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high forehead hairstyle it is ridiculous to question the attractiveness of women, they have a unique charisma and charm. Women with high forehead hairstyles sometimes experience hair loss, even if this hair structure is congenital. Women with this forehead opening often prefer long and fringed hairstyles.

women with high forehead hairstyle Hair texture are attractive women who are confident and upright. In the Middle Ages, people opted for this hair structure and styled their hair according to this high forehead hairstyle. In general, a tight ponytail or bun from the hairline makes you attractive, bangs are cute, and wavy cuts are alluring.

The 3 Most Popular Hairstyles for High Forehead Hairstyle

hairstyles for high forehead is a difficult style in general, but with the right combinations and haircuts, you will look different and more beautiful than most women. One of the most important rules with such cuts is the right hairdresser. Having an open forehead is not a flaw! In all the articles written on the internet, they wrote you this as a hidden error and accepted it as an error. No girl it’s not a flaw, it’s a gift, it’s a gift that will give you a charm and a look that will set you apart from most women out there.

We come to hairstyles for high forehead, the right combinations that women with this forehead apply to the forehead and hair, not only with hair but also with makeup. Contour with bronzer to cover the height of the forehead. By applying brown powder just below the hairline on your forehead, you visually narrow this area and thus shorten the face. But please don’t apply too much bronzing powder and blend the transitions well with a large brush so that the result looks as natural as possible! Don’t take your eyebrows too thin and narrow, make them look fuller and look. Don’t forget to accentuate your eyes.Let’s see which of these cuts, Pixie cut, pony hairstylestraight hair, do you prefer?


pony hairstyle

It’s not difficult to understand why bangs hairstyle models have become the hottest hair trend of late. These soft bangs frame the face and add dimension to the contours in versatile ways. While the bangs trend continues and freshen up your look with a new hairstyle, why not try other bangs models? Get ready to step aside, bangs are in fashion this season!

  • triangle bangs
  • curtain bangs
  • Slim bangs
  • Curly bangs

triangle bangs

Have you ever heard of the triangular pony model? If you’ve heard of it, you probably know all about its influence on fashion trends since the ’60s. As shown, this hairstyle is kept just above the lash line in cuts that are slightly lower than other bangs. Although these bangs require a bit more maintenance, the overall look they create will definitely make you look effortlessly groomed.

curtain bangs

Before you knew what the original curtain bang everyone knows and loves, this hairstyle has managed to be the best bangs style for a cut that helps frame the hair around your face. Curtain bangs are shaped according to your forehead structure when cut. If you are looking for inspiration to show off this hairstyle to your barber, you can check out some examples.

Slim bangs

Thin bangs can be in fashion for many years, so if you want to start the bangs trend slowly, this model might be the perfect option for you. These bangs require a very basic cut, but paying attention to dimensions is still very important. While thin bangs add soft dimension to your features, you may not feel like you have facial hair. However, keep in mind that thin bangs add flattering dimension to any hair look and add trendy appeal.

Curly bangs

Of course, we couldn’t forget about the curly-haired girls who wanted to jump on the pony wagons. Curly bangs show off your textured hair even more for a youthful and fun-loving look. If you’re worried about frizzing or falling apart, make sure to cut your bangs a little longer so your hair can grow back easily.

Pixie cut

Among the various techniques and options is the pixie cut, which in combination with bob haircuts and squares has gained immense popularity among women. Pixie hairstyles have attracted unprecedented interest thanks to the simplicity and dynamics of the created images, because haircuts with a pixie can only be enjoyed by a woman and a woman.It not only emphasizes the beauty of the girl’s face, but also has the unique effect to liven up a woman’s look.

With their characteristic enthusiasm and charm, short and medium pixel haircuts are very good at emphasizing facial features that accentuate the eyes, lips, face shape and emphasize the décolleté, they will definitely draw attention to the person.

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It’s almost that time again: Oktoberfest is just around the corner! The girls at the Wiesn are preparing for the colorful folk festival and that includes the right hair styling. Don’t worry if you have short hair. Short hair can be easily conjured up into beautiful braided hairstyles, in the spirit of the Oktoberfest. Below are a few examples with instructions for cute Oktoberfest hairstyles for short hair in keeping with tradition.

Oktoberfest: after a 2-year break, the Munich folk festival is taking place again

Oktoberfest hairstyles with braids and wreath of flowers

Folk festivals have a long history in Germany, and each local tradition is characterized by a colorful repertoire and spectacular outfits. Everyone is excited because the Oktoberfest will be back after a two-year Covid break. Around 500 breweries, restaurants, fish and meat grills, wine merchants and more will be present at the festival and have announced longer opening times than before.

With a traditional dress and the right Oktoberfest hairstyle

Ladies should prepare accordingly for the great time at the Wiesn and attract everyone’s attention with the best tandem of dirndl disguise and hairstyle. Braided hairstyles for short, medium and long hair, decorated with real or artificial flowers, are a perfect match and are considered extremely traditional.

Suitable braided hairstyles for short hair for the Oktoberfest

You can easily make cute Oktoberfest hairstyles for short hair by braiding the fringe, creating a small braid motif and integrating beautiful floral compositions using hair clips and hoops.

A braid motif is very popular and is considered extremely traditional

Wiesn braided hairstyle for pixie

Didn’t think you could turn your pixie into a traditional Oktoberfest hairstyle? As you will see, this is entirely possible. In this version of the hairstyle, you put in a frontal and charming braid motif.

Oktoberfest hairstyle for pixie cuts

pixie with small braid oktoberfest hairstyles short hair

This is how the Wiesn braided hairstyle for Pixie succeeds:

  • Braid only the top section of hair or bangs, or the section of hair next to the bangs.
  • Take 3 strands and braid the braid by adding new strands only at the top. This is how you create a great relief.
  • With each step, pull the braid slightly loose from below.
  • Once you have braided to the end, secure with a flower hair clip.
  • Spray with dry spray for stability.

