Have you asked yourself the question “How do I find my style”? The styles change depending on the season and current trends. We could not always follow them and wear clothes that are in trend every day. Every woman wants to dress modern and chic. We should mention that the stubborn search for fashion trends that should strictly accompany our style of clothing is pointless. On the contrary, you should find your own style of clothing that corresponds to the current fashion trends. Today we are happy to advise what would be your better guide and what steps you should follow to find yourself and choose the right clothes that reflect your character and personality.

In today’s article, you will find the best fashion tips on how to follow your own style of dressing

different styles and girl styles types

The fashion world offers a wide and colorful range of styles. If we had the chance, we would wear everything at once. In reality, however, this is impossible. Today we are making your choice easier and we are happy to give you some thoughts and directions when it comes to finding the ideal style of dress.

We are happy to answer the question “How do I find my style”.

choose the best color that reflects your personality

#How do I find my style: create a mood board

A mood board could be highlighted by your inspirations. It can help you in finding the right style of dress. We warmly recommend that you create the mood board physically because it will make you feel it more powerfully. A good idea would be to do it on a real paper. This will give you a deeper insight into what you really like and what style of clothing best suits your personality. It is recommended to choose outfits that will catch their attention and improve your mood at that moment. In this way you will visualize the overall picture and rediscover your own style step by step.

Creating a mood board would be the perfect motivation to rediscover your appropriate clothing style

create a mood board and be inspired by it

#Split your closet

Decluttering your closet is key to your properly chosen clothing style. Summer is over and you should tidy up and get rid of your old clothes. Get rid of any clothes you no longer want to wear. Say goodbye to any clothing items that no longer fit your current style.

Simply sort out the unworn clothes

clear out the closet and tidy up the clothes

#Don’t let current trends influence you so much

In the third place, we recommend you to be more careful with the autumn clothing trends. Try not to follow every trend strictly because it dictates the fashion at this time period. First consider what your inner soul needs. Don’t let the outside world dominate you.

Be inspired by current trends, but don’t follow them at all costs

what clothes suit me and different styles of clothes and how to find my own

#What clothes suit me: look for inspiration

The inspirations are the best tools to help you find the right style of clothing for you. You could find some fashion inspiration anywhere. An example of this would be your role models, from whom you can get a passion for a certain style of dress. You can find role models in films or on social networks. This will allow you to visualize your ideas more clearly and then later boldly resort to your elegance.

A good style is your own style of clothing

How do I find out my style and what suits me best

#Choose clothes that express your personality

What is my style, many women ask themselves. Something important to consider. The clothes you wear will undoubtedly define your inner personality. Your clothing style is your individual and extraordinary signature. Her outfit is different from the other outfits. Look for dresses inspired by your inner nature. Don’t forget that your clothes accentuate your appearance. It doesn’t matter how others perceive you, but how you accept yourself.

Make the best choice by emphasizing your individuality in the best way

How do I find my own style and what suits me best?

#Accept your body shape

An even more important aspect is that you should understand your body shape. More and more women tend to judge their body shape. Most of all, they are dissatisfied with their figure because they cannot achieve the body shape they want. The virtual world and social networks falsify the truth by giving an illusionary view of women and their bodies. Ignore the images you see on Instagram and Facebook every day. They are not real, but virtually made up. Trust the reflection you look at in the morning. Take this image seriously by assuming your real body.

The most important thing is to accept your figure

understand and accept your own body shape

#How to find my style: find out which color opens you

Experiment with a variety of colors. Try colors from different fashion trends. In this way, you will better assess what color suits you best and underlines your individuality.

Find the colors that suit you best and make you stand out

experimenting with colors and palettes to find the style

Never stop experimenting and mixing and matching your creative accessories and prints. It is worth experimenting more and more with colors and styles of clothing. In the end, you should be comfortable in your body and skin.


Let’s get one thing straight: you deserve healthy, glowing skin at any age! With so many quality skin care products now available on the market and a number of good care tips, you can manage the effects of aging quite a bit. In addition, you are never too young to adjust your skin to freshness mode as you age. So stay tuned as we break down the best skincare tips for mature skin right here.

Even mature skin can look well-groomed and fresh

mature skin care tips

What is different about care for mature skin?

Mature skin is not acquired simply by reaching a certain age, but rather by the development of certain skin characteristics. As the term suggests, this definitely happens over time, but sun exposure is actually the biggest culprit.



