Do you wake up in the morning and your hair is in a completely different direction? We are sure that this situation happens to every woman. But now we have just the right solution to this problem! If you are in a hurry because you have to go to a meeting, work or another appointment and you need a quick hairstyle in less than 2 minutes, Sleek Bun is the right solution for you! You no longer have to wash your hair and waste time styling it. Learn how to quickly and easily create a bun that will give you both an elegant hairstyle and a casual look.

Sleek Bun in just 2 minutes

see rosie huntington whiteley with a sleek bun

Wondering why the sleek bun hairstyle is so popular lately? The Sleek Bun is very good for covering up messy hair and even dirty hair. If you have greasy hair and you are wondering which hairstyle to choose, this hairstyle is for you. You should be aware that this hairstyle is even more difficult to style WITH clean hair. So if you want to try our fashion tip to hide greasy and messy hair, keep scrolling and learn how to make an elegant bun yourself in less than 2 minutes.

the sleek bun is one of the most popular hairstyles find out why

Are you one of those women who only go to the hairdresser for a fresh hairstyle on special occasions that require precision and perfection? Do you opt for a casual look for your hair in everyday life? Then this hairstyle is for you! One of the classic methods is to make a quick and beautiful bun. Luckily, there are so many variations of this type of hairstyle that you can make a bun every day that looks very different from the day before. Amazing, isn’t it?

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Why you should definitely try this hairstyle?

A bun is one of the most versatile hairstyles. If you want to keep your hair out of your face, put it in a nice bun. If you love updos, here we have another hairstyle that you are sure to love! Here we have collected the best photos and tips for you to find out how to make a beautiful and trendy bun.

What do you need for this hairstyle?

To create a flawless look, you need the right materials. Here’s what you need:

  • a simple hairbrush to avoid tangles
  • Comb
  • Ceramic round brush
  • hairdryer
  • thermal protective product
  • hairspray
  • hair gel
  • rubber bands

It’s that easy

here we tell you how you can make sleek bun yourself

What should you do before you start the bun?

Once you have gathered these materials, you need to prep your hair. We recommend making a bun on damp or oily/unwashed hair.

  1. Hair protection is important. That’s why it’s important that you take the time to spray your hair with a heat protectant and anti-frizz serum.
  2. Once your hair is prepped and you’ve applied the serum, blow dry your hair with a round ceramic brush.
  3. When your hair is completely dry, part it in the middle.
  4. After dividing your hair in half, apply styling gel to both sides to hold the hair in place.
  5. Gather the hair and secure it with an elastic band.
  6. Gather the ponytail and pull it into an elegant bun. If necessary, secure it with another hair band and bobby pins.
  7. Spritz the entire hairstyle with hairspray to keep it holding all day.
  8. Voila! A perfect, sleek bun is ready in less than 2 minutes!

For which occasion is this hairstyle suitable?

If you want to wear this bun to a big occasion like a prom or a wedding, try pairing this elegant bun with a dress that has a spectacular back! This hairstyle is much more casual and relaxed, so the attention is focused on your dress. The bun is a symbol of elegance and sophistication.

Stars use this trick

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You should pay attention to this

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Feeling for an ideal model off-duty look

the sleek bun is a further development of the messie bun

This is how the hairstyle works

how to make your own sleek bun in just 2 minutes

The perfect sleek bun is that easy

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