When the weather is nice, you can have a barbecue outside in the garden. Regardless of what season it is. And since we like late summer, we would like to use today’s post to inspire you to organize a barbecue party in your own garden or on the terrace. Spare ribs are usually part of the menu at a barbecue party. That’s why today we’re giving you some great ideas and important tips on how to grill spare ribs. Maybe barbecuing is also a popular pastime for you?

Grilling spare ribs – It is a real art to prepare the ribs yourself!

Grill spareribs what do you have to consider

A barbecue simply doesn’t work without spare ribs!

Meat dishes with ribs convince all meat eaters with an unusual aroma. Anyone with an outdoor kitchen can afford to prepare various culinary delights, including ribs, year-round.



Even in winter it is not impossible to organize a barbecue. From April to October, however, people prefer to grill outside. So, it’s time to prepare delicious spare ribs!

The spare ribs are still called Schälrippchen in German. Usually these are made from pork, and more specifically from the lower part of the pork rib, but beef and veal spare ribs are also popular in America. Spare ribs are very expensive grilled items.

Grilling your own ribs is great fun

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Grilling spare ribs – this is how you like to prepare them

While there are a few different ways to cook spareribs, the most popular way to cook them is to grill them. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing this on a gas grill or a charcoal grill. In both cases it works. But there are a few things that are important so that you can prepare the delicacy successfully.

What do you have to consider when grilling spare ribs?

In the first place it is important that one on the quality of the flesh. An experienced griller suddenly recognizes the good spare ribs. These must show fleshiness and have no periosteum.

What makes the spare ribs particularly irresistible is the good stuff marinade. It is advisable to marinate the grilled pieces a day in advance. But if you bought ready-marinated spareribs, let them acclimatize a bit before grilling. But that wouldn’t be the best solution, because it’s always better if you prepare the marinade yourself! It’s important to use enough acid and salt to tenderize the meat. If the marinade is more acidic, the marinating time can also be shorter. Wine, vinegar or apple juice are usually used as acid.

The ribs can taste very different, but always fantastic!

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by the way: You can give the spareribs a very different taste depending on your own preferences. So use ingredients you like. However, it is known that the more garlic you use, the better the marinade tastes.

Very important: You will also need to indirectly grill the spare ribs. Depending on whether you have a gas grill or one with charcoal, it also works differently. In the first case, only the side burners of the grill are placed, in the second case you need a lid.

It is best to grill at a temperature of 70 degrees so that you do not have to reckon with dry food

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The classic preparation of spare ribs

The 3-2-1 method is most commonly used in preparation. Not only experienced barbecue fans, but also beginners can prepare delicious spare ribs. But you have to be patient, because even the name shows that it takes about 6 hours to prepare. So first the spareribs have to smoke indirectly for 3 hours, the temperature has to be 120 degrees. Then the ribs have to steam for 2 hours, wrapping them in aluminum foil. You have to cook like this at 120 degrees. Finally, you need to remove the spare ribs from the foil, brush them with the marinade and indirectly grill the ribs for another 1 hour.

Serve the spare ribs with a side dish

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We hope that you will have enough patience to prepare delicious ribs yourself in your own garden or on the balcony. Good luck and bon appetit!

In fact, there are other ways of preparation besides the 3-2-1 method that take little time

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Grill spare ribs – Spare ribs from the grill can be prepared in the outdoor kitchen at any time

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However, a nice barbecue is more successful at higher temperatures

Grilling spare ribs which grill is suitable

The grill fans prepare a delicious sauce for the ribs

grill spare ribs prepare delicious food yourself