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Hairstyles with extensions have never been so easy. Do not be biased, you can get a very useful and pleasant style. Women love to change up their looks with their choice of haircut and hair color. What if haircuts, hair colors and hair styling are a matter of seconds? Hair extensions take you on a ride of limitless hairstyles. Your natural, beautifully shiny hair will get an extra shine with these trendy hair extensions. Remember that your hair is like precious jewellery, so make every hair stroke count.

The biggest draw of hair extensions is how they open up a whole new world of styling options that you might never have dreamed were possible with your own hair. Never again will you have to think “My hair isn’t long enough for this” or “My hair is too thin for it”; Just put in your hair extensions and the world is really your oyster. Whether you have short or thin hair, or just want to add extra volume, extensions give you everything you need to create all your favorite hairstyles and can even be used to add new colors to your hair.

What hairstyles can I do with hairstyles with extensions?

Your styling possibilities are endless when you add hair extensions to your hair. You can use them to add volume, fullness, length and even color. Try experimenting with shades lighter than your hair to achieve a balayage look without having to dye your hair! You can get an idea by checking out our models below.

Wavy Hair

Want to give your tresses that magical mermaid twist? Those mermaid waves would make Ariel jealous. And they’re super easy to get to too! With length and volume enhancing hair extensions, take your hair to the next level with a texturizing spray for an unforgettable sun-kissed summer look.

To create the perfect mermaid wave, we recommend investing in a waver tool. Wavers guarantee easy, bouncy waves that scream beachy boho chic without the hassle of tugging, curling, or twisting your delicate strands. Just remember to use a heat protectant!

Low pony tail

The low ponytail has been all the rage lately and we have Kim K to blame! This simple yet elegant hairstyle can be adapted to so many occasions that it will surprise you! From the sleek low bangs seen on one too many celebrities to the gently tousled romantic wavy ponytail, this hairstyle has evolved from your ‘quarantine classic’ into a chic and versatile ‘do.

High ponytail

Unlike the low ponytail, the high ponytail is a sleek, elegant, and wild classic. This hairstyle instantly brings any outfit to life! The low ponytail’s sporty sister, a high ponytail gives us sassy ’90s vibes. Another lengthening hairstyle for versatility and low maintenance; Pair this look with bangs or braids to really create that wow factor.

Dutch braids

Dutch braids have had a moment since at least 2016 when they stormed the internet alongside their French braid cousins. The double Dutch braid is the queen of lengthening hairstyles due to its complexity and need for volume. They involve crossing strands underneath to give the braid a stunning 3D effect.

With extra hair, it’s much easier to create stunning, artful braids that make everyday feel like a fashion shoot. Check out our guide to braiding hair extensions to master this timeless style.

space buns

Space buns and half-up space buns require enough hair for glamorous, flowing curls and two voluminous, messy buns… Sounds tough right? This is where you add your precious clip in hair extensions because this hairstyle will go together sleek and stunning.

Walking the line between cute and edgy, space buns combine ’90s vibes with summer fun and a touch of e-girl. They are perfect for festivals, day trips and photo shoots. This look is a real eye-catcher.

Bubble braid ponytail

Don’t let the name fool you, this hairstyle is not a braid per se. The perfect playful extension hairstyle, the Bubble Braids is a simple twist on a classic ponytail. Unless you’re lucky enough to have super long, thick locks, you’ll need the help of hair extensions to construct the perfect braid. Rewind to the early ’00s, we were blown away by stars like Fergie sporting this villain hairdo.

What types of hairstyles with extensions look the most natural?

Permanent hair extensions applied by a professional hair extensions specialist tend to give the most natural finish as they are smaller and can be positioned closer to the hairline.

How should my hair be worn to bed with hair extensions?

When talking about temporary hair extensions, you should know that they should always be removed before bed and shower to avoid damaging your own hair. If you have permanent hair extensions, it’s a good idea to tie your hair in a loose braid before bed to keep your hair from getting tangled.

What are the best hairstyles with extensions for black hair?

The advantage of black or dark brunette hair is the dazzling shine! Sleek and sleeker styles will showcase this to the max, so sleek high ponytails and flowing glam will bring out that sparkle. Add instant length and thickness to your hair with our range of black hair extensions.

What are the best hairstyles with extensions for blonde hair?

Since blonde hair tends to have a lot of different tones, braids and updos really soften this up. Also, usually blonde hair has a slightly drier texture so it stays in place really well, which works better for intricate and detailed styles.

How do you style keratin bond hairstyles with extensions?

