Our homes and interiors say as much about us as the clothes we wear. Classic and minimalist, playful and romantic, urban and modern. There are many ways to transform your home into a comfortable place. Large pieces of furniture such as a sofa, cupboards and also the paint are already half the battle. But even little things like the decoration and plants make a difference. Not only for the optics, also for the inner well-being. And so today I dedicate myself to the little things that make a lot.

How scented candles change your home decoration and furnishing

Interior tip:
The more massive and heavier the fragrance glass is, the more valuable it looks as a decorative element in your home.

Scented candles are a particular focus. They have become symbols of the new domesticity for two different reasons. On the one hand, the dimmed, flickering light provides cozy lighting. The eyes are relaxed, the body automatically relaxes and comes to rest. On the other hand, the aroma of the scented candles can have a calming or refreshing effect – depending on taste and well-being.

So scented candles not only fulfill the purpose of a decorative home accessory in which one likes to invest, they also create an aromatic room fragrance.

How scented candles change your home incense sticks

By the way: The sense of smell also plays a significant role in meditation. You can actively stimulate it with fragrance sticks.

In your own four walls, scented candles are little helpers to escape everyday life and beam us to another place.
AVA & MAY creates exactly this: The versatile scented candles of the Berlin company invite you to dream and take you to a place of your choice. With the different scents, captured from all over the world to bring back memories, they create a feel-good atmosphere in your own home.

All fragrance products are of the highest quality and naturalness. All scented candles are handmade, vegan and consist of 100% soy wax, which is free of sheep substances. All fragrances undergo quality assurance and are developed together with perfumers to bring a unique fragrance experience into your living room.

One remembers the fresh Mediterranean breeze, the smell of 1001 Nights in the souks of Marrakech or the woody scent of the hut in Scandinavia.

How scented candles change your home Ava & May fragrances

The entire selection of fragrances from AVA & MAY can be found in the online shop, where the selection ranges from woody to flowery and cities from Barcelona to Persia to Hawaii.

With the code CesteviGO you will receive a 40% discount and a mini candle of your choice!

Which scent would you like to smell in your home and thus be transported to a place of your choice? Let me know in the comments and be sure to check out AVA & MAY to see if your dream location comes in scented candles, sticks or room scents.

How scented candles change your home vegan scented candles