruning. Occasional pruning is not a big problem for the plant, but you should rather avoid severe pruning. Otherwise the oleander could flower later or not at all.

However, since all parts of the beautiful shrub are poisonous, you must always wear gloves and suitable garden clothing when tending the oleander.

Some species have a very pleasant scent

oleanders increase mediterranean flair garden ideas

Multiplying the oleander – what types are there?

If you can’t get enough of the beauty of the flowering shrub, then try propagating the plant! So you would get several copies that you can arrange as you like in your outdoor area. There are actually a few types of propagation, but they vary in reliability.

Propagation by cuttings

This is the best way to propagate the oleander. And the easiest. You’ll need to cut a few pieces of flowerless side shoots between spring and late summer for this purpose. You can also use leftovers from pruning. But they don’t have to have buds. After you have removed the lower leaves, you must place the approximately 20 cm long pieces in a glass of water for rooting. Once the new roots have formed, transfer the young plants to new pots. It takes about four weeks for that to happen.

The better you care for the oleander, the more luxuriantly the shrub will bloom

oleanders multiply garden tips garden shrubs



propagation by division

This method can also be used in this country. It is usually only suitable for older oleanders. You have to take the plant out of the tub and cut up the root ball with a knife. It is important that all parts have enough, and if possible the same number, drives. This will give you few new plants, but they are relatively large. Water the root balls well before planting in the new pots. If you also give some long-term fertilizer, then the new specimens will sprout strongly. Soon all parts of the plant will reach their original size.

Propagation by grafting

If you want to grow a plant with special properties, you use propagation by grafting. But you need some expertise here for the propagation to work, because the propagation by grafting is more complicated than the previous two options. For example, if you want to make a variety more robust, you can use this method of propagation. So you need an offshoot of an oleander variety that is robust and grows well. You need to cut a scion that is as thick as the base. The base and scion are placed on top of each other. Then you need to wrap the interface with tree raffia and that’s all. This vegetative propagation is also known as copulation.

Propagating oleanders – Nurseries often refine the oleander

oleander multiply what types are there

Propagation by seeds

The oleander can also be propagated by seeds, since the plant forms brown follicles after flowering, in which seeds ripen. The newly grown plants can differ from the growth and flower coloration of the mother plant. You only find out what the new plants look like after three years, because the young specimens only begin to flower in their third year. So you can breed new varieties in this way.

You need to soak the seeds in lukewarm water for a few hours. Only then can you distribute them in a flower pot. After covering the seeds with some soil, place them in a light and warm place. After a few weeks they will germinate.

Propagating oleanders – sowing is another option

oleanders multiply pink flowers

Hopefully we have given you detailed information on how to propagate an oleander. Choose the most suitable method for you and good luck!

In this country, oleanders are mainly cultivated in tubs

oleanders multiply red flowers garden shrubs

If you want a Mediterranean flair on the balcony or in the garden, you have to rely on oleanders

oleander multiply house entrance design plants shrubs

oleanders multiply important tips hobby gardeners

oleanders multiply worth knowing useful tips