Ladies whose curls don’t stay put know that timeless charm needs constant shaping. It’s not just the withered leaves on the trees that ruffle in autumn – our hair does too. In this post, we present the latest fall trends and hairstyles for curly hair. Let yourself be inspired!

The lion’s mane is all the rage in autumn 2022

hairstyles for curls big wild curls

2022 was the year of natural curls: At the turn of the year 2022 everyone was talking about 3D curls. What were they exactly? It was about a beauty philosophy that aimed to get women with curly hair to celebrate their natural curls.

3D curls are multidimensional curls

3d curls style shoulder-length curly hair

The 3D curls are textured, highly defined curls that display their multidimensionality and complexity beautifully.

The pineapple updo for curly hair

pineapple hair rihanna

In order to be able to style your curly hair well, you should apply plenty of suitable care products.

Curl care products:

  • strong fixing gels or balms for curls;
  • moisturizing products;
  • shine spray or gloss;
  • Hair Slugging (alternative to curly hair care with home remedies).

Hairstyles for curly hair: fall trends 2022

#Layered curls

When considering a haircut suitable for curls, you should definitely look at some examples of layered curls. Regardless of the hair length you wear, a layered cut looks particularly good on curly hair textures. It offers a wonderful interplay of bangs and various lengths that frame the face, which sets accents on your facial features and eyes.

Layered cut for curls

The layered cut also works in a similar way with straight and fine hair (the so-called “invisible layers” will be all the rage soon enough): Layers immediately give your mane more volume and fullness. The fabulously curly shag cut or the popular wolf cut represent the impressive look of the accentuated layers.

The steps define the face

Layered cuts are particularly suitable for women with naturally curly hair.

Hairstyles for curly hair – long: what to wear in autumn 2022

Women who like to curl their hair should definitely apply heat protection and remember that any procedure can tire hair. Rejoice, however, as the following hot hairstyle trends for curly hair will be everywhere in the fall 2022 season:

#Low Waves

Very well suited for women with long hair: The low waves (low curls) begin at the level of the ears and unfold magnificently downwards. They are spiraled and incredibly delicate, much like the renaissance curls of Botticelli Waves.

The low waves start from the ear

sophie hermann low waves curly hair hairstyles

The upper part gives a smooth and elegant look and remains smooth.

The hair is left straight on top

nataliaoreiro low waves red dress curly hair hairstyles

The low waves are very easy to do with a wave iron, look super trendy with a center parting and look simply stunning with suitable hair clips.

Experiment with styling

#Lion Waves

Dear ladies with long hair, Attention! Here comes the lion’s mane. These are XXL curls that are wild, feminine and powerful.

Lion Waves – powerful, magnificent curls

annalynne mccord lion curls hairstyles for curls

The styling offers pure volume and can be easily conjured up with a larger curling iron. For the fluffy effect, use a salt spray on, or even a curling spray, which will activate the hair structure’s bounce and energy. And last but not least: Her lion’s mane will protect her against the cold.

Very defined and textured

lion curls hairstyles for naturally curly hair

#Cobra haircut

And where do hair gurus and visionaries get their inspiration for the hottest head of hair? From the animal world. In addition to the torment cut, the cobra hair is now in full swing. And the good news is that this isn’t some bizarre eccentricity, it’s just a matter of styling the curls.

Cobra Hair – Waves like snakes

hairstyles for curly hair kobra waves

Cobra hair is particularly flattering for long-haired women: the S-shaped, very subtle soft waves begin at chin level and unfold downwards like smooth snakes.

kobra hair cannes 2022

To achieve this gorgeous effect, you should style the big curls in opposite directions with the curling iron. Finished.

How often should you wash natural curls?

The factor to consider here is the thickness of the hair structure. In principle, ladies need to apply a nourishing shampoo every few days. Medium-sized curls can be washed every 2-3 days. Don’t overdo it on textured, thick curls. Constant washing will weaken them, make them dry and brittle. To encourage natural sebum production, wash your curly hair once a week.

The frequency depends on the density of the curls

curly hair hairstyles for curls