Here are 8 easy tutorials with photos and videos to learn from how to cut your bangs on your own, with explanations, tips and suggestions so you don’t go wrong!

How to cut the bangs yourself? We offer you the best tutorials with photos and videos to help you cut your bangs at home impeccably!

What do you need to start? We choose professional or in any case very sharp scissors, a sprayer for wetting the hair, a comb with clenched teeth and we have at hand rubber bands and some goose beak. Here are the explanations on how to cut, thread and scale the bangs or a long tuft, with tips to get the best DIY result without mistakes!


How to cut the bangs yourself? Let’s start with the tutorial that explains how to cut the curtain bangs at home in a very simple way, also ideal for a little girl. Here’s how to do it, starting with dry hair.

  1. Separate the bangs by creating a “v” section.
  2. Find the length of the cut.
  3. Separate the two central fasteners and cut them to the desired length.
  4. Add small side locks and backcomb the bangs.
  5. Cut the newly added sections diagonally.
  6. Remove and scale the side locks.
  7. Arrange the cut.
  8. Final stripping with vertical scissors to define the lengths.

It is always better to clip a few mm more than desired to avoid cutting too short a bang. Also discover our tips on how to cut your hair yourself quickly and easily!


With professional or very sharp scissors and a fine-toothed comb, we can also create a lively DIY parade pony in just a few steps. Let’s see together how:

  1. Comb the section to be trimmed forward.
  2. Separate the center triangle to be cut from the sidelocks.
  3. Cut the central lock by holding the scissors vertically.
  4. Do the same with the side locks as well.
  5. Cut the outer strands by moving the scissors at an angle.
  6. Remove the side latches while holding the scissors vertically.
  7. Pass the panel over the bangs.
  8. Finish the cut with the scissors vertically for a final touch up.


Side bang lovers? Ideal for enlivening long cuts and adding volume to fine and thin hair, the side bangs are very easy to achieve. Here is step by step how to cut the bangs of the page:

  1. Comb the hair back leaving only the front tuft exposed.
  2. Locate the section of hair to be cut.
  3. Tie back the back of the hair.
  4. Align it with the middle of the eyebrows and select the exact part of the hair to be cut.
  5. Switch the section to yourself.
  6. Cut at an angle of 45° to 60°.
  7. Make small successive cuts and never a single clean cut.
  8. Arrange the cut with a final slip.


Scale haircuts are a passion of many women. So here is how to cut the climbed bangs as Chloe Gillian teaches us. The main steps are as follows:

  1. Comb the hair with a center line.
  2. Isolate the front triangle to be cut and divide it in two.
  3. Take the first section between your fingers and using the scissors at an angle, trim it so that each section is shorter near the eyes and longer near the ears.
  4. Finish the cut with scissors at an angle.
  5. Do the same with the second part of the section, taking an already cut middle section as a reference for the center part of the bangs.
  6. Finish the cut with scissors at an angle.
  7. Check that the lengths are equal from the center to the sides.
  8. Eliminate irregularities.

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Lovers of Cleopatra-style short bangs? Let’s see together the few steps we need to achieve a casual and trendy result.

  1. Comb the section to be trimmed forward.
  2. Isolate the selected section.
  3. Hold the ends between two fingers.
  4. Cut off a few mm more than the desired length.
  5. Make small successive cuts, never a single clean cut.
  6. Arrange the cut until it reaches the desired length.
  7. Finish the cut by holding the scissors horizontally.
  8. Eliminate irregularities for an even cut.


We also show you a quick and easy tutorial on how to cut long bangs perfect for giving a more feminine touch to long and medium hair hairstyles for girls and women, this time starting with wet hair. The following steps are few and simple:

  1. Comb a triangular section of hair forward.
  2. Roll the section onto yourself.
  3. Cut at chin level.
  4. Dry your hair and finish to fix imperfections.


To spice up curly haircuts, cheeky bangs are always the ideal solution, also to take away a little volume from thick hair. And to achieve a flawless end result, let’s not forget to choose the best shampoos for curly hair. Here is the procedure to cut the rich bangs in few steps:

  1. Wash and dry your hair carefully.
  2. Locate the first section to be cut.
  3. Separate the section to be trimmed from the other hair on top of your head.
  4. Cut the section at the level of the nose.
  5. Add a second curl from the top of the head and repeat the process.
  6. Add a final curl from the top of the head and repeat the same process to have more voluminous bangs.


Finally, we will show you how to go about getting long bangs combined with long side bangs.

  1. Comb the wet hair with the line in the middle.
  2. Separate a 4-5 cm section at the front on each side and tie the rest of the hair back.
  3. In the middle part, select a triangle section.
  4. Cut it to the desired length and hold the lock firmly between two fingers.
  5. Pick up small side curls on one side and start cutting diagonally to create a long slivered effect.
  6. Repeat the same process on the other side.
  7. Unravel the rest of the hair and check that the cut section blends with the rest by making small vertical snips.
  8. Finish the cut by smoothing out any imperfections.

What do you think of these tutorials with pictures and videos on how to cut bangs yourself? Which pony style do you like the most? Let us know by leaving a comment!