A year full of hair and glamorous radiance? Hair and fashion enthusiasts want exactly that and nothing makes the heart beat faster than a lady with an elegant short hairstyle. Short hair is practical and easy to maintain, has a definite anti-aging effect and can be styled and accessorized in quite innovative ways. Will 2023 surprise us? We simply swear by these fashionable short hairstyles 2023.

What are the TOP short hairstyles 2023 for women? The sling

mullet short hairstyles 2023

There are some general short hair trends that will be on the rise in 2023.

#1. Hair trend 2023: rebellious curls

Women with curly hair should bet on swing and nonchalance. Wear your short hairstyle with gorgeous curls, styled with volumizing spray for extra strength.

Hairstyle trend 2023: free, rebellious curls

julia garner 2023 messy curls hairstyles trend

#2. Hair trend 2023: long bangs with side parting

A short hairstyle may be worn with a long fringe. Pixies and shullets are particularly good for this. Comb the bangs to the side or French style.

#3. Hair trend 2023: messy hair with the wolf bob

Shaggy asymmetries upgrade any short hairstyle.

The wolf bob will be big in 2023

The wolf bob with its signature outline will be the biggest new thing of 2023.

#4. Hair trend 2023: ultra short with a curated ear

Buzzcuts and ultra short haircuts suit round faces and are definitely favored by many women. A cured ear with elegant piercings lends itself beautifully to the buzzcut. Read about the hottest piercing trends of 2023 for women of all ages.

Ultra short hair 2023 with earrings

lashana lynch 2023 short hairstyles 2023 ladies buzzcut

Which short hairstyles 2023 are currently in trend?

These are the short cuts hair experts say will be everywhere in 2023.


Glam rock for hair in 2023: The name of the short hairstyle is an abbreviation of the phrase “short mullet. The mullet hairstyle features two different hair lengths that look non-conformist and spectacular.

Hair trends 2023 for short hair

hairstyles 2023 shellet

The frontal parts are cut shorter, the volume at the back of the head is fuller, and the hair – longer. And indeed, the short hairstyle flatters women of all ages and has a strong anti-aging effect.

The shullet suits women of all ages

sharonstoneshullet hairstyles 2023 women over 60

The shullet is one of the hairstyle trends for 2023.

2. Flipped Bob

The flipped bob is a bob cut that will appeal to all retro-savvy women.

Short hairstyles 2023: the flipped bob

flipped bob trend hairstyles 2023

In this haircut, the side parting and the hair length below the chin are mandatory.

You can also flip the ends of your hair outwards

trend hairstyles 2023 shoulder grazing bob

Don’t forget to twist the hair ends inwards with the round brush.

3. Scandi Bob

The fashion option for blondes with short hair in 2023 is called Scandi Bob. This bob cut is very easy to style with a center parting. The hair dryer with diffuser comes to the rescue.

Khloé Kardashian with Scandi Bob

khloe kardashian 2023 short hairstyles 2023 ladies flipped bob short hair trends

4. Shower grazing bob

This bob cut can reach the shoulder and looks great with a side parting and soft waves.

How to style a bob cut very quickly?

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What Are The Fashionable Short Hairstyles 2023 That Make Older Ladies Younger?

Older ladies also have good options in the new year in terms of fashionable short hairstyles 2023 and hairstyling.

1. Women over 50: Bob with Money Pieces

High-contrast money pieces in the hair can look very classy. Here is the version with a blunt bob.

Money pieces are hot in 2023

mimi so 2023 glossy bob with coins

2. Short Hairstyles 2023 for Older Ladies: Shaggy Pixie

In the field of pixie cuts, developments towards extra volume through fringes and layers are becoming quite popular. When paired with dynamic tips, the hairdo looks super rejuvenating and sassy.

Short hairstyles 2023 for older ladies

shaggy pixie hairstyles 2023 for women over 50

3. Anti-Aging Hairstyle: Pixie with long fringed bangs

Long forehead fringes are part of the hair trends for 2023 and stage the short cuts quite effectively. Bonus point: The long bangs generously cover the forehead and can conceal any wrinkles.

Pixies with long fringes are part of the hair trends for 2023

pixie with long bangs hairstyles 2023 women over 50

And the hair color? Which colors are popular in 2023?

We have detailed the prevailing trends in hair color trends for 2023.

1. Pink with golden orange undertones

The barbie core trend continues to be trendy and provides extra glamour.

Pink becomes fashionable

“Viva Magenta” has been named Pantone Research Institute’s color of the year and we expect a graceful and snazzy pink trend in hair color.

2. Pearl Blonde

This is again quite an impressive mixed color that will look very classy on women of all ages.

New blond tone 2023: Pearl blond

It’s all about a platinum blonde, with subtle silvery undertones.