Oktoberfest hairstyle: chin-length bob with braid motif

Oktoberfest hairstyles for short hair

Oktoberfest hairstyles for short hair: updo bob with flowers

If you wear a midi bob without bangs, you can do a French braid at the very front. Finally, you can integrate a matching flower accessory.

Bob with side parting and two braids with flowers overlapping in an updo

Oktoberfest hairstyles with flowers motif for short hair

This is how the Oktoberfest hairstyle for short hair succeeds:

  • Make a side part.
  • At the very front, split the hair into two strands and start braiding a French braid with just 2 strands, always crossing them.
  • With each step you add a little strand at the front.
  • Once the French braid is done, secure it with a few bobby pins that you position in the shape of a cross.
  • Do the same on the other side, braiding the braid behind the ear.
  • Twist the two braids together and secure with bobby pins.
  • Finally, secure with a flower hair clip or a row of small flower hairpins.
  • Apply hairspray for stability.

Fix with hairpins

Oktoberfest hairstyles for short hair dirndl

Dirndl hairstyle: Bob with top hair braided back

If you wear a bob in transitional length, you can use your top hair with a multiple braid motif.

Bob hairstyle with braided top hair

dirndl hairstyles for short hair midi bob with braids

This is how the dirndl hairstyle works for short hair:

  • Comb your hair back and divide into desired number of hair sections.
  • Begin braiding by adding a larger segment of hair at the top and bottom with each step.
  • Make sure your braids overlap each other.

Secure the braids with invisible hair ties and complete with a matching hair accessory with flowers.

Dirndl outfit

Dirndl outfit for the Oktoberfest

Haircut with floral wreath for Oktoberfest

The nice thing about the short haircuts is that you can spice up the short hair very quickly with a matching Oktoberfest ornament. You can pair the wreath of flowers very nicely with a short hairstyle and curl your top hair or side bangs a little. Simple and charming and very suitable for “a schens Deandl”!


Would you like to change your hairstyle? Then you’ve come to the right place! Here we have compiled the latest trends from the world of hairstyles. Beautiful, elegant, easy to style, the French cut gives your hair a lightness that is much needed in today’s fast-paced world. In this article you will find out which French hairstyle is particularly popular at the moment, who it is suitable for and why this hairstyle is a real hit right now.

The French cut is particularly popular now

today the french cut is very modern find out why

What is characteristic of French hairstyles? In the variety of French hairstyles, there is one common distinguishing feature: a textural mess, as if the woman has just woken up, has her hair tousled in front of the mirror, and is ready to go to the cafe for her morning coffee. Sounds great doesn’t it? As you probably already know, French women are always associated with elegance and femininity. The French style is characterized by well-groomed straight hair, a slightly casual and dynamic style. So today we present you the most fashionable French hairstyle worth trying! The French cut is a versatile and practical option for everyday wear and special occasions. Here’s why!

Who is this hairstyle suitable for?

French cut should be chosen by women of all ages who do not chase fashion trends, but create them themselves. Here they differ from other trends in femininity, individuality and elegance.

Who Does the French Cut Suit?

french cut is totally hip in autumn

What is typical of French hairstyles?

  • Medium length – optimal for emphasizing the advantages and hiding the disadvantages
  • Women choose elegant forms, but without a touch of artificiality
  • Hair coloring is characterized by sophisticated techniques to add bright tones.
  • French fashion specialists choose an unlimited combination of light and dark tones.

That’s why women love the French Cut

wear your hair like the french do

  • Natural volume without styling tricks.
  • Straight, thick and long bangs go well with French inspired hairstyles.
  • Wet trimming and filing the ends achieves a slight sloppiness and natural volume.

Unstyled and incredibly modern at the same time

French cut is very modern for a casual look

  • The haircut allows for a very light, almost weightless cascade, giving the curls a smooth texture.
  • Casual elegance.
  • Young girls want to look good without much effort.

The French Cut does not need to be styled

french cut is the frend hairstyle at the moment

Tip: French women do not follow the trends of glossy magazines, but their individual style, which is why every hairstyle is unique.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the French Cut

The French hairstyle style is considered universal and a style form that knows no prohibitions. That’s a fact, but even the most trouble-free hairstyles have their pros and cons. Let’s see what they are:


  • French style short haircuts add volume to your hair.
  • If you are looking for a hairstyle that does not require complicated styling and hours of standing in front of the mirror, the French cut will delight you with its practicality and ease of styling.
  • This hairstyle is perfect for all ages and face shapes.
  • You don’t need to go to the hairdresser often.
  • Don’t throw your money to the wind! With this hairstyle, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on styling products.
  • Don’t worry if your hair is greasy and you don’t have time to wash it! Choose your favorite hat. This hairstyle is perfect with a hat.

Stylish, modern and unbelievably inexpensive

trend hairstyle french cut learn more here


  • Thin hair will not look as good with this hairstyle as wavy ones. Therefore, if you do not get the desired effect of the hairstyle, you should not be disappointed.
  • Long French hairstyles are not suitable for thin and straight hair.
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Are you ready for the most anticipated event of the year – the Oktoberfest? We are sure that you can hardly wait for the moment when you will put on the perfectly matching dirndl, blouse and apron. But now it’s time to start thinking about the perfect hairstyle for Oktoberfest. Yes, this is a very important part of preparing for the festival! Don’t worry if you’re not a hair pro! We’re here to help you with our tips. Whether you have short, long or medium-length hair – in just a few minutes and with the right accessories you will be Oktoberfest-ready from head to toe. Here you can easily find dirndl hairstyles that are particularly trendy this year.