Because UV rays damage our skin’s elastin, it impairs its important ability. Namely, so the skin can’t pull back well enough and starts to sag. Mature skin is also much more sensitive and not as flexible with a more pronounced appearance of expression lines. Deeper wrinkles are also becoming more and more noticeable.

Over time, our skin loses collagen

mature skin tips


Changes in your skin should therefore also bring changes in your care routine. If you cater to the needs of mature skin, you should definitely pay attention to a few things. Providing more moisture is crucial. There are a variety of ways to moisturize the skin. Also, make sure to provide your skin with adequate UV protection and look for ingredients known to revitalize stressed skin. The list is long, but some of the most important are retinol, hyaluronic acid, collagen, elastin, vitamin C, vitamin E, glycolic acid, lactic acid, and alpha hydroxy acid. These ingredients serve a variety of purposes, but they all work in one way or another to restore, soften, and refresh mature skin.

7 tips for the best care routine for mature skin

  • Rely on regular cleaning

As with all skin care, the journey begins with proper cleansing. If you cater to the needs of mature skin, the following applies: the gentler, the better! Also, opt for a natural formula whenever possible. To get the most out of your cleaning, consider using a cleaning brush. These magical tools offer a number of benefits. They help you gently slough off dead skin cells and distribute your product evenly and deeply. In addition, their use stimulates blood circulation and improves the complexion.

Always treat your skin with love and care

care for skin properly from 40

With age, the skin loses the ability to shed dead cells quickly and regularly, which can lead to a dull and brittle complexion. While daily exfoliation might be overkill for your mature skin, 3 times a week is highly recommended. However, avoid products with large, abrasive particles. Ingredients such as soy, healing earth and rice flour are perfect for the care of mature skin, for example.

Natural cosmetics are also one of the best decisions when it comes to peeling

use face lotion properly



  • Use a toner

Gone are the days of smelly, streaky toner. The right toner should gently clarify the skin, prepare it for the next care steps and moisturize without harsh chemicals or alcohols. There are plenty of anti-aging products on the market that provide all-natural clarity and hydration to the skin. Rose water toners, for example, are among the most popular classics.

This is a step that should definitely be present in the care routine for mature skin. Namely, serums have moisturizing, brightening and anti-aging properties. Look for products that contain the above ingredients, but specifically hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid, or vitamin C. This reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by increasing the production of new blood vessels and collagen.

Moisture is essential for the optimal condition of your mature skin

serum for skin care over 50

  • Moisturizing is a must

We honestly can’t repeat it enough: moisture does a number of things for your skin’s health and longevity. When choosing a moisturizer for your mature skin, first consider your skin type and then look for ingredients that will nourish and brighten your complexion.

  • Use a good eye cream

The skin around your eyes is extremely sensitive and deserves its own care formula to keep it looking fresh. This should provide sufficient moisture and visibly reduce fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles.

The right eye cream makes your eyes appear clearer and more alert

proper skin care from the age of 40

  • Apply sunscreen

Unfortunately, as mentioned above, sun exposure is the main culprit for most of your skin changes. Daily application of even a light sunscreen can help prevent further damage.

In summer, it is better to choose a sunscreen with a higher sun protection factor

sun protection for the skin over 50

In addition to your daily care routine, a careful choice of lifestyle can have a positive effect on your mature skin. Eat a balanced diet and be sure to drink plenty of water to protect the complexion and elasticity of your skin. Using a humidifier can also help prevent excessive dryness. And don’t forget to get enough exercise!

More inner peace and healthy sleep are other miracle cures that revitalize mature skin from the inside

sleep more for better skin over 50

mature skin look younger

Proper care for mature skin from the age of 50

care for mature skin properly

Blue denim is one of the most versatile textiles and is now available in all kinds of shapes and cuts. Of course, the most popular are denim jeans. Every modern person has at least one pair of these at home these days and wears them almost every day. But there are many other beautiful and stylish garments made of denim. How about e.g. B. with a denim shirt? This top can be worn anytime, anywhere and with many different styles. Today we would like to show you how and with what you can combine the denim shirt. Here you will find practical and stylish ideas that you can imitate directly or use as inspiration for your unique outfits.

You don’t have to be a fashion expert to skilfully combine a denim shirt

Combine denim shirt - stylish ideas for every day shirt knot summer look

Origins of the denim shirt

In the 1920s, Miller & Co launched the very first denim shirt. Like the original denim jeans, the original denim shirt was initially valued primarily for its amazing practicality and durability. It was a favorite of ranchers, miners, and soldiers in the American Civil War.



