Hairstyles 2023


But short doesn’t have to mean boring. With simple styling tricks and a range of existing hair products, you can add a lot of pizzazz to your hairstyle. On the next pages you will find great ideas for Bob hairstyles 2023 for fine hair. Even if you’ve been wearing a bob for a while, here are some inspirations for new variations to try seasonally.

The best bob hairstyles 2023 for fine hair

Blonde Angled Long Bob

If you have fine hair, it’s important to learn a few tricks to add body to your mane. With the bob you can achieve this particularly effectively and without a round brush or other tedious methods. The be-all and end-all is choosing the right cut for your hair type. Focus on the texture of your hair, or go for something out of the ordinary like tousled looks or curls; play with color or highlights, everything is allowed!

Straight cut with long bangs

Hair Straight cut with long bangs

If you are blessed with straight hair, then you can think of your hair as a kind of canvas that you can style however you want. Highlights, as seen in this image, add depth to short bobs and add life to your hairstyle.

The classic bob hairstyles 2023

The classic bob hairstyles 2023

Fine hair is characterized by a lack of fullness in the strands. To counteract this, you can work not only with the cut, but also with color and highlights. In addition to the layered cut, this creates optical depth and volume.

Layered curls bob

Layered curls

Layers are the ideal way to add volume to fine hair. This example clearly shows how to play with a step cut. The longer strands serve to maintain the overall length of the hair, while the shorter strands add a little more bounce to the hair.

Chin length and asymmetrical bob

Chin length and asymmetrical bob

Long bob 2023 with highlights and balayage

Longbob 2023

Balayage has been THE trend for a long time and in combination with this one it is stylish Longbob 2023 you really can’t go wrong. The light strands that frame the face emphasize it and the light tips give your strands a lightness that also creates volume visually.

Long bob 2023 asymmetrical with waves

Long bob 2023 asymmetrical with waves

The side bangs work best for women with round faces as it slims the face while adding zest to the hairstyle. In the picture above, the lady has blow-dried the side bangs to the longer side of her asymmetrical bob. Cool and edgy!

Long bob with layers and balayage

Long bob with layers and balayage

Bob hairstyles 2023 create more volume in fine hair, especially if they are slightly layered, as in this model. The trendy balayage technique has also been used here to add depth and life to the cut. The shoulder-length bob suits all face shapes.

The Messy Bob

The Messy Bob

With a knife you can not only shave beards, but also create great hairstyles. Like this messy bob with frayed tips. Due to the fact that great steps have been incorporated here, the tips do not appear thinned out, but are more of an eye-catcher.

Bob with tousled curls

Bob with tousled curls

Love the messy look but frayed tips aren’t for you? Then this slightly tousled bob could be something for you. The light layers add bounce to the hair, and the texture comes from a salt spray.

Bob with a beach look

Bob with a beach look

This hairstyle is also based on the so-called beach look hair, as if you had just come from the beach. The slightly golden tone in the hair favors the summer look. As if kissed by the sun.

Oblique bob with side bangs

Oblique bob with side bangs

In the 1920s, bob hairstyles were one of the most daring things to do. We don’t see it that way anymore – quite the opposite. Bobs are not only trendy but also a great alternative for women with fine hair.

Blonde bob with tapered ends

Blonde bob with tapered ends

Washed-out roots used to be an absolute no-go! That is no longer the case today. The much lighter tips make your hair appear much fuller than it actually is.

Chin length blunt bob

Chin length blunt bob

Trend hairstyle of the last year and still absolutely en vogue! Blunt means blunt in English. Here the tips are bluntly cut off with a knife, which creates the look. A super hairstyle for fine facial features – and fine hair!

There are also lists like this we should look to with consideration: What hair mistakes can you make that make you look older? Hair plays a major role in the overall appearance: there are hairstyles that make you look older. In the following we explain what these hairstyles and styles are and what you need to look out for.

What are the hairstyles that make you look older?

hairstyles that make older people look short

Hairstyles that make you look older

#Mistake 1: Tired and long

A serious mistake that many ladies make is to wear their hair straight, without volume and “tired”. And this phenomenon mainly affects (medium) long hair. With age, stages begin to add important accents to hair, refreshing the look and making you look younger. If you don’t wear layered haircuts or layered effects and your mane falls flat on your shoulders, you may definitely look older.

Tired looking hair

hairstyle that makes you look older

The effects are particularly visible on fine, straight hair and give the impression that you are not using proper hair care.

#Error 2: Combed backwards

Another styling that adds a few years on the face is hair combing back. While the look is fashionable, it doesn’t always go entirely well.

Comb the hair backwards and forehead lines will become more visible

hairstyles the older ones comb backwards

The reason is that with this hairstyle you open the face and draw attention to the small details of your skin. To avoid this, opt for haircuts based on steps or layers that frame the face. The forehead can be concealed with a haircut with bangs.

#Mistake 3: Beehive

You’ve definitely heard about the granny hairstyle and associate the effect with the beehive. The Beehive hairstyle is really retro and looks quite dated.

A very old-fashioned hairstyle


Вижте тази публикация в Instagram.


Публикация, споделена от Ashley (@ashleyposkin)

One must not forget that the extremely voluminous updo often makes the hair look even drier and that does not leave a good impression, especially in connection with increasing age. Also, the rigid and formal hairstyle cannot always stay in place and does not come into its own in everyday life.

The hairstyle of other times…


Вижте тази публикация в Instagram.


Публикация, споделена от Joe (@totallyretro65)

Especially with heavy make-up, the Beehive will uncompromisingly make you look older.

#Mistake 4: Old Fashioned Hair Colors (Aubergine, Ash Blonde, Washed Out Color)

There are not only hairstyles that age, but also hair colors. You should always keep up to date with hair fashion and know exactly which hair colors are currently in trend. Some old-fashioned nuances are of course to be avoided.

eggplant blue

Everyone is fed up with this color: the nuance has been around for a while. It is a dark color with bluish or purple undertones.

Aubergine blue is old-fashioned

aubergine blue hairstyles that make you older

ash blonde

Although trends towards gray hair are on the rise, the ash-blonde shade doesn’t always seem very up-to-date. Despite all social changes, there are still associations with aging that this color evokes.

Ash blonde definitely makes younger ladies look older


Вижте тази публикация в Instagram.


