Do you wake up in the morning and your hair is in a completely different direction? We are sure that this situation happens to every woman. But now we have just the right solution to this problem! If you are in a hurry because you have to go to a meeting, work or another appointment and you need a quick hairstyle in less than 2 minutes, Sleek Bun is the right solution for you! You no longer have to wash your hair and waste time styling it. Learn how to quickly and easily create a bun that will give you both an elegant hairstyle and a casual look.

Sleek Bun in just 2 minutes

see rosie huntington whiteley with a sleek bun

Wondering why the sleek bun hairstyle is so popular lately? The Sleek Bun is very good for covering up messy hair and even dirty hair. If you have greasy hair and you are wondering which hairstyle to choose, this hairstyle is for you. You should be aware that this hairstyle is even more difficult to style WITH clean hair. So if you want to try our fashion tip to hide greasy and messy hair, keep scrolling and learn how to make an elegant bun yourself in less than 2 minutes.

the sleek bun is one of the most popular hairstyles find out why

Are you one of those women who only go to the hairdresser for a fresh hairstyle on special occasions that require precision and perfection? Do you opt for a casual look for your hair in everyday life? Then this hairstyle is for you! One of the classic methods is to make a quick and beautiful bun. Luckily, there are so many variations of this type of hairstyle that you can make a bun every day that looks very different from the day before. Amazing, isn’t it?

the perfect hairstyle for every day is here learn more

Why you should definitely try this hairstyle?

A bun is one of the most versatile hairstyles. If you want to keep your hair out of your face, put it in a nice bun. If you love updos, here we have another hairstyle that you are sure to love! Here we have collected the best photos and tips for you to find out how to make a beautiful and trendy bun.

What do you need for this hairstyle?

To create a flawless look, you need the right materials. Here’s what you need:

  • a simple hairbrush to avoid tangles
  • Comb
  • Ceramic round brush
  • hairdryer
  • thermal protective product
  • hairspray
  • hair gel
  • rubber bands

It’s that easy

here we tell you how you can make sleek bun yourself

What should you do before you start the bun?

Once you have gathered these materials, you need to prep your hair. We recommend making a bun on damp or oily/unwashed hair.

  1. Hair protection is important. That’s why it’s important that you take the time to spray your hair with a heat protectant and anti-frizz serum.
  2. Once your hair is prepped and you’ve applied the serum, blow dry your hair with a round ceramic brush.
  3. When your hair is completely dry, part it in the middle.
  4. After dividing your hair in half, apply styling gel to both sides to hold the hair in place.
  5. Gather the hair and secure it with an elastic band.
  6. Gather the ponytail and pull it into an elegant bun. If necessary, secure it with another hair band and bobby pins.
  7. Spritz the entire hairstyle with hairspray to keep it holding all day.
  8. Voila! A perfect, sleek bun is ready in less than 2 minutes!

For which occasion is this hairstyle suitable?

If you want to wear this bun to a big occasion like a prom or a wedding, try pairing this elegant bun with a dress that has a spectacular back! This hairstyle is much more casual and relaxed, so the attention is focused on your dress. The bun is a symbol of elegance and sophistication.

Stars use this trick

minimal but stylish you can find out more here with us

You should pay attention to this

sleek bun is the most popular celebrity hairstyle learn more

Feeling for an ideal model off-duty look

the sleek bun is a further development of the messie bun

This is how the hairstyle works

how to make your own sleek bun in just 2 minutes

The perfect sleek bun is that easy

see how the sleek bun works here

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Summer may be coming to an end, but there are still warm days to celebrate with a colorful nail polish. And why not dare to have a colored manicure in the fall? Moneypiece nails are a beauty trend that really comes into its own in summer. But it also seems to remain a big trend in autumn. That’s why we want to give you a great idea today on how to paint your nails – just rely on Moneypiece Nails! We’ll explain in a moment what this trend is all about.

Painting nails – enjoy the summer with colorful nails

painting nails Moneypiece Nails colorful nails ideas

Nageldesign Moneypiece Nails – What distinguishes the trend?

The beautiful nail design proves that details have a huge effect on the look. People like to paint their nails in accordance with the season. In spring and summer one usually chooses fresh color combinations, while in autumn and winter the nails are a bit more subtle.



Nails also reveal a lot about our mood.

Maybe you’re tired of the usual nail designs and want something eye-catching? A colorful nail polish always catches the eye and could be a good solution in this case! Colorful nails are very trendy in summer 2022. If you use different nail polish colors at the same time, you can achieve a fascinating nail look. This will certainly create a good atmosphere. Of course you can not only play with the colors in summer, but also in autumn. But then you should rather do without bright colors and rely on those that are typical for autumn.

