Autumn has arrived and many ladies oversleep in the morning due to the lack of daylight. Often there is not enough time to do a beautiful and complex hair styling yourself. In the following post, we show some ideas of easy hairstyles for every day for short and long hair. Get inspiration for the week and celebrate the everyday routine with impressive office hairstyles in the missing territory outside of the home office or on other occasions!

No time early in the morning? With these simple hairstyles, it works every day

kim kardashian hairstyles for every day

It is not true that women sporting short haircuts do not have easy everyday hairstyles available. Even very defined looks like pixies or pageboy cuts can be styled in different ways and demonstrate your class and taste.

Sleek look for straight hair

sleek bob irina sheyk simple quick hairstyles

We dedicate ourselves to the timeless classic among haircuts, the bob, and check which options are particularly appealing in line with the autumn trends of 2022.

You can experiment with the parting

one blonde bob with side parting and glasses fall 2022

#Midi bob with side braids

Incredibly easy to style, this flawless hairstyle has a warm, soft summer edge that you’ll be happy to take with you into fall! Depending on your hair texture, the hairstyle can look both sleek and slightly messy.

Midi bob with small decorative braids

Minimalist braids have been a dominant trend this year and the cute charm of the side lolita braids on the midi bob looks incredibly charming and youthful. The style is also favored by brides with short hair on their very special day and can look fashionable and style-defining, no matter what the context of the day you wear it: on the street with friends or in the office.

#Wet Bob

Another very transformative and easy to achieve look is to give your bob cut a wet look.

Wet look for bob hairstyles

simple hairstyles for beginners wet look fall 2022

This is a very classic solution, with minimum styling effort, that is very easy to create with pomade or hair gel. Also, the wet look goes very well with heart-shaped and slender faces and is a popular hairstyle choice for fall.

Wet look for midi bob

You will be surprised how many different ways you have to style the wet look on a short bob. Whether it’s done with soft waves, a center or side part, or simply slicked back, the sleek bob looks completely different every time.

Just see how cool it looks with the fall trend of the year, aqua hair.

Fall trend 2022: aqua hair

#Icy blonde bob with space buns

Simultaneously charming and casual, the bob with space buns will definitely turn heads 180 degrees in your direction and offers an excellent idea for the icy blonde hair color that has become super trendy this fall.

Autumn trend 2022: ice blonde

Maybe you’ve seen the styling on catwalks and social media before and got completely obsessed. It literally takes 5 minutes to style the cute topknot and if you love the darker hairline you’ll add extra extravagance to the look.

Easy hairstyles for every day – long hair

Courageous long-haired women should know that there are no limits: long hair can be styled in many different ways and, in addition to various braided hairstyles, you also have numerous lighter options at hand.

Long hair in copper red

#Faux bob ponytail

Wow, we’ve seen this back and forth before and are totally fascinated by the simple style.

A ponytail that looks like bob

You may have heard about the faux bob. The classic faux bob isn’t necessarily all that easy to pull off, and you’re going to need a helping hand. But we present the stylish ponytail version, which you can also copy all by yourself. It involves a high ponytail that you style so that it reaches chin level and looks like a bob. Ideal for smooth and fine hair structures.

#Low chignon

The deep bun in Scandi style is totally in trend this autumn.

The Scandi bun is very elegant and quite deeply shaped

scandi bun low simple hairstyles fall 2022

The Scandi bun is super sophisticated and can be defined in a completely versatile way by the outfit. Even a more complex knot can be styled easily, but it is important that you make it really deep…

Excellent with a more complex knot…

#Open hair with soft waves

Ladies who don’t necessarily want to style their hair in an updo and don’t mind that their necks are kept warm in autumn can simply leave their long hair free and add and fix soft waves with the curling iron and a few care products.

Hair left free with soft waves

jennifer lawrence easy hairstyles for beginners

The soft waves look very natural and add dynamics to the hair.

#Styled behind the ears…

This simple version works brilliantly with a center parting. Women with curly hair can easily conjure up this style with a straightening iron and stabilize it with hairspray.

Long hair behind the ears

jamie chung behind the ears styled simple hairstyles


Are you looking for easy-care hairstyles? These low-maintenance haircuts are just the right decision for you! Have you ever decided on a trendy hairstyle from TikTok or Instagram that looks completely different in reality? Why is that? The answer is simple: because many of them require meticulous care that you don’t always have enough time for. So we have compiled the hottest fashion hairstyles for October 2022 that require no styling. You will look flawless – easy and fast!

These modern & easy-care haircuts are now IN

easy-care hairstyles you can find out more here with us

Which hairstyles are particularly easy to care for?

A no-maintenance haircut to be fashionable in October 2022? Of course there is. And we have put together a great selection of the most fashionable haircuts for fall 2022 for you. Since these types of hairstyles are a GOOD way to cut down on morning prep time, we’ve put together the best suggestions especially for you. With our wide range of hairstyles, every woman can find a comfortable and trendy hairstyle that suits her individual style.

What haircut is in fashion in October 2022?

which hairstyle is the healthiest for the hair

What should you pay attention to when choosing a hairstyle without styling?

