The jewelry trends for 2022 are once again moving in the direction of gold this year. Gold doesn’t seem to be going out of style. Especially in times of crisis, like 2022, gold is also in demand as an investment. Cartier is one of the most famous and popular jewelry brands. With its timeless designs, the luxury brand keeps winning new customers. The most popular piece of jewelry is the Cartier Love Bracelet, which now enjoys cult status. This blog post is about jewelry trends 2022, the right cleaning and jewelry care.

Jewelry trends 2022: Cartier is trendy

Cartier has long established itself as a brand in the jewelry industry. Watches, engagement and wedding rings and high-quality luxury jewelry are manufactured at Cartier. I have already written a blog post about Cartier watches, in which you will find information about vintage models and prices. The jewelry is high-priced luxury jewelry. The Love Collection by Cartier is well known. It is characterized by a clean design. Small circles with a minus are stamped into the jewelry. There are also various refined versions of the Love Collection that are set with diamonds. Cartier in jewelry is like Chanel in fashion. Women with a Chanel bag wear a love bracelet. Even if this is very expensive, it is and remains a status symbol. With Cartier jewelry you show that you belong or want to belong to the elite of society.

Jewelry trends 2022

Accessories in trend 2022

The jewelery trends: cleaning and caring for jewellery

When you buy high-quality jewelry, you naturally want it to last for a long time. Proper cleaning and care is important here. In the guide to jewelry cleaning and jewelry care you will find all the information you need to get your used jewelry shiny again. It should be added that it is better to take off jewelry when showering, swimming and doing sports. That way it stays in good quality for longer. Do you clean your jewelry regularly and do you make sure to take the jewelry off in certain situations?

Jewelry trends 2022: Cartier women's jewelry

Cartier women's jewelry