Moneypiece nails are a hot beauty trend for 2022. They are colorful and modern and have a special charisma. The trend actually has a strange name, but it has nothing to do with “saving money”. To some extent, the nail look is reminiscent of various coins. With Moneypiece nails, you only paint the tips. So by painting a third of the nail, the rest is left free. You don’t have to constantly worry about repainting the outgrown nails. A “grown-out look” is desired! So it’s about a very casual nail design that saves a lot of time and effort.

Keep up with the trends because a colorful nail design is all the rage

painting nails Moneypiece Nails colorful nail design


Painting Nails – How to create Moneypiece Nails yourself?

The trend is thoroughly different from the other nail design ideas. The nail trend 2022 looks wonderful with very colorful nail polishes as well as with subtle colors like pink and nude. If you want to treat yourself to a flawless nail design, then of course you rely on professionals. But you could also make Moneypiece Nails yourself at home. It might be a little tedious for some to copy these themselves. You have to be patient and try painting your nails in this way a few times until it finally works perfectly.

  • In the first place, you need to prepare the nails so that the nail polish lasts longer. That means you have to polish them.
  • After that, you need to choose the colors in which your manicure will be. You could choose colors that make up a rich color palette or those that belong to a color family.
  • Next, think about what design you want. Here you have all the freedom to be creative! Each nail can have a different design, making the manicure appear more playful. Actually, you usually draw a semicircle on the tip of the nail. A second semicircle is worn over it, but it is smaller. It looks really cool when you combine several bright colors on one nail.
  • After applying the nail polish, you could apply a layer of top coat. This way the color lasts much longer.

Maybe you want to try this nail trend too? Then get creative and create nail polish designs to admire!

Moneypiece Nails – a popular nail trend 2022 that combines many colors

paint nails different colors summer

Painting nails – only color the nail tips

painting nails moneyoiece nails trend colored nail polishes



You might want to try colors you don’t usually wear

painting nails Moneypiece Nails advantages

The curly hairstyles for men have been in fashion since time immemorial, giving a younger, but not so old look to men of different ages. In the past, curly hairstyles for boys were only those that were curly and looked very fashionable. Nowadays, modern men rock curly hairstyles better than their old peers. They smoothly don’t leave curly hairstyles behind even for a second.

The curly hairstyles for women can be managed quite smoothly. There are many styling options to choose from and you can create any look that suits you. However, curly hairstyles for women require more maintenance than those for men. Curly attempts should be regularly censored and straightened. This is because curly tries are more difficult to maintain and to get the style right requires more sessions and more styling. This means that curly hairstyles for women take longer to get the perfect shape.

Curly hairstyles for women can also be as smooth as you want them to be. You can leave your hair exposed and create waves, or you can create a low bun or a fancy updo. If you want to add some volume to your curly hairstyles for women, you can use a wide-toothed comb to add some volume to the top of your hair. There are several ways to achieve the desired volume in your curly hairstyles for women. If you want a more formal look, you can let down the front of your hair and let the rest of your hair down the sides.

If you have wavy or curly hairstyles for women, you can try the curled bangs. You can use a curling iron to create the hairstyle while curling two sides of your hair into a wave. If you want a more casual look, you can easily let the top of your hair loose from the bangs and let it fall in front of your face. With curly bangs, you can use a wide-toothed comb to add some volume and texture to your hair. To make your curly hairstyles for women look even better, you can smear some hairspray on your bangs and use a small brush to style your hair.

Another popular curly hairstyle for women is a taper fade. With a taper fade, take all of the curly volume from the top and curl it down to the bottom of your hairline. A taper fade allows you to create the same look as a short bob, but without the length. Many people like curly hairstyles for women and with a taper fade you have that curly volume on the sides and something in the front.

The last of those curly hairstyles for women that we are going to review is the side part taper. With a side part taper fade, take all the volume from the front and curl it to the side of your face. This will be a very easy cut that can be worn with a plain black shirt or even a denim.

curly hairstyles 2
curly hairstyles 3
curly hairstyles 4
curly hairstyles 5
curly hairstyles 6
curly hairstyles 7
curly hairstyles 8
curly hairstyles 9

If you have short wavy hair, there are a variety of styles to choose from. Each fabric and shape is unique and you will find that your own qualities and characteristics will enhance your chosen style. A wavy cut looks good with most face shapes, including heart-shaped faces. There are many different options for short wavy hairstyles. This product contains tips on how to look the best for your face shape.