It is clear that when choosing a hairstyle without styling, you need to adapt it to your hair type. As with all hairstyles, when choosing an elegant hairstyle without styling, the first thing you should consider is the shape of your face:

  • If you have a round face shape, consider hairstyles with vertically elongated hair, such as B. a bob, consider.

Great and easy-care hairstyles for women

easy-care hairstyles for all hair

  • Square and triangle face shapes go well with a pixie cut or curls.

Very fashionable now

these hairstyles are particularly easy to care for

  • On the other hand, if you have an oval face, you can experiment with all possibilities, because almost everything suits you.

Fall haircuts for every hair type

these haircuts are extremely easy to maintain

Easy-care & stylish haircuts for October 2022

We are sure that the first thing you think about when you wake up in the morning is coffee and not how to style your hair. Everyone knows that styling our hair every day is time-consuming and sometimes even spoils our mood. We don’t want that to happen to you. That’s why we’ve compiled the best stylish hairstyles for different hair lengths that require no styling and are very low maintenance – so you can skip the styling.

Our top hairstyles that are easy to maintain

easy-care hairstyles for october 2022

#Short hair

Short hairstyles are a particular hit in 2022. Because short hairstyles are trendy and require almost no styling. However, if you’re only going to put a little effort into styling your hair, you can play around with your bangs and add accessories to jazz up your style. But remember: short hairstyles look stunning without styling!


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#Medium length hair

Medium length hairstyles are the most versatile and timeless hit among hairstyles. It’s worth opting for a medium length hairstyle if you have thin hair – or if you’re going for the cool casual styles that are trending right now.


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#Long hair

Modern hairstyles without styling for long hair look casual, but very elegant. If you want to create a voluminous effect, you should try these hairstyles.


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What do you have to consider?

It is a misconception that unstuffed hairstyles are only for short hair. Hairstyles that do not require styling can be done on any hair length. However, the main feature of these hairstyles is that they are easy to style at home with a hair dryer, and in some cases no styling is required. All you need is to comb your hair and blow dry it.

For fine hair

which haircut shouldn't be styled

Tip: A hairstyle that requires no styling and is easy to maintain is versatile and perfect for a perfect evening look or a casual trip to work or shopping.

These hairstyles are particularly easy to maintain

stylish easy-care haircuts that are modern

We are now discussing these haircuts

Which hairstyles are particularly modern and easy to care for

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What is the most stylish and beautiful medium length hairstyle for women over 50? We are sure that many women are interested in the answer to this question. That is why we have compiled the latest medium length hairstyles for women aged 50 for fall 2022 and expert tips especially for you. Medium length hairstyles for women over 50 are an important part of the look that allows you to easily style your hair and add volume to it in an instant. Therefore, today we will find out what hairstyles to choose to look younger and more beautiful.

Medium length hairstyles for women over 50

here you can find more hairstyles for medium length hair

Every woman loves beauty and confidence. For this reason, haircuts, colors and beauty trends are particularly important. That’s why we always bring you the latest trends from the world of fashion. It’s important to know that age really is just a number and today more than ever, women over 50 are showing their best looks with beautiful medium length hairstyles. Here you will find a wide range of hairstyles with different hair textures, bangs, bob and more. With our tips we want to encourage you to choose the best hairstyle for you. Because when you have chosen the right hairstyle, you will be confident! And there’s nothing quite as youthful as confidence, and these medium length hairstyles for 50 year old women guarantee it.

What are the best hairstyles for women over 50?

The choice of hairstyles is quite large. Here you will mainly find medium length hairstyles. Let’s take a look at some of the best options to try in the new season.

#Hairstyle 1

Did you know that the layered cut is a real hit this fall? Depending on your face shape and hair type, you can choose from a variety of layered hairstyles. This hairstyle will make you look trendy and young in no time.

Hairstyle ideas for women over 50

stylish looks that you absolutely have to try

The modern medium length haircut for women over 50 not only makes you look younger but also gives your hair a more voluminous and healthier look. This hairstyle is also suitable for women with thin or unruly hair.

Amazing hairstyles over 50

the most beautiful hairstyles from 50 can be found here

#Hairstyle 2

It’s no secret that a woman’s haircut should be fresh and youthful and should be one of the most popular hairstyles for ladies of all ages. To keep your look elegant, pay attention to some variants of this hairstyle that are and will be fashionable in 2022-2023.

inspirations and ideas

hairstyles for 2022 for women over 50 that are particularly modern

This hairstyle is a huge hit for the ladies this fall, including Hollywood celebrities. It’s also a great look for women over 50. With this hairstyle, you can beautify and accentuate the assets of your appearance. The voluminous, graduated parting, which is complemented by an asymmetry, is suitable for any face shape. Bring freshness to your hairstyle by adding a touch of curls.

Fashionable hairstyles for women over 50 that make you younger

Find out more about the best medium-length hairstyles over 50 here

#Hairstyle 3

The casual bob is a trendy hairstyle that suits ladies with different looks and lifestyles. It is also considered a good medium hairstyle option for women over 50. With this hairstyle, women can get a fresher and more fashionable look, because the main advantage of the casual bob is considered a simple and spectacular style.