Dirndl hairstyles easy

here you will find over 20 pretty ideas for the oktoberfest

Which hairstyle for the Oktoberfest? We are sure that this question is on the minds of many women at the moment. Of course, nobody said that you have to do something special with your hair when wearing a dirndl, but it would be nice to keep up with this year’s hair trends. The fact is that braided hairstyles go with the Oktoberfest and the dirndl, but the problem is that not every lady can do such braids. So instead of going to the hairdresser, who will surely conjure up a hairstyle that matches your dirndl, we have put together the simplest ideas for super quick and easy dirndl hairstyles that anyone can imitate and – very importantly – require no prior knowledge!

Fast dirndl hairstyles for the Oktoberfest

here you will find the most beautiful oktoberfest hairstyles 2022

Folk festivals have a long historical tradition in Germany. Just like beer and music, the classic braided hairstyles are also part of this tradition. The beautiful and simple dirndl hairstyles are made in just a few steps and look impeccable. You can find out how to do it in the following lines.

#Dirndl hairstyle 1

This look is elegant, romantic and very easy to achieve.

How are you?

  1. Start by braiding your hair into two long pigtails at ear level.
  2. Wrap both braids around the head and secure with bobby pins.
  3. Add a small amount of mousse or volumizing powder to hair for extra hold.

Here you will find trend hairstyles to imitate

only in 2 minutes dirndl hairstyle which is very nice

#Dirndl hairstyle 2

Boxer braids are a cool and classy hairstyle that is very trendy this year. These braids require a bit of skill, but the result is worth it.

And that’s how it works:

  1. Divide the hair into two parts.
  2. French braid, but instead of looping the two outer strands over the middle strand, loop them under it.
  3. After that, braid the strands of hair and secure them at the ends with a thin hair band.
  4. Repeat the process for the other half of your hair.

Lots of easy hairstyles for Oktoberfest

You can find dirndl hairstyles for beautiful hair here

#Dirndl hairstyle 3

Do you love beautiful, romantic hairstyles? Then the side braid is just the thing for you! This classic dirndl hairstyle is suitable for medium-length and longer hair. You can braid just the length of your hair or start at the roots – it’s up to you.

How can you do that?

  1. First, put your hair to one side and divide it into three equal parts.
  2. Take the outermost section of hair and braid it at the bottom between the other two sections.
  3. Keep going until you reach your desired braid length.

Make dirndl hairstyles yourself

quick and easy dirndl hairstyles for oktoberfest

Very easy to replicate

dirndl hairstyles that are very modern and up-to-date

We have the prettiest dirndl hairstyles

simple and quick dirndl hairstyles that are very modern

Tip: Use a pretty satin ribbon instead of a hair tie to secure your braid.

#Dirndl hairstyle 4

Braids for short hair? Yes, that is possible! It doesn’t matter if you’re cropped short, as long as you have slightly longer hair on top, you can get a unique Oktoberfest braid to match your dirndl!

  1. Before you begin, apply a little styling product to your hair to make it easier to style.
  2. Then braid these strands as if you were braiding a pigtail.
  3. Secure the ends with a few bobby pins.
  4. Finally, apply hairspray and go to the folk festival!

What can you complement your look with?

Flowers in the hair are the perfect addition to the traditional dirndl! Whether in a loose bun or in wavy, tousled hair – a wreath of flowers can crown any hairstyle!

Styles, ideas, tips & tricks

dirndl hairstyles that are particularly popular

The most beautiful Dirndl & Oktoberfest hairstyles

here you will find over 20 dirndl hairstyles for oktoberfest

The most beautiful Oktoberfest hairstyles for 2022 are here

how do you wear your hair with a dirndl


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Prudish hair gurus should be silent now, as Gen Z and Millennials have caused a real sensation on social media. With 7 million views on TikTok and a growing number of views on Instagram, the new Jellyfish Hair makes something of hair futurism… But what?

Attention eccentrics! Here comes the Jellyfish Hair!

jellyfish hair hime cut hairstyle trend from asia

The distinctive haircut is doing the rounds online with daring color ideas and a wide range of styling options. What experts say is supposed to resemble the traditional women’s hairstyle of the Japanese court in the Middle Ages, Hime Cut, is actually inspired by a jellyfish…

The hairstyle resembles a jellyfish

Manga fans, gamers, gender-neutral eccentrics, and even models have all hailed the style, and we’re speechless.

Due to the extravagant hair coloring conspicuous…

Nicole Kidman recently appeared on the cover of a magazine with a sleek, copper-toned haircut, which many have linked to the jellyfish hairstyle.

Nicole Kidman shows off a hime cut

The hybrid cut is a cross between a bob and a mullet, as fans of the hairstyle explain. The upper part, which is cut shorter, can also bear a visual resemblance to the mushroom cap.

Which women does jellyfish hair suit?

While the eccentricity doesn’t threaten to become a global obsession, the hairstyle seems to flatter oval, diamond, or heart-shaped faces. The jellyfish hair has even been announced as a unisex hairstyle due to its relationship with the mullet.

The hime cut hairstyle is popular in Asia

himecut jellyfish hair hairstyle trend 2022

In all cases you should be a brave lady who is not afraid to experiment with cut and color or at least leave yourself in the hands of a brave hairstylist. It is said that you have a certain fascination with the creatures of the sea world and the mollusk that is behind the hair trend.

Jellyfish Hair – with or without bangs?

Nicole Kidman wears her hime cut without bangs, while TikTokers flaunted some bangs versions of the layered cut. A fringe adds texture and volume to the entire look, adding to the extravagance.