Публикация, споделена от 💈Linette Landstrom💈 Haircuts have no gender (@frisorlinette)

Washed out colour

Hair loses pigment over time and that means more colorlessness and gray hair without shine.

Washed-out colors look particularly old-fashioned

freaked out hair color hairstyles that make older

That’s why it’s important to make sure your color is fresh, saturated and makes you shine. A washed-out color with a greyish, colorless tinge looks particularly aging.

#Mistake 5: Dry hair

The hair becomes much drier and brittle over time. Dry hair, no matter the length, makes it look unkempt and tired. Therefore, avoid harsh hair products and make sure you eat a healthy diet.

Dry hair

dry hair

#Mistake 6: Waffle curls

This is our favourite. Nothing compares to those girly curls that were so typical of 00’s fashion. They look extremely artificial and appear as if they were squashed in a waffle press. Especially in the sense of increasing age, the waffle curls don’t stay on point at all…

The waffle curls are dated and belong to hairstyles that age

crimped curls

#Mistake 7: Karen cut

The Karen haircut is particularly versatile and culturally charged and you already know that this hairstyle is an absolute no go. The hairstyle was still popular in the 00’s, but since then it has become synonymous with tackiness.

The absolute “no-go” hairstyle that makes you look older


One cannot define Karen as either a pixie or a bob. Same goes for length: are aging Karen hairstyles medium or short? It’s not entirely clear, so stay away from this haircut.

The Karen hairstyle is culturally charged


Вижте тази публикация в Instagram.


Публикация, споделена от earth (yes, my real name😊) (@earthsworld)

The tips look dated and the side bangs, which just cascade down over the eyes, draws eyes to your forehead wrinkles.

#Mistake 8: Big curls

Big curls will also make younger ladies look completely older. That is why women with long hair should only wear them under certain circumstances.

Big curls, especially with heavy makeup, make you look older.

big curls hairstyles that make older

The grandiose curls, especially when paired with a side parting, can add 10 years on her face in an instant. Paired with a shorter hair length, however, big locks will make you look younger and more playful.


The combination of Red and shades of brown is infinite. This multi-tonal color goes beyond the classic red and takes it to the next level for a more eye-catching and richer blend that can instantly brighten and refresh your look!

Auburn hair has a wide range of colors, making it a very versatile shade that suits all skin types. Tones that are more brown than reddish pair well with fair skin, while tones that are more on the red side of the spectrum pair well with fair to dark skin.

For your next hairdressing appointment, let yourself be inspired by reddish brown hair color tones to inspire!

Sexy Wavy Red Brown Balayage
Instagram @kl.hairartist

#1: Sexy wavy auburn balayage

Full of warmth and fullness, balayage leaves you feeling fresh. The resulting dimension creates a natural, glossy look, especially when you finish your style with bouncy, sleek waves.

#2: Chocolate and Merlot

Dimensional Auburn Wavy Long Hair
Instagram @hairby.maggiee

#3: Dimensional Auburn Wavy Long Hair

Stunning copper red brown blunt cut
Instagram @nicolasbeautystudio

#4: Stunning copper stump cut

A blunt cut is great for creating an intense and daring hairstyle. Copper hair works well with pale skin tones as it warms up the features and complements most eye colors. Paired with a blunt cut, copper colored hair diffuses the light and makes your hair look thicker and fuller, making it a great option for thin or fine hair.

Gently wavy auburn hair
Instagram @sergeyshapochka

#5: Softly wavy auburn hair

A classic hairstyle with softly wavy auburn hair is effortlessly romantic and chic. If your hair tends toward the warmer tones, adding more warmth can be a big risk, but the result is worth it. Ask your colorist if auburn suits your skin tone before committing. A great way to transition to red is by adding pops of red and blonde color to brown hair. Soft waves can be done with hot rollers or a curling iron and finished with a pomade for added shine.

Cute burgundy highlights on brown hair
Instagram @beautybyrain

#6: Cute burgundy highlights on brown hair

Burgundy highlights on your natural dark hair can create a stunning contrast that you can’t achieve with anything else. This is a great idea if you want to enhance your natural color but don’t want to go all out on the maintenance effort.

Warm reddish brown for curly hair
Instagram @beautiful_by_natalie

#7: Warm reddish brown for curly hair

If you have curly hair, you should choose a warm auburn. This rich, gorgeous shade leaves your tresses looking silky and velvety. Ask your stylist to consider a demi-permanent color to help your curls grow out softer and smoother and not dry out.

Medium brown hair with fun copper highlights
Instagram @lastylstudio

#8: Medium brown hair with copper highlights

The base is a dark mahogany brunette (think red wine) with subtle coppery balayage highlights, and it’s the perfect fall color. The cut is blunt and slanted with some structured layers that add dimension. This auburn hair color is for the woman who works in the office and wants to wear a fancy color but may not be allowed to wear unnatural colors in the workplace.

Vibrant mahogany red and brunette balayage
Instagram @boss.hairmom

#9: Vivid mahogany red and brunette balayage

Try a mahogany red and brunette balayage with deep red tones and coppery babylights. This auburn hair is ideal if you are looking for a low maintenance hair color and only want a root touch up every 6-8 weeks.

Gorgeous auburn caramel ombre
Instagram @salonmetta

#10: Beautiful caramel red to brown ombre

Try copper and golden honey blonde tones to add some dimension and brightness without losing your natural red hair. Most care for this auburn hue is some tone and color balancing.

Two tone red on brown hair color
Instagram @mandyshairandspa

#11: Two tone red on brown

This sweet coppery bright red and brown shade has warm undertones that make it look so defined and contrasting.

Beautiful dark brown to red ombre
Instagram @taylermadehair

#12: Beautiful dark brown to red ombre

I’m obsessed with this fiery mix of bright brown and red hair colors that are toned down towards the end for a lighter finish. The balayage adds a sweet dimension to your natural chocolate roots.

Red to brown ombre on short hair
Instagram @aldikalemi_hairstyles

#13: Red to Brown Ombre on Short Hair

Show off your ultra cool pixie with a cherry red and chocolate mix! This cute red-brown ombre coloring adds incredible dimension and depth.

Pretty red balayage on dark brown hair

#14: Pretty red balayage on dark brown hair

This brownish red hair is a stunning combination of deep and auburn balayage on brunette hairline.

Bold red highlights on dark brown hair
Instagram @cyn_haas

#15: Bold red highlights on dark brown hair

Red highlights on your dark brown hair are the best way to try your hand at being a redhead without making a commitment.