Brilliant looks from Bob

You can find hairstyles that make you younger here for women over 50

#Hairstyle 4

The Italian hairstyle has always been appreciated by beauties all over the world. Here’s how to bring a little bit of Italy to your hair. This hairstyle suits all ladies who love a feminine and flirtatious look. For more than 50 years, this hairstyle has lost none of its topicality, because it suits women of all ages. In addition, the Italian hairstyle can be combined with almost all styles and emphasizes the beauty.

#Hairstyle 5

This hairstyle is suitable for both curly and straight hair women. Asymmetric hairstyle itself gives the look, originality and style. And there is practically no need to style the hairstyle. Every lady will love this variant of the hairstyle, because asymmetrical hairstyles allow to distract the attention of others from the fullness of the face due to the unusual length of the hair. In addition, interesting bangs can help hide imperfections.

These haircuts are all the rage right now

Here you will find the trendiest hairstyles for 2022

Trendy hairstyles 2022

Find out more about hairstyles for women who make younger people here

You should see these hairstyles

our top medium-length hairstyles for women over 50

These are the best hairstyles for women over 50

you can find out everything you need to know about medium-length hair quickly and easily here

Medium length hairstyles over 50

These are the best hairstyles for women over 50

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For many women, hair care is something very important. Most of us invest in more expensive products and equipment to keep our manes healthy and beautiful. Of course, all of this comes with certain rules. Like, for example, that you should always use a heat protectant before blow-drying or straightening. Or that you should generally go to the hairdresser every three months to freshen up the tips. Something many of us wonder is whether we should actually comb wet hair. Since we couldn’t come to a unified decision in the office, we started looking for answers. In this article, we tell you what we found out.

Is that right?

is it right to comb wet hair tips and info

Experts used to associate hair damage primarily with heat or chemicals. Today, unfortunately, simply combing can lead to damage. Especially when the ends have become tangled and you even have to use force to untangle them. Not only is this frustrating, it can also hurt. There are different opinions about how and with what exactly you should comb your hair and whether it is allowed to comb wet hair. The issue of combing wet hair has particularly divided the hair care community. As with most hair issues, it depends on the texture of your hair. After all, hair is very individual. This means that something that works on curly hair will obviously not work the same on straight hair. In the next part we will tell you what we found out about combing and more specifically about combing wet hair.

Comb wet hair is generally not desired

How do you comb your hair properly and how often?

How to comb hair properly?

Generally, combing should promote hair health and detangle it, not the other way around. Experts agree that when done properly, combing is very important to avoid knots, tangles and breakage. There are many and different brushes and combs to detangle hair. For many, it is easier to detangle hair when it is wet. In some cases, however, this is not recommended. Especially if this is done vigorously, which can damage the hair and even lead to breakage.

It depends on what kind of hair texture you have

can you come wet hair tips and info

Is it safe to comb hair wet?

As mentioned earlier, it depends on the texture of your hair. For example, if you have straight hair, combing your wet hair can cause more damage than when it’s dry. The most important thing to remember is that wet hair is in its most sensitive and fragile state. If you comb the hair in this state, there is a high probability that it will overstretch, over-tighten and eventually break. Experts agree that hair is strongest when it’s dry.

On the other hand, if you have curly hair, the opposite is true. Surely any of you who have tried combing dry locks can attest to how awful it is. Combing dry tresses involves a lot of tugging and tangling and is generally an absolute NO. Experts believe that combing curly or textured hair can actually help reduce breakage and damage to the hair follicle and keep the curly pattern intact.

If your hair has elasticity and stretch, consider using hydrating and moisturizing products in addition to detangling sprays, conditioners, or oils. So you can make combing much easier.

If you have straight hair, you should not comb your hair wet

woman combs her hair with a wooden comb

How to comb hair properly?

All experts agree that for all hair types, preventing tangles and breakage should start in the shower. Some are of the opinion that combing is not even always necessary. You should make sure not to tangle your hair when you shampoo and condition it. For example, you can detangle your hair with your fingers, which is gentler and safer.

If you have straight hair, experts advise that you wait a bit before combing your hair further. For those of you with curly hair, the best time to comb or detangle is before shampooing and conditioning. Shampooing lifts the cuticles to properly remove dirt and oils. Raised cuticles on curly and wavy hair can lead to more tangles. After you rinse out the shampoo, your hair will be mostly detangled and you can then rinse again to reseal the cuticles and give a final brush through.

You can start combing in the shower

combing hair wet or dry helpful information

How often do you have to comb your hair?

The answer to this question depends on your own preferences as well as your hair type. You should then brush and comb your hair when necessary. For straight hair, that means you should style it for the day or detangle it before or after washing. For curly hair, comb every three to seven days, depending on when you wash your hair. You should determine the frequency yourself to minimize hair breakage.

