The Oktoberfest is enjoyed not only by Germans but also by countless foreigners. Music, dancing, singing and lots and lots of beer and sausages: these are the first things that immediately come to mind when you talk about Oktoberfest. In addition to having fun, people also associate the Oktoberfest with the world-famous traditional costumes and dirndls. Both men and women attach great importance to their appearance. For women, hair is a focal point and many devote several hours to makeup and hair. If you haven’t chosen one yourself yet, we will provide you with the TOP Oktoberfest Hairstyles Bob for 2022! Read on and be inspired!

Which Oktoberfest Bob hairstyles would you wear yourself?

which bob hairstyles are popular in 2022 oktoberfest hairstyles short hair two girls in pink dirndl with braid crown

The classic Oktoberfest hairstyles include braids, which are often put into a bun or decorated with flowers or hair accessories. For women with long hair, the list of options is really long and they can experiment. From the classic French braid to the herringbone braid to the hairstyle with a milkmaid braid – the list is really long. Many women also opt for the so-called corset braids. In this hairstyle, a ribbon is braided into the hair and the end result really resembles a corset. The side braids are also one of the classics and will also be very popular for the Oktoberfest 2022.

The crown is a classic for shorter hair too

Oktoberfest hairstyles bob half-length dirndl crown with flowers

For women with medium-length hair, the half updo is one of the most popular Oktoberfest hairstyles. The braided ponytails are of course IN and prove to be suitable for every hair length.

Is your hair too short for a bun or long braids? You shouldn’t worry. If you wear a pixie cut, you still have a wider range of options. The waterfall braids go perfectly with short hair, including a bob cut.

Different hair accessories such as flowers are of course perfect for the Oktoberfest hairstyle

Oktoberfest hairstyles bob asymmetrical dirndl hairstyles short hair simple young woman blond hair side pot with flowers

What can I do with bob hairstyle?

Don’t worry if your hair is only chin-length. The Oktoberfest hairstyles bob are quite a lot and creative. Here are some ideas.

#Half up bun

As the name suggests, part of the hair is tied in a bun while the rest falls freely down. Instead of a bun, you can simply take two medium-thick strands on each side of the head and twist them back. Secure each strand at the back of your head with bobby pins or clear hair ties, then create a small bun.

Braided hairstyle with a low bun – one of the TOP Oktoberfest hairstyles bobdirndl hairstyles oktoberfest hairstyles bob collage for small braids and buns

#The “Mini Frenchman” as an Oktoberfest hairstyle

Everyone knows what the French braid is. It is also clear that this hairstyle goes better with long hair. If your hair is more of a medium length or has a bob cut, you can still enjoy this hairstyle. The difference? Braid two or more medium French braids from front to back and tie each one with colorless hair elastic. Hide both braid ends with bobby pins. In this way you create the so-called “endless French braid”.

#Side strand with beach waves

This is a creative and simple combo between two hairstyles: beach waves and a side braid. Here you can either shape the entire hair with Beach Waves. The second variant is to lay only the lower third in fine waves. Fix the hairstyle with hairspray. Section off a medium strand from one side of your head and start French braiding it back. Secure the braid with a clear hair tie and then with a bobby pin. Another variation here is instead of ending at the back of the head, braiding the French braid to the other side of the head. The third variant here are the parallel braids. As the name suggests, these are two French braids that go parallel to each other at the back of the head. This hairstyle is actually a variation of the waterfall.

Create your own side strand with casual waves for Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest hairstyles for women bob cut collage for waterfall braids instructions

#The waterfall

One of the most popular Oktoberfest hairstyles bob, which goes perfectly with the dirndl, is the so-called waterfall. What makes this hairstyle so popular among many ladies is that it is suitable for any hair length. Whether you have waist or chin length hair, you can do this hairstyle without any problem. Women with a bob cut can also enjoy the “waterfall”.

Many ladies opt for a simple yet elegant waterfall hairstyle with light waves

Oktoberfest hairstyles bob ideas which bob hairstyles go with dirndl young woman with waterfall hairstyle and light waves

With this braided hairstyle, start from one side of the head and braid backwards. In general, the waterfall braid works like the French. The only difference here is that with the waterfall braid, you always loosely leave out a strand. You start with a rather thick strand, which you divide into three thinner ones and cross them over like in the classic braid. Then simply let the lower strand hang and add one from below. Place this over the braid and go backwards in this way until you reach the middle of the back of your head. Secure the braid with a hair tie. Then braid a new braid by starting here from the other side of your head and proceed in the same way until both braids meet at the back of your head. Then tie both braids together with a hair tie and fix with some hairspray.

Different Oktoberfest hairstyles bob for braiding

Oktoberfest hairstyles bob thin hair collage for hairstyle with braids

A high ponytail is always suitable for a dirndl

dirndl hairstyles short hair which hairstyle do you wear with a dirndl

Dutch braid as an excellent Oktoberfest hairstyles bob idea

oktoberfest hairstyles bob back of the head braided hairstyle woman with a braid through braid

Dutch braid with a small bun high on the head

oktoberfest hairstyles bob girl oktoberfest hairstyles bob instructions collage for dutch braid

The classic Oktoberfest crown is also IN in 2022!

how do i style a bob for oktoberfest a really blonde woman with a dirndl and a braided crown

what can i do with bob oktoberfest hairstyle braided crown low with hair accessory

which bob hairstyles for oktoberfest 2022 oktoberfest hairstyles bob braided hairstyle with bun and stitched flowers