As time went by, its popularity grew and another factor gradually became more important – style. A well-made denim shirt today is just as strong and durable as its 20th-century predecessor. But it’s also incredibly stylish and surprisingly unisex. It fits all genders and body shapes like a glove.

Like jeans, denim shirts are extremely versatile. Depending on the shade of indigo, they can be combined with almost any other color in the rainbow. So you don’t have to be a color expert or know the color wheel inside out to skilfully combine the denim shirt.

Denim shirts with a traditional Western cut are still available today

Combine denim shirt - stylish ideas for every day cowgirl shirt idea cool western


Casual and comfortable with a Wild West aesthetic

In recent years we’ve all witnessed a steady resurgence in the popularity of the Wild West genre. Quentin Tarantino continues to make films that absolutely stun audiences. The music video of the single “Old Time Road” stormed all the charts in 2019 and now has over 1 billion views on YouTube. Video games like Red Dead Redemption have also completely turned the gaming industry upside down.

The fashion industry is not lagging behind either. Fashionistas and designers are now modernizing many Wild West styles of the 19th and 20th centuries. We get to see the so-called modern cowboys and cowgirls more and more often, especially in the summer season.

How to combine this look with a denim shirt? Of course, the most authentic and eye-catching combinations include a stylish denim shirt with a pair of patterned leather cowboy boots, a wide-brimmed western hat and a leather shoulder bag. The resulting look is playful, daring and elegant at the same time. It looks wonderful on brave women and emphasizes their character.

Modern cowgirl in the city

Combine denim shirt - stylish ideas for every day trendy cowgirl ideas

Maxi dress + cowboy boots = a surprisingly good combo

Combine denim shirt - stylish ideas for every day maxi dress summer cowgirl



Combine a denim shirt – stylish ideas for every day cowgirl aesthetics country

Combine denim shirt with neutral colors

As discussed above, indigo blue pairs beautifully with almost any other color. It is on the cold side of the color wheel and is well complemented by colors from both its own and the warm one.

One of the currently most popular combinations is possible with various neutral colors, i.e. with white, black and different shades of grey. You can combine them with a blue denim shirt by wearing it with black, gray or white trousers, jeans, leggings, shorts or a skirt. Black and white stripes or polka dots also create visually appealing points of attraction.

Over a white, black or gray T-shirt, tank top, airy summer or maxi dress, an oversized denim shirt can be worn almost like a light spring denim jacket.

Wear your denim shirt under a fluffy knit sweater, khaki utility jacket or trendy flight jacket in colder weather.

Give the outfit the finishing touch with accessories in a striking accent color, such as B. bright red shoes, a pair of retro sunglasses and a handbag.

Elegant outfit for everyday life or for the office

Combine a denim shirt – stylish ideas for every day shirt and pants combo

You can never go wrong with neutral colors

Combine denim shirt - stylish ideas for every day patterned shorts gray shirt

Combine a denim shirt – stylish ideas for every day, beautiful outfits for the city

Style and practicality in one

You can totally transform the way you combine your denim shirt and how it suits you in an instant, even on the go.

In summer, tying the denim shirt with a double knot above the navel and rolling up the sleeves immediately makes your outfit look more casual and exciting.

In spring and autumn, temperatures can vary greatly throughout the day. Wear your denim shirt over a maxi dress morning and night to stay warm. However, you can take it off and tie it around your waist at midday and in the afternoon when the weather gets warmer. Not only will you find the perfect balance between warm and cold, but the denim shirt will also accentuate your waist like a real waist belt.

No waist belt? No problem!

Combine denim shirt – stylish ideas for every day dress with shirt waist

Combine denim shirt - stylish ideas for every day shirt knot taille cool

denim + denim

Combine blue denim jeans or a skirt with a denim shirt – a few years ago this combination was considered a real taboo in the fashion world. Today that is no longer the case.

For example, you can seamlessly mix and match multiple denim garments in the same color scheme, creating a playful and eye-catching optical illusion. At first glance, it might almost seem like you’re wearing denim overalls. These too are gradually becoming more and more popular.

Alternatively, you can combine denim clothes in different shades of indigo. How about e.g. B. with a bleached blue denim shirt with dark blue ripped or patched jeans. This combo adds lots of visual interest and creates the perfect outfit for a Friday night out with friends.