A low ponytail is a versatile and trivial way to wear your short-lived hair. It looks good on shorter as well as longer hair. The best part is that this haircut style can be worn to work, to a date or to a party. It is also easy to maintain and can be done quickly without spending a lot of time and effort. While bobs are the easiest to maintain, they can be too airy and limp for a professional setting.

The half down half down haircut is another trendy option for short hair. Her haircut combines wavy strands with poopy Prunus persica. This look is often enhanced with balayage highlights. Her haircut resembles a three-bun twist, just easier to maintain. To do this, trivially gather sections of your wavy, loose hair and swirl them until they tumble to pieces. A fixing spray can be used to keep it in place.

A side braid is another simple braiding style that works for all hair types. It’s a modern take on a ’90s favorite. Characterized by monotonous colors, it adds an elegant touch to a classic look. The end result is an edgy and chic look. The messy look is perfect for both men and women. It’s the perfect style for every reason. Once you’ve picked the right one, you can rock it all day.

If you are looking for a haircut that adds a touch of color and style, a layered pixie cut is a perfect choice. The pixie style is a popular short haircut that can make you look like a star. Bangs allow you to add funky accessories and accentuate your eyes with heavy jewelry. Asymmetric chicks are great for parties, but if you prefer an asymmetric cut, try an asymmetric cut.

The layered pixie cut is a super versatile style. It’s slippery and slippery and is perfect for thin, wavy hair. The layered pixie cut can be given highlights to create a more dynamic look. This short haircut can be worn with different styles and accessories. There are many wavy options for short hairstyles. If you are leptosome and wavy, there is a wavy pixie cut that is suitable for you.

Hairstyle for short hair 0
Hairstyle for short hair 1
Hairstyle for short hair 2
Hairstyle for short hair 3
Hairstyle for short hair 4
Hairstyle for short hair 5
Hairstyle for short hair 6

What do I wear in spring? The first few weeks after a long winter can always be a little treacherous – you’re either too cold or too warm. The so-called transition period often represents a small challenge for your own wardrobe and yet you can master it in style with a few simple tricks. (You can read more here: Tips for the perfect transitional outfit)

Once this phase is over, we can look forward to a wonderful spring with great motivation. The fashion in the shops is becoming friendlier in terms of color and you no longer have to wrap yourself in thick winter coats. 5 outfit ideas for spring I have held for you in the last few days. Everyday looks for a wide variety of occasions, but all under the motto casual chic!

What do I wear in spring? You can now find 5 outfit ideas for spring on the fashion blog

5 outfit ideas for spring

Spring Outfit #1: Culotte with blazer and boots

With the culotte in taupe, I’m wearing a sunny yellow turtleneck sweater with a matching bag. Pink goes really well with this warm hue, so I chose one of my blazers for this spring look. Because it was still fresh in the morning, I also decided on light combat boots in light beige.

Culotte, yellow turtleneck sweater, yellow shoulder bag, pink blazer, beige boots

What do I wear in spring? You can now find 5 outfit ideas for spring on the fashion blog
What do I wear in spring? You can now find 5 outfit ideas for spring on the fashion blog

Spring Outfit #2: Jeans with sneakers and trench coat

I like to wear both color and neutral nuances – depending on my mood! For this look, I went for a pair of flared black jeans. In combination with a classic trench coat and white sneakers, this is a casual everyday outfit that simply always fits.

Black flared jeans, pattern sweater, beige trench coat, quilted bag, white sneakers

What do I wear in spring? You can now find 5 outfit ideas for spring on the fashion blog
What do I wear in spring? You can now find 5 outfit ideas for spring on the fashion blog

Spring Outfit #3: Leather trousers, loafers and sweater

Green has been my favorite color for many years and yet I rarely have any clothes or accessories in this shade. With this season, however, that has changed in leaps and bounds – thanks to the current colorful fashion trends! I’m wearing a thin green sweater with loose black pants in leather look, I found the matching bag recently at Lake Garda.

Black faux leather pants, green sweater, green shoulder bag, black loafers

What do I wear in spring? You can now find 5 outfit ideas for spring on the fashion blog
What do I wear in spring? You can now find 5 outfit ideas for spring on the fashion blog

Spring outfit #4: Mom jeans styling with blazer

ThinkPink! If you want to spice up a monochrome spring outfit, you can easily do that with a colored blazer. Alternatively, you can also use a colorful bag. I’m wearing white mom jeans with a black top and a pink oversized blazer. I chose a model with a print for the bag, the sneakers are plain white.