Comb wet hair

care hair properly woman combs her hair with a comb

Hair care is important

how to comb your hair properly information and tips

haircare tips do not comb wet hair info


Ladies whose curls don’t stay put know that timeless charm needs constant shaping. It’s not just the withered leaves on the trees that ruffle in autumn – our hair does too. In this post, we present the latest fall trends and hairstyles for curly hair. Let yourself be inspired!

The lion’s mane is all the rage in autumn 2022

hairstyles for curls big wild curls

2022 was the year of natural curls: At the turn of the year 2022 everyone was talking about 3D curls. What were they exactly? It was about a beauty philosophy that aimed to get women with curly hair to celebrate their natural curls.

3D curls are multidimensional curls

3d curls style shoulder-length curly hair

The 3D curls are textured, highly defined curls that display their multidimensionality and complexity beautifully.

The pineapple updo for curly hair

pineapple hair rihanna

In order to be able to style your curly hair well, you should apply plenty of suitable care products.

Curl care products:

  • strong fixing gels or balms for curls;
  • moisturizing products;
  • shine spray or gloss;
  • Hair Slugging (alternative to curly hair care with home remedies).

Hairstyles for curly hair: fall trends 2022

#Layered curls

When considering a haircut suitable for curls, you should definitely look at some examples of layered curls. Regardless of the hair length you wear, a layered cut looks particularly good on curly hair textures. It offers a wonderful interplay of bangs and various lengths that frame the face, which sets accents on your facial features and eyes.

Layered cut for curls

The layered cut also works in a similar way with straight and fine hair (the so-called “invisible layers” will be all the rage soon enough): Layers immediately give your mane more volume and fullness. The fabulously curly shag cut or the popular wolf cut represent the impressive look of the accentuated layers.

The steps define the face

Layered cuts are particularly suitable for women with naturally curly hair.

Hairstyles for curly hair – long: what to wear in autumn 2022

Women who like to curl their hair should definitely apply heat protection and remember that any procedure can tire hair. Rejoice, however, as the following hot hairstyle trends for curly hair will be everywhere in the fall 2022 season:

#Low Waves

Very well suited for women with long hair: The low waves (low curls) begin at the level of the ears and unfold magnificently downwards. They are spiraled and incredibly delicate, much like the renaissance curls of Botticelli Waves.

The low waves start from the ear

sophie hermann low waves curly hair hairstyles

The upper part gives a smooth and elegant look and remains smooth.

The hair is left straight on top

nataliaoreiro low waves red dress curly hair hairstyles

The low waves are very easy to do with a wave iron, look super trendy with a center parting and look simply stunning with suitable hair clips.

Experiment with styling

#Lion Waves

Dear ladies with long hair, Attention! Here comes the lion’s mane. These are XXL curls that are wild, feminine and powerful.

Lion Waves – powerful, magnificent curls

annalynne mccord lion curls hairstyles for curls

The styling offers pure volume and can be easily conjured up with a larger curling iron. For the fluffy effect, use a salt spray on, or even a curling spray, which will activate the hair structure’s bounce and energy. And last but not least: Her lion’s mane will protect her against the cold.

Very defined and textured

lion curls hairstyles for naturally curly hair

#Cobra haircut

And where do hair gurus and visionaries get their inspiration for the hottest head of hair? From the animal world. In addition to the torment cut, the cobra hair is now in full swing. And the good news is that this isn’t some bizarre eccentricity, it’s just a matter of styling the curls.

Cobra Hair – Waves like snakes

hairstyles for curly hair kobra waves

Cobra hair is particularly flattering for long-haired women: the S-shaped, very subtle soft waves begin at chin level and unfold downwards like smooth snakes.

kobra hair cannes 2022

To achieve this gorgeous effect, you should style the big curls in opposite directions with the curling iron. Finished.

How often should you wash natural curls?

The factor to consider here is the thickness of the hair structure. In principle, ladies need to apply a nourishing shampoo every few days. Medium-sized curls can be washed every 2-3 days. Don’t overdo it on textured, thick curls. Constant washing will weaken them, make them dry and brittle. To encourage natural sebum production, wash your curly hair once a week.

The frequency depends on the density of the curls

curly hair hairstyles for curls


Will you visit the Oktoberfest? If your answer is yes, then you should know these things. The dirndl is a traditional garment of Bavarian culture and not just what all women like to wear at the Oktoberfest. But pay attention to which side you tie your dirndl on, because it reveals your status in life! One part of the dirndl is the apron, which is tied around the woman’s waist with a ribbon or knot. Attaching the ribbon to the waist of the dirndl has a special meaning. Thus, one can easily determine whether a woman is single and committed, in a relationship, married, or even widowed. Where do you wear your bow? Don’t worry if you don’t know how to tie your festive bow. Here we have put together the most important information, tricks and tips on how to tie your dirndl bow.

What does the bow on the dirndl mean?

how are you wearing your bow this year everything you need to know

The time will soon come when you can put on your beautiful dirndl. You can’t wait, can’t you? We are sure that you have been preparing for this beautiful festival called Oktoberfest for months. You will look fantastic – with a special dirndl hairstyle, the right necklace, the perfect blouse and the beautiful bow! But the most important thing to prepare and know for your special traditional Oktoberfest outfit is where the dirndl bow should sit and what it symbolizes.