Too much blue? Then simply wear your denim shirt over a white, checked or floral boyfriend shirt. This quickly balances out the monochromatic color palette.

Gold accessories go wonderfully with a denim outfit

Combine denim shirt - stylish ideas for every day shirt and ripped jeans

The trouser patches complement the denim shirt perfectly

Combine denim shirt - stylish ideas for every day denim shirt ideas

What will you pair your own denim shirt with? The possibilities are practically endless! We hope that our tips and ideas will be helpful for you and your lifestyle.

Combine denim shirt - stylish ideas for every day dark shirt and jeans

Combine denim shirt - stylish ideas for every day denim jacket shirt cool

Combine a denim shirt – stylish ideas for every day chic and elegant in blue

Combine denim shirt - stylish ideas for every day sweater over shirt winter

Combine a denim shirt – stylish ideas for every day, cool and playful at the office

Are you looking for a new hairstyle that is trendy? We have just the right solution for you! We have the latest for you hairstyle trends compiled. pixies and bobs are traditional short hairstyles for all hair types and face shapes. But we all know that you are tired of these hairstyles and want something new. Which hairstyle will you be trending with this fall? What is a Loxie? You will find the answer to this question in the following lines. Be neutral this fall with a new hairstyle that’s an on-trend combo pixie and Bob is. A new type of hairstyle has gained particular popularity among all ladies in recent months. What hairstyle you can choose if you are no longer looking for one pixie or Bob want to decide, find out here. Here you will find the most stylish hairstyle for 2022 for short hair – Loxie.

What is a loxie?

this trend hairstyle for autumn simply suits every age

Wondering what this new trend means? Don’t worry, we’re here to tell you all about this fall’s latest hair trend. The name “Loxie” comes from “Long Pixie” which means “long pixie hairstyle”. In this hairstyle, the top layer of hair is left longer while the bottom layer and the back of the head are shorter. The hair at the nape is completely shaved. It’s a comfortable short hairstyle with all the benefits of a pixie but with the visual length of a bob. Isn’t she unique? This hairstyle suits everyone, but it’s a good idea to speak to your hairstylist before attempting to change up your look. Discover the latest hairstyle trends and get inspired for a new look.

What makes this good loxie hairstyle?

Here’s what you need to know before getting this haircut. In this hairstyle, the hair at the nape of the neck is shaved to zero, leaving long strands only at the top of the head. This hairstyle suits everyone regardless of age, hair type and face shape. However, you need to take into account your own peculiarities of appearance, the symmetry of the face, the size of the ears, the shape of the jaw and the fullness of the cheeks. The most interesting thing about this hairstyle is that it is very popular among women because it can be styled in different ways and looks different every day.

Which hairstyle is the most popular?

we love these hairstyles in autumn 2022

How can you style the Loxie hairstyle?

Do you know what is the best thing about this hairstyle? The best thing about Loxie is that it can be styled in many different ways. Here’s how to style your hair:

  1. Blow dry your hair with a blow dryer and curl it inwards with a brush.
  2. Then spray your hair with hairspray to maintain the hair structure.

Find your hairstyle!

loxie is the hottest haircut for this year

Want to keep up with fashion?

Apply the gel liberally to your hair to create a wet look. This hairstyle looks like your hair is wet from the rain. Astonishing!

Hairstyle ideas

learn more about the hairstyle trend loxie

Part your hair and add styling products that add volume at the roots for a glamorous, voluminous hairstyle in an instant.

Hairstyles that make you younger

Here you will find the latest hairstyle trends for fall 2022

Before planning your next haircut, take a look at our Loxie style examples and save your favorite hairstyle for inspiration.

Is the Loxie hairstyle suitable for thin hair?

The latest trend for fall 2022 Loxie hairstyle goes well with thin hair. Leaving more length with shorter strands at the top of the hair makes it look more voluminous. Short curls are good for finer hair and volume, but losing length can make hair look uncomfortably thinner. Loxie solves this problem in the best way.

Top stylings

loxie hairstyle is very modern now find out why

Which hairstyle makes you younger?

trend hairstyle loxie find out everything here

Mix of pixie and bob

Here you will find all autumn trends for 2022

What face shape suits this haircut best?

There is a specific haircut for every face shape, but the Loxie haircut suits all face shapes.

Hairstyle trend Loxie

what is a loxie hairstyle you can find out more here with us

Is this hairstyle complicated to maintain?