Reddish brown and dark reddish brown balayage
Instagram @sokiestylist

#16: Reddish brown and dark auburn balayage

Feel warm and cozy with dark reds and browns with dark roots for effortless growing out. Dark auburn ombres also look great on straight hair, especially if the transitions are seamless.

Dimensional dark red and brown hair color
Instagram @aubrey2355

#17: Dark red and brown wine in dimensions

Get ready for fall with this gorgeous dark reddish brunette hair that has been paired with a shadow root. Painting your tresses a bright and shiny brown and red hue will define your hair and enhance its shape.

Delicious red chocolate brown hair
Instagram @hairbyohheyheather

#18: Delicious red-chocolate brown

Have the colors of the leaves and natural wood on your mane for a gorgeous red chocolate brown hair color.

Classic red and blonde highlights on brown hair
Instagram @andreavarga_hair

#19: Classic red and blonde highlights on brown hair

Swap your classic light brunette hair for a combo of honey and strawberry balayage for the perfect reddish brown hair color.

Elegant light reddish brown
Instagram @hairbyannastacia

#20: Elegant light reddish brown

This light reddish-brown shade is ideal for warm and tan skin tones. Show off your wonderful vibrant copper color with hair straightened to perfection for a super smooth and shiny finish.

Stunning reddish golden brown hair color
Instagram @nicoleblanck_hairbytonizambito

#21: Stunning reddish golden brown

A reddish golden brown is a more subtle and easy-care color compared to lighter reds. A light auburn shade is easy to rock and can be easily manipulated to make cool changes to your hair.

Flattering brown, chestnut and red balayage
Instagram @jaynewallacehair

#22: Flattering maroon and red balayage

This maroon and red color has been hand painted using the balayage technique. It has been matched to the natural root color so it will grow out seamlessly into a beautiful ombre. This color really suits many skin tones, so ask your stylist if it suits you.

Seductive auburn hair with highlights
Instagram @hair.wizard_

#23: Seductive auburn with highlights

This straight auburn hair is a dark chocolate brown that fades to cherry red with copper highlights and a long layered haircut. In order for a bright auburn hair color to last as long as possible, you should always use a sulfate-free shampoo.

rich red brunette
Instagram @_danielledoeshair

#24: Rich red brunette

A rich brunette red creates a lovely warm base that suits almost any skin tone. Deeper colors like brunette require less maintenance and can be refreshed with a color conditioner. Brunette is great for contrasting with fair skin tones without blurring out the fair features.

I tried to introduce you to all types of auburn hair. If you go to the hairdresser, you can show your hairdresser your desired hairstyle and you can auburn hair have what suits you best. Don’t forget to contact me if you are curious. Please share this post on your social media and support our growth.

2022 offers us excellent haircuts that will rejuvenate every woman. A beautiful hairstyle combined with great hair color will surely refresh and spice up your whole look. When choosing a color from 60, however, you should not opt ​​for a color that is too dark, because that can make facial features appear harder and you will not benefit from anything. In today’s article we would like to show you the best and trending hairstyles. You will also get many tips and tricks related to glasses. Which hairstyles from 60 make you younger? These are the hair trends for 2022!

Nice hairstyle for women over 50 – shoulder-length hair with a subtle side pony

bold hairstyles for women over 50 side bangs

Sassy, ​​layered hairstyles for medium-length, thick hair – with curls

cheeky hairstyles medium-length tiered fringed chin-length bob with waves

Upbeat hairstyles for women over 50 – medium length layered bob

upbeat hairstyles for women over 50 medium-length layered bob waves

Hairstyles for gray hair over 60 – long and with side bangs

hairstyles for gray hair over 60 medium length hair layered

The biggest prediction for spring this year is an updated version of the 70’s shag hairstyle! This hairstyle works really well on both medium and short hair, making it a versatile hairstyle to wear all year round. With this haircut, the fringe is the best advantage: you can easily conceal gentle forehead wrinkles with a fringed or blunt fringe. If you also wear glasses, the hairstyle suits you even more – the small wrinkles around the eyes become practically invisible.

The eternal pixie cut for older women – this time side-slicked

pixie cut for older women side slicked

Layered bob hairstyles for medium length hair

Layered haircuts have a lot going for them. Here you will find our suggestions:

shag hairstyle

The haircut is characterized by really many levels. He’s all the rage and that doesn’t count from yesterday. The hairstyle is making a comeback. What else can we mention about it as beneficial? Shag is easy to care for and looks glamorous at the same time, even suitable for all hair textures. The hairdo makes a great mix of fringed cuts that envelop and show off the face. The choppy layers in the hair add volume. To keep the hairstyle looking dynamic on a day-to-day basis, all you need is a salt spray or hair wax to add texture or lift the roots a bit.

Shag hairstyle in two variants: with curls and straight

upbeat hairstyles for women over 50 shag hairstyle

Short shag cut

fringy bob hairstyles short tiered shaggy bob cut

Collarbone Shag/Clavicut

The versatile hairstyle can be styled really cool. With waves, in a center parting or side parting – or why not in a sleek look? Women with thin hair look very modern and elegant wearing such a haircut. A well styled shoulder length bob like the Clavicut gives your face a beautiful and even shape. Summer waves or retro curls are just as pretty and provide a rejuvenating effect.

Side Bangs VS. Curtain bangs

hairstyles medium length layered bob curtain bangs medium or side parting

Wolf Cut

The wolf cut is totally hip in 2022. The ultimate hair trend is a mix of vintage shag and mullet. With the right styling, you can achieve the perfect shape for you. With curls or straight – the cut is very bold, modern and interesting. Also coming up soon.

medium-length hairstyles with bangs from 50 wolf cut

A-cut bob

The A-cut bob hairstyle is preferred by many celebrities like Victoria Beckham. The hairstyle works well for all ages. And the ladies in their 60s will benefit a lot from this: the layered bob gives you lots of volume, structure and pizzazz. The hairdo is quite nice if you have already done highlights or balayage in your hair.

The asymmetrical bob emphasizes your strong points

smart short hairstyles women cheeky short tiered bob

ladies hairstyles medium length from 60 woman with blond wavy hair

bold hairstyles for women over 50 step bob

Layered bob hairstyle with slanting bangs

Everyone knows that the layers bring more structure and dimension to the hair. Of these, women with thin hair in particular will win. In combination with a slanted fringe, the hairstyle goes straight to the red carpet! These bangs show off your eyes, cheeks and lips.

bold hairstyles for women over 50 with sloping bangs

Short peppy hairstyles for women over 50

When it comes to short hairstyles, there are rules that can be broken. Experiment with colors, asymmetry and different lengths.