Which side is the bow on the dirndl?

how do you wear your bow this year 2022

What does the dirndl bow say?

The apron can be tied in many different ways. Each species is unique and signals a different thing. The side on which the dirndl apron is tied indicates the marital status of the woman.

Dirndl loops meaning

that's what the dirndl bow says about the relationship statusFor most Munich residents, it goes without saying that a woman’s clothing is based on her marital status. In recent years, however, there has been a trend that tourists also like to wear dirndls. That is why it is good to convey the tradition correctly so that there are no misunderstandings, unwanted flirts or embarrassing moments. Because only a few know that women use the bow on the dirndl apron to indicate their marital status.

# Loop on the left side of the dirndl

If the ribbon of the apron is tied in front, on the left side, it means that the woman is free.

You should note that

Oktoberfest 2022 tips and tricks you should know

#Bow on the right side of the dirndl

However, if the apron string is tied on the right side, it means that the woman is married or in a relationship.

That is how it goes

we run the secret dirndl bow meaning

#Bow tied in the middle

A bow tied in the middle of the dirndl means that the lady is in a complicated relationship. It can mean that the lady has recently ended a serious relationship or that the state of the relationship is none of your business.

How to properly tie your dirndl bow?

Find out here where you can wear a bow

#Bow on the back

The bow tied in the center back of the apron is for widows, waitresses or children.

Tie the perfect dirndl bow

you can find out more about how to wear the bow tie here

How to tie the perfect dirndl bow

Here we show you how to tie the perfect dirndl ribbon and how to make sure you tie it perfectly every time, whether you are tying it for yourself or someone else.

Tie a dirndl bow

you can find out which side of the dirndl the bow is on here

  1. Cross the ribbons in front. It will be better to go left over right, but honestly it doesn’t make a difference.
  2. Start a knot. Take the top loop and place it under the other one like the beginning of a knot.
  3. Here’s the trick. Start forming the band at the bottom – the part of the band that naturally hangs down.
  4. Use the bottom ribbon to create a loop.
  5. Take the top band and cross it over the loop you just made with the bottom band.
  6. Pull a folded piece of the top loop through the small hole you made through the loop above the bottom loop and voilà!

It’s that easy

dirndl bow on which side do you wear it

Binding rule or nice tradition?

you will find out the answer to the question where do you wear your bow tie

meaning and guidance

dirndl bow and relationship status you can find out more here

This is how you can tie the dirndl bow correctly

How to tie a dirndl bow Find out here

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Hair discoloration is not only unhealthy, it is also costly. But the truth is that more and more women over 50 are opting for this variant. They want to look younger and don’t know how to achieve it. Therefore, they resort to changing their natural color to blonde or light brown hair. If you belong to this group and regularly discolor your hair, you should make some changes. From today you should stop coloring your hair because we have a solution to your problem. The happy news is that you will look much younger even if you have gray hair. Now we show you gray short hairstyles from 60, which will draw everyone’s attention.

In our article you will learn about the most modern gray short hairstyles for women over 60

gray short hairstyles from 60 that are in trend in 2022

There are a variety of ways to wear your hair chic and up-to-date in 2022. In the next lines we deal with the most beautiful gray short hairstyles from 60.

Discover our ideas for the most popular hairstyles for gray hair

bob cheeky bob hairstyles gray hair for women over 60

#Pixie Cut for older women: Frayed pixie cut for women over 60

This hairstyle will always remain a favorite. The special feature in this case is the fringed look that gives your face style and identity. It just makes you look younger. A few haircuts will form a beautiful pony and the others can be elegantly and extravagantly styled upwards. Without a doubt, you could pair the sassy pixie cut with bangs that will fall across your forehead. The cheeky short hairstyle is particularly suitable for women with thin and fine hair.

The 2022 trending hairstyles for gray hair are finally here

pixie cut cheeky hairstyles for women with gray hair over 60

#Bob cheeky Bob hairstyles for gray hair: Airy Bob

The Airy Bob is one of the most popular 2022 hairstyles for women over 60. The hairstyle is suitable for women with thick hair. The volume, which will always emphasize the hairstyle, looks wonderful. This effect will frame your face in the best way and make it significantly younger. Also, the hairstyle will really glam up your look by emphasizing your most beautiful facial features. The airy bob is given a modern twist by using a round brush and blow dryer. In the end, a setting spray is a perfect idea to protect your hair from inclement weather.

Follow our tips for looking younger

airy bob hairstyles for women over 60 with gray hair

#Undercut short hairstyles for women over 60: Bob with curtain bangs

This hairstyle is easy and really quick to style. The French bob with curtain bangs is suitable for women with fine hair. Because of this, the hairstyle will add fullness to your hair. Additionally, these types of bangs suit older ladies best because they will make them look younger. The popular curtain bangs are a perfect way to give your hair the desired softness. A good idea would be to blow-dry the hair first with a large round brush and then to style it up with hairspray.