White mom jeans, black top, printed bag, pink blazer, white sneakers

What do I wear in spring? You can now find 5 outfit ideas for spring on the fashion blog
What do I wear in spring? You can now find 5 outfit ideas for spring on the fashion blog

Spring Outfit #5: White leather pants and denim shirt

Last but not least, I have a real feel-good outfit for you. I wear matching loafers and an oversized denim shirt with loose leather trousers in white. Underneath a high-necked ribbed top and also a shoulder bag in denim.

White leather pants, white loafers, oversized denim shirt, denim bag, ribbed top

What do I wear in spring? You can now find 5 outfit ideas for spring on the fashion blog
What do I wear in spring? You can now find 5 outfit ideas for spring on the fashion blog

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There are many different approaches to treating problem skin. I’ve tried pretty much all of them and I’ve presented a few to you on this blog. There are countless causes of problem skin and at least as many approaches to remedying this problem. Diet, exercise, hormonal balance, skin care and facial tools are examples of causes for problem skin. For a long-term solution to the problem, these causes should be examined more closely. I used to suffer from acne, today I am more than happy with my problem-free facial skin. What helps against acne? – You can read about that in the guide. In this blog post you can find out what I did for it and what you can do.

Problem skin treatment against acne Hydrafacial at BB Cosmetics in Frankfurt at Bernadett-Bittner: field report on facial treatment

Problem skin treatment against acne Hydrafacial

Problem skin treatment against acne Hydrafacial

Problem skin treatment: fight against acne

For many years I suffered from problem skin and acne. There were times when she was sometimes better, sometimes worse. Today I got my facial skin under control with the help of various and above all regular facial treatments. A regular HydraFacial facial treatment is recommended. At BB-Kosmetik in Frankfurt you are at a very good address. Well-being, comfort and competence are very important here, as you can see from the pictures. You can read about what HydraFacial has done for me and how it has helped me with my acne problem at HydraFacial in Frankfurt: My Experience with the History Treatment for Acne and The Best Facial Treatment for Blemishes: HydraFacial Experience. Since my success with the problem skin treatments, I have repeated HydraFacial once a year. It is at least as important to have a professional skin cleaning every year as it is to have your teeth professionally cleaned every year.

Problem skin treatment against acne

Problem skin treatment against acne Hydrafacial at BB Cosmetics in Frankfurt by Bernadett Bittner

Hydrafacial at BB Cosmetics in Frankfurt at Bernadett-bittner: Experience report on the HydraFacial facial treatment

Fighting problem skin: Get clear skin quickly

Not only the facial treatments are important, but also a healthy diet and exercise. You should avoid sugar as much as possible and move around a lot. I also have a little insider tip that helped me a lot. Drink a teaspoon of turmeric with a squeeze of lemon juice on an empty stomach every morning and you will experience a miracle. The combination ensures that your digestion is stimulated, the body ‘cleanses’ itself and toxins are eliminated. In addition, the first feeling of hunger in the morning subsides.

BB Cosmetics in Frankfurt at Bernadett Bittner

Problem skin treatment against acne Hydrafacial at BB Cosmetics in Frankfurt


Blog Simply Creative Rock ShapesThere is a suitable skirt for every occasion! Whether tight and figure-flattering or wide and airy. All skirt shapes allow you to create the perfect outfit to wear either for a festive celebration or for a vacation day. I will introduce you to some of the well-known rock types and show you what makes them special.

The skirt with godet

The skirt with godets is one of the more rarely encountered skirt forms. Godets are wedge-shaped pieces of fabric that are inserted vertically into the skirt. Due to the additional width, the skirt swings elegantly. At first glance, sewing in the fabric wedges seems to be difficult, but it is not! With a little instinct, they are quickly sewn and conjure up a great effect when cut from different colored fabric! Be it walking or turning, the godets blink out with every movement, just like our model from Simply Kreativ sewing fashion special sewn by yourself! 02/2017! Thanks to the shaped waistband, the skirt sits casually on the hips and the godets can swing elegantly with it.

Skirt shapes_Godetrock-ME8-7295

The maxi skirt

With this skirt, the name is crucial: the skirt length extends to the maximum length, usually to the floor! Optionally, ankle-length skirts can also be mentioned as maxi lengths. Due to the length, the skirts are particularly impressive and even glamorous! In addition, they visually stretch the legs and help to make small women look taller. With maxi skirts, it doesn’t matter pro forma whether it has a narrow or wide cut – the main thing is that the skirt is floor-length. If you want to sew a long skirt, there is the beautiful model from Simply Kreativ sewing fashion special sewn by yourself! 01/2017 with decorative stripes on the sides and a slit at the center back for more freedom of movement.