Side undercut

Decide on the current undercut hairstyle, even if you are looking for a new haircut from the age of 50. The undercut on the side is extravagant and shows off your face in a positive way.

Fake undercut is another option if you don’t want to risk much. The fake sidecut is a good cheat as you style one side tightly back and secure it to the longer hair with a bobby pin and hair setting.

short haircut women side undercut


The pageboy cut is very cute and wraps the face beautifully. It is suitable for all women who hardly have time for complex styling in the morning.

The modern page cut is the ideal solution. The hair on top of the head is kept longer and offers many possibilities for styling. The cut can also be worn with fringes – it looks particularly youthful and feminine. In combination with the undone styling, this creates the perfect hairstyle with an anti-aging effect.

short hairstyles for gray hair over 60

Pixie shag

You can never go wrong with short hairstyles. The pixie shag is very bold and peppy. The hairdo features a pointed nape and, of course, a slanting fringe. The longer layers at the top add body and movement to the hair.

smart short hairstyles women cheeky hairstyles over 60 with glasses

Long pixie cut

Modern and voluminous pixie hairstyles are without a doubt the ultimate low-maintenance cut of the future and everyone is already asking for it. Long pixie cut is just outstanding. Be inspired by film icons like Mia Farrow or Mary J Blige. Achieve lots of volume with choppy layers.

which hairstyles over 60 make younger long pixie cut

Blunt Bob

The blunt bob of the future takes center stage with precise cuts. In addition to single-tiered, blunt (blunt) bob hairstyles, angular and asymmetrical bobs will also be fashionable. They give women with rounder faces over 60 a face-framing length.

Hair accessories at 60 – modern and rejuvenating

Hair accessories are more popular than ever in 2022. In addition, it gives a young and dynamic look! Whether you have medium length or short hair – use barrettes, bobby pins and why not a nice silky bow? This will refresh your complete look and make it more extraordinary. It is best to opt for subtle and elegant hair accessories. This is how you will set beautiful accents in your hair. Combine your clothes and hair color naturally with the selected hair accessories.

The light blonde hair color hides the gray hair

bob hairstyles layered from 50 balayage blonde medium length hair

hairstyles from 60 with glasses chin-length bob

bold hairstyles for women over 50 for thick hair

With the party hairstyle at night you shine like a star. Don’t you wanna be the prettiest girl of the night? Nowadays people compete with each other in search of different combination even for party. Hairstyles have the power to make an ordinary woman beautiful and a beautiful woman unforgettable. So if you don’t try many hairstyles, some attractive hairstyles can give you an appealing look and for the girls who always love to style their hair with some new and trendy hairstyles, the adorable and unique hairstyles can make you alluring and charming looks like never before. party hairstyle can make your precious moments unforgettable.

If you are a party lover looking for a unique and trendy hairstyle for the next occasion, you have come to the right place. We have some amazing ones party hairstyles for you that will give you a different and appealing appeal. So next time you go to a party, try these attractive party hairstyles to have a new chic look for every party that will always make you stand out from the crowd.

Here is the easiest party hairstyles for you

We’ll help you find it Party hairstyles and help you make the right decisions. We look forward to welcoming you back to say thank you when you return from the night of partying. The images and hairstyles you see below have been researched and studied by a professional team. Come on girls, let’s find out which hairstyle suits you at the party to leave your rivals behind!


High ponytail

This look works best if you straighten your hair before styling. It is best to use heat spray to protect the structure. Wrap a thick section of hair around the high ponytail and secure with bobby pins in your hair color.

Braided crown

This style is another simple one, but it looks like you put a lot of effort into it. This type of crown braid only uses sections from the sides of your head and leaves the rest of your hair open. The first thing you should do is take a brush comb to make sure you don’t have any knots or tangles.

If you want to make a smaller braid and leave the rest of your hair out, take a small section of hair behind your ear and braid it however you like. A simple three-strand braid is obviously easier, but you can adjust it however you like.

When you are done with your braids, secure them with an elastic band. Wrap the braid around the back of your head and secure with a bobby pin. Repeat the same on the other side with another small section of hair and secure it with another elastic band and pin.

For a looser look, remove the elastics once secured with bobby pins and gently tug on the braids to make them look fuller and taller. You can leave the hair under the braids as is or style it however you like!

micro bob

Micro bob haircut. This is one of our most popular Bob haircut styles. The front hair ends somewhere at your jawline while the back hair hits right at the nape of your neck. The front can be divided as desired.

Half Ponytail

If you can’t decide between loose and updo hair, then a combo of the two is perfect. You can simply gather your top hair into a small ponytail or messy bun – the half bun is done. For a severe look, simply pull back your entire top hair, for a toned-down version, let your bangs fall in the front of your face.

Braided front

Is your hair not long enough for a proper herringbone or elaborate braiding? This is not even necessary for a cool party look. In fact, even simple braids in the front are enough. A little tip: so that you can do without a hair tie, work hairspray into the affected areas.

Medium length wavy bob

Currently trendy bob haircuts are moving away from the classic stiff shape to blunt-cut straight lines that hang just above the shoulders. These styles are much fuller and suitable for thin hair.

Short tight curls on natural hair

Make the most of your natural hair and showcase it by growing out the short and tight curls on top in a sort of Afro way. Make them stand out by coloring or highlighting the hair on top in a different, contrasting color.

You can get help by sharing the hairstyles in the images below with your barber.


With fall comes the need for elegant updos. Because of the humidity and wind, the hairstyle doesn’t last long in the way it was styled at home. In addition, our hair is stressed by the wind and external weather conditions. Certainly part of the autumn depression in women is also due to the fact that they no longer feel as feminine as they did in summer. An elegant hairstyle that would provide a solution to this situation is clearly the French bun pin. Here are our 5 ideas on how to wear this hairstyle in a particularly trendy way.

The French bun pin is one of the most elegant and practical fall hairstyles

blond hair - festive hairstyles

Hairstyles with accessories are trendy

A French pin alone makes updos very modern. This is because this accessory looks very elegant and chic. Updo hairstyles and hairstyles in general with visible noble accessories are among the most important fashion trends of recent years.