When trimmed correctly, quite impressive

Highlights can be added to the ends of the hair or the bangs for extra madness. In addition, with a fringe, the zoomorphic haircut comes closer to the silhouette of his totem, the jellyfish.

Hair coloring of the Jellyfish haircut

The jellyfish hairstyle catches the eye with (cyber)punk color effects. Rainbows or two-, three-color contrasts seem to have found their place on selfies. Some ladies even opt for monochrome stylings. The idea behind it is obvious to present a low-key, elegant version of the crazy haircut.

You can create a balanced look

jellyfish haircut jellyfish hairstyle from asia

Smooth jellyfish

The haircut, reminiscent of the Asian hairstyles octopus and hime, can be worn by women with straight hair.

Joy de vivre…

The overall effect is somewhat toned down and the contrast appears ‘polished’. Many girls top off the hairstyle with hair extensions for medusa tentacles.

Many opt for extensions

You can achieve the effect with hair extensions

Curly jellyfish

Those with thicker hair or even naturally curly hair can have extra color and highlights applied and even braid the longer sections of hair. This makes the head of hair even more similar to the jellyfish. The first length can be cut at the level of the nose or chin, and the second – medium length to the collarbone or choppy all the way long. With a pony you would actually have 3 levels. Wow.

Quite interesting on curly textures

medium length hairstyle thick hair jellyfish

How to style the jellyfish hair?

The striking hairstyle can be combined with many elements from other hairstyles – you can wear your top hair as a half-updo, make a ponytail or braid some braids underneath.

Various styles are possible…

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Basically, everything is allowed that better accentuates the different lengths. After all, it is an artistic haircut that is intended to inspire and make a statement about your joie de vivre. You are of course also able to curl the lower section of hair with the curling iron and buff the upper section with the straightening iron for a little more contrast. You can flip the ends of your hair inwards or outwards, to the right and left, for extra fun effects.



Autumn is just around the corner and you want to change your look? We totally understand! At some point in life, every woman has a desire to replace her long hairstyle with a short one. What time would be better suited for this than autumn? Go for the choppy bob, the trendiest hairstyle of fall 2022 that will be an absolute hit in a few days! This hairstyle makes you feel good about your beautiful looks. That is why we have put together the most important tips and ideas for this trend hairstyle for you, which will help you with your selection!

Choppy Bob in Fall 2022

choppy cut bob learn more about this hairstyle

Of the Choppy Bob is a versatile hairstyle that will be an absolute hit among fall 2022 hairstyles as this hairstyle suits all hair types and looks unique! Whether you have thin, thick or wavy hair, this hairstyle is the right solution for you! What is special about this hairstyle? The different lengths of the strands ensure a relaxed and lively look. It doesn’t need to be cut and styled like a flowy bob, for example. This hairstyle is perfect if you want to refresh your look for fall! The texture of the cut and the uneven cutting line make even thin hair look fuller. In addition, it can be perfectly combined with trendy shades that can set bright accents. Of the Choppy Bob can also be combined with a pony. You can opt for long bangs or side parted bangs – what could be prettier than that!

Which bob is fashionable in fall 2022?

choppy bob is very fashionable this fall 2022

#Hairstyle 1

Here is a great idea how to combine choppy bob with ombre. It looks really unique and the other advantage of this hairstyle is that you can color your short hair only once every six months.

It’s trending

Find out here which hairstyles are particularly popular right now

#Hairstyle 2

The trendy, sun-kissed look is not only suitable for long hair, but also for short hair! Balayage is not only suitable for long hair, but also for short hair, and the subtle color transitions refresh your look in an instant.

What is a choppy bob?

choppy cut the trend haircut for 2022

#Hairstyle 3

Beautiful blonde combined with a short haircut! This is the timeless classic. If you don’t feel like experimenting with highlights like subtle pink undertones, this is the solution for you!

The choppy bob is considered the new trend hairstyle

these are the hairstyle trends for this autumn 2022

#Hairstyle 4

Did you know that one of the best hairstyles for thin hair is the choppy bob because it adds fullness to the hair and gives the impression that you have more hair. What could be nicer than getting more volume in no time with the right hairstyle?

#Hairstyle 5

Got a round face and worried if the choppy bob suits you? Round faces need good layering of hair. To look flawless, you need to cut your hair in a short bob with lots of layers. This way you can comb your hair and make it more voluminous without using any other styling products.

Choppy bob adds structure and dynamism

we are wearing the choppy cut now see more here

#Hairstyle 6

Can you pair a choppy bob with bangs? Of course you can! Leave the front strands of hair longer than the back ones and pair them with bangs! This hairstyle is perfect for blondes, brunettes and redheads. Also, this fashionable hairstyle is suitable for all ages without any restrictions!

This hairstyle has many advantages

you can find the big autumn trends here with us

#Hairstyle 7

This mystical look is a less pronounced version of the deva cut hairstyle. The curls are graduated and frame your face. The bob is long in the front and gets shorter in the back. Add a headband to keep strands out of your face and feel comfortable.

That is why this trend hairstyle is so popular

these hairstyles are particularly popular right now

#Hairstyle 8

The long bob is ideal for an angular face. It distracts attention from the neck and back and conceals any imperfections. Longer forelocks can come down to chest level, which combined with shorter hair at the nape of the neck looks a little unconventional, but very beautiful and effective.

This hairstyle suits just about any face shape

trend hairstyles in autumn 2022 see more here

We are sure that you already know the bob hairstyle. The bob needs no introduction, it’s been around for so long that you’ve probably already worn it and love it. The biggest difference between the classic bob and the choppy bob is that the choppy bob is messier and your hair is practically layered.

How to style a choppy bob hairstyle in less than 2 minutes?