Styling keratin bond hairstyles with extensions isn’t as scary as it sounds. Since this is human hair, you can use the same techniques as you would with your own hair, but you must avoid using products or heat directly on or near the bonds of the extensions. The bonds of the extensions are the parts that attach to your hair at the root.

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As hard as you try to protect your hair from damage, whether by limiting heat styling tools or devoutly using deep treatment masks, let’s face it: frizz and split ends are inevitable, and we don’t always have time to indulge in them to go to the salon. cut it

So, while making your next appointment with the stylist, you can choose any of the hairstyles presented below. Yes! There are ways to keep your hair looking radiant, even when it’s completely damaged.

French updo

This timeless hairstyle not only protects your damaged hair, but also creates an absolutely elegant and noble beauty look. Plus it’s super romantic.

Dutch braid

It’s no secret that we love braids, but with so many braiding techniques and styles to choose from, it can be difficult to decide on a rockin’ look. When in doubt, a Dutch braid is infallible for showing off your long hair and hiding the abuse.

Braided Crown

If you want to protect your damaged locks, this boho chic hairstyle is perfect for you. For an ethereal look, leave the braid loose.

Fishtail Braids

You can’t talk about braided hairstyles without mentioning braids! They work wonders to combat bad hair days in style.

Diagonal braids with a tousled bun

Braided updos don’t have to be complicated to look good! In fact, pairing a messy bun with a diagonal dutch braid like this one is super effective for hiding damaged hair.

Bun with top braids

If you’re a fan of the classic bun, you know very well that your favorite hairstyle can get a bit boring after a while, so give it a twist by weaving a few braids over it. It’s perfect for summer!


If you want to style your hair in both braids and a bun, you should definitely try to combine both styles. This hairstyle is very easy to recreate and is the perfect look to protect weakened and damaged hair.

Bun with braids

There are certainly endless types of buns for every occasion and while some of them give an ultra polished look, braided buns add an element of fun and hide damaged hair perfectly. Plus, this style goes really well with this season’s Y2K vibe.


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Women's haircuts 2022 2023 – trends and photos

For women who want to renew their look, we bring some fabulous haircut suggestions that will be trending in 2022 2023. This will be a season where we can play freely with our hair and where we can freely choose between different textures, lengths and bangs. .

We prefer not to save on a good and neat haircut. Better save on a new dress or shirt. Hair is the frame of our face, so it’s our most important letter of recommendation.

For those who are looking for drastic changes in their image, opting for short haircuts can be a good option, as they are becoming more and more relevant in current fashion, and for those who wish, today we present some ideas vor will enjoy great popularity. Popularity this year 2022 2023.


This style is particularly recommended for bold and self-confident women, as not everyone dares to have such short hair.

But the truth is that those who incorporate this type of styling will benefit from a sophisticated and very sexy look. It’s a style that gives a lot of personality.

The hair is cut in many layers, shorter around the head and slightly longer on top to create a slightly messy look.

As we can see, the length of the hair can vary. In these last photos we see that it has been left much longer at the top.

The bangs can go up to the eyebrows or even be longer.

Short bob

It is a cut where the hair is cut straight around the head, usually at the chin, often with bangs at the front. It can also be cut just below the ears or on the shoulders.

The back is usually shorter than the front, with soft layers accentuating the curve of the neck.

Who does this cut benefit? Obviously, not all of us have the same face and are not all comfortable with the same things. Women with straight hair and very feminine facial features wear this type of haircut best.

Tall women or those who regularly wear heels are also perfect for this hair type, which is why it is so famous among many models around the world.

shaved hair

This is another style that we are seeing more and more often. Some areas of the head are shaved, mainly above the ears or at the nape of the neck.

Short wolf cut

Cut in layers, this retro hairstyle usually starts at the temples. The hair benefits from a lot of volume.

Short mullet

Just like the wolf, the mullet is another retro but of course contemporary cut. The hair is cut in very short layers at the top of the head, with these layers cascading down leaving some longer strands at the nape of the neck.

One of the main attractions of the 2022 season is that it is very diverse and we can benefit from the different styles that fashion offers us in all its branches. This great variety is also reflected in hairstyles, which allow us all to find a style that suits our tastes and personality.

You can refresh your hair by removing the flowery and ugly ends and choosing the trendiest option according to this year’s trends.

long bob

Long bob cuts are one of the great ways to achieve fashionable medium hair length. We can choose all styles of bob, that is straight, that is, the same length at the back as at the front, in line A, that is shorter at the back, asymmetrical, with or without layers, with bangs or without them. Let’s see some photos of all these possibilities.

Mean wolf

The medium wolf cut features cascading, layered hair, the layers start at the temples and the hair gradually fades towards the ends. Create hair with lots of volume.