If you would like to treat yourself to a French pin from a good brand, we will support you!

Elegant nonchalance that individualizes your style is definitely possible with French bun pin updos

elegant evening hairstyle - modern great ideas


French bun pin as half bun

Have you read our article about festival hairstyles? Since we gave you the idea with the half bun. Such updos are actually also suitable for autumn. With French Pin Half Bun, you could take a part of summer that’s already gone, or at least its happy vibes, into fall.

Elegant updos with a bit of casual flair

The undone look is still up-to-date this season. However, there are certain rules that you should follow. What shouldn’t be is that you look like you haven’t taken care of your own hair at all. It’s all about intentionally letting a few strands hang in the otherwise perfect updo. This is how you bring out your own individuality.

The barely noticeable asymmetry is also totally in

elegant hairstyles for long hair

Slightly wavy look

French bin pin updos could be made to add more variety in your looks. You could tie your hair up while it’s still wet with this elegant accessory. This is how you get an elegant look for everyday work or a special event. If you leave your hair loose, it will immediately look slightly wavy. That’s a welcome effect for adding cheer to every season, isn’t it?

Asymmetrical looks

Subtle asymmetry dominates fashion trends in both clothing and hairstyles. You could just tuck your half bun into your hair a little to the side. But not really noticeable. The asymmetry in your elegant updo looks chic and playful, but not so whimsical and flashy.

Combine the French Bun Pin with other great eye-catching accessories for an even more elegant and feminine look

elegant updos pinned french bun



Final tip: Elegant updos with pins covered imperfections in the hair. But they can also put additional strain on them. To avoid this, you should pay special attention to your hair in the fall. You can find out how to properly care for them here.

These are our top ideas for your updo with a French bun pin. In addition, we have selected videos for you that combine practical application tips with further inspiration for such updos. Of course, you could also get ideas from the selected images in the article.

Stay confident with the help of awesome hairstyles that are easy to do.

The summery half bun can be worn great in autumn with the help of a French pin

french bun great updos

Maybe you can combine the French pin with other accessories for your charming look

french bun great ideas tendencies

Feel free to let a few strands hang out. That sure looks great!

modern updo for the winter season

You can also get waves in your hair if you use the French Bin on damp hair

french pin bun - wedding hairstyle - trends and ideas

There are great French bun pins on the market. Find a model that you think is really elegant and charming

french pin bun - several jewelry ideas

Some variants of the French Bun Pin are ideal for special events

arched high-back hairstyle and great piece of jewellery

medium length hair - pin up hair

modern updo french bun trend

Want elegant hair in winter? You can do it with a French Bun Pin!

modern updo with pin

modern updo great trendy ideas

modern updo and blonde hair

Stay elegant and confident this fall and winter with the awesome French Bun Pin!

modern ideas for medium length hair

great modern idea for an updo

trendy updo for everyday use

wavy hair updo great tendencies


If you’re wondering if your brown hair with blonde highlights enrich, you are in the right place at the right time. Whether your hair is short or long, blonde highlights can really make your brunette locks look very attractive, and we’ll show you how.

All you have to do is choose the right shade of blonde that suits your skin tone, eye color and the latest hair color trends. Take a look at these 30 stunning ideas for brown hair with blonde highlights and choose the right one for you.

Best brown hair ideas with brown highlights in 2022

1. Light brown hair with blonde highlights

Light brown hair with blonde highlights will make you the center of attention in any crowd or on the street. It is very eye-catching and attractive.

Blonde Money Pieces for light brown hair

2. Straight brown hair with blonde highlights

Look summery every day, whether it’s summer or winter. Straight brown hair with blonde highlights always gives you a very pretty look!

Straight brown and blond hair

3. Warm brown hair with blonde highlights

This beautiful image features a contrasting blonde and brown hair combo that blends honey blonde, face-framing sections with luscious highlights in the center parting and tips.

Honey blonde highlights on brown hair

4. Mixed light brown with blonde highlights

Hairstyle that suits someone who is not ready to go completely bleached.

Blonde highlights for light brown hair

5. Brown hair with lots of blonde highlights

If you want to be a pacesetter, if you want to lead while others follow, then you should get this brown hair with lots of blonde highlights. Impossible to take your eyes off it.

Lots of highlights for light brown hair

6. Shoulder length brown hair with blonde highlights

What is the best way to make dark hair look very pretty, alluring and touchable? Enrich your shoulder-length brown hair with blonde highlights. By the way, in most cases this is the only way to go from dark to blonde hair without damaging the hair.

Cute blonde highlights for dark hair

7. Golden highlights in dark brown hair

If you need a hairstyle that will make you look like a real It girl, then go for the next style with dark brown hair and golden highlights. The sparkling strands are the spice that provides the wow factor.

Sparkling golden highlights for brown hair

8. Dark hair with blonde highlights

Do you have long hair and want to make it look gorgeous? Here is a hairstyle to consider. Dark hair with lots of blonde highlights gives you a universal hairstyle that suits any occasion.

Dark hairstyle with golden highlights

9. Dimensional brown and blonde hair

Brown-blonde hair is awesome! It’s the year-round coloring, suits all hair types, skin tones and base colors and is really very versatile. You shouldn’t think of any other hairstyle if you like easy-care and surefire options.

Easy care brown blonde balayage hair

10. Chic dark brown hair with blonde highlights and waves

While light blonde highlights are perfect for brightening the face and brightening the overall appearance, subtle highlights in brown hair serve another useful purpose – they add a beautiful play of color to otherwise dull locks.

Brown hair with subtle highlights

11. Brunette hair with blonde highlights in the front

Hair color trend, like this brunette hair with blonde highlights.

Brunette and blonde hair color trend

12. Dark hair with blonde highlights at the roots

This basically straight hair is set in motion by strands and feathers. It’s also given more volume with blonde strands that start at the crown of the head and transition into heavily textured pieces at the roots.

Straight dark hair with subtle waves and highlights

13. Waist-length brown hair with blonde highlights

A woman can be beautiful despite her age. This brunette brown hair with blonde highlights suits teenagers, ladies over 30 and older women and is an anti-aging treatment for the latter.

Beautiful brunette hair with blonde highlights

14. Very short dark brown hair with blonde highlights

Bob with blonde babylights is a good reason to cut your hair.