Skirt shapes_MaxiRock-ME8-4988

The pencil skirt

With this piece, the figure is the be-all and end-all, because here a tight fit is essential to call the skirt a pencil skirt. The cut is close to the body, usually ends at the knee and the waistband is usually at waist height. The small skirt width can lead to restricted freedom of movement. Therefore, a slit is often worked at the center back, at the side seam or at the front over a thigh. The design, i.e. tight-fitting and slit, belongs to the “sexy” skirts, as it emphasizes the woman’s curves. Because pencil skirts are evergreens and never go out of style, you should definitely have a self-sewn example in your closet! Sewed it yourself with the instructions from Simply Kreativ sewing fashion special! 01/2017 you sew step by step a classic design with sophisticated seam positioning or decide on the casual model made of jeans with a front button placket from your sewing school part 3.

The circle skirt

Circle skirts are exactly the opposite of the pencil skirt! While both versions are typically knee-length, instead of being fitted close to the body, the skirt quickly expands in this shape! The hem can easily be 5-6 meters in circumference. The name and the immense skirt circumference come from the fact that the cut part looks flat like a plate. With a sweeping twist, it can fly up to the waist – this was used especially in the early days of rock ‘n’ roll dances. There are also other shapes for circle skirts: from full to three-quarter to quarter circle skirts, everything is possible. The appearance of the garment naturally changes depending on the hem circumference. With the Simply Creative Sewing Bible compact 08/2020 you will learn how to tailor a full circle skirt – starting with the theory of the different skirt versions, through creating the pattern with a perfect fit, to the sewing finish!


The skirt with a high-low cut

The high-low cut, also known as the mullet style, was the summer hit par excellence a few years ago. Skirts with a shorter front and longer back could be bought in every store, and the difference can be as little as a few centimeters up to thigh-length versus floor-length. The difference in height between the center front and center back conjures up a great silhouette and presents the wearer’s legs from their best side. Therefore, you will also find this cut in cocktail or party dresses. Our title model from Simply Sewing 04/2017 is such a high-low skirt that is a cool eye-catcher thanks to its graphic fabrics!

Skirt Shapes_High-Low-SSM29-060317

The layered skirt

As the name suggests, this skirt consists of several layers that are placed on top of each other. The different lengths of the individual layers create an interesting look. The layers can be shaped in many ways: ruffled, smooth, straight, made of different fabrics, short or floor-length, etc. Depending on the combination, either an elegant or a wildly romantic garment can be created. So this skirt type is the most versatile of the list. The example from Simply Sewing 03/2017 is sewn from light chiffon, which allows the flounce layers to shimmer through. This creates a particularly airy and delicate appearance.

Skirt Shapes_Stepped Skirt-ME8-6893

Which skirt shape is your favorite and which one would you want to sew first?

// displaye in cooperation with shape me //

Many women struggle with their self-confidence. It’s not always easy for me to love myself the way I am. With clothing size 42+ and upwards, the whole thing doesn’t get particularly easy either. In the media, we keep seeing perfect women’s bodies that look so different from our own bodies. Of course, Photoshop does the rest. And that’s why it’s not surprising why we often find nothing to wear in the closet. Because the problem at the moment is not the clothes, but our self-perception.

Nothing to wear in the closet

When we look in the mirror, we suddenly see many things that we don’t like at all. It doesn’t really matter whether it’s hip gold or the flab on the back. Because, as already mentioned, it is usually not our reflection in the mirror that bothers us so much, but our own perception. And that’s normal and that’s okay too. On days like this I try to be kind to myself, rub my stomach and remind myself that there really are worse things than having a bad body day. After all, it’s nothing more than a bad hair day. And for exactly such days there are hats, braided hairstyles and dry shampoo.


Shapewear isn’t just for weddings

That’s why I like to wear shapewear for a little boost of self-confidence. Well wrapped, I often feel a little better straight away and my silhouette looks much more harmonious in the mirror. Then the mood rises again and the day can finally start. In the pictures I am wearing shapewear from the Ulla lingerie féminine label, which I ordered from shape me. There are really many beautiful feminine cuts here that are particularly suitable for women with large cups (BN) and large underbust circumferences (65 -130cm). Ulla lingerie féminine is not a large, anonymous chain from abroad, but a medium-sized family business based near Würzburg. In addition to unrestricted comfort, the family business also offers the best fabric quality, with all parts being “Made in Europe”. So when you buy Ulla lingerie féminine you are not only doing something good for yourself, you are also making a statement for fairness and sustainability.