This cut has the power to give us versatility, good taste and freshness through sweeping and multiple layers (or in other words “lots of texture”). Regardless of the length you choose to go for, it is important to adopt one of the two qualities above.

In addition, we will be able to see that the medium length is undoubtedly one of the favorite lengths of all women this season. Not only is it super versatile, but it also allows us to have a low-maintenance cut that’s ideal now more than ever, as everyday life gets busier.

Texture is essential with this hair length. Cutting into lots of layers gives us the opportunity to achieve lots of movement and volume.

If you have long hair and you are a little tired of looking after it, a medium length is an excellent option, as it will not drastically change your appearance, but you will gain in comfort and practicality.

Medium mullet

This style of mullet maintains the concept of layering hair from the top of the head, with the lower strands having little volume and being very long compared to the rest of the hair.

long wolf

As with the middle wolf, the layers start at the temples, the rest of the hair is cut in many layers, creating a lot of movement.

With or without bangs, straight or with waves. You are free to choose what best suits your hair and personality. The important thing is that you cut it in layers.

You can cut the hair in an undercut at the ends and long side bangs.

Very straight and with slanted ends, so easy that you only have to worry about moisturizing it because all you have to do is wash, dry and style. And it will always look good. That is one of the advantages of these cuts that you do not have to take your time to take care of them because they are very practical.

Wavy hair and bangs above the eyebrows, a very youthful and flattering look.

Long Mullet

The layers start at the top of the head, leaving long strands with little volume at the bottom of the hair.

Lots of style with fringes from the forehead to the chin level, the rest follows the basic trend, so modern that everyone will like it and the best thing is that with all these styles you can show off without worrying so much about the hairstyle.

Another cut that flirts with ragged bangs and slightly wavy ends.

When it comes to layers, we see that so-called “shaggy” are on the rise this year, i.e. very soft, paraded layers that create a disheveled appearance. We see these types of layers in short, medium and long. As we saw above, wolf and mullet are the cuts of choice when it comes to layers.

A change of style always feels great, apart from being fun it allows you to look different and play with your own image and of course try new cuts and styles. Fringes are back, especially when given a bold and different twist. We are confronted with different editing techniques.

The bangs are a model that was launched with power a few seasons ago and that is likely to remain firm as it seems that new variants are emerging every day, inspiring women to keep the style.


A daring haircut with straight and short bangs is undoubtedly a rather risky look, but no less beautiful and sexy for it. You can also combine it with modern and flamboyant updos, tousled, with decorations and even without.

Within the short pony we see two trends. The one seen in the photos above with short and thick bangs. And the ones we’ll see next, with paraded bangs, known as “baby bangs.”

However, if you have a round or heart-shaped face, it might be worth trying bangs paired with a bob that partially covers the cheeks, making the face more oval.

If you have a broad forehead with long and tousled hair, it will suit you well. On the other hand, if your forehead is narrow, short fringe favors the shape of your face.

Long and frayed

It is very important to consider the shape of the face in order to know which bangs suit us best. The cut should always make our face oval. For example a round face will look better with cuts that refine it, maybe a curtain fringe with a few strands on the cheeks can work very well.

If you want to look a little more mysterious, long bangs on one side of the face will give you a mysterious halo.

For women with curly hair who are looking for a stylish and modern cut, below we show some cuts that are bound to be a trend and that are very flattering on almost everyone.

There are a variety of ways to wear curly hair, the most striking being the cuts we saw above, but applied with slight variations to accommodate the volume and texture of curly hair. That’s why we also see pixies, bobs, wolf cuts and mullets of all lengths. And for those girls who have very curly and frizzy hair, Afro style is one of the most fabulous options they can choose.


For short hair, the pixie is a very stylish cut that is cropped very short around the head, leaving longer strands on top.

Length may vary as we see in these photos.

For the more classy girls who prefer to wear their hair short, bob style cutting can be a great option as well as being a very good option for those who don’t like it or don’t know how to go about it her curly hair should handle the texture. It’s a very convenient option with easy maintenance.

Also, the short wolf cut looks amazing on short hair.


Some areas of the head can also be shaved, especially above the ears.


Another option is to cut it to medium length for a luscious hair and a more natural look, which is a key trend this season. The favorite style is without a doubt the wolf cut.

This type of cut is particularly recommended for women with small or medium, but well-defined curls. The best way to comb them is usually by using an anti-frizz.

Also, returning to free hair growth and presenting it in the best Afro style is another trending option.


On the other hand, for those who are willing to take extreme care of their hair and its moisture, growing their hair long is the best option. The cuts need to have layers and parries to remove volume. Next we see a wolf.