Styling this hairstyle is extremely easy and maybe that is the reason why it is one of the most popular and coveted hairstyles this fall. You don’t have to worry about styling, it’s so simple you’ll be amazed:

  • Apply your favorite styling product to damp hair.
  • Distribute the product down the lengths of your hair.
  • Blow dry your hair upside down on medium heat.
  • Finally, blow-dry the individual strands with cool air.
  • If desired, you can fix with hairspray.

Find out more about the choppy bob trend

the choppy cut bob will become the trend hairstyle in autumn 2022

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The change of seasons brings with it so many new ideas when it comes to hair coloring. Ladies looking for inspiration for fall 2022 should know that the current options are full of ideas. In this post, we share the latest coloring techniques and fashionable nuances that you should definitely consider should you desire a hair color change. These 2022 hair color trends will dominate and dictate fall.

Hair Color Trends 2022 Fall: Folayage, Reverse Balayage, Hair Frosting…

trend hair colors 2022 foliage

There is something for every lady this autumn. Some fresh, new trends have emerged: monochromatic hair coloring, high-end upgrades to the two-tone excellence of balayage, or stylish options for gray-haired ladies. Let’s see what’s new.

Is balayage still fashionable?

Balayage is not only modern but is evolving in some very impressive variations. With more and more women opting for daring colorations, the subtle and elegant balayage has to adapt. To make them more visually appealing, colorists are offering new versions of the popular French technique.

Reverse balayage is one of hair color trends 2022

current hair colors women reverse balayage


While the main difference between balayage and highlights is that balayage originally used a cotton strip rather than foil, the direct painting of the hair that characterized balayage is now partially returning to foil. The idea behind this is to add a bit of contrast to the section of hair. The hybrid technique is therefore called “folayage”. Professionals are currently applying glossing before they wrap their soon-to-be balayage in foil.

Balayage with foils

#reverse balayage

This awesome twist on balayage does exactly the opposite of what used to be established. The technique, much acclaimed by blondes with long hair, guarantees a very natural look when darker tones are applied to the lower part of the hair. One of the definitions of style for Fall 2022.

The darker tones are below

#Hair Frosting

This new dyeing technique emerged in spring 2022 and is currently making a comeback. It is a hands-free method in which frosty highlights, mostly ice-cold blonde tones, are applied to the surface of the hair. Minimalist and striking, they build on the natural hairline for low maintenance in future lockdowns.

Minimalist ice blonde highlights

Latest hair colors – monochrome fantasy

Let’s take a look at what’s happening in monochrome elegance. After our rightly obsessed with the warm St Tropez blonde and Riviera brunette in summer, some cooler tones are now emerging to complement the pastel nuances of the fall look.

Opulent black

hair colors 2022 women midnight bruenett meghan fox

#Aqua hair

These teal tones made their appearance on a few fall podiums and we were won over. Blue isn’t exactly what you associate with fall, but alongside the barbiecore pink obsession, this trend also gives us glamorous ideas for the season.

Hair Color Trends 2022 Fall: Aqua Hair


As the name suggests, it is a hair coloring technique that combines blonde and brown. This is the ideal warm tone for a sunny autumn. Using the balayage styling, the hybrid tone is incredibly impressive.

Sunny autumn with the hybrid color “Bronde”

#Strawberry Brown

A totally immersive, complex color that mesmerizes with saturated dark brown and subtle pink undertones. After the strawberry blonde, the strawberry brunette is the big hit this season.

The top hit among hair colors

hair colors 2022 tendencies in autumn long hair 2022 strawberries bruenett

#midnight brunette

For ladies who prefer darker nuances, this wonderfully elegant black is as mysterious as the night. Opulent and naturalistic, the shade is just a little darker than the chocolate brown and a little colder than the caramel highlights.

Mysterious autumn nights…


We’ve reported that copper will be hot in Fall/Winter 2022/23. Now we want to show how much the noble nuance flatters women with curls. This essentially autumnal shade makes thick hair shine.

Copper curls…

Two-tone excellence

And now that we’ve left the territory of monochrome craze, let’s see what opportunities women of all ages have to achieve stunning color contrasts.

#Salt pepper

Older ladies who accept their gray hair rejoice because the salt pepper styling is trending this fall. There are many ways to add the salt and pepper accent, whether it’s with ombre, balayage, or gray blending. What is important is that your graying hair forms a tandem with your darker shade.

Salt and pepper effects in the mane

salt pepper hair beautiful hair colors fall 2022

#Skunk Hair

You probably remember the hair trend with the funny name that caused a sensation in the 90s. Skunk Hair has an alternative name – Block Highlights, because the high-contrast coloring can be applied anywhere in the mane. This is one of the biggest trends in hair fashion for fall 2022.


long bob are all the rage at the moment and are styled in many different ways by many celebrities. Whether it’s polished, messy, straightened, wavy, blunt or layered, the variety and flexibility make this cut one of our favorites. And since it’s not as short as the classic bob, you can also dabble in updos if you want to. But today we are going to focus on how to wear it casual and chic depending on how individual you are.

Modern long bob hairstyles for hair type

“The long bob makes any hair look thick and healthy. Plus, the bold lines draw attention to the bone structure and help frame the face,” said celebrity hairstylist Matt Fugate. We can only add that you need to find out which long bob hairstyle is suitable for your hair texture as there are so many options. Graduated tips are great for luscious manes as they make them appear more manageable and lighter. The swing bob shows off fine strands best as its layered back adds dimension. Wavy strands call for a messy hairstyle with some layers to accentuate their texture.

Below are more examples of different hair types that you can style for your long bob.

Wavy shaggy copper red bob
via @ramireztransalon

Red is just the right color to make curly hair shine, while the updo with shaggy bangs leaves enough room for the curls.