Unfortunately, I made a big mistake when it came to shapewear for far too long. Instead of treating myself to good shapewear in the right size, I opted for no-name products, which were often a size or two too small. They quickly pinched and pricked and liked to roll up and down. Super annoying! Instead, I can only recommend you not to make the same mistake and to heed the following tips when it comes to shapewear:

  1. Buy shapewear in the correct or normal size – For a greater shaping effect, opt for clothing with a higher shape level.
  2. Do not wear any underwear under shapewear – because this is not only unnecessarily complicated when going to the toilet, but can also quickly become apparent under tight underwear.
  3. Shapewear is for all sizes – Many believe that you can only wear shapewear if you are overweight. But that’s not true. There is the right shapewear for all sizes, so just give it a try 🙂
  4. The right advice! – Especially with shapewear, you can quickly reach for the wrong size, so I recommend you to choose a supplier who will help you choose the right size. I can particularly recommend shape me to you. Here there is not only free shipping within Germany and free exchange, but also individual advice on the phone, which helps you to find the right size and the right shaping garment for your own needs.
  5. Shapewear can be beautiful – there are now many great labels that also offer shapewear that looks really beautiful. With lace and co, the shaping underwear looks more like chic lingerie.

Speaking of the right advice!

I’ve already recommended shape me to you, but I wouldn’t want to miss saying a few words about the online shop itself. In addition to the advantages just mentioned, such as individual advice and free shipping, shape me is the first online shop that specializes only in shapewear. The start-up has a large selection of different shapewear products and also provides a shapewear guide with which everyone can find the right product for them. shape me wants to get rid of the sometimes conservative image of shapewear and put the focus back on women’s self-confidence. After all, shapewear isn’t about bending or disfiguring yourself, it’s about feeling a little better about yourself and radiating that self-confidence. For the same reason, we women also like to use make-up or other aids. 🙂

The right shapewear as a wedding guest

Shapewear should not only be used in everyday life to boost self-confidence, but can also give the finishing touch on special occasions. For example, at weddings or evening events, when you want to wear particularly beautiful dresses that suddenly “reveal problem areas”. I fell in love with this dress for my best friend’s wedding. Unfortunately, this particularly emphasized my flab lines on the waist, which almost stopped me from buying the dress. Instead, I tried a shaping dress from shape me and the matching bra from Ulla lingerie féminine. And lo and behold: I didn’t notice the creases much more immediately and I was lucky enough to be able to buy my dream dress.

shapewear wedding


To build up long-term wealth, yours dreams to realize and reserves for unpredictable situations in life, it is important start saving in time. As an entrepreneur, I know what it means to plan for the long term. As a mother, I am aware that things can always turn out differently than planned. That’s why a secure future provision is important to me. savings plans help me to achieve my goals and to implement them in the long term.

I have already shared my experiences with EVERGREEN, the first fee-free asset manager in Germany, here on my career blog. And because it works really well and easily, I’ll take up the topic again and share it my savings tips for saving more money in everyday life with you.

Advertisement. It is often difficult to save even more in everyday life with an already tight budget. My savings tips will help you with that.

My savings tips: What savings options are there?

Time is money – this slogan is very appropriate when it comes to saving. If you save money regularly, you can look forward to a small fortune over time. You can choose between different options. There is one for every situation various possibilities and individual savings products.

The classics are savings accounts – these have the advantage that they can be accessed at any time. Then there are building savings contracts, where you can dispose of the amount you have saved after a certain period of time. You can also build up your own assets with numerous fund savings plans and specially tailored savings products.

Saving money in everyday life: Saving in the short or long term?

The right time to start saving is now. Even small amounts end up making a big sum and gradually make a fortune. There are many reasons to save: whether for vacation, unforeseeable expenses or to fulfill dreams – with the right product you can achieve your savings goals and fulfill your personal wishes.

to yours Set monthly savings, the first step is to find out where you can save in everyday life. To do this, you need to take a close look at your finances. A monthly fixed cost statement helps you with all your record expenses and you with one to get an overview. Such a household bill does no harm anyway, because sometimes you just lose track. The next step is to think about what dreams and goals you have. Based on this, you can align your savings.

Advertisement. You can now find simple savings tips to save money in everyday life on my career blog.

Saving tips for more money: How to avoid unnecessary costs in everyday life

It is often everyday life that makes our account look very lean at the end of the month. There are numerous ways to do this save a lot of money through simple changes in everyday life. I would like to share the best of them with you now:

Tip #1: Budget book and shopping lists

As an entrepreneur, I keep accurate accounts of my business earnings and expenses. In terms of household helps you household book here, have a good one Overview of monthly expenses To provide. It is important that you honestly write down all the expenses incurred and at the end think about where you can save. The biggest costs are often hidden in everyday expenses.

