The medium length shoulder length hair layered is always a good choice as it flatters every woman. Therefore, no matter how old we are, we all want to look neat and elegant. However, we have a very busy life. That’s why we want our hairstyles to be both practical and beautiful. This is why shoulder length layered haircuts are so popular in 2023.

Shoulder length hair layered is the must-have style for women who want to look stylish with an effortless and classy appeal. Check out some of our favorite layered shoulder length cuts that add tons of movement, lightweight body and texture to cute mid-length styles in this style collection!

From structured smooth wavy midi tops to breezy shoulder length lobs with light layers full of movement and swing, we show you many ways to rock mid-rise cuts in style.

What is the Shoulder Length Hair Layered Cut?

  • The medium length falls somewhere between the chin and shoulders.
  • Layers – subtly cropped to bold and choppy – characterize the style.
  • Light, airy cuts with lots of texture and movement.

Shoulder length hair layered haircuts are medium length cuts that are thinly trimmed throughout or feature thick choppy layers. These cuts can go just below the chin length (medium short), shoulder length (medium) or just above the shoulders (medium length).

Medium-length bobs that fall just above the chin and lobs (long bobs) that fall from the mid-nape of the neck to just above the shoulders are the most popular types of medium-layered haircuts.

These cuts are universally flattering and look great on any face shape and hair type. There’s a reason these chic cuts are always in style! The medium length is just one characterization of this type of haircut.

Mid-layered cuts also feature layers throughout – but this is where you can be creative. You can customize your layers to your needs and create the look you want.

Opt for subtle cropped layers that blend seamlessly into the cut to make the cut lighter with plenty of movement and swing. Opt for strategically placed layers that break up the length and create a shifted length around the face for a flattering touch.

Or go big with bold, choppy layers that give the cut a messy, playful look that’s breezy, easy, and fun to style! Mid-length layered cuts are one of those trends that never go out of style.

It’s one of our favorite looks for women looking for a change! Taking off a little length to shake things up can transform you completely. Adding light layers will help remove some volume, add some movement to your cut, and completely revitalize your style.

Check out the cute shoulder length hair layered cuts to inspire you next. Then below we will talk about choosing the length and layer type that will work best for you!

10 Cute Shoulder Length Hair Layered Cuts to Try

Are you ready to get away for a bit, get dressed and show off your new you? Start with some inspiration to see some of the different ways shoulder length hair can be worn with layered cuts! These are some of our favorite examples of cute medium layered haircuts.

1. Voluminous Wavy Midi Bob

A deep side parting and wavy texture are the best ways to achieve a voluminous, playful style with a layered midi bob. Waves help separate and fan out the layers to highlight the shortest lengths and break up the shape of the cut.

2. Swing bob with short layered ends

A swing bob is slightly shorter at the back with longer pieces at the front. With layers cut in near the ends, you can keep the fullness while shaping and stacking the hair for some extra movement. Shorter layers around the face make this cut ultra-flattering for all face shapes.

3. Light lob with heavy layers

While we love the seamless look of well-blended subtle layers, there’s something really vibrant and fun about heavier layers like this. With a heavily textured wave that pulls out those layers and places them front and center, this asymmetrical bob is super lively and light.

4. Shoulder Length Curly Layers

Cutting layers into curly hair takes experience – you don’t want to clip a curl in the wrong place and mess up the curl pattern. But there’s nothing sexier than a shoulder-length style with big, spiraling curls that cascade down in gradual, cropped layers like this one!

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5. Effortless angled lob with layers

Chic and glamor not quite your style? Mid-layered cuts can be as demure and casual as you like. Team your layered, angled lob with long layers throughout and graduated layers around the face for a simple, effortless look. Wear your natural waves or use a curling iron to add random curves for a cute touch.

6. Midi bob with long cut layers

A good midi bob that falls just above the chin is a great way to switch up your look without going too short. It’s very flattering on heart, oval and square faces – leave the length slightly longer for a round face. Long, cropped layers remove bulk and add tons of sweeping movement to this bob.