Wavy long blonde balayage bob for fine hair
via @christinesilvermancolor

This girl sports a wavy long bob that has been softened with a natural balayage coloring. It is subtly layered to add a bit of density to fine hair and create a seamless look.

Straight lob with pointed ends
via @anhcotran

Straight, medium to thick hair benefits from a single-row long bob that’s lightly textured with spiky tips.

Blunt blonde bob
via @rafaelbertolucci1

A blunt braid is a good choice for thin tresses that creates a strong outline at the bottom. Don’t forget to lift the hairline and style it behind the ear to spice up your look.

Brunette lob with delicate highlights for thick hair
via @petermenezes

Although this thick hair is luscious and voluminous, it might lack panache if the delicate highlights didn’t accentuate the rounded brushed roots.

Flattering long bob hairstyles according to face shape

Probably the best feature of the long bob is its adaptability. The length, which falls from below the chin to the collarbone, flatters and slims almost any face shape. If you have angular facial contours, you can soften them with curves; if your face is round, you should have one Long bob haircut with additional brackets – it’s that simple.

The only rule is to avoid extra long options if you have an oblong face. “Long hairstyles lengthen the face in the first place and can lengthen a long face even further. So by adding width with light layers and adding texturizing products to your regimen, you can balance out the length a bit, making your face look less long,” Bryce Scarlett, the hairstylist for Gigi Hadid, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Margot Robbie, tells Cosmopolitan .

Wavy shoulder-length bob with a round face
via @mizzchoi

A shoulder-length bob and a slanted one long bob with bangs provide enough length to balance any round face.

Bob with bangs and highlights for long faces
via @maxwellmathson

For girls with long faces and fine hair, it makes sense to choose a shorter long bob version, which is given more volume and density with highlights, a side parting and full, feathery bangs.

Wavy lob for oval faces
via @buddywporter

Although oval faces draw every part, you can opt for a side part to soften any downward-pulling effect that comes with length.

Dark blonde wavy lob for square faces
via @medullacoyorkville

A long, wavy bob with soft, face-framing strands is good for square faces as it draws focus away from the strong jawline and adds curves for better proportion.

White combover bob for heart-shaped faces
via @brianacisneros

If you have a heart-shaped face, try to avoid emphasizing the pointed chin by drawing attention to the eyes and cheekbones.

Long, layered bob is becoming a hit

Why opt for a layered look when there’s also Kim Kardashian’s blunt updo and J.Lo’s stunning Met Gala look? At least the hairstyle lasts longer and only rarely needs to be trimmed. “The good thing about an updo is that it’s usually choppy and layered, so you know she’ll look good for the next three months when she grows out,” said Frankie Foye, who gave Alessandra Ambrosio her new updo missed, versus Cosmopolitan.

Of course, that’s not the only reason to opt for layering. You can create a lifted bodice with shorter layers at the back, or create a face-flattering effect with cascades at the front. Keep exploring how to do it.

Long bob with bangs as an eye-catcher

“Fringes are a great way to create a ‘new’ style without committing to a drastic haircut or length change. You can keep the long bob you already love and only amplify it with this mini snip. Depending on the fringe style, you can easily hide the bangs if you decide the look doesn’t suit you,” celebrity hairstylist Laurie Heaps tells InStyle. To avoid such a challenge, you should put some effort into finding out which type of bangs suits your long bob best. Don’t forget to consider your face shape, hair texture and even your styling habits because you might not like the idea of ​​blow-drying your bangs after every shampoo.

Black updos to inspire

Though bushy African American hair may seem too whimsical for a long bob hairstyle, there are a plethora of ways to pack it into this trendy hairstyle. You can have it sewn in or opt for relaxed hair, but you are also free to wear it completely natural. “If you have very strong curls, you should ask for a dry cut so your stylist can see the shape they’re cutting. If you have loose waves, a wet cut is fine,” recommends Jen Atkin, the celebrated long bob queen of celebrity stylists, in her comments to Elle. Here you can find out how to achieve a hip swing with straight, frizzy or wavy hair.

10 best long bob styling ideas to spice up

Do you still have doubts? “If you’ve thought about getting a long bob cut, I would say go for it. The long bob is not one of those drastic cuts that will have you in tears a week after your hair appointment,” writes celebrity hair geuru Mark Townsend in his article for Byrdie. We can only agree with the pro, but have a few words to add.

The longer version of the time-honoured bob offers plenty of room for styling experiments. At this medium length, both casual beach waves and chic Hollywood curls look equally stunning despite being so dramatically different – and you can have the best of both worlds! Also, it’s hard to find another hairstyle that lends itself so well to ombre, highlights, and all sorts of trendy color solutions. Let’s see how to tie it all together.

Straight A-line bob
via @hairbyedwin

The clean shape of this A-line bob looks dramatic on straight hair. Steal the style and don’t forget a side parting for an edgy asymmetry.

Asymmetrical bob with undercut
via @hairbyedwin

Those who like it even more asymmetrical can look to this daring bob, which has an undercut on one side and a shoulder-length cascade on the other.

Sleek ash blonde Lob
via @rochellegoldenhairstylist

This sleek and exquisite blonde braid impresses with its delicate color transition which, together with a small layering, gives the hair depth.

Dull blond with shadowy roots
via @chrisweberhair

If you want to accentuate your fine curls, go for a blunt long bob with shadow roots to add fullness to both the top and bottom.

Wavy chestnut braid with side parting
via @hairbykatlin

Think a side part to add a twist to your casual hairstyle and brighten your natural dark color with warm auburn strands.

Messy bun with side-swept bangs
via @megahairmaniac

It’s fun to pair a messy haircut with long side-swept bangs that have a breezy, feathery finish. And this vibrant blonde is a bomb!

