Whether for a birthday, for Christmas or for a completely different occasion: Das suitable gift for a loved one it’s always difficult to find. Because especially when it should be something that really suits the person, the decision is not always easy.

I’m a big fan of personalized gifts. So gifts, the personal ones make memories come up and are so precisely tailored to the recipient. You’re always right!

So that you can collect a few ideas for your next gift to a loved one, I have today 10 personalized gift ideas for you, with which you can give away great memories.

product placement. You want to give memories? On the blog you will find 10 personalized gift ideas that are guaranteed to please. www.whoismocca.com

Give away memories with personalized gift ideas

1. Photo Book

A real classic among the personalized gifts is the photo book. While many people give away photo books, it’s still a very special gift. Because nothing solves like that beautiful memories looks like a beautifully designed book with photos that make you wallow in times gone by.

“Do you remember when we were here and there and can you still remember this experience?” – With a photo book you not only give away memories, but also cosinessbecause what could be better than together with a good cup of coffee or tea bent over old photos to sit and review great experiences?

Photo books are easy to make these days design and order online. I ordered the latest photo book about my pregnancy directly from MEINFOTO. You don’t need to download any software here and you don’t have to register separately. The photo book software can be found directly online and is very easy to use. Every single page can be design individually and turn it into a very personal memento.

I really enjoy thinking back to the pregnancy. It was a wonderful experience without any complaints and with many moments full of anticipation for our son. Towards the end of the 8th month we had a wonderful baby bump photo shoot and I have now recorded exactly this experience in a photo book. Otherwise the beautiful photos and memories would disappear somewhere between thousands of photos on my smartphone – and that would be a real shame!

In addition to a photo book about the pregnancy, I have many more at home. The first vacations with my husband, photo books of our dogs and much more. By the way: My favorite format for photo books is A4 landscape format (ideal for portrait and landscape photos!), I choose one for the design of my photos matt optics. The photos always work razor sharp and the paper is really classy. About the Price-performance ratio can’t really complain.

But if you want the whole thing to be even more personal and individual, you can also use a DIY photo book give away. Just buy a high-quality blank book yourself and there Paste and design photos by hand. Buy different, beautiful ones colored pencilsmaybe too Stickers or colored tape and design the entire photo book old school according to your own preferences and with your own handwriting. That’s how you give away DIY reminders!

With MOCCA10 you get 10% on all products at MEINFOTO! (Even on already reduced items, shipping excluded) The code is valid until 07/31/21.

product placement. You want to give memories? On the blog you will find 10 personalized gift ideas that are guaranteed to please. www.whoismocca.com

2. Personalized poster

Another gift idea is a Personalized poster that reminds of times experienced together. You can find many different, personal poster ideas online. For example, you can have a star map printed showing the Stars in a specific place at a specific time demonstrate. This is how you capture a certain moment forever and definitely give away memories and joy.

Other poster ideas are, for example, the recipient’s favorite saying, your hometown, a family poster, the coordinates and the date of an experience together, a definition of a term (such as “Sister – the person with whom you ….”), etc.

The beauty of this gift is that not only does it bring back memories, but it also makes a wonderful gift decorative piece power. When you put the poster in a Picture Frame I’m sure it will find a nice place in the recipient’s home.

3. Have a photo painted

What also makes a very good personal gift is a painted photo. Pick a photo that might show you and the person you want to give the picture to together. Make sure that it is a photo that you can paint well as a picture (e.g. not a selfie, but rather one that was taken from a distance and that is good for tracing).

If you are artistic you can give it an even more personal touch by adding this Just draw the picture yourself. If painting is not your thing, there are now many online services that can do this for you. I particularly like the watercolor photos that have been repainted.

4. Personalized Gift Ideas: Play with photos

Is the recipient a game freak? Then there is probably one Game with photos just the right gift! Regardless of whether Uno, memory or a puzzle – with a personalized game you give joy and at the same time old memories are awakened! For example, I find this memory for children particularly cute – personalized, of course!

If you are creative, you can also easily play a game with photos DIY (a DIY memory can be made very quickly yourself, for example with cardboard, glue and printed photos). Otherwise you will also find many providers online who will convert your photos into a game.

product placement. You want to give memories? On the blog you will find 10 personalized gift ideas that are guaranteed to please. www.whoismocca.com

5. Personalized Jewelry

Chains in which you can always carry your loved ones with you by means of a photo were a real hit many decades ago. Even today is personalized jewelry definitely something that you can use to make other people happy.

There are many ideas for personalized jewelry. For example, friendship bracelets with engraving or a freshwater pearl bracelet with personalization are very popular. Necklaces can also be engraved with names, initials, a special term or a sign that connects you. Whatever you decide, every time you look at the piece of jewelry, memories of a time together will be awakened!

When it comes to jewelry gifts, however, make sure that they fit the person and it is best to inspect the recipient very carefully before buying the jewellery. What kind of jewelry does he or she wear? Is it mostly goldor rather rose or silver? Is it more about filigree jewelry or big, flashy accessories? These are points that you should definitely consider before buying!

6. Personalized fashion gifts

Especially for crazier persons is suitable personalized fashion excellent as a gift. The recipient likes to wear it colorful socks? Well then maybe socks with a photo of you are a good idea. But perhaps your own dog or cat is also allowed to come with you sockface will?

Another fashionable gift idea would be a t-shirt or sweater with a saying, word or emoji that connects you. The ideas for personalized fashion gifts are endless – feel free to be creative!

7. Polaroid Camera

instant cameras were an absolute hit decades ago and today they are more up-to-date than ever. With a Polaroid camera you have that absolute souvenir giftas there are ongoing reminders spits out. The nice thing about it is that the photos are what they are and therefore become very special memorabilia. There can be easy nothing retouched or changed – just the way memories should be!

product placement. You want to give memories? On the blog you will find 10 personalized gift ideas that are guaranteed to please. www.whoismocca.com

8. Home accessories

Personalized gift ideas also work for your own four walls. Especially when you’re planning something Personalized for home to give away, the possibilities are endless. From cushions to blankets, pot holders, cups, coffee to go mugs – a photo, name or a nice saying can be printed on almost anything.

there is online countless offers for photo accessories. But before you strike, you should definitely read reviewsbecause the photo products are often of poor quality and it would be a shame if your personalized gift idea had to end up in the trash right away.

9. Cut film together

If you talented in editing are and above all have the nerve and patience for long periods of time in front of the computer is also a homemade movie a great personal gift!

For example, you can type a Slide show with your own individual music and photos from vacation and Co. design, or also cut different videos together. When you then see the memories so vividly in front of you, a few tears are probably not out of the question!

10. Giving away time together

Have you ever thought about it? to give away time together? This is especially ideal if you share with the respective person create new memories want.

For example, give away a shared one day trip, a special adventure, a little tripor simply one long morning brunch at your home. As a result, you grow together more and then have enough Material for conversations and fits of laughter. With a gift like this you can only be right!

What were the greatest personalized gift ideas you’ve ever received?

product placement. You want to give memories? On the blog you will find 10 personalized gift ideas that are guaranteed to please. www.whoismocca.com