But there is no shortage of mullets either, as we will see below.


Different trends prevail in fashionable hairstyles, which influence the selection of a suitable haircut and styling. There are also certain beauty tools and products that are very popular. Styling sprays and hairsprays sometimes help a lot to achieve the desired look. But today it’s all about the salt spray for the hair. We give you a few useful tips and tell you which hairstyles work better with them!

Salt spray for hair – how to benefit from the product?

use salt spray conjure up beach waves

What is salt spray used for?

The numerous hairstyle trends give you the freedom to express yourself through a suitable hairstyle. But sometimes that’s not enough to make your hair look the way you want. Then various styling products come to the rescue.

And if you want more volume and a wavy look, you can use salt spray, also known as sea salt spray. This is a styling product that provides more texture and grip to the hair. In fact, no real sea salt is used in the product, but Epsom salts. This is because sea salt removes a lot of moisture from the hair, while Epsom salts are gentler and have the same effect.

However, it is not advisable to use sea salt spray too often, as it dries out the hair. Split ends and hair breakage are other unpleasant consequences of regular use of the product. But you can choose from a lot of different salt sprays. Many of them also contain nourishing ingredients such as oils that dry out the hair significantly less or not at all. For example, there are sea salt sprays with natural UV protection. On the other hand, the sea salt spray frees the hair from excess fat. Some salt sprays, on the other hand, are salt-free and contain a special mineral mixture. A gentle alternative to the salt spray is the sugar spray. It contains sugar instead of salt and therefore does not dry out the hair. It also provides volume, but creates no frizz effect.

Salt sprays are very trendy, especially in summer, because they can be used to conjure up beautiful beach waves hairstyles. But it is also important to use the product correctly.

Use Sea Salt Spray for a holiday feeling in your hair!

use salt spray important tips women's hairstyles trends

Salt spray for hair – how to apply the popular styling product?

If you use some sea salt spray, you can conjure up a beautiful hairstyle that looks gently wavy or wild and rocky. However, if you choose to use Sea Salt Spray when styling your hairstyle, then make sure your scalp is in good condition. Pay special attention if you have dandruff or dry scalp!

Who Benefits from Sea Salt Spray?

The trendy beach wave hairstyle suits thick and voluminous hair very well. But fine hair gets significantly more volume and texture by using the Sea Salt Spray. Actually, using the styling product works for all hair lengths, but with long hair it can sometimes appear as if the hair is greasy. Then it would be very helpful if you split the hair into individual sections and spray each strand individually with the spray. By the way, using the Sea Salt Spray helps a lot when your hair is greasy. The reason: it removes moisture and fat from the hair.

A beach look is quickly possible with salt spray!

salt spray tips application hairstyles ideas

Which hairstyles can be upgraded with sea salt spray?

Beach Waves – this is the hairstyle that is usually conjured up with Sea Salt Spray. The popular summer hairstyle works very easily with a curling iron. It is also possible to create gentle waves in the hair without heat! To do this, apply some Sea Salt Spray to damp hair and then braid into two braids. If you leave them on overnight then expect beautiful loose curls the next morning! You may be able to skip the braids and just let your hair air dry. If it’s too cold, dry them with a hair dryer.

Some sea salt sprays are also suitable for dry hair. Then you spray on the spray and shape the hairstyle with your fingers.

Distribute the product along the length of the hair

use salt spray hair dryer tips hairstyles

Many bob hairstyles work better with salt spray. Short and medium length cuts get a very nice look when you put some of the product in your hair. For example, choppy bob and messy bob work really well with waves.

The Sea Salt Spray is perfect for an undone look. Straight hair with a bob cut can be easily transformed into a wavy bob with soft beach waves with the help of a curling iron and a little salt spray. You create a beautifully casual look, as if you just came from the beach.

Create a beautiful everyday look with light waves yourself

salt spray bob hairstyles conjure up trendy hairstyles

We hope you got some inspiration on how to use salt spray to create a fresh look at home instead of going to the hairdresser! Ensure a summery look even in autumn or winter. Choose a suitable product that does not make your hair sticky or weigh it down.

If you use Sea Salt Spray regularly, it can be harmful to your hair

use salt spray correctly tips

Therefore, avoid frequent use so that you do not damage your hair!

use salt spray to conjure long hair waves

The success of the bob hairstyle being one of the hair trends to try this year is no coincidence. If you want to give your hair a breather and get rid of your splits, you can opt for a bob model. Bob hairstyles is the first research that everyone who wants to cut their hair short makes. It doesn’t matter whether our hair is short or long, the shapes we can put it into are much more important to us. Therefore, the first thing we want to do is learn how to deal with this hair. When you have short hair, you may feel that your styling options are limited. But there are actually many different ways to style your short hair for every occasion.