Bob hairstyles are best suited if you have gray hair

bob with curtain bangs and hairstyles for women with gray hair

#Gray short hairstyles from 60: The shaggy bob

If you can pluck up courage, we suggest you go for this hairstyle. This will improve your self-confidence and enhance your beauty. The shaggy bob not only looks modern, but also extravagant. The hair could be worn both casually and formally. In addition, the hairstyle can be styled really easily and quickly. If you are in a hurry in the mornings, this hairstyle would be the best option that we are happy to offer.

The shaggy bob suits this woman very well

the shaggy bob hairstyle for women with gray hair 2022

#Hairstyles from 60 for women with gray hair: Wavy Blunt Bob

The blunt bob is one of the hottest hair trends that will be all the rage in 2022. The hairstyle provides more volume. The texture of the hair will contribute to your beautiful waves in your hair. If you have naturally curly hair, you will look forward to a hairstyle that is really suitable for you. The gray hair suits women over 60 particularly well, because the hairstyle sets the scene for the waves very nicely.

Wavy blunt bob suits curly hair and is really easy to wear

wavy blunt bob for women over 60 with gray hair

Gray short hairstyles from 60: which short hairstyle makes you younger?

All hairstyles that we have already mentioned are perfect for 60+ gray short hairstyles that will rejuvenate your face. In fact, all bob hairstyles are the best way to accentuate your age and beauty. This will give your hair volume and bounce.

Our recommendations will help you look younger

hairstyles with curly hair for women with gray hair

What haircut for gray hair?

You should determine the length of your hair according to your preference. Famous stylists advise to wear your hair shorter. This length is optically more suitable for women over 60 who have gray hair. Of course, the longer haircuts are also a good choice especially if you are looking for changes in your appearance.

Stop discoloring your hair because this method affects your healthy hair

short bob for short hairstyles for women over 60.jfif

Finally, let’s say that gray hair is not a bad thing. They are a mark of life and the circle of life. This is what distinguishes our personality. You shouldn’t be ashamed of that anymore. Even be proud of your natural hair and don’t alter it! See you soon!


Whether you’re in your 30s or 40s, gray hairs will start to appear over time. But don’t worry if your wisdom hair falls out. On the contrary – be happy. This fall’s hair trend is grey-beige – neither too warm nor too cold. This is an incredibly soft and quintessentially Scandinavian hair color that will make you feel extra good! And maybe even wiser. Today we present you the new trend hair color that will be a hit at the end of 2022: Greige!

Trend hair color in autumn 2022: Greige is the fashionable color of the season

hairstyles trend fall 2022 greige gray and beige

The new trend hair color in autumn 2022 is due to the combination of gray and beige

greige hair color long hair

When gray kisses beige, then violin is born

The latest hairstyle trend for fall 2022 – greige

White and gray hair have taken their place in the limelight in recent years. They have nothing to do with grandma’s look, on the contrary, they have even become a hit. Many young people and even teenagers have been inspired by the bold style. Hairstyles and dyed their hair in unusual colors. What does the color gray symbolize: grace, wisdom and fabulousness.

Absolutely stylish

In the Scandinavian countries there are many people who have this hair color naturally. Take a look at our picture gallery that we have selected for you. We’ll show you how cool the mélange of gray and beige-blonde hair is. It suits the season, mood and clothes of autumn-winter 2022.

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What distinguishes greige?

If you’re wondering what makes this fabulous hair color special, we’ll explain the features! Gray belongs to the ash blonde tones, making it more of a cool color palette. Every season brings new trends in the hair world. If you want all eyes on you in September, choose the color gray. An extremely sophisticated hair color that will make you shine and stand out. Let an experienced hairdresser advise you whether the color suits you. Then decide if you want to try a new hairstyle.

Greige: An international beauty

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The modern color has long been known to us from the fashion world. Garments of gray-beige color are very suitable for an autumn outfit. Now this color is also making its way into the world of hairstyles. A mix of gray and beige tones, curls, balayage or just ash rose with matte silver – experiment with the fashion trend now and you won’t regret it. A change of pace is always welcome, especially when it comes to hair. Radiant, soft and pleasant greige is the new trendy blond tone of autumn. You get texture, dynamics and volume. Be a modern and elegant lady. And don’t forget: hair changes the overall picture. So groom it regularly and you will look in the mirror with admiration.

@redkenuki Ash your hairdresser for #greige blonde hair!🙋‍♀️ For a cool blonde with the perfect balance of gold✨ #redkenshadeseq #haircolor #haircolorchallenge ♬ original sound – RedkenUKI

Care tips for greige hair

So that the dream color stays beautiful for a long time, you have to be a little careful. Basically, blonde hair, strands or balayage highlights require a lot of care, so we recommend a few products.

  1. Choose a good salon and an experienced barber for a long-lasting gray color. For dark blondes with a silver-grey finish, use a special gloss.
  2. Refresh yourself at home with special hair masks, silver shampoo and conditioner.
  3. Remember that grooming and regular visits to the hairdresser to refresh the color will keep the color for a long time.

