A bob with curtain bangs is a combination of a bob paired with bangs that are parted down the middle. When you part the bangs like this, it looks like curtain windows are up, giving it the term “curtain bangs”. When getting a short hairstyle like a bob, adding bangs frames the face, making ladies of all ages and with all face shapes look younger. This short cut is sure to enhance your facial features! Get inspiration from these 10 modern examples of bob with curtain bangs for women over 60!

Bob with curtain bangs for women over 60: 10 modern examples for ladies with style

layered bob with curtain bangs from 60 years

Bob with curtain bangs for women over 60: which bob variants are IN in 2023?

#Long bob with curtain bangs

This long layered bob haircut is also known as a ‘lob’ – a hybrid of the words ‘long’ and ‘bob’. In this hairstyle, the hair reaches the neck or shoulders and has small amounts of soft layers. The haircut gives a subtle and gorgeous look to the face and the women over 60 could try it as it is a modern and easy to maintain hairstyle.

*Also learn how to style your long bob.

This is a low-maintenance hairstyle that looks good even as the hair grows longer

bob with curtain bangs for women over 60

#Layered bob with curtain bangs

We are just in love with this look! The bangs accentuate this bob haircut by making it literally the best 60+ look ever! The layers add volume to the hair while the hairdo makes the face look much younger. There is an instant change in facial structure, which is why 10 years vanish in no time. The bob is perhaps the lightest and most weightless haircut to wear along with bangs to complement it. This haircut has definitely landed on the list of bob haircuts for women over 60 for a reason!

Gray hair is also very trendy right now. Get inspiration on how to wear the Gray Lob!

Would you like to look 10 years younger?

bob with curtain bangs for women over 60 examples

#Short bob with curtain bangs

Bob cuts will always be among the best short hairstyles for women over 60 because of their versatility and timelessness. This cut is comfortable and feminine. Add curtain bangs and caramel color for a total makeover and turn heads wherever you go! If you don’t want to invest a lot of time to have a good looking hairstyle, the short bob with curtain bangs is the right choice.

Choose a hair color that accentuates your eyes

short bob with curtain bangs hairstyle ideas from 60

#Blunt bob with curtain bangs

The blunt bob hairstyle is a perfect haircut for women with fine hair. It is a bob with no added layers, just a horizontal straight cut at the end. The bangs added to the straight cut bring a touch of girly youthfulness to the whole look. This is a chic hairstyle that looks quite fashionable on women over 60. You can wear the blunt bob straight, wavy or with curls. Thin strands are a good choice when you want to add extra dimension.

The best bob hairstyles with curtain bangs for women over 60

blunt bob with curtain bangs highlights

#Bob with curtain bangs and lots of volume

Nothing makes a better feminine look for a woman over 60 than a bob with curtain bangs that creates an illusion of volume! Not only does it look gorgeous, but it speaks loud and clear to the woman who wears it. This bob with curtain bangs and lots of volume is cut short with a few extra layers. It has a swing that makes the face look much younger and makes fine hair look much thicker. The combination of light and dark tones also helps the mane appear fuller.

This hairstyle is a classic that is always on trend

Bob from 60 years modern hairstyles for older women

#Short Schaggy Bob in silver

This silver short shaggy bob is everything a 60+ woman could want and more! If you already have blonde hair, ask your hairstylist to add silver highlights. This hairstyle is very elegant, graceful and makes every woman look classy and young. Use purple shampoo to protect hair from yellowing. The compliments are guaranteed!

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Layers help add movement and create volume

bob with curtain bangs blonde from 60

#Bob with curtain bangs and strands in front for a youthful look

Our final suggestion is this modern bob with curtain bangs and strands in the front that reach the shoulders or the collarbones. It is an adorable hairstyle for women over 60 that looks elegant yet practical. The length is not too short, but not unmanageable. The lighter strands at the front frame the face and add a fresh touch.

This hairstyle is quite uncomplicated but looks quite stylish and rejuvenating

long bob with curtain bangs modern hairstyles for women over 60

Why is Bob With Curtain Bangs a Good Choice for Women Over 60?

If you are a mature lady in your 60s, you might think that you couldn’t look young anymore. Upgrading your style to flatter your new age and changing the way you wear your hair in terms of length, finish and color might be just what you need to boost your sense of beautiful self to recover! Bob hairstyles with curtain bans offer just that certain something that could spice up your style. And with so many great examples to choose from, how to try just one?

Bangs that are trimmed properly always look rejuvenated and fresh!

bob hairstyle with curtain bangs for gray hair

The golden 60 offers the perfect time to experiment, so don’t be afraid to try something new!

bob with curtain bangs from 60