Bob hairstyles are among the most popular models of this year. We are not wrong when we name the most popular and favorite hairstyles of women. Short bob hairstyles make the person look younger and more energetic. Therefore it is strongly preferred. They are hairstyles that women of all ages can use regardless of their age. I would like to introduce you to a few examples of bob hairstyles.

Why bob haircut?

You can lighten your heavy and full hair with a bob, or if your hair is thinner, you can make it look fuller with the help of a layered bob. That’s one of the freedoms that bob offers you. For example, when it comes to short curly hairstyles, the bob cut definitely comes first and has many different models in it. There are Bob haircuts like Blunt, A-Line, Wavy Rebel, Pixie Cut, Reverse or Short Asymmetric. Regardless of which bob you try, however, you must first verify that your hair type accepts the bob.

Favorite bob hairstyles

Bob hairstyles always make you look fashionable no matter you have thick or thin hair or what type of face you have. It is stylish, timeless and very versatile. In fact, a new haircut is the easiest and quickest way to improve your overall appearance. If you have been wearing long hairstyles for a very long time, it is time that you make friends with bob hairstyles. The bob hairstyle is something that will never go out of style. This haircut has a different version every season, which makes it even more popular. Check out our latest bob hairstyles and find your favorite!

Short hair, many women’s anxious dream, saves you time with its easy handling. Most models give the opportunity to wash and shape in a short time and look beautiful in everyday life. Thanks to short hair, many women do not waste a long time at the hairdresser. Short bob hairstyles are also very easy to maintain. Regularly trimmed hair doesn’t break or cause a worn-out look.

Bob for thick hair

Any variation of the bob haircut is ideal for thick hair. Whether layered or straight, the weight created by thick hair keeps the bob in line. In fact, very short bobs can make your hair look fluffier than it should be. If you have a thick hair type, we recommend paying attention to the length of your bob cut. Don’t take it too long

Bob for fine and straight hair

You know how susceptible fine hair is to electrification! To get rid of this situation, you can turn to a bob cut without a coat. You can also combine a bob cut with bangs. Fine hair is much easier to manage with bangs. When using a bob hairstyle, you should pay attention to the use of shampoo and conditioner.

Bob for wavy hair

If your hair is wavy, feel free to take advantage of the freedom that the bob cut gives you. Her natural waves will help the bob cut stand out even more. However, if they don’t have enough texture, wavy strands of hair can lose control.

To give your wavy hair the texture it needs, don’t neglect hair care and condition your hair with sea salt hair care sprays and give your bob haircut the right touch.


Don’t forget to complete the bob haircut with earrings that match your hair. Because this hairstyle makes your jewelry stand out even more.

The bob is an incredibly versatile hairstyle, but every face shape has its best bobs.

Hairstyles Bob hairstyles and haircuts. In the last couple of seasons we have witnessed all sorts of trends surrounding the versatile bob haircut and that is why the current range of new designs collected in bob hairstyles has garnered great popularity and interest.

New hairstyle trends have emerged in the last year, and some of them promise to stay in 2022 as well.

There are 5 cuts that suit all styles because they never go out of style.

Find out now about the hair trends for 2022 and choose your look for the next year.

French bob cut

Messy curls and bangs will be part of this new look.

The French bob cut is a very short channel at the level of the jaw, the ends of which are slightly wider than the back but very thin, unlike the beaked ones.

Blunt cut

The blunt cut is a trend that has become very popular in recent years.

It is a straight channel, always below the jawline and above the shoulders.

Short bob

The beak canal is always appreciated.

It is an ideal cut for those who want short haircuts without being radical.

Generally, this cut is always below the jawline and the ends extend to the shoulders and exit the beak.

long bob

Go for this look without fear of making a mistake.

Ideal for women who love long hair.

The short bangs

Short bangs are a controversial look and don’t usually appeal to all women, but it is Haircut trend for 2023.

The bangs are always cut above the brow line and part of the forehead is left uncovered.

This type of bangs can be combined with different types of haircuts, such as the shaggy one.

The short bangs can be done in different styles such as: B. straight or curtain.

It all depends on your personal taste.


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A cute and effortless long layered women haircuts with bangs 2023 is one of the most popular styles for women.

1: Long feathered layers

Long feathered layers

It can hide oily roots and add a youthful flair. Almost every woman can wear it and it is easy to maintain. You can even add a bit of volume by dying to tease the crown.