Wavy shaggy combo bob
via @suedub

Pull most of your hair to one side for this vibrant shaggy look, enhanced with trimmed ends and touch-and-go waves.

Center parting lob for round faces
via @styledbylizsustaita

A center parting with lots of angles is just right for wide faces as it makes them slimmer and more elegant.

Structured lob with scalloped fringes
via @christinamhair

Thin hair can be drastically transformed when layered and textured to add bounce and movement. Pair it with flat arched bangs for that great contrast.

Stacked Graded Praise
via @darlene_the_stylist

You will love a layered updo because of the volume created by the shorter strands stacked at the back. Nevertheless, you still have enough length in the front to play with the styling and show off a brilliant coloring.

Whether choppy or straight, parted in the middle or swept to the side – the long bob is the golden mean with which you can show off your bone structure as well as your hair texture beautifully. Take the chance and choose a trendy variant from our selection of the most Instagrammable updos – and you will be the next to collect likes online and offline.

Hairstyles with bangs

Hairstyles with bangs come in many shapes and sizes: they can have elongated bangs, side bangs, or bangs that go across the forehead. They come in long or short styles. Pony hairstyles are suitable for every season, you can’t go wrong with them! If you don’t feel like wearing bangs, that’s okay too, because you can pin them up or pin them back. It’s amazing what you can do with a pony. Bangs can be swept or tied into pigtails; they are just wonderful.

Bangs can make you look elegant, classy or even fancy. They offer a bit of sass you can’t find anywhere else. Bangs hair can be a totally hot new trend to rock this season. The great thing about bangs is that they make you look a lot younger, especially if you have short hair.

No matter how you wear it, a pony hairstyle is always an eye-catcher. We have so many different styles for you to choose Below are 71 Insanely Gorgeous Hairstyles with Bangs:

1. Medium bangs hairstyles

This celebrity hairstyle features long flowing hair with a bangs.

Hairstyles with bangs

2. Sexy styles

A great style that Taylor Swift rocks out of the park. Her hair is medium length and the fringe bangs suit it well.


3. Rounded layers

How not to love this amazing hairstyle? These fringe braids are great with this long style.

Hairstyles with bangs

4. Straight styles

A great hairstyle with choppy bangs. This is an edgier look that you are sure to love.

Hairstyles with bangs

5. Swipe

A great hairstyle that makes Jennifer Aniston beautiful. The side swept bang is a great style.


6. Bold styles

A medium length hairstyle that is stunning with a soft fringe bang.

pony hair

7. Long Bangs

pony hairstyles ideas

A short hairstyle with a really long fringe. It’s a cute style that’s sure to make you look years younger.

8. Short and stylish

Short hairstyles are a wonderful change in your life. We love the soft bangs that come with it.


9. Messy Styles

How cute is this style? We love these messy hairstyles because they are so easy to style. We see both the front and sides sporting this messy style. A gorgeous style that any girl would love.

bangs hairstyle

10. Sexy styles

bangs hairstyles

A great style that you are sure to love because it is sexy and sophisticated.

11. Type A style

bangs hairstyles

A great style that is perfect for a Type A personality. It’s thoughtful and really thoughtful.

12. Different shades of color

A gorgeous style that has multiple shades. If you are looking for something trendy then you must try this style. The bangs are cute and we just love the blonde and brown combo.

hairstyle bangs

13. Beautiful styles

A gorgeous medium length hairstyle with a side swept bang that you are sure to love.

bangs hairstyle

14. Choppy Styles

If you love short hair then this is the style for you. We love how choppy the bangs are.

hairstyle bangs

15. Wavy Styles

A wonderful style that is full of panache. These waves are great and so id swept the side bang.


16. Gorgeous Bang

A great style with long layers and some wonderful elements. A soft bang that is really beautiful.


17. Gorgeous side sweep

A short choppy hairstyle with a great side swept bangs. It has a deep part that adds some amazing volume.

hairstyle bangs

18. Rounded Bang

A great hairstyle that looks fantastic in a bun and the bangs are rounded so they frame the face.


19. Long Bangs

A great hairstyle that is very pretty with the waves and the long bangs give the finishing touch to the style.

bangs hairstyle

20. Bold and beautiful

A stunning hairstyle that features some pretty amazing bangs.

hairstyle bangs

21. Rocking style

We love these messy hairstyles because they are so easy to maintain. They are beautiful and free flowing.

bangs hairstyle

22. The longest bangs

A bun that’s easy to maintain because it’s messy. These long bangs frame the face and make it look incredibly gorgeous.

pony hair

23. Blonde Styles

Emma Stone knows all about personal style. These bangs are a real compliment to her style.

hairstyle bangs

24. Double Bun

These wavy bangs look amazing with these double bun hairstyles.

Hairstyles with bangs

25. Sexy bangs

A long hairstyle that has great bangs. If you have long hair then this is the style for you.

Hairstyles with bangs

26. Inverted Bangs Hairstyle

A great style that has some amazing flipping style. A few layers that are flipped back to showcase an amazing style.


27. Square Bangs

A simple bang is all you need to complete this style.

bangs hairstyle

28. A stunning bob

What a cute bob and the bangs suit this style perfectly. We love it.

hairstyle bangs

29. Straight Bangs

These bangs are perfect because they run straight across the forehead in the prettiest way. A straight style that everyone will love.


30. Stylish wonders

A gorgeous hairstyle with long bangs that are pinned to one side. The side swept bangs are really gorgeous with the right hairstyle.

pony hair

31. Beauty Bangs

These messy bangs are really pretty and go well with the style.


32. Aniston Style

Jennifer Aniston always has great style. These bangs running across the forehead look great on her and give her a whole different style.

bangs hairstyle

33. Softening Styles

This fashionable style is amazing and we love her side swept bangs.