Dark short hair with blonde babylights

15. Silky waves with creamy blonde highlights on brown hair

Bleaching the front of the hair rather than the entire perimeter of the hair is a smart move for those who want low maintenance and a less harsh effect on the hair. However, putting extra dabs of honey here and there promises more fun and fewer touch-ups.

Brown hair with blonde roots

16. Long brown hair with blonde highlights

If you want to show your hairstyle to everyone, you should opt for long brown hair with blonde highlights like in this picture. It’s really stunning!

Breathtakingly long hair with blonde highlights

17. Honey blonde highlights for brunettes

As the name suggests, it’s pure honey! Honey blonde highlights for brunettes with warm skin tones are the best choice. Your new look will not go unnoticed.

Brunette hair with blonde highlights

18. Very dark brown hair with blonde highlights

Dark brown hair with blonde highlights is the best way to embody class and royalty. The highlights spice up your gorgeous hair and make everyone admire it.

Gorgeous dark hair with face framing highlights

19. Shaggy layered brown hair with blonde highlights

The best way to make your hairstyle trendy is to layer it and add several beige blonde highlights. A little mess in your hair never hurts.

Long beige-blonde shag with highlights

20. Heavy blonde highlights in brown hair

Hair color is a bit dated these days. Add dimension to your rich mane with contrasting blonde strands, but naturally darken your roots.

Brown hair with dimensional blonde highlights

21. Multicolored blonde highlights on brunette locks are always a hit

If you want to transform into a brunette with blonde highlights, you inevitably face the problem of choosing a flattering shade of blonde. But you can take an example from this beautiful girl who wears ashy and golden hues in a hairstyle.

Blonde highlights for brunette hair

22. Mesmerizing light brown with blonde highlights

Add vibrancy to curls.

Caramel blonde balayage on brown hair

23. Brown hair with strong blonde highlights

You don’t just have to see it in the cinema. Be the movie others will see! It’s possible with a trendy new hair color, like this warm brown hair with chunky blonde highlights.

Blonde highlights for warm brown hair

24. Dimensional Bronde Hairstyle

These layers are styled into barely noticeable waves, but look no less stunning than hairstyles with bouncy curls due to the depth and shine of the variable-brightness highlights.

Bronde hair with blonde highlights

25. Very light brown hair with blonde highlights

This delicate hair color and perfectly curled waves make you look graceful and feminine. If you’re looking for soft looks this season, pin this hairstyle for inspiration.

Feminine light brown waves with highlights

26. Caramel brown hair with blonde highlights

Blonde highlights complete your look regardless of your complexion and look fantastic on both straight and wavy locks, in loose hairstyles and updos. Being beautiful is a lifestyle, and brown and blonde hair make your beauty routine easier.

Caramel blonde highlights with brown roots

27. Brown hair with blonde highlights and highlights

Brown hair with blonde highlights and some lowlights is trendy and fashionable. Plus, it looks effortless and is very practical. Worth trying this season!

Trendy brown-blonde highlights and highlights

28. Medium brown hair with blonde highlights

Medium length hair is neither too long nor too short, offering a variety of coloring options for you. Here we see a full head with highlights that have been made to shine with a glossy toner. Such a gorgeous champagne blonde shade gives the quality color that everyone desires.

Champagne blonde highlights

29. Warm blonde highlights in brown hair

The slightly curled light brown hair with warm blonde highlights befits a modern day princess or pop star.

Warm brown blond hair

30. Soft Blonde Balayage on Brunette Hair

The tiny blonde highlights on the top layer of brown hair are very soft and sleek and will leave you completely satisfied with your overall appearance. And what more does every girl need? Your hair makes up 90% of your appearance!

Brunette hair with subtle highlights

As we can see, blonde highlights look very pretty on brown hair. They are sexy and attractive, suitable for every occasion and every season. Decide for brown hair with blonde highlights and you will never have a bad hair day whether you choose loose curls, straight hair or updos.

Hair discoloration is not only unhealthy, it is also costly. But the truth is that more and more women over 50 are opting for this variant. They want to look younger and don’t know how to achieve it. Therefore, they resort to changing their natural color to blonde or light brown hair. If you belong to this group and regularly discolor your hair, you should make some changes. From today you should stop coloring your hair because we have a solution to your problem. The happy news is that you will look much younger even if you have gray hair. Now we show you gray short hairstyles from 60, which will draw everyone’s attention.

In our article you will learn about the most modern gray short hairstyles for women over 60

gray short hairstyles from 60 that are in trend in 2022

There are a variety of ways to wear your hair chic and up-to-date in 2022. In the next lines we deal with the most beautiful gray short hairstyles from 60.

Discover our ideas for the most popular hairstyles for gray hair

bob cheeky bob hairstyles gray hair for women over 60

#Pixie Cut for older women: Frayed pixie cut for women over 60

This hairstyle will always remain a favorite. The special feature in this case is the fringed look that gives your face style and identity. It just makes you look younger. A few haircuts will form a beautiful pony and the others can be elegantly and extravagantly styled upwards. Without a doubt, you could pair the sassy pixie cut with bangs that will fall across your forehead. The cheeky short hairstyle is particularly suitable for women with thin and fine hair.

The 2022 trending hairstyles for gray hair are finally here

pixie cut cheeky hairstyles for women with gray hair over 60

#Bob cheeky Bob hairstyles for gray hair: Airy Bob

The Airy Bob is one of the most popular 2022 hairstyles for women over 60. The hairstyle is suitable for women with thick hair. The volume, which will always emphasize the hairstyle, looks wonderful. This effect will frame your face in the best way and make it significantly younger. Also, the hairstyle will really glam up your look by emphasizing your most beautiful facial features. The airy bob is given a modern twist by using a round brush and blow dryer. In the end, a setting spray is a perfect idea to protect your hair from inclement weather.

Follow our tips for looking younger

airy bob hairstyles for women over 60 with gray hair

#Undercut short hairstyles for women over 60: Bob with curtain bangs

This hairstyle is easy and really quick to style. The French bob with curtain bangs is suitable for women with fine hair. Because of this, the hairstyle will add fullness to your hair. Additionally, these types of bangs suit older ladies best because they will make them look younger. The popular curtain bangs are a perfect way to give your hair the desired softness. A good idea would be to blow-dry the hair first with a large round brush and then to style it up with hairspray.

