The fruits and leaves of the fig tree have been known to people since time immemorial. They are prized for their healthful properties and referred to as one of nature’s favorite remedies. While ripe figs are often eaten fresh or dried and are considered a tasty delicacy, not much is known about the health benefits of fig leaves. Even with a search on the Internet you will not find much useful information about it. For this reason we have decided to take a close look at the fig leaves in today’s article and to report a lot of interesting facts about the peculiar leaves of the fig tree. We also show you what you can prepare with these lush green leaves and what exactly they are useful for.

Figs and fig leaves have health-promoting properties.

Fig leaves lush green figs on the branch health-promoting properties



They are flavorful and delicious….

Fig leaves cut figs healthy aromatic healing


The leaves of the fig tree are considered a natural remedy whose effects have not yet been well researched!

Fig leaves figs healthy aromatic healing natural remedy green leaves on fig tree

Botanically it belongs fig tree to the mulberry family and bears the scientific name Ficus carica L. It looks back on a 5000-year history. In its wild form, the fig tree probably originally came from Southwest Asia. It was brought to Europe by sailors and spread throughout the Mediterranean. Fig trees love the warm climate of the Mediterranean countries, where they grow as deciduous deciduous shrubs or small trees. Its lush green leaves have a peculiar, sharply cut shape and exude a delicate aroma. When picking, you can see a white milky juice, which can lead to inflammation and blistering after contact with the skin of allergy sufferers. This is why it has long been believed that figs and fig leaves are poisonous and deserve no place on our menu. This claim is completely false and has long since been refuted.

Why are figs healthy for our body?

Fig leaves ripe figs cut healthy sweet taste healing effect



the fruits of the fig tree are referred to in many cultures as healing and called paradise fruits. They are healthy, taste wonderfully sweet, fill you up quickly and counteract cravings. They are known for providing the body with a lot of energy and counteracting any tiredness. When eating ripe figs, you also get a special feeling of well-being. The energy-rich fruits strengthen the immune system and detoxify the body. Incidentally, they contain numerous enzymes and roughage, which is why they are also said to have a digestive effect. They are rich in vitamin B1, contain calcium, phosphorus, iron, carotene and riboflavin. Dried figs are healthy sources of energy because they have a high fructose content. They are ideal for active athletes. Because they provide a healthy boost of energy after a hard workout. Since figs also contain enough flavonoids, their antioxidant properties are beyond doubt. In short, the sacred fruits are a true natural wonder!

Figs and fig leaves are also used for medicinal purposes.

Fig leaves figs healthy aromatic healing good use for medicinal purposes

Figs can be used in many ways in the kitchen

Autumn is the high season for figs. They are now mostly eaten fresh. But you can also dry them or buy them dry in winter, so you always have something sweet on hand. The ripe figs are processed further in many households in south-eastern Europe. You can prepare a delicious fig jam or marmalade with the delicious fruits, bake a fig cake or make your own fig mustard. The fruits can be added to salads, baked in fruit bread or enjoyed in fig cheese. The options are varied, so that everyone can integrate the sweet fruits into their menu according to personal taste and desire. However, we must warn you: since figs are high in fructose, they must be consumed with care and in moderation. You shouldn’t consume too much sugar!

Do you already have an idea what to prepare with the figs?

Fig leaves figs healthy aromatic healing many uses in the kitchen

People like to eat dried figs in winter, so for in between!

Eat fig leaves figs healthy aromatic healing dried fruits in winter for in between

How to use fig leaves in the kitchen?

Just like the ripe fruit of the fig tree, the fig leaves are aromatic and healing. They contain valuable enzymes, which have been known since ancient times and used in the process of wound healing. The lush green leaves can also be used to make a tea, which is used for coughs and colds. The leaves contain essential oils, polysaccharides and tannins. It also contains coumarin, a naturally occurring plant substance that has an anti-inflammatory and blood circulation-promoting effect. All this makes the fig leaves a natural remedy to promote our well-being!

We will first show you how to prepare a fig leaf tea and what it is useful for.

Anyone can quickly brew an aromatic tea!

Fig leaves figs healthy aromatic healing small chopped leaves ripe fig

Make fig leaf tea yourself – where can you do it!

2 ingredients: ½ l water, 2 tablespoons finely chopped fig leaves, approx. 30 g

Easy preparation:

  • Pour the water into a saucepan and bring to a boil;
  • Add leaves and cook for about 5 minutes;
  • Then remove from heat, let cool and sieve;

Important tip: You don’t have to sweeten the fig leaf tea, it tastes great even without sweeteners! Drink 2 cups a day, 2 to 3 times a week! Don’t overdo it, because instead of benefits, you may have contraindications!

The fig leaf tea is a natural remedy!

Fig leaves figs healthy aromatic healing Fig leaf tea a natural remedy

The positive effects of fig leaf tea on our health at a glance

Fig leaf tea is considered a healing dietary supplement in alternative medicine. It is used as a natural remedy for the following ailments:

  • In diabetes, because it lowers blood sugar levels;
  • relieves constipation and stimulates digestion;
  • lowers cholesterol and triglyceride levels;
  • has an antibacterial effect, fights viruses and helps with infections.

Caution! Excessive consumption of fig leaf tea can cause diarrhea and allergic reactions! Dizziness and breathing difficulties are also not excluded! Women should not consume this tea during pregnancy and breastfeeding! If you have a chronic illness and are taking medication for it, be sure to consult your doctor before drinking a cup of this tea!

You can find out how to make your own fig leaf oil here!

Make fig leaves figs healthy aromatic healing fig leaf oil yourself

Are you now convinced of the health-promoting properties of figs and fig leaves?

Fig leaves figs healthy aromatic healing Fig leaf cut ripe fig

Enjoy the season of figs to the fullest!

Fig leaves figs healthy aromatic healing ripe fig cut

These fruits are really healthy!

Fig leaves figs healthy aromatic healing taste delicious