Sadly, Princess Diana is long gone, but some stylists and designers still swear by some of her makeup tricks. Even today, many people define the princess as a real fashion icon. And that’s not without reason. We know her for her sophisticated style, delicate makeup and incredible charm! If you like princess style yourself and want to try some of your skincare and perfect makeup tricks for over 40 (and not only), then read the following article to the end!

Lady Di is still a fashion icon today, inspiring many women!

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From a certain age it becomes more important to pay more attention to make-up and only choose beauty products from well-established brands. Over time, the skin (especially on the face) becomes more sensitive and relaxes. So that you can enjoy soft skin without deep wrinkles and blemishes for longer, invest in quality creams and serums for adequate facial care.

The right facial care is more important than the make-up itself

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When it comes to foundation and concealer, many makeup experts and beauty gurus agree that the liquid products are a better choice. Unfortunately, powdery makeup products tend to settle more easily in fine lines, accentuating the imperfections of your skin. It makes you look older than you really are. Liquid make-up products are also long-lasting and provide the skin with additional moisture. It is softer and more supple. If you are not a lover of foundation, you can easily apply tinted creams or mousse too! The so-called BB and CC cream conceal the small spots, pimples and wrinkles and make your skin even more radiant and healthier.

A fancy hat can disguise even the worst of second-day hair

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Perfect make-up from 40 like Princess Diana: your make-up artist shows you how!

Like every woman, Lady Di had her little beauty tricks and preferences. According to her makeup artist, Mary Greenwell, the Princess of Wales loved makeup. Whether it’s for the red carpet or a relaxed lunch, she’s always wanted to look her best. Here are some beauty hacks that the princess stayed tight on.

Lady Di attached great importance to proper skin care

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#Less during the day, more in the evening

According to Greenwell, the princess preferred the rather no-makeup look in everyday life. She chose lipsticks in light or neutral colors. On the eyes she often only applied mascara with eyeliner or eye pencil in blue. In fact, the blue liner quickly became a Lady Di trademark: a bright, cheerful, less boring ’80s alternative to black eye makeup. Although many beauty experts support the opinion that ladies with blue eyes should rather not wear blue eyeshadow or eyeliner. Even then, Lady Diana showed that both are a perfect match.

The princess swore by the blue eye pencil

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#Shape the eyebrows like Lady Di

We often put the focus on the eyeshadow or foundation and leave the eyebrows in the background. We forget that well-groomed eyebrows emphasize and frame facial lines. To replicate Diana’s trimmed arches, Greenwell recommends applying some eyebrow gel. This is how you keep the hairs in place. Finally, use a toothbrush to trim any stray hairs and voila!

An elegant bob cut also contributes to the good younger look

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#Remove makeup and clean face

Make sure you always remove your makeup at the end of the day.

Diana was very sensible when it came to her skin. She always removed her makeup at the end of the day and made sure her face was clean before applying makeup. This rule is determined to this day as the be-all and end-all of proper skin care. Even if you only wear a little make-up on your face, you should treat it with micellar water or another mild make-up remover. Afterwards, exfoliate the face with refreshing face peeling product to remove dead skin cells. This guarantees that no dirt and bacteria get into the pores.

Lady Di knew you should never go to bed with your makeup on!

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#Sleep enough and no alcohol

In addition to the creams and moisturizers you use to have beautiful, healthy-looking skin, your habits and lifestyle also play a guiding role. The princess knew that too and didn’t drink alcohol. She also took the sleep routine very seriously.

Did you know that Lady Di suffers from rosacea?

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#Varied diet and exercise regularly

Your diet also has a major impact on the condition of your skin and hair. For example, the princess wasn’t a fan of carbs, red meat, and seafood. So she preferred something light for breakfast. Reportedly, Diana’s favorite breakfast was a can of beans and a pink grapefruit with orange juice.

Exercising regularly is important for a number of reasons. This keeps your body fit, you build muscle mass and lose unwanted fat. In addition, they promote blood circulation, which contributes to healthy-looking skin.