I bought this jogging outfit in beige from de Bijenkorf. Especially during the Corona period you spend a lot of time at home and you should feel comfortable there. Jogging outfits are all the rage right now! They are comfortable and can be worn stylishly. A jogging look does not only have to be worn at home. In today’s age, they can also be seen on the streets. In combination with a coat you can even wear them outside for a walk or while shopping. My jogging look is from Dockers Sport Collection. At de Bijenkorf you will find more stylish ones Hoodies women. To enhance the casual outfit, I like to wear high-quality accessories. In the photos have the look with a Saint Laurent bag: and completed with a Cartier Love bracelet.


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Jogging look: trend outfit 2022


The trend outfit for 2022 is and will remain the jogging look. The color beige will also remain trendy in 2022, because beige is the new nude. At Alba Moda you will find a large selection of casual women’s looks. Anyone interested in fashion trends for 2022 should take a look at Silver Caramel. When it comes to trends, quality is still particularly important to me. Hard to believe, but you should invest and spend more money in clothing such as jogging suits, underwear and T-shirts. These are everyday items of clothing that we wear most often. For this reason, they should last a long time, be comfortable, preferably made from organic cotton and produced under sustainable conditions. how do you see it? Do you spend more money on everyday or rather on special clothes?


Beige jogging look on fashion blog


Match My Shade: L’Oréal Make Up Shades


Shades of beige aren’t just popular on clothing. When it comes to beauty, it’s all about finding the right skin tone. L’Oréal has launched an interesting Foundation Finder Tool. MATCH MY SHADE is a virtual tool based on artificial intelligence with which you can find the right foundation and your perfect skin tone in just 10 seconds. The best thing about the tool is that after you have determined your suitable foundation, you can test it virtually. So just try it out. It’s quick and certainly a good place to start if you haven’t found your perfect tone yet.


Beige jogging look on fashion blog