With shopping lists you can avoid unnecessary spending on groceries. In addition to that, a meal plan the weekly shop because you only buy what you really need. For example, we have a Thermomix in the kitchen. I use it to plan our meals for the coming days before every purchase and then make targeted purchases with a very precise shopping list.

Tip #2: Cancel superfluous subscriptions

If Magazine, apps or streaming services – You can cancel all subscriptions that you do not use regularly with a clear conscience. Even if it’s only $3 a month, it adds up over the years and you could include the $3 in your savings plan instead.

Advertisement. It is often difficult to save even more in everyday life with an already tight budget. My savings tips will help you with that.

Tip #3: Check insurance

check yours insurance contracts and consider whether you really need all of them. In many cases there is also a kind volume discountif all insurances are taken out with one provider. It is best to talk to your insurance broker or contact the insurance company directly.

Tip #4: Monthly budgeting

budget planning help you with your monthly fixed costs better to keep an eye on. Depending on the department, you can always allocate a fixed amount that is available for this. This works great for us, primarily with food. In addition, I have set an amount X for myself that I pay monthly at leisure be it for cosmetics, shoes or handbags.

Tip #5: Savings plans and savings goals with EVERGREEN

Is there something you have long wanted to achieve? Then you should play with the idea of ​​investing money flexibly and easily. Because individual savings plans can help you to fulfill exactly these wishes. With EVERGREEN’s savings plans, you set your own savings goal and top it up every month – similar to a savings account. You can read again in this blog post what exactly it is all about and everything you need to know about EVERGREEN itself.

What is the amount you Invest monthly and save you decide all by yourself. The practical thing about it is that you can customize it at any time. If necessary, you can also suspend your savings plan and, of course, reactivate it at any time.

EVERGREEN is the same flexible like the well-known checking account, you can daily make deposits and withdrawalsit’s closed 100% fee-free and works with small investment sums. Already you can moor from €1.00 and pursue a savings goal.

The so-called EVERGREEN pockets are there like digital piggy banks. Each pocket is an investment that grows your savings – return and risk you determine for each pocket individually. Here you don’t just put your money in a savings account, you leave it work automatically for your goals and wishes.

That sounds good? Then just try EVERGREEN for yourself! With the code VERENA10 you get € 10,- given as starting credit.

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Tip #6: Round saving

Small livestock makes crap too. If you do that at your bank rounding savings activate and e.g. For example, if you transfer a certain amount to your own account for each ATM payment, you can save yourself your next vacation. So you save in everyday life by the way and enjoy a nice sum at the end.

I also activated rounding saving. With every ATM payment, the cent amount is rounded up and I have also defined an amount that is automatically transferred to a separate account with every card payment.

Tip #7: DIY

Whether gifts, cleaning supplies or upcycling – occasions for DIY are there many. Gifts in particular often add up to a large sum at the end of the year. But does it always have to be something bought?

Most of us are perfectly happy and are gifted with things that they certainly did not lack. Instead, a homemade alternative would not only be cheaper, but also more personal!

Advertisement. It is often difficult to save even more in everyday life with an already tight budget. My savings tips will help you with that.

Tip #8: Second hand

Over time, many things accumulate that we no longer need. Whether clothing, decorative items or pieces of furniture – sometimes it’s time for something new. Instead of buying new products, it is worth looking on sales platforms or second-hand shops. You can often get real bargains. You can do the same with your discarded items. Reselling is worthwhile and is in great demand!

Tip #9: Regular tax returns

Whether self-employed or employed – one tax declaration It is usually worthwhile, as too many taxes are often paid in advance. Incidentally, these can be made up to 5 years later. Even with a small income, you often get more than you might expect.

Simply implement savings tips in everyday life

Sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees and so it’s often difficult in everyday life, maybe already tight budget Additionally to save something. I really hope that my savings tips can help you.

I can once again recommend EVERGREEN to you. It is simply a high-quality portal for reliable wealth accumulation. As already mentioned, you decide for yourself how you want to build up your savings and whether they should be available in the short term or increase in value over the long term.The focus is always on capital preservation before profit maximization and continuous value growth instead of high fluctuations.

lay your individual savings goals and think about how much of your money should be available in the long term and how much of it should be available at any time. Yours personal savings is a prerequisite for the design of your further procedure in terms of savings.

Personally, I think it’s really important, always to have an overview of their own finances and remove excess money guzzlers in a timely manner. It is also worth paying attention, as this money can ideally be invested elsewhere. So: Take your money into your own hands and do something with it!

Advertisement. It is often difficult to save even more in everyday life with an already tight budget. My savings tips will help you with that.