However, this hairstyle is not as easy to maintain as most people think. Not only do you have to go to the hairdresser often to avoid unpleasant growths, but also spend much more time on hair care. It’s unlikely that you can easily achieve volume and texture with this short haircut without some sort of styling. We’re here to inform you and help you with your decisions, so we always select the most up-to-date and accurate information for you.

This is particularly modern now

loxie is the new hairstyle trend for fall 2022


Do you wake up in the morning and your hair is in a completely different direction? We are sure that this situation happens to every woman. But now we have just the right solution to this problem! If you are in a hurry because you have to go to a meeting, work or another appointment and you need a quick hairstyle in less than 2 minutes, Sleek Bun is the right solution for you! You no longer have to wash your hair and waste time styling it. Learn how to quickly and easily create a bun that will give you both an elegant hairstyle and a casual look.

Sleek Bun in just 2 minutes

see rosie huntington whiteley with a sleek bun

Wondering why the sleek bun hairstyle is so popular lately? The Sleek Bun is very good for covering up messy hair and even dirty hair. If you have greasy hair and you are wondering which hairstyle to choose, this hairstyle is for you. You should be aware that this hairstyle is even more difficult to style WITH clean hair. So if you want to try our fashion tip to hide greasy and messy hair, keep scrolling and learn how to make an elegant bun yourself in less than 2 minutes.

the sleek bun is one of the most popular hairstyles find out why

Are you one of those women who only go to the hairdresser for a fresh hairstyle on special occasions that require precision and perfection? Do you opt for a casual look for your hair in everyday life? Then this hairstyle is for you! One of the classic methods is to make a quick and beautiful bun. Luckily, there are so many variations of this type of hairstyle that you can make a bun every day that looks very different from the day before. Amazing, isn’t it?

the perfect hairstyle for every day is here learn more

Why you should definitely try this hairstyle?

A bun is one of the most versatile hairstyles. If you want to keep your hair out of your face, put it in a nice bun. If you love updos, here we have another hairstyle that you are sure to love! Here we have collected the best photos and tips for you to find out how to make a beautiful and trendy bun.

What do you need for this hairstyle?

To create a flawless look, you need the right materials. Here’s what you need:

  • a simple hairbrush to avoid tangles
  • Comb
  • Ceramic round brush
  • hairdryer
  • thermal protective product
  • hairspray
  • hair gel
  • rubber bands

It’s that easy

here we tell you how you can make sleek bun yourself

What should you do before you start the bun?

Once you have gathered these materials, you need to prep your hair. We recommend making a bun on damp or oily/unwashed hair.

  1. Hair protection is important. That’s why it’s important that you take the time to spray your hair with a heat protectant and anti-frizz serum.
  2. Once your hair is prepped and you’ve applied the serum, blow dry your hair with a round ceramic brush.
  3. When your hair is completely dry, part it in the middle.
  4. After dividing your hair in half, apply styling gel to both sides to hold the hair in place.
  5. Gather the hair and secure it with an elastic band.
  6. Gather the ponytail and pull it into an elegant bun. If necessary, secure it with another hair band and bobby pins.
  7. Spritz the entire hairstyle with hairspray to keep it holding all day.
  8. Voila! A perfect, sleek bun is ready in less than 2 minutes!

For which occasion is this hairstyle suitable?

If you want to wear this bun to a big occasion like a prom or a wedding, try pairing this elegant bun with a dress that has a spectacular back! This hairstyle is much more casual and relaxed, so the attention is focused on your dress. The bun is a symbol of elegance and sophistication.

Stars use this trick

minimal but stylish you can find out more here with us

You should pay attention to this

sleek bun is the most popular celebrity hairstyle learn more

Feeling for an ideal model off-duty look

the sleek bun is a further development of the messie bun

This is how the hairstyle works

how to make your own sleek bun in just 2 minutes

The perfect sleek bun is that easy

see how the sleek bun works here

@evarankiin Reply to @user839404399 the highly requested model 90s slick bun tutorial!!! hope this helps&lt33 #hairstyles #slickbuntutorial ♬ original sound – Biobele Braide, MD
@ob0boooo My fav hairstyle tbh #fyp#hairtutorial#slickbuntutorial ♬ MEAN! – Madeline The Person
@louiseereid Don’t mind all the fluff on my top… #sleekbun #sleekbuntutorial #hairtutorial ♬ Rihanna – Where Have You Been (Original Mix) – 南辰Music


Summer may be coming to an end, but there are still warm days to celebrate with a colorful nail polish. And why not dare to have a colored manicure in the fall? Moneypiece nails are a beauty trend that really comes into its own in summer. But it also seems to remain a big trend in autumn. That’s why we want to give you a great idea today on how to paint your nails – just rely on Moneypiece Nails! We’ll explain in a moment what this trend is all about.