2: Long layers with eyebrow striations

Long layers with eyebrow stripes

This hairstyle is perfect for any age and any type of hair 2023. It’s a timeless classic and works on almost everyone.

3: Long choppy shag with bangs

Long choppy shag with bangs

Long Layered Women Haircuts 2023

For long layered women haircuts, bangs are the most elegant option. The layers blend together to create a flowing look that makes it appear fuller.

4: Long, side-parted, feathered cut

Long, side-parted, feathered cut

The high pony can be created by wrapping the base with straightened hair. Low bangs can also create a face-framing curtain effect by curling the front pieces.

5: Long feathered cut with shaved bangs

Long feathered cut with shaved bangs

Once the hair emerges, SHE can use a curling iron to add ringlets to the front.

6: Long tousled style with V cut layers

Long tousled style with V cut layers

Bangs hairstyles for women in 2023

The low bangs are one of the most elegant bangs hairstyles for women 2023. It can be worn in any season and looks great with wavy ends.

7: Long chunky cut with face-framing layers

Long chunky cut with face-framing layers

A simple low pony can also look stunning with a fringe. Regardless of hair length, this hairstyle can add a youthful look in seconds. In addition to a classic pony, a low pony with short costumes looks good.

8: Long layered hair with bangs

Long layered hair with bangs

Classic ponytail for women 2023

Long Layered Women Haircutsa classic ponytail is a versatile style that can be worn anywhere.

9: Wispy bangs for fine hair

Wispy bangs for fine hair

It’s versatile and can be wavy or sleek depending on your preference. To style it use a large round brush.

10: Long, layered A-silhouette cut

Long, layered A-silhouette cut

A Ponytail with layered tail is an excellent option if you have fine hair as it will appear thicker. For women with naturally curly hair a soft and slim style will emphasize its unity.

11: Feathered layers on blonde hair

Feathered layers on blonde hair

A simple fringe hairstyle can give a woman a feminine feel and is easy to maintain. It can be made into a cute braided bun for a date night or a summer evening.

12: Long bangs for thick hair

Long bangs for thick hair

A twisted half-tile hairstyle is an easy and cute way to achieve this look. A loosely braided pony is a great choice for date night or a leisure day.

13: Shattered Bronde Shag with Bangs

Shattered bronde shag with bangs

A long pony can be worn in different ways. It can be casual and stylish. It can be made into a cute, flirty hairstyle or can be a stylish everyday hairstyle be.

14: Long cut with delicate face framing

Long cut with delicate face framing

15: Layered haircut for thick wavy hair

Layered haircut for thick wavy hair

16: Sexy layered cut with long peekaboo bangs

Sexy layered cut with long peekaboo bangs

17: Long blonde hair with bangs

Long blond hair with bangs

18: Long layers and curtain bangs

Long layers and curtain bangs

19: Thin bangs

Thin bangs

20: Gorgeous layered cut for thick long hair

Gorgeous layered cut for thick long hair

21: Long cut with bangs framing the face

Long cut with bangs frames the face

22: Beautiful layers for soft curls

Beautiful layers for soft curls

23: Long hair with highlights

Long hair with highlights

24: Voluminous, longer layered hairstyle

Voluminous, longer layered hairstyle

25: Shaggy layers and long bangs

Shaggy layers and long bangs

26: Side bangs

Side bangs

27: Long choppy cut with swoopy bangs

Long choppy cut with swoopy bangs

28: Ice Blonde Straight Layers

Ice Blonde Straight Layers

29: Long haircut with rounded feathery layers

Long haircut with rounded feathery layers

30: Subtle layers, subtle bangs

Subtle layers, subtle bangs

31: Contemporary long shag with bangs

Contemporary long shag with bangs

32: Long curly hair with bangs

Long curly hair with bangs

33: Center-parted bangs for long hair

Center-parted bangs for long hair

34: Choppy Blonde Lob for straight hair

Choppy Blonde Lob for straight hair

35: Two Tiered Fringes and Tousled Layers

Two-tiered fringes and tousled layers

36: Wavy layers and curtain bangs

Wavy layers and curtain bangs

37: Modern Brigitte Bardot

Modern Brigitte Bardot

38: Dark hair with long light fringe

Dark hair with long light fringe

39: Long ombré hairstyle with bangs

Long ombré hairstyle with bangs

40: Thick choppy bangs

Thick choppy bangs

41: Short curtain bang with center parting

Short curtain bang with center parting

42: Long hair with bangs

Long hair with bangs

43: Long cut with feathered and highlighted ends

Long cut with feathered and highlighted ends

44: Long messy haircut with bangs and highlights

Long messy haircut with bangs and highlights

45: Flaring layers and sweeping bangs

Flaring layers and sweeping bangs

46: Long hair with feathered face frame

Long hair with a feathered face frame

47: Straight long cut with feathered layers

Straight long cut with feathered layers

48: Formal Long Hairstyle

Formal long hairstyle

49: Structured bangs and dramatic highlights

Textured bangs and dramatic highlights

50: Curly layers for older women

Curly layers for older women

You can always adjust the tightness to get the look you want. Just remember to pay close attention to the details and you will never go wrong with this hairstyle. If you love your new long costumes, feel free to experiment with the style.