I’ve only recently become a fan of knee-high boots. This is mainly due to the fact that I am quite picky when it comes to boots. They simply have to have the perfect cut for me, not be too tight on the calf and ideally they should go with many outfits. How to combine knee high boots, a pair styling tips and four matching outfit ideasI’ll tell you today here on my fashion blog.

On the fashion blog, I will show you how well knee-high boots can be combined. There you will find outfit ideas and styling tips for the trend shoe.

Simply combine knee-high boots

Are knee high boots still fashionable?

Oh yes they are again modern! If you click through online shops such as H&M, Breuninger or & other stories, you will quickly see that this shoe trend is not a flash in the pan. He may have been somewhat forgotten in recent years, but now he’s coming back even stronger. boots with knee-high shafts celebrate their comebackin the following slideshow you will find some great models:


I like it when knee-high boots stick out a little from the leg, so-called wide shaft to have. This not only looks casual, but concealed at the same time too strong calves!

What to wear with knee high boots?

It doesn’t matter whether you choose boots in black, light-colored boots, boots with a pattern, with a round or pointed toe, they all have something in common: they look really cool, make a basic outfit special and can also add an elegant touch to your look.

If you want to combine knee-high boots, then there is a good range of clothing that goes well with them. Knee-high boots look good with jeans, culottes, skirts and dresses of all kinds. You probably already have a few pretty pieces of clothing in your wardrobe that go particularly well with a nice pair of boots.

  • I was particularly impressed by the Combination of knee-high boots with feminine skirts. A skilful break in style for everyone who likes it elegant, but doesn’t want to do without a portion of nonchalance. Pair with a fitted turtleneck, hoodie, or cropped cardigan.
  • Also good: a knee-high boots with a midi dress with slit. A bit of a leg is teasingly peeked out as you walk. For example, I really like beige boots with light dresses – tone-on-tone outfits look even more stylish.
  • Boots with a knee-high shaft can also be very classic combine with jeans. This is definitely a variant with which you always play it safe. While you can conjure up a very simple look with skinny jeans, the combination with mom jeans looks a lot more casual.
  • This is one of my favorite combinations for spring and fall Styling knee-high boots with culottes. If you still orientate yourself on current trend colors, nothing stands in the way of a casual everyday look.

Combine knee-high boots – 4 outfit ideas

#1 tone-in-tone outfit with leather pants and quilted vest

Tone-on-tone looks always work. For that matter, beige is always a good choice. Not too pushy, definitely stylish and always chic. The look also works with knee-high boots – the contrast to leather, knitwear and a quilted waistcoat looks casual and special at the same time.


Imitation leather leggings, beige knee high boots, beige quilted vest, knitted sweater, quilted bag

On the fashion blog, I will show you how well knee-high boots can be combined. There you will find outfit ideas and styling tips for the trend shoe.
On the fashion blog, I will show you how well knee-high boots can be combined. There you will find outfit ideas and styling tips for the trend shoe.

#2 All Black Look with jumpsuit and boots

Of course, tone-in-tone also works in classic black. Here I’m wearing a black jumpsuit and style it with knee-high boots and a quilted vest – the easy-peasy everyday look is ready.


black jumpsuit, quilted vest, black small bag, black boots

On the fashion blog, I will show you how well knee-high boots can be combined. There you will find outfit ideas and styling tips for the trend shoe.
On the fashion blog, I will show you how well knee-high boots can be combined. There you will find outfit ideas and styling tips for the trend shoe.

#3 Combine knee high boots with skirt and cardigan

I really like this outfit and I feel like I’m wearing it on and off at the moment. I have the skirt and top in several colors, so the styling can be varied quite well. An oversized cardigan gives the look the necessary dose of nonchalance.


Beige knit skirt, white tank top, purple cardigan, white bag, cream boots

On the fashion blog, I will show you how well knee-high boots can be combined. There you will find outfit ideas and styling tips for the trend shoe.
combine riding boots knee-high boots spring outfits lookbook fashion blogger whoismocca 8

#4 Skinny jeans with boots and rope

Last but not least, I show you a simple feel-good look. An outfit that always works in your free time and with which you can never go wrong. I combine black wide-leg boots, a white tank top and a loose cardigan with gray skinny jeans.

Gray skinny jeans, black knee high boots, black baseball cap, white top, gray cardigan, black bag

On the fashion blog, I will show you how well knee-high boots can be combined. There you will find outfit ideas and styling tips for the trend shoe.
On the fashion blog, I will show you how well knee-high boots can be combined. There you will find outfit ideas and styling tips for the trend shoe.