Layered mid-length hairstyles for women from have a lot to offer in 2023 as well. There are also numerous bangs models that conquered the hair world after the breakout of the series Wednesday on Netflix. The haircuts that we have gathered for you today will also suit any face. Even though face shapes can be highly individual, there are modern hair colors that flatter the face. So the color is hazelnut brown and dark blonde. It is often difficult to find the ideal hair length after 50. The way to an improved self-confidence is a modern, rejuvenating hairstyle. Step into 2023 with radiance! Check out our 5 ideas for layered mid-length hairstyles over 50 and get inspired!

Ana de Armas with long bob hairstyle and tapered bangs

medium length hairstyles with bangs ana de armas long bob hairstyle

Shaggy bowl cut

This 70’s inspired look is set to be one of the most nostalgic hairstyle trends for 2023. But totally refreshing, cheeky and very modern for women over 50!

In 2023 we will be one 70’s comeback watch. When you’re ready to go for this cut, ask your stylist for a round fringe with rounded corners. It’s similar to a bob hairstyle, only with subtle layers that create movement in the hair.

Your hairstylist should create the look by cutting along the brow bone and framing your face so that the layers accentuate the contours of your face. This is still the perfect hairstyle shape if you want to sport a long bob, as the rounded corners require a bit more length than the average bob.

The ladies with longer faces can benefit a lot from the haircut, because it can shorten the face and make it visually round.

Celebrate the new year with a new haircut: shaggy bob – medium length and messy – with curls.

Layered mid-length hairstyles that suit all ages

Praise with bangs

Long bob hairstyles are very flattering on older women. They are charming, youthful and somewhere in the middle – right between too long and too short hair. If you’re wondering if fringes will be in in 2023, we’ll let you in on a secret: yes, they are!

In fact, 2023 will be the official year of the fringes. In all possible shapes and lengths. For the 2023 winter season, we’re very fringe-inspired by Netflix’ Wednesday Addams. The curtain bangs (curtain bangs) are still in fashion, but the chunky texture and eye-catching lengths should be kept, ladies!

When it comes to haircuts for ladies over 50, medium length haircuts are all you need. There is probably no other haircut that can beat the elegance of a frayed updo. This Evergreen will probably never go out of style. In 2023, this cut will be a hit for women. If you want to shine with a beautiful hairstyle and have fine hair in 2023, then this is your thing.

Wild Wolf Cut

The Wild Wolf Cut is a daring mix of two of the most drastic hairstyles on trend right now: the ’70s wolf cut and the ’80s mullet, brought together in a very modern collaboration.

As the name suggests, the wolf cut is a little wild thanks to the many shaggy, wavy, separate layers that evoke a slight hi-low shape as they are cropped shorter around the crown to create volume. The longer layers at the back add to the sophisticated look.

Half-length hairstyles over 50: the wild wolf cut with highlights

wolf cut with highlights women's hairstyles 2023 trends

The Shaggy Lob

Shag hairstyles saw a major resurgence in 2022, with the modern shaggy cut leading the way. Such a haircut for women over 50 is cut overall in a way that pulls everything forward with a more dramatic contrast of layering compared to the average long layers. For 2023, experts predict that the rock’n’roll style will be back in fashion.

Shags are suitable for all hair types – the wilder the better, whatever your age. Instead of using products to tame frizzy hair, you can pin it up, create summer waves and try bright colors.

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Layered mid-length hairstyles over 50: Shag hairstyle in hazelnut brown

shag hairstyle for women over 50 hazelnut brown

Hair trends 2023: hairstyles for women over 50 that make you younger

The top haircut trends 2023 give the classics a modern twist. The New Year is all about the two extreme hair lengths: you are either on the side of Rapunzel or Joan of Arc.

Half-length, layered hairstyles over 50: The best looks for 2023

step cut with bangs from 50 black hair