34. Sophisticated Style

A style that’s sure to be worn anywhere, and we can see why it’s so great.

pony hair

35. Long Bang

Katie Holmes always looks amazing, and those bangs are gorgeous on every side.


36. Short Bangs

A wonderful style with a cute pony.

pony hair

37. Thick Bangs

These bangs look amazing and have a lot of volume.


38. Layered Bang

These sexy bangs are just perfect.

pony hair

39. Stunning Bangs

Christie Brinkley has great bangs.

hairstyle bangs

40. Cute and sexy

A messy hairstyle with awesome bangs.


41.Celebrity Style

Reese Witherspoon loves this style which she has been sporting for a long time.

bangs hairstyle

42. Stylish designs

This sexy style is a wonderful and stylish look.


43. Very short bangs

This white hot bangs are super short.


44. Sleek Styles

Long hairstyles always look great even with long bangs.


45. Sweeping Styles

A great hairstyle that features both long bangs and bangs that run across the forehead.

hairstyle bangs

46. ​​Short styling

A short bob hairstyle that looks amazing in blonde.

hairstyle bangs

47. Fringe styling

A beautiful hairstyle that combines bangs with long hair.


48. Messy and cute

These simple models are for you if you are looking for a fresh new style.

bangs hairstyle

49. Simple Bangs

A simple style with bangs.

bangs hairstyle

50. Choppy Styles

This edgy hairstyle has awesome side swept bangs.

bangs hairstyle

51. Amazing styles

Another example of a messy hairstyle with bangs.

bangs hairstyle

52. Stray Bangs

This is another simple style that can be worn anywhere.

pony hair

53. Style of the model

A classic look that is stunning with the bang that splits on both sides.


54. Event Styles

This is the perfect hairstyle for an event and we love that the rest of the hair is curled down to the bangs.


55. Layered Bangs

We love this style because it is simple yet sophisticated.

pony hair

56. Curly Styles

A great curly hairstyle with bangs running across the forehead. We love it.

bangs hairstyle

57. Side Swept Look

We can’t get enough of these elegant side swept bangs hairstyle.


58. Runway Look

This is actually quite a popular style when it comes to modeling.

pony hair

59. Stylish lines

You can wear this type of style to work because it is sophisticated yet sexy.

pony hair

60. Straight Bangs

Another example of long and flowing hair that has big bangs.

hairstyle bangs

61. Beautiful bangs

We love the style and the extended bang.

hairstyle bangs

62. Side styles

Emma Stone has done it again with her stunning side-swept bang.


63. Natural hair

The pretty actress loves her bangs, which she always wears in the same style.

bangs hairstyle

64. Bold Designs

Another great design that is sleek and simple with a big bang.


65. Red patterns

Everything about this style is amazing including the extended bang.

pony hair

66. Braided Style

The braid frames the fringe in a flattering way. The band across the forehead is perfect for a crowning braid. Try it yourself; we are sure you will love it.


67. Stylish wonders

A great short haircut with a messy side bang that you are sure to love. If you are looking for a low maintenance hairstyle then look no further than this style.


68. Deep part

This deep parting offers a great side-swept bang. We just love all of these hairstyles. This is the type of hairstyle that gives you a lot of volume.


69. Soft elements

Everything about this bangs hairstyle is soft and romantic, especially the long bangs that run across the forehead.

Hairstyles with bangs

70. Curly bangs

Usually the bangs stay straight, but not in this case. We see the curls everywhere in this style.

hairstyle bangs

71. Stunning Red

Another long romantic hairstyle that features a soft side parting. These hairstyles are always very popular. We love them because it’s a bang that’s always in style.

bangs hairstyle

Dare to be different with cheeky hairstyles bob short tiered at the back, The short back length and long bangs are perfect for those who want to change up their look. With the tiered bobby pins, you’re sure to get noticed wherever you go! Get ready to turn heads with this sassy bob. This hairstyle features long layers and a slightly tapered cut that suits both a party dress and a casual everyday look. Go from a regular hairstyle to a sassy one in seconds with this fun and flirty hairstyle.

This cheeky hairstyles bob short tiered at the back model is a haircut model that makes you look younger and shows your face. It is a very useful hairstyle that allows you to easily prepare and attract attention both for everyday life and for parties or evening outings. It is a low maintenance bob style that you can use and love at any age.

Best of 2022 Sassy Hairstyles Bob Short Layered Back

This cheeky bob hairstyle features a long, tiered back and bangs that can be worn up or down. This is a great look for those days when you just want to have fun but still need to look good! Sassy hairstyles never go out of style. Whether you wear this look for a night out on the town or for work in the office, the right haircut and color can make all the difference in how it looks.

Cheeky hairstyles bob short tiered at the back was quite a favorite of 2022 and looks set to continue to be. All you have to do with this model is choose your barber well and take action! Come on ladies, it’s time to try the model! This model has two shape cut styles, one long bob and the other short bob, the decision is yours. We’re sure you’ll love it once you cut it. As a result of our intensive research for you, you can have a look at the following visuals, which you can choose from trending models and the most popular segments.


The bob haircut features soft, face-framing layers that accentuate your hair’s natural volume and contours. The cut incorporates structured layers around the face to give you a fresh look while maintaining a polished style. Style it with a round brush or simply twist it with your fingers for an easy everyday twist.

Cheeky hairstyles bob short tiered at the back classic cut and style, with layered, medium length hair. The bob is combed to one side and has long bangs. The shorter length sits just above the shoulders, giving you plenty of styling options.

This hairstyle is a great way to show off your inner sass. Bobs are trending and this hairstyle has layered back layers that add movement and swing.