Bob hairstyles are best suited if you have gray hair

bob with curtain bangs and hairstyles for women with gray hair

#Gray short hairstyles from 60: The shaggy bob

If you can pluck up courage, we suggest you go for this hairstyle. This will improve your self-confidence and enhance your beauty. The shaggy bob not only looks modern, but also extravagant. The hair could be worn both casually and formally. In addition, the hairstyle can be styled really easily and quickly. If you are in a hurry in the mornings, this hairstyle would be the best option that we are happy to offer.

The shaggy bob suits this woman very well

the shaggy bob hairstyle for women with gray hair 2022

#Hairstyles from 60 for women with gray hair: Wavy Blunt Bob

The blunt bob is one of the hottest hair trends that will be all the rage in 2022. The hairstyle provides more volume. The texture of the hair will contribute to your beautiful waves in your hair. If you have naturally curly hair, you will look forward to a hairstyle that is really suitable for you. The gray hair suits women over 60 particularly well, because the hairstyle sets the scene for the waves very nicely.

Wavy blunt bob suits curly hair and is really easy to wear

wavy blunt bob for women over 60 with gray hair

Gray short hairstyles from 60: which short hairstyle makes you younger?

All hairstyles that we have already mentioned are perfect for 60+ gray short hairstyles that will rejuvenate your face. In fact, all bob hairstyles are the best way to accentuate your age and beauty. This will give your hair volume and bounce.

Our recommendations will help you look younger

hairstyles with curly hair for women with gray hair

What haircut for gray hair?

You should determine the length of your hair according to your preference. Famous stylists advise to wear your hair shorter. This length is optically more suitable for women over 60 who have gray hair. Of course, the longer haircuts are also a good choice especially if you are looking for changes in your appearance.

Stop discoloring your hair because this method affects your healthy hair

short bob for short hairstyles for women over 60.jfif


Many fringed haircuts have recently conquered the world. The sachel cut is the latest trend making the rounds. The hairstyle is also cut fringed, but at the same time it appears particularly feminine. The trend hairstyle is a real source of inspiration for women all over the world and that is not for nothing, because it has a lot to offer. In a moment we will explain to you what the trendy cut is all about!

Sachel Cut – a layered haircut that has some fringes framing the face.

sachel-cut combination of two trendy hairstyles

The sachel cut – what characterizes the trend hairstyle?

Layered cuts are definitely in in 2022. The mixie cut and the octopus cut prove that. The sachel cut is also assigned to this. The trendy cut is a mixture of two trend hairstyles. This is related to the shag but looks much softer than the rocker cut.



The reason: the highlights that frame the face are left a little longer. However, the cut also bears many characteristics of the so-called Rachel cut, which is why it can be described as its modern version. A wild step cut and a feminine women’s hairstyle are combined, resulting in a charming and absolutely modern women’s hairstyle 2022. It looks very elegant, but still has a rock touch to it.

The shag cut is the source of inspiration for the sachel cut

sachel-cut modern version shag cut


The 90s layered cut looks much more modern today

sachel cut wavy hair trends 2022

Who can wear the haircut?

Anyone who wants a small change in type can rely on this trend hairstyle. Because not everyone might go for the shag cut! Ultimately, it is actually quite wild and unusual and not every woman would feel comfortable with such a hairstyle. Even if you don’t want to part with your long hair, but still want to change something about your hairstyle, you’ve come to the right place with the new hairstyle trend! Because the sachel cut is eccentric and thus provides a fresh kick.

The trendy hairstyle provides significantly more volume, which is why it suits women with thin hair very well. Nevertheless, the cut is also suitable for women with thick hair, because then the hair looks much lighter. So all hair types look great with the sachel cut.

With the trend hairstyle you don’t have to pay attention to a specific hair length, because this can be very different. Not only medium-length, but also long hair benefit from the haircut.

Another advantage of the trendy women’s hairstyle is that it suits these different face shapes. Both round and oval faces look great with the haircut.

Depending on the hair structure, the haircut adapts perfectly to its wearer

sachel-cut long straight hair layers



How to style the sachel cut?

The cut can be styled in a variety of ways. Styled both smooth and curly, it comes into its own. Light waves also look great with such a haircut.

The hairstyle is often worn with a fringed fringe. This gives the cut more texture and makes it look even more charming.

One last tip: Some texturizing spray would finish off the look nicely. This is how the wild, voluminous steps are set in scene.

If you can’t decide between the shag and the Rachel cut, just choose the sachel cut!

sachel-cut long hair trendrisur 2022

We hope that you will find inspiration for a new haircut that will make an effective, but not too strong, type change.

The sachel cut is softer than the shag cut

sachel-cut trend hairstyles 2022 levels

The trend hairstyle makes the face appear narrower

sachel-cut trend hairstyle 2022 characteristics

Treat yourself to a small type change that will make for an even fresher mood!

sachel-cut modern version schag cut

Any hair texture can benefit from a layered cut

sachel-cut trend hairstyle women's hairstyles 2022

The modern cut is not only worn in summer 2022, but also in autumn

sachel-cut what features styling ideas

Conjure up more volume in your hair with a modern layered cut

sachel cut long blond hair step cut

long bob are all the rage at the moment and are styled in many different ways by many celebrities. Whether it’s polished, messy, straightened, wavy, blunt or layered, the variety and flexibility make this cut one of our favorites. And since it’s not as short as the classic bob, you can also dabble in updos if you want to. But today we are going to focus on how to wear it casual and chic depending on how individual you are.

Modern long bob hairstyles for hair type

“The long bob makes any hair look thick and healthy. Plus, the bold lines draw attention to the bone structure and help frame the face,” said celebrity hairstylist Matt Fugate. We can only add that you need to find out which long bob hairstyle is suitable for your hair texture as there are so many options. Graduated tips are great for luscious manes as they make them appear more manageable and lighter. The swing bob shows off fine strands best as its layered back adds dimension. Wavy strands call for a messy hairstyle with some layers to accentuate their texture.

Below are more examples of different hair types that you can style for your long bob.

Wavy shaggy copper red bob
via @ramireztransalon

Red is just the right color to make curly hair shine, while the updo with shaggy bangs leaves enough room for the curls.

Wavy long blonde balayage bob for fine hair
via @christinesilvermancolor

This girl sports a wavy long bob that has been softened with a natural balayage coloring. It is subtly layered to add a bit of density to fine hair and create a seamless look.

Straight lob with pointed ends
via @anhcotran

Straight, medium to thick hair benefits from a single-row long bob that’s lightly textured with spiky tips.