Painting nails – enjoy the summer with colorful nails

painting nails Moneypiece Nails colorful nails ideas

Nageldesign Moneypiece Nails – What distinguishes the trend?

The beautiful nail design proves that details have a huge effect on the look. People like to paint their nails in accordance with the season. In spring and summer one usually chooses fresh color combinations, while in autumn and winter the nails are a bit more subtle.



Nails also reveal a lot about our mood.

Maybe you’re tired of the usual nail designs and want something eye-catching? A colorful nail polish always catches the eye and could be a good solution in this case! Colorful nails are very trendy in summer 2022. If you use different nail polish colors at the same time, you can achieve a fascinating nail look. This will certainly create a good atmosphere. Of course you can not only play with the colors in summer, but also in autumn. But then you should rather do without bright colors and rely on those that are typical for autumn.

Moneypiece nails are a hot beauty trend for 2022. They are colorful and modern and have a special charisma. The trend actually has a strange name, but it has nothing to do with “saving money”. To some extent, the nail look is reminiscent of various coins. With Moneypiece nails, you only paint the tips. So by painting a third of the nail, the rest is left free. You don’t have to constantly worry about repainting the outgrown nails. A “grown-out look” is desired! So it’s about a very casual nail design that saves a lot of time and effort.

Keep up with the trends because a colorful nail design is all the rage

painting nails Moneypiece Nails colorful nail design


Painting Nails – How to create Moneypiece Nails yourself?

The trend is thoroughly different from the other nail design ideas. The nail trend 2022 looks wonderful with very colorful nail polishes as well as with subtle colors like pink and nude. If you want to treat yourself to a flawless nail design, then of course you rely on professionals. But you could also make Moneypiece Nails yourself at home. It might be a little tedious for some to copy these themselves. You have to be patient and try painting your nails in this way a few times until it finally works perfectly.

  • In the first place, you need to prepare the nails so that the nail polish lasts longer. That means you have to polish them.
  • After that, you need to choose the colors in which your manicure will be. You could choose colors that make up a rich color palette or those that belong to a color family.
  • Next, think about what design you want. Here you have all the freedom to be creative! Each nail can have a different design, making the manicure appear more playful. Actually, you usually draw a semicircle on the tip of the nail. A second semicircle is worn over it, but it is smaller. It looks really cool when you combine several bright colors on one nail.
  • After applying the nail polish, you could apply a layer of top coat. This way the color lasts much longer.

Maybe you want to try this nail trend too? Then get creative and create nail polish designs to admire!

Moneypiece Nails – a popular nail trend 2022 that combines many colors

paint nails different colors summer

Painting nails – only color the nail tips

painting nails moneyoiece nails trend colored nail polishes



You might want to try colors you don’t usually wear

painting nails Moneypiece Nails advantages

The curly hairstyles for men have been in fashion since time immemorial, giving a younger, but not so old look to men of different ages. In the past, curly hairstyles for boys were only those that were curly and looked very fashionable. Nowadays, modern men rock curly hairstyles better than their old peers. They smoothly don’t leave curly hairstyles behind even for a second.

The curly hairstyles for women can be managed quite smoothly. There are many styling options to choose from and you can create any look that suits you. However, curly hairstyles for women require more maintenance than those for men. Curly attempts should be regularly censored and straightened. This is because curly tries are more difficult to maintain and to get the style right requires more sessions and more styling. This means that curly hairstyles for women take longer to get the perfect shape.

Curly hairstyles for women can also be as smooth as you want them to be. You can leave your hair exposed and create waves, or you can create a low bun or a fancy updo. If you want to add some volume to your curly hairstyles for women, you can use a wide-toothed comb to add some volume to the top of your hair. There are several ways to achieve the desired volume in your curly hairstyles for women. If you want a more formal look, you can let down the front of your hair and let the rest of your hair down the sides.

If you have wavy or curly hairstyles for women, you can try the curled bangs. You can use a curling iron to create the hairstyle while curling two sides of your hair into a wave. If you want a more casual look, you can easily let the top of your hair loose from the bangs and let it fall in front of your face. With curly bangs, you can use a wide-toothed comb to add some volume and texture to your hair. To make your curly hairstyles for women look even better, you can smear some hairspray on your bangs and use a small brush to style your hair.