While many people think that a Perfect women hairstyles for long thin hair 2023 ​is a problem, this is far from the case.

1: Shaggy blonde waves

Shaggy blonde waves

There are many gorgeous hairstyles 2023 for thin long weft and you can try any of them at home. Here are three popular styles that work well with thin locks.

2: Blonde hairstyle with long layers

Blonde hairstyle with long layers

The first is a layered 2023 cut that gives your hair an elegant, flowing effect. The next style is a feather cut that WILL bring your WiSpy finishes to a sophisticated day.

A blunt cut adds depth and dimension to long locks, and it’s also perfect for framing the face.

Miki, a stylist on the Upper East Side, recommends this look for a thin woman with a round or oval face. This style creates the illusion of larger, thicker locks that are perfect for a woman with a long, thin undercircle of wefts.

Blonde shag hairstyles for women 2023

Blonde Shag: This style uses solid color highlights to create wavy waves with layers and fully textured fringe. A layered hairstyle creates an airy texture that can be worn every day.

This style can also be worn as an everyday stapler as it adds volume without sacrificing length. A layered cut is another great option for thin hair. If your underlays are thin, try a middle section to distribute the weight evenly.

Ombre cut for girls 2023

Ombre: If your long, thin heels have a lot of volume, ombre is a choice for adding volume to underlays.

3: Subtly layered caramel hairstyle

Subtly layered caramel hairstyle

It’s a trendy option for fine, thinner wefts that can make you look great on the red carpet. Whether you want to dress up your long thin hair for a special occasion or you just want to dress up a night on the town, a lob is an ideal choice for you.

4: Chocolate fountain

chocolate fountain

A Middle part without bangs is another of the best women hairstyles for long wefts 2023.

5: Long A-line style for fine hair

Long A-line style for fine hair

It gives your wefts a sleek, polished look that is easy to maintain. A waterfall braid is a perfect choice for thin layers as it doesn’t cause scalp tension.

6: Perfect ponytail

Perfect ponytail

Similarly, a waterfall braid adds volume without accentuating your scalp.

7: Brunette balayage for thicker hair

Brunette balayage for thicker hair

A blunt cut and minimal layering are the best options for long thin wefts.

8: Curly Frizzy Layered Hairstyle

Curly Frizzy Layered Hairstyle

A Pixie cut is another option. A pixie cut is one another great option. A bob is another style that can help hide thinner braids.