7. Weightless Bob with Mixed Layers

Anyone with fine, thin hair or super thick hair that needs a good thinning should consider a weightless bob with heavy layering from the midshaft to the ends. The layers are well blended so it doesn’t look choppy or messy. With sleek waves adding some texture, this is such a versatile look.

8. Shoulder length with soft long layers

Curls are one of the easiest ways to make your layers pop while smoothing them out a bit and helping them blend in with the rest of your length. Long, soft layers break up this shoulder-length cut, making it a little lighter and more playful.

9. Medium shag with choppy layers

A medium length shag haircut or wolf cut is a great way to work in some choppy layers and big volume. The ends are layered heavily to thin them out and concentrate all the volume and texture on top. A split French bang is the finishing touch to this edgy, choppy, layered look!

10. Airy Lob with shaved ends

If you have hair on the fine or thin side, thick layers can get results that are too thin. Instead, try shaved ends where long layers are cut at an angle to add texture and blended length transitions to the hair. Long layers around the face are a super flattering finishing touch.

Tips and things to consider

We’ve talked about what shoulder length hair layered cuts are, what they can do for your hair, and we’ve explored beautiful examples. What else should you know about a mid-length haircut with layers? Here are our top tips and thoughts to keep in mind.

  • Choose the right level type for you. Layers can range from soft, blended, and subtle to choppy, bold, and heavy. You have to consider the types of layers to choose from in order to land on a mid-length layered cut that works for you. Do you want long layers around your face? Short layers at the ends to make your hair look thicker? Long, cropped layers that blend well and remove bulk from the ends? Keep these things in mind as you browse photos to see which layer type you like best.
  • Consider the length that you like the most. Mid-length cuts are more of a range than a specific length. Which length appeals to you the most? You can go for a bob that goes slightly past the chin, one that hits mid-nap, a lob that falls straight to the shoulders, or one that hits just above the shoulders. If your hair is straight long, you might be looking for a big change and opt for a cut that goes slightly past the chin. Or maybe you’re looking for a subtle transformation with a longer, mid-length cut that falls past your shoulders. Think about it while looking at inspiration photos to see what you like the most!
  • Think about how it suits your face shape. Once you have an idea of ​​the overall length that suits you best, you need to consider your face shape to find the most flattering option. Oval faces can rock any length well. Round faces should look mid-neck and shoulder length to visually slim the face, and these lengths also go well with square faces. Heart faces look best with cuts that reach just past the chin to fill out that area. The length just above the chin is great for softening an angular jaw line as well.
  • Plan out the styles you can go with your new cut. Think ahead of what your style options will be with the new cut. You don’t want to find out too late that some of your favorite looks don’t work with the new layer length! For example, heavy, choppy layers will change the way ponytails, buns, and braids look in your hair. Certain layer types, like graduated layers, need to be styled with a round brush or curling iron to look their best. Are you willing to invest the time to make your new cut look gorgeous? Definitely worth thinking about beforehand.
  • Ask your stylist about maintenance. The more layers you get—and the shorter they are—the more cuts you’ll need to maintain the look. Likewise, with mid-length cuts, you’ll need regular trims to keep your hair at the right length (unless you’re planning on letting it grow out). Once you’ve settled on a mid-layered haircut that you love, talk to your stylist about maintenance requirements to make sure it fits well.

Is the Shoulder Length Layered Haircut Right for You?

Shoulder length hair layered cuts will always be popular because they are versatile and flattering. Everyone looks great on medium length, and layers can work for any hair type, thickness, and cut!

When you’re ready to shed a little length and reinvent yourself with a cute new ‘do, trying a mid-length cut with layers is always your best bet. It won’t be short enough to shock you, but you can trim off a little length to lighten your mane and transform your look.

Layers can be the best thing that’s ever happened to your hair—or the worst. Pay attention to the different layer types and consider the overall look you want to make sure you love your newly layered look.

Keeping the maintenance and styling requirements of your chosen layer type in mind is crucial! A medium length haircut will help you get rid of bulky weight in the ends of your hair, shape your mane perfectly and flatter your best features.

The question isn’t really “should you be rocking a mid-length layered hairstyle” but rather “what are you waiting for?!” We think you’ll love how these simple changes will shake up your look.