Many fringed haircuts have recently conquered the world. The sachel cut is the latest trend making the rounds. The hairstyle is also cut fringed, but at the same time it appears particularly feminine. The trend hairstyle is a real source of inspiration for women all over the world and that is not for nothing, because it has a lot to offer. In a moment we will explain to you what the trendy cut is all about!

Sachel Cut – a layered haircut that has some fringes framing the face.

sachel-cut combination of two trendy hairstyles

The sachel cut – what characterizes the trend hairstyle?

Layered cuts are definitely in in 2022. The mixie cut and the octopus cut prove that. The sachel cut is also assigned to this. The trendy cut is a mixture of two trend hairstyles. This is related to the shag but looks much softer than the rocker cut.



The reason: the highlights that frame the face are left a little longer. However, the cut also bears many characteristics of the so-called Rachel cut, which is why it can be described as its modern version. A wild step cut and a feminine women’s hairstyle are combined, resulting in a charming and absolutely modern women’s hairstyle 2022. It looks very elegant, but still has a rock touch to it.

The shag cut is the source of inspiration for the sachel cut

sachel-cut modern version shag cut


The 90s layered cut looks much more modern today

sachel cut wavy hair trends 2022

Who can wear the haircut?

Anyone who wants a small change in type can rely on this trend hairstyle. Because not everyone might go for the shag cut! Ultimately, it is actually quite wild and unusual and not every woman would feel comfortable with such a hairstyle. Even if you don’t want to part with your long hair, but still want to change something about your hairstyle, you’ve come to the right place with the new hairstyle trend! Because the sachel cut is eccentric and thus provides a fresh kick.

The trendy hairstyle provides significantly more volume, which is why it suits women with thin hair very well. Nevertheless, the cut is also suitable for women with thick hair, because then the hair looks much lighter. So all hair types look great with the sachel cut.

With the trend hairstyle you don’t have to pay attention to a specific hair length, because this can be very different. Not only medium-length, but also long hair benefit from the haircut.

Another advantage of the trendy women’s hairstyle is that it suits these different face shapes. Both round and oval faces look great with the haircut.

Depending on the hair structure, the haircut adapts perfectly to its wearer

sachel-cut long straight hair layers



How to style the sachel cut?

The cut can be styled in a variety of ways. Styled both smooth and curly, it comes into its own. Light waves also look great with such a haircut.

The hairstyle is often worn with a fringed fringe. This gives the cut more texture and makes it look even more charming.

One last tip: Some texturizing spray would finish off the look nicely. This is how the wild, voluminous steps are set in scene.

If you can’t decide between the shag and the Rachel cut, just choose the sachel cut!

sachel-cut long hair trendrisur 2022

We hope that you will find inspiration for a new haircut that will make an effective, but not too strong, type change.

The sachel cut is softer than the shag cut

sachel-cut trend hairstyles 2022 levels

The trend hairstyle makes the face appear narrower

sachel-cut trend hairstyle 2022 characteristics

Treat yourself to a small type change that will make for an even fresher mood!

sachel-cut modern version schag cut

Any hair texture can benefit from a layered cut

sachel-cut trend hairstyle women's hairstyles 2022

The modern cut is not only worn in summer 2022, but also in autumn

sachel-cut what features styling ideas

Conjure up more volume in your hair with a modern layered cut

sachel cut long blond hair step cut