Another popular curly hairstyle for women is a taper fade. With a taper fade, take all of the curly volume from the top and curl it down to the bottom of your hairline. A taper fade allows you to create the same look as a short bob, but without the length. Many people like curly hairstyles for women and with a taper fade you have that curly volume on the sides and something in the front.

The last of those curly hairstyles for women that we are going to review is the side part taper. With a side part taper fade, take all the volume from the front and curl it to the side of your face. This will be a very easy cut that can be worn with a plain black shirt or even a denim.

curly hairstyles 2
curly hairstyles 3
curly hairstyles 4
curly hairstyles 5
curly hairstyles 6
curly hairstyles 7
curly hairstyles 8
curly hairstyles 9

If you have short wavy hair, there are a variety of styles to choose from. Each fabric and shape is unique and you will find that your own qualities and characteristics will enhance your chosen style. A wavy cut looks good with most face shapes, including heart-shaped faces. There are many different options for short wavy hairstyles. This product contains tips on how to look the best for your face shape.

A low ponytail is a versatile and trivial way to wear your short-lived hair. It looks good on shorter as well as longer hair. The best part is that this haircut style can be worn to work, to a date or to a party. It is also easy to maintain and can be done quickly without spending a lot of time and effort. While bobs are the easiest to maintain, they can be too airy and limp for a professional setting.

The half down half down haircut is another trendy option for short hair. Her haircut combines wavy strands with poopy Prunus persica. This look is often enhanced with balayage highlights. Her haircut resembles a three-bun twist, just easier to maintain. To do this, trivially gather sections of your wavy, loose hair and swirl them until they tumble to pieces. A fixing spray can be used to keep it in place.

A side braid is another simple braiding style that works for all hair types. It’s a modern take on a ’90s favorite. Characterized by monotonous colors, it adds an elegant touch to a classic look. The end result is an edgy and chic look. The messy look is perfect for both men and women. It’s the perfect style for every reason. Once you’ve picked the right one, you can rock it all day.

If you are looking for a haircut that adds a touch of color and style, a layered pixie cut is a perfect choice. The pixie style is a popular short haircut that can make you look like a star. Bangs allow you to add funky accessories and accentuate your eyes with heavy jewelry. Asymmetric chicks are great for parties, but if you prefer an asymmetric cut, try an asymmetric cut.

The layered pixie cut is a super versatile style. It’s slippery and slippery and is perfect for thin, wavy hair. The layered pixie cut can be given highlights to create a more dynamic look. This short haircut can be worn with different styles and accessories. There are many wavy options for short hairstyles. If you are leptosome and wavy, there is a wavy pixie cut that is suitable for you.

Hairstyle for short hair 0
Hairstyle for short hair 1
Hairstyle for short hair 2
Hairstyle for short hair 3
Hairstyle for short hair 4
Hairstyle for short hair 5
Hairstyle for short hair 6

What do I wear in spring? The first few weeks after a long winter can always be a little treacherous – you’re either too cold or too warm. The so-called transition period often represents a small challenge for your own wardrobe and yet you can master it in style with a few simple tricks. (You can read more here: Tips for the perfect transitional outfit)

Once this phase is over, we can look forward to a wonderful spring with great motivation. The fashion in the shops is becoming friendlier in terms of color and you no longer have to wrap yourself in thick winter coats. 5 outfit ideas for spring I have held for you in the last few days. Everyday looks for a wide variety of occasions, but all under the motto casual chic!

What do I wear in spring? You can now find 5 outfit ideas for spring on the fashion blog

5 outfit ideas for spring

Spring Outfit #1: Culotte with blazer and boots

With the culotte in taupe, I’m wearing a sunny yellow turtleneck sweater with a matching bag. Pink goes really well with this warm hue, so I chose one of my blazers for this spring look. Because it was still fresh in the morning, I also decided on light combat boots in light beige.

Culotte, yellow turtleneck sweater, yellow shoulder bag, pink blazer, beige boots

What do I wear in spring? You can now find 5 outfit ideas for spring on the fashion blog
What do I wear in spring? You can now find 5 outfit ideas for spring on the fashion blog

Spring Outfit #2: Jeans with sneakers and trench coat

I like to wear both color and neutral nuances – depending on my mood! For this look, I went for a pair of flared black jeans. In combination with a classic trench coat and white sneakers, this is a casual everyday outfit that simply always fits.