Blunt blonde bob
via @rafaelbertolucci1

A blunt braid is a good choice for thin tresses that creates a strong outline at the bottom. Don’t forget to lift the hairline and style it behind the ear to spice up your look.

Brunette lob with delicate highlights for thick hair
via @petermenezes

Although this thick hair is luscious and voluminous, it might lack panache if the delicate highlights didn’t accentuate the rounded brushed roots.

Flattering long bob hairstyles according to face shape

Probably the best feature of the long bob is its adaptability. The length, which falls from below the chin to the collarbone, flatters and slims almost any face shape. If you have angular facial contours, you can soften them with curves; if your face is round, you should have one Long bob haircut with additional brackets – it’s that simple.

The only rule is to avoid extra long options if you have an oblong face. “Long hairstyles lengthen the face in the first place and can lengthen a long face even further. So by adding width with light layers and adding texturizing products to your regimen, you can balance out the length a bit, making your face look less long,” Bryce Scarlett, the hairstylist for Gigi Hadid, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Margot Robbie, tells Cosmopolitan .

Wavy shoulder-length bob with a round face
via @mizzchoi

A shoulder-length bob and a slanted one long bob with bangs provide enough length to balance any round face.

Bob with bangs and highlights for long faces
via @maxwellmathson

For girls with long faces and fine hair, it makes sense to choose a shorter long bob version, which is given more volume and density with highlights, a side parting and full, feathery bangs.

Wavy lob for oval faces
via @buddywporter

Although oval faces draw every part, you can opt for a side part to soften any downward-pulling effect that comes with length.

Dark blonde wavy lob for square faces
via @medullacoyorkville

A long, wavy bob with soft, face-framing strands is good for square faces as it draws focus away from the strong jawline and adds curves for better proportion.

White combover bob for heart-shaped faces
via @brianacisneros

If you have a heart-shaped face, try to avoid emphasizing the pointed chin by drawing attention to the eyes and cheekbones.

Long, layered bob is becoming a hit

Why opt for a layered look when there’s also Kim Kardashian’s blunt updo and J.Lo’s stunning Met Gala look? At least the hairstyle lasts longer and only rarely needs to be trimmed. “The good thing about an updo is that it’s usually choppy and layered, so you know she’ll look good for the next three months when she grows out,” said Frankie Foye, who gave Alessandra Ambrosio her new updo missed, versus Cosmopolitan.

Of course, that’s not the only reason to opt for layering. You can create a lifted bodice with shorter layers at the back, or create a face-flattering effect with cascades at the front. Keep exploring how to do it.

Long bob with bangs as an eye-catcher

“Fringes are a great way to create a ‘new’ style without committing to a drastic haircut or length change. You can keep the long bob you already love and only amplify it with this mini snip. Depending on the fringe style, you can easily hide the bangs if you decide the look doesn’t suit you,” celebrity hairstylist Laurie Heaps tells InStyle. To avoid such a challenge, you should put some effort into finding out which type of bangs suits your long bob best. Don’t forget to consider your face shape, hair texture and even your styling habits because you might not like the idea of ​​blow-drying your bangs after every shampoo.

Black updos to inspire

Though bushy African American hair may seem too whimsical for a long bob hairstyle, there are a plethora of ways to pack it into this trendy hairstyle. You can have it sewn in or opt for relaxed hair, but you are also free to wear it completely natural. “If you have very strong curls, you should ask for a dry cut so your stylist can see the shape they’re cutting. If you have loose waves, a wet cut is fine,” recommends Jen Atkin, the celebrated long bob queen of celebrity stylists, in her comments to Elle. Here you can find out how to achieve a hip swing with straight, frizzy or wavy hair.

10 best long bob styling ideas to spice up

Do you still have doubts? “If you’ve thought about getting a long bob cut, I would say go for it. The long bob is not one of those drastic cuts that will have you in tears a week after your hair appointment,” writes celebrity hair geuru Mark Townsend in his article for Byrdie. We can only agree with the pro, but have a few words to add.

The longer version of the time-honoured bob offers plenty of room for styling experiments. At this medium length, both casual beach waves and chic Hollywood curls look equally stunning despite being so dramatically different – and you can have the best of both worlds! Also, it’s hard to find another hairstyle that lends itself so well to ombre, highlights, and all sorts of trendy color solutions. Let’s see how to tie it all together.

Straight A-line bob
via @hairbyedwin

The clean shape of this A-line bob looks dramatic on straight hair. Steal the style and don’t forget a side parting for an edgy asymmetry.

Asymmetrical bob with undercut
via @hairbyedwin

Those who like it even more asymmetrical can look to this daring bob, which has an undercut on one side and a shoulder-length cascade on the other.

Sleek ash blonde Lob
via @rochellegoldenhairstylist

This sleek and exquisite blonde braid impresses with its delicate color transition which, together with a small layering, gives the hair depth.

Dull blond with shadowy roots
via @chrisweberhair

If you want to accentuate your fine curls, go for a blunt long bob with shadow roots to add fullness to both the top and bottom.

Wavy chestnut braid with side parting
via @hairbykatlin

Think a side part to add a twist to your casual hairstyle and brighten your natural dark color with warm auburn strands.

Messy bun with side-swept bangs
via @megahairmaniac

It’s fun to pair a messy haircut with long side-swept bangs that have a breezy, feathery finish. And this vibrant blonde is a bomb!

Wavy shaggy combo bob
via @suedub

Pull most of your hair to one side for this vibrant shaggy look, enhanced with trimmed ends and touch-and-go waves.

Center parting lob for round faces
via @styledbylizsustaita

A center parting with lots of angles is just right for wide faces as it makes them slimmer and more elegant.

Structured lob with scalloped fringes
via @christinamhair

Thin hair can be drastically transformed when layered and textured to add bounce and movement. Pair it with flat arched bangs for that great contrast.

Stacked Graded Praise
via @darlene_the_stylist

You will love a layered updo because of the volume created by the shorter strands stacked at the back. Nevertheless, you still have enough length in the front to play with the styling and show off a brilliant coloring.

Whether choppy or straight, parted in the middle or swept to the side – the long bob is the golden mean with which you can show off your bone structure as well as your hair texture beautifully. Take the chance and choose a trendy variant from our selection of the most Instagrammable updos – and you will be the next to collect likes online and offline.