Let your hair shine like never before and transform yourself giving you a trendy and beautiful look. Your complexion will also look radiant. Go for bright makeup that gets noticed.


The most anticipated festival of 2022 is upon us! We are sure that each of you is looking forward to the Oktoberfest. Would you like to take beautiful photos in a dirndl? It’s definitely possible! You’re probably wondering how to do it – with our top tips of course! Is there another traditional dress that is as feminine, elegant and beautiful as the dirndl? Anyone who has attended the Oktoberfest in Munich can answer this question! That’s why we’ve put together the best tips on how to capture the best moments with beautiful photos!

Beautiful photos in the dirndl

You can see tips for beautiful photos in a dirndl here

Every country has its own cultural values ​​that make it unique and special. These include: language, cuisine, traditions and clothing, etc. In Germany, the traditional items of clothing are the dirndl and lederhosen. We’re sure you know what a dirndl is, but we’ll repeat it anyway. A dirndl is a type of dress worn on special occasions to celebrate the region’s rich heritage and traditions. Many people primarily associate the dirndl with the Oktoberfest in Munich, an annual festival where this type of clothing must be worn.

Why do you wear a dirndl?

dirndl photo shoot for the oktoberfest find out more here

But the Oktoberfest in Munich is not the only place where these beautiful dresses are worn. Women often wear them to weddings throughout southern Bavaria and Austria, and almost every town and village in the region has at least one local festival where women can wear their dirndl dresses. To achieve a great Oktoberfest look, combine the dirndl with a simple hairstyle from our selection of hairstyles. If you find the right dirndl and hairstyle for the party and follow our tips for beautiful dirndl photos, you will surely take the most beautiful photos, which you can then upload to Instagram and conquer the internet.

Tips & ideas for Oktoberfest

With these tips it is easier to take photos in a dirndl

How can you take beautiful photos in a dirndl?

We all know how important it is to take beautiful photos of this beautiful event. Therefore, here you will discover the secrets of photography that will help you take the best photos.

Dirndl trends and great Oktoberfest hairstyles

more ideas for dirndl photos for instagram

#photo tip 1

Do you know how important diagonal, vertical and horizontal lines are for great Oktoberfest photos 2022 on Instagram? These are imaginary lines used to position the subject on the photos. They are a very important factor in the composition of the photo as they give the photo a certain character and depth. The use of diagonal lines, for example, creates a certain dynamic, ie the impression of movement in the photo. Vertical lines are ideal for photographing tall buildings, trees, and portraits.

Oktoberfest tips

with these tips the photos for oktoberfest will be perfect

#photo tip 2

In order to take an unforgettable photo, it is important to know when the time is right for the photo. Did you know that natural light is extremely important for a beautiful photo? Whether it’s a landscape, a subject, a person, or anything else, everything in the photo comes out best in natural light. First, natural light doesn’t require additional expensive equipment or a professional photographer. You just need to know when and how to take advantage of the light to take great Instagram photos.

Here are the best photography tips of all time

Really nice photos. How are you doing? You can find out here

Tip: The best time to shoot in natural light is the so-called “golden hour”, ie twice a day – one hour after sunrise and one hour before sunset, because the colors of the sun’s rays give your photo a phenomenal look.

#photo tip 3

One of the most important rules for creating a great photo that conveys a specific emotion and message is getting the perfect shot.

For even better photos

oktoberfest here are the most beautiful dirndl looks and photos

#photo tip 4

Capture special moments that you will remember for a long time, e.g. B. unusual shots that tell a deeper story, different emotions on a person’s face and much more.

Learn to photograph with our photography tips

great fun moments at oktoberfest with our tips

#Photo tip 5

Instagram is full of photos that convey different styles, themes, messages and ideas. The most important thing about your photos is that they are creative and original so that they stand out from other photos on Instagram.

How do you take photos correctly?

learn the best tips for beautiful photos in dirndl

#Photo tip 6

Discover what you love most about photography and be mesmerized by the different techniques, exposures, compositions and shots to achieve what you want.

Simple posing tips

tips for perfect photos in dirndl

#Photo tip 7

Experiment with your camera and create a phenomenal collection not only for Instagram but also for real photo albums and frames. In this way, the photos will remain a beautiful memory.

This is how you can take beautiful Instagram pictures

Find out more about top tips for beautiful photos in a dirndl here

The pro tips

take nice photos yourself in a dirndl like this

Perfect Instagram photos

so you can take beautiful photos in dirndl yourself

Tips & hacks for beautiful photos in a dirndl

beautiful photos in dirndl it's that easy and quick

It’s that simple!

tip for good and beautiful photos in dirndl instagram

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The Oktoberfest is enjoyed not only by Germans but also by countless foreigners. Music, dancing, singing and lots and lots of beer and sausages: these are the first things that immediately come to mind when you talk about Oktoberfest. In addition to having fun, people also associate the Oktoberfest with the world-famous traditional costumes and dirndls. Both men and women attach great importance to their appearance. For women, hair is a focal point and many devote several hours to makeup and hair. If you haven’t chosen one yourself yet, we will provide you with the TOP Oktoberfest Hairstyles Bob for 2022! Read on and be inspired!

Which Oktoberfest Bob hairstyles would you wear yourself?

which bob hairstyles are popular in 2022 oktoberfest hairstyles short hair two girls in pink dirndl with braid crown

The classic Oktoberfest hairstyles include braids, which are often put into a bun or decorated with flowers or hair accessories. For women with long hair, the list of options is really long and they can experiment. From the classic French braid to the herringbone braid to the hairstyle with a milkmaid braid – the list is really long. Many women also opt for the so-called corset braids. In this hairstyle, a ribbon is braided into the hair and the end result really resembles a corset. The side braids are also one of the classics and will also be very popular for the Oktoberfest 2022.

The crown is a classic for shorter hair too

Oktoberfest hairstyles bob half-length dirndl crown with flowers

For women with medium-length hair, the half updo is one of the most popular Oktoberfest hairstyles. The braided ponytails are of course IN and prove to be suitable for every hair length.

Is your hair too short for a bun or long braids? You shouldn’t worry. If you wear a pixie cut, you still have a wider range of options. The waterfall braids go perfectly with short hair, including a bob cut.

Different hair accessories such as flowers are of course perfect for the Oktoberfest hairstyle

Oktoberfest hairstyles bob asymmetrical dirndl hairstyles short hair simple young woman blond hair side pot with flowers

What can I do with bob hairstyle?

Don’t worry if your hair is only chin-length. The Oktoberfest hairstyles bob are quite a lot and creative. Here are some ideas.

#Half up bun

As the name suggests, part of the hair is tied in a bun while the rest falls freely down. Instead of a bun, you can simply take two medium-thick strands on each side of the head and twist them back. Secure each strand at the back of your head with bobby pins or clear hair ties, then create a small bun.

Braided hairstyle with a low bun – one of the TOP Oktoberfest hairstyles bobdirndl hairstyles oktoberfest hairstyles bob collage for small braids and buns

#The “Mini Frenchman” as an Oktoberfest hairstyle

Everyone knows what the French braid is. It is also clear that this hairstyle goes better with long hair. If your hair is more of a medium length or has a bob cut, you can still enjoy this hairstyle. The difference? Braid two or more medium French braids from front to back and tie each one with colorless hair elastic. Hide both braid ends with bobby pins. In this way you create the so-called “endless French braid”.

#Side strand with beach waves

This is a creative and simple combo between two hairstyles: beach waves and a side braid. Here you can either shape the entire hair with Beach Waves. The second variant is to lay only the lower third in fine waves. Fix the hairstyle with hairspray. Section off a medium strand from one side of your head and start French braiding it back. Secure the braid with a clear hair tie and then with a bobby pin. Another variation here is instead of ending at the back of the head, braiding the French braid to the other side of the head. The third variant here are the parallel braids. As the name suggests, these are two French braids that go parallel to each other at the back of the head. This hairstyle is actually a variation of the waterfall.

Create your own side strand with casual waves for Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest hairstyles for women bob cut collage for waterfall braids instructions

#The waterfall

One of the most popular Oktoberfest hairstyles bob, which goes perfectly with the dirndl, is the so-called waterfall. What makes this hairstyle so popular among many ladies is that it is suitable for any hair length. Whether you have waist or chin length hair, you can do this hairstyle without any problem. Women with a bob cut can also enjoy the “waterfall”.

Many ladies opt for a simple yet elegant waterfall hairstyle with light waves

Oktoberfest hairstyles bob ideas which bob hairstyles go with dirndl young woman with waterfall hairstyle and light waves

With this braided hairstyle, start from one side of the head and braid backwards. In general, the waterfall braid works like the French. The only difference here is that with the waterfall braid, you always loosely leave out a strand. You start with a rather thick strand, which you divide into three thinner ones and cross them over like in the classic braid. Then simply let the lower strand hang and add one from below. Place this over the braid and go backwards in this way until you reach the middle of the back of your head. Secure the braid with a hair tie. Then braid a new braid by starting here from the other side of your head and proceed in the same way until both braids meet at the back of your head. Then tie both braids together with a hair tie and fix with some hairspray.

Different Oktoberfest hairstyles bob for braiding

Oktoberfest hairstyles bob thin hair collage for hairstyle with braids

A high ponytail is always suitable for a dirndl

dirndl hairstyles short hair which hairstyle do you wear with a dirndl

Dutch braid as an excellent Oktoberfest hairstyles bob idea

oktoberfest hairstyles bob back of the head braided hairstyle woman with a braid through braid

Dutch braid with a small bun high on the head

oktoberfest hairstyles bob girl oktoberfest hairstyles bob instructions collage for dutch braid

The classic Oktoberfest crown is also IN in 2022!

how do i style a bob for oktoberfest a really blonde woman with a dirndl and a braided crown

what can i do with bob oktoberfest hairstyle braided crown low with hair accessory

which bob hairstyles for oktoberfest 2022 oktoberfest hairstyles bob braided hairstyle with bun and stitched flowers