Black flared jeans, pattern sweater, beige trench coat, quilted bag, white sneakers

What do I wear in spring? You can now find 5 outfit ideas for spring on the fashion blog
What do I wear in spring? You can now find 5 outfit ideas for spring on the fashion blog

Spring Outfit #3: Leather trousers, loafers and sweater

Green has been my favorite color for many years and yet I rarely have any clothes or accessories in this shade. With this season, however, that has changed in leaps and bounds – thanks to the current colorful fashion trends! I’m wearing a thin green sweater with loose black pants in leather look, I found the matching bag recently at Lake Garda.

Black faux leather pants, green sweater, green shoulder bag, black loafers

What do I wear in spring? You can now find 5 outfit ideas for spring on the fashion blog
What do I wear in spring? You can now find 5 outfit ideas for spring on the fashion blog

Spring outfit #4: Mom jeans styling with blazer

ThinkPink! If you want to spice up a monochrome spring outfit, you can easily do that with a colored blazer. Alternatively, you can also use a colorful bag. I’m wearing white mom jeans with a black top and a pink oversized blazer. I chose a model with a print for the bag, the sneakers are plain white.

White mom jeans, black top, printed bag, pink blazer, white sneakers

What do I wear in spring? You can now find 5 outfit ideas for spring on the fashion blog
What do I wear in spring? You can now find 5 outfit ideas for spring on the fashion blog

Spring Outfit #5: White leather pants and denim shirt

Last but not least, I have a real feel-good outfit for you. I wear matching loafers and an oversized denim shirt with loose leather trousers in white. Underneath a high-necked ribbed top and also a shoulder bag in denim.

White leather pants, white loafers, oversized denim shirt, denim bag, ribbed top

What do I wear in spring? You can now find 5 outfit ideas for spring on the fashion blog
What do I wear in spring? You can now find 5 outfit ideas for spring on the fashion blog

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There are many different approaches to treating problem skin. I’ve tried pretty much all of them and I’ve presented a few to you on this blog. There are countless causes of problem skin and at least as many approaches to remedying this problem. Diet, exercise, hormonal balance, skin care and facial tools are examples of causes for problem skin. For a long-term solution to the problem, these causes should be examined more closely. I used to suffer from acne, today I am more than happy with my problem-free facial skin. What helps against acne? – You can read about that in the guide. In this blog post you can find out what I did for it and what you can do.

Problem skin treatment against acne Hydrafacial at BB Cosmetics in Frankfurt at Bernadett-Bittner: field report on facial treatment

Problem skin treatment against acne Hydrafacial

Problem skin treatment against acne Hydrafacial

Problem skin treatment: fight against acne

For many years I suffered from problem skin and acne. There were times when she was sometimes better, sometimes worse. Today I got my facial skin under control with the help of various and above all regular facial treatments. A regular HydraFacial facial treatment is recommended. At BB-Kosmetik in Frankfurt you are at a very good address. Well-being, comfort and competence are very important here, as you can see from the pictures. You can read about what HydraFacial has done for me and how it has helped me with my acne problem at HydraFacial in Frankfurt: My Experience with the History Treatment for Acne and The Best Facial Treatment for Blemishes: HydraFacial Experience. Since my success with the problem skin treatments, I have repeated HydraFacial once a year. It is at least as important to have a professional skin cleaning every year as it is to have your teeth professionally cleaned every year.

Problem skin treatment against acne

Problem skin treatment against acne Hydrafacial at BB Cosmetics in Frankfurt by Bernadett Bittner

Hydrafacial at BB Cosmetics in Frankfurt at Bernadett-bittner: Experience report on the HydraFacial facial treatment

Fighting problem skin: Get clear skin quickly

Not only the facial treatments are important, but also a healthy diet and exercise. You should avoid sugar as much as possible and move around a lot. I also have a little insider tip that helped me a lot. Drink a teaspoon of turmeric with a squeeze of lemon juice on an empty stomach every morning and you will experience a miracle. The combination ensures that your digestion is stimulated, the body ‘cleanses’ itself and toxins are eliminated. In addition, the first feeling of hunger in the morning subsides.

BB Cosmetics in Frankfurt at Bernadett Bittner

Problem skin treatment against acne Hydrafacial at BB Cosmetics in Frankfurt