There are also lists like this we should look to with consideration: What hair mistakes can you make that make you look older? Hair plays a major role in the overall appearance: there are hairstyles that make you look older. In the following we explain what these hairstyles and styles are and what you need to look out for.

What are the hairstyles that make you look older?

hairstyles that make older people look short

Hairstyles that make you look older

#Mistake 1: Tired and long

A serious mistake that many ladies make is to wear their hair straight, without volume and “tired”. And this phenomenon mainly affects (medium) long hair. With age, stages begin to add important accents to hair, refreshing the look and making you look younger. If you don’t wear layered haircuts or layered effects and your mane falls flat on your shoulders, you may definitely look older.

Tired looking hair

hairstyle that makes you look older

The effects are particularly visible on fine, straight hair and give the impression that you are not using proper hair care.

#Error 2: Combed backwards

Another styling that adds a few years on the face is hair combing back. While the look is fashionable, it doesn’t always go entirely well.

Comb the hair backwards and forehead lines will become more visible

hairstyles the older ones comb backwards

The reason is that with this hairstyle you open the face and draw attention to the small details of your skin. To avoid this, opt for haircuts based on steps or layers that frame the face. The forehead can be concealed with a haircut with bangs.

#Mistake 3: Beehive

You’ve definitely heard about the granny hairstyle and associate the effect with the beehive. The Beehive hairstyle is really retro and looks quite dated.

A very old-fashioned hairstyle


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One must not forget that the extremely voluminous updo often makes the hair look even drier and that does not leave a good impression, especially in connection with increasing age. Also, the rigid and formal hairstyle cannot always stay in place and does not come into its own in everyday life.

The hairstyle of other times…


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Especially with heavy make-up, the Beehive will uncompromisingly make you look older.

#Mistake 4: Old Fashioned Hair Colors (Aubergine, Ash Blonde, Washed Out Color)

There are not only hairstyles that age, but also hair colors. You should always keep up to date with hair fashion and know exactly which hair colors are currently in trend. Some old-fashioned nuances are of course to be avoided.

eggplant blue

Everyone is fed up with this color: the nuance has been around for a while. It is a dark color with bluish or purple undertones.

Aubergine blue is old-fashioned

aubergine blue hairstyles that make you older

ash blonde

Although trends towards gray hair are on the rise, the ash-blonde shade doesn’t always seem very up-to-date. Despite all social changes, there are still associations with aging that this color evokes.

Ash blonde definitely makes younger ladies look older


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Washed out colour

Hair loses pigment over time and that means more colorlessness and gray hair without shine.

Washed-out colors look particularly old-fashioned

freaked out hair color hairstyles that make older

That’s why it’s important to make sure your color is fresh, saturated and makes you shine. A washed-out color with a greyish, colorless tinge looks particularly aging.

#Mistake 5: Dry hair

The hair becomes much drier and brittle over time. Dry hair, no matter the length, makes it look unkempt and tired. Therefore, avoid harsh hair products and make sure you eat a healthy diet.

Dry hair

dry hair

#Mistake 6: Waffle curls

This is our favourite. Nothing compares to those girly curls that were so typical of 00’s fashion. They look extremely artificial and appear as if they were squashed in a waffle press. Especially in the sense of increasing age, the waffle curls don’t stay on point at all…

The waffle curls are dated and belong to hairstyles that age

crimped curls

#Mistake 7: Karen cut

The Karen haircut is particularly versatile and culturally charged and you already know that this hairstyle is an absolute no go. The hairstyle was still popular in the 00’s, but since then it has become synonymous with tackiness.

The absolute “no-go” hairstyle that makes you look older


One cannot define Karen as either a pixie or a bob. Same goes for length: are aging Karen hairstyles medium or short? It’s not entirely clear, so stay away from this haircut.

The Karen hairstyle is culturally charged


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The tips look dated and the side bangs, which just cascade down over the eyes, draws eyes to your forehead wrinkles.

#Mistake 8: Big curls

Big curls will also make younger ladies look completely older. That is why women with long hair should only wear them under certain circumstances.

Big curls, especially with heavy makeup, make you look older.

big curls hairstyles that make older

The grandiose curls, especially when paired with a side parting, can add 10 years on her face in an instant. Paired with a shorter hair length, however, big locks will make you look younger and more playful.