9: Brown Wavy Hair with Curtain Bangs

Brown wavy hair with curtain bangs

10: Long cut with long, angled side layers

Long cut with long, angled side layers

11: Long layered and highlighted fine hair

Long layered and highlighted fine hair

12: Long cut with chin length layers

Long cut with chin length layers

13: Long cut with feathered face-framing

Long cut with feathered face framing

14: Layered and tousled blonde V cut

Layered and tousled blonde V cut

15: Long cut with side feathers

Long cut with side feathers

16: Long hairstyle with a sophisticated ombre

Long hairstyle with a sophisticated ombre

17: Long cut with overlapping layers

Long cut with overlapping layers

18: Delicately layered hairstyle for thin hair

Delicately layered hairstyle for thin hair

19: Hairstyle with V-cut layers and thick highlights

Hairstyles with V-cut layers and thick highlights

20: Flowing curls for fine hair

Flowing curls for fine hair

21: Long cut with flared layers

Long cut with flared layers

22: Long cut with fluffy, layered ends

Long cut with fluffy, layered ends

23: Long feathered hairstyle for thin hair

Long feathered hairstyle for thin hair

24: Tousled blonde hairstyle with long bangs

Tousled blonde hairstyle with long bangs

25: Subtly layered blonde balayage hairstyle

Subtly layered blonde balayage hairstyle

26: Straight strands and flipped ends

Straight strands and flipped ends

27: Long Feathered Layers

Long feathered layers

28: Long caramel colored balayage hairstyle

Long caramel colored balayage hairstyle

29: Flowing low updo

Flowing low updo

30: Trendy long waves

Trendy long waves

31: Cute long platinum bob

Cute long platinum bob

32: Volumizing updo for thin hair

Volumizing updo for thin hair

33: Wispy bangs and curls

Wispy bangs and curls

34: Pretty blonde waves

Pretty blonde waves

35: Subtly layered medium length haircut

Subtle layered medium length haircut

36: Straight hair with inverted waterfall braid

Straight hair with reverse waterfall braid

37: Layered style for thin curls

Layered style for thin curls

38: Feathered shoulder length haircut

Feathered shoulder length haircut

39: Blonde long hair with soft layers

Blonde long hair with soft layers

40: High contrast balayage hairstyle

High contrast balayage hairstyle


You’ve taken your courage in both hands and want to change your style! You want to start with your mane first and sport a trendy cut. Don’t look too far! Whether for long, medium or short hair, a cut is back in fashion this year and is very much in fashion among fashionistas. All you have to do is take the plunge!

Which haircut allows you to keep the lengths?

These other trendy haircuts are suitable for long hair
Fashion is an eternal restart! And it’s the case to specify it for this cut that had its heyday in the ’80s. Reworked for a chicer style, this cut is the trend of the moment.

Which haircut allows you to keep the lengths?

This is obviously the mullet cut that offers an original, modern and sophisticated look. If you’re one of those people who likes to dare new styles but want to preserve their length at all costs, maybe it’s time to try this ’80s cut that has many possibilities.

The mullet cut adds structure to long hair

Since 2020, the mullet cut has established itself as a fashionable haircut. Some actors and singers have adopted it, like actor Dacre Montgomery in the series Stranger Things or star Miley Cyrus or Zendaya. If he is back at the front of the stage after several decades, it is mainly because of his rebellious and versatile side. The long nape cut, represented by long curls at the back and shorter curls at the front, blends perfectly with long hair and adds texture to it.

It is also possible to wear it on short hair, with or without bangs, straight or curly. To change up the mullet style, simply straighten or curl hair to restore flexibility and volume. The other advantage of this cut is that it is very low maintenance: the hair can also be left natural for a shaggy and voluminous style.

These other trendy haircuts are suitable for long hair

Just like the ever-popular mullet, other timeless haircuts can be reworked to jazz up long hair without having to cut it short. Here are some important examples.

Long hair with bangs

It’s a classic that goes perfectly with long hair. Depending on the shape of the face, the bangs can be adjusted. For an oval and longer face, it is best to opt for straight bangs just above the eyebrows to clarify the face and give it a modern touch. For a square face, long bangs are ideal to soften facial features. For round faces, the layered bangs air up your face and elongate its shape.

Rounded or V-cut for long hair

The rounded cut at the lengths is perfect for round faces. By adopting this cut, you add more value to the shape of your face. It is the perfect model to give a subtle touch to the straight cut that lacks movement and lightness. For more volume at the lengths, it is possible to taper the ends to create a V-shape. This cut is suitable for curly, straight and wavy textures.

Long hair with a subtle gradient

Finally, long hair with a layer helps bring movement to the hair and soften the broad features of a triangular face. With a subtle gradient, it will be possible to give curly hair more lightness and more spring. In addition, this cut adapts to all modern and trendy hairstyles. It can also be worn with fringes or center parting.

There are several ways to enhance long hair. We have shown you one of the coolest ways to achieve this. But if you’re not particularly fond of retro styles, it’s possible to embrace classic but revisited cuts with your eyes closed!


I discovered all the ways to have brown hair with highlights. If you want to add a little more life and style to your brown hair, you can’t skip the highlights.

When done right, highlights have the ability to transform the look of your hair in the most flattering way.

By adding light and dimension, these colored stripes can create a radiant look. Whether you’re adding subtle, barely-there highlights or something much bolder, you’ll love how they enhance and complement your base color.

Of course, some combinations naturally look better than others, so picking the right highlights for you is important.

When wearing your straight chocolate hair, make sure to blend the blonde highlights well to avoid a streaky look.

Brown hair with caramel highlights

Pair a warm brown or auburn hair color with caramel highlights for a gorgeous, feminine look.

Brown hair with warm blonde highlights

Get the bombshell look by adding lots of warm blonde highlights to your brown hair.

Dark brown hair with light blonde highlights

The combination of rich dark brown hair with ultra blonde highlights creates a bold and edgy look.

Dark brown hair with light brown highlights

Adding medium brown highlights to dark brown hair creates a naturally radiant look.

Brown hair with red highlights

Jazz up your medium brown hair color